January 2nd

Sorting out my Christmas presents and putting them away. A bit of knitting, gloves this time. Rest day as well as Christmas is quite tiring, even though there was no extra family here on Christmas day.


Lindsay my Daughter here for a while. She has bean shopping for Birthday presents for Kira, my Grandsons girlfriend, whose Birthday is tomorrow. We got her some scented candles. Lindsay left her shopping here while she went and got Jamie-Lee from school. While she was away Andrew and I went to Hobby craft to get a few supplies. When we got back Lindsay and Jamie-Lee were here. Jamie Lee was not in the best mood either. She often is not and not even a teenager yet only eleven. If her Birthday had bean a few days earlier she would have bean at secondary school now,  but will go next year's instead.  I do not think she would have coped this time. Emmie who I used to look after, went last September and is doing well. She is only three months older than Jamie-Lee. A different girl all together than her. Hopefully this year Jamie-Lee will grow up a bit and will be ready for secondary school next year.


Not too cold this morning. Paul took down the decorations and I helped him to box them up and put away till next year. Some we have got rid off to the charity shop and some for the bin. Cleaned up later to get rid of any bits from the decorations.


A sunny day after the rain we have had for the last few days. River is very high., and along the Sincil bank drain/river they are pumping some out to lower the level as overflowed. The common is the worst I have ever seen it. The water has nowhere to go so just runs down to a level and forms yet another pond. I walked round with my friend Debbie and one of her dogs Kipling, she has three dogs. Debbie has bean quite ill I knew I had not seen her for a while. She works, so can be on the common at different times. We were walking along and Debbie fell over in all the mud. She was not hurt, but probably feel a few bruises tomorrow.

Today is one year since my little Summer passed away. I miss her very much and still cry for her. She was not just a dog, but a friend as well. Understanding everything I was going through and just was a lovely little dog. For those who do not know she was poisoned by Antifreeze.

We miss you.

I had a phone call from a friend, a call  you never  want to hear. Her Daughter had taken a lethal overdose. I have know them for around forty years, Lucy had not even bean born when I met her Mum. Lucy was such a sweet pretty girl, very sad.

Along with a few other things, the start of this new year has not bean good. Later Luna sat on my knee and looked at me with total love in her eyes as is to say I know how you feel Mum.  I think she did as well, dogs can sense when you feel bad, better than some people can.


On the common we met another Debbie with her dog Purdy, a black gentle Labrador. She said Mary with Rory had not bean on for a while as Rory had a sore hip so she was keeping him rested. The common is a big place and sometimes people you know are on another part of the common, or just a different time of the day. So it's a few days be for I ring them. Paul prepared a stew for tea in the slow cooker. I cleaned up down stairs again. I have knitted the gloves for Stefan and now started on his hat. I got a new chair cover for my recliner and put it on. I think it looks a lot better. The chair is getting worn but is so comfortable no way am I getting rid of it. 


Frost today and quite cold as well wind from the north. Luna and I had a good if not muddy walk on the common. Did not see anyone.  Doing odd bits today, also this Blog as well. 


Went with Andrew to a few shops out of town to get more supplies for his business. Luna came for a walk as well. I had to wait outside the shops with her but I did not mind neither did she. Every one we saw her made a fuss of her. Andrew got some of the things he wanted so it was worth the walk. Luna had a good sleep when we got back. This was her second walk today. She still had plenty of go in her as well. She is either full on mode, or asleep, there does not seem to be a in-between.  

Andrew had an eye test today as he has bean having problems with his left eye. The optician is referring him to a private clinic to be seen quicker, any thing will quicker than the national health wait. My friend Jenny said if you can not get an appointment and she has to wait ages for a phone one, who are the Doctors seeing to treat. Our Doctors have loads of patients listed, too many for what Doctors are there.


Pilates today on my bike, cold but not too bad till I hit the country roads. I take Luna early on the common around eight. This way I can spend time with her before I go. The Pilates session went well. Colder coming home and very windy as well, started to rain I say rain - it felt more like ice.  

Another walk later with Andrew as he said he needed a walk. Luna had a good time running around and chasing every thing she saw. Today walking and biking I have done around a half marathon (13 miles).


Nice walk with Luna cold but a bit warmer than the last few days. Later I went into town to change the slippers I got for Christmas as a bit tight. I gave Stefan his hat and gloves he liked them very much. His Nan used to knit things for him but not now, she has hand problems. I was pleased he liked them.


Found out today that our Chinese take away is shutting for good. He has bean there for over twenty years. We had to console Paul. The Chinese was good food, and cheaper than anywhere else. One good thing with it being close and picking it up it was always very hot and no waiting for the delivery to arrive either. Did a bit more knitting of the baby blanket I am making for Heather. 


A nice sunny day windy too. Got the beds changed. Nice walk with Luna, we went a different way big mistake, it was like a lake running down the common and mud up to Lunas belly. We will not be going that way for a while. The common is very wet and has a lot of drying out to do. A big lab Labrador dog came running up to us with an even bigger stick. I thought he was going to knock Luna or me over. As he got closer he dropped the stick and had some fuss, and then went back to his owners. They apologised for him, I said no need. 


A frosty start -2c cold wind as well. Nice on the common I was not cold apart from my hands. I said to Paul and Andy, from across the road that it would snow NO both said, not here. I said we will see, I think it's going to snow. Cleaning up stairs today got our room and spare one done. Paul was in the computer room and it was getting late, I had tea to do so that will done tomorrow. Vacuumed over down stairs too.


Guess what snow but not much, however it did snow like I said, listen to a country girl not the weather man. Very cold wind like icicles. All the snow had gone by the afternoon. Finished off the cleaning upstairs all done now. Not stop tidy long though. 

Our garden.

The building site at the end of garden.

Luna on the common.

Luna looking at the frozen lake.

Cathedral through the mist.

Frozen sand pit.


Did all the ironing sheets, quilt covers, plus shirts trousers as well. Took a long time and my wrist hurt after. I am still having problems with my wrist after breaking it.  Was going to have a rest day but two walks on the common as well.

Spoke to my Daughter Lindsay and she has COVID again and is not too good. No one else in the house has it. Hope you recover soon Lindsay. 


Mary and Rory dog came round I have not seen them for a while as Rory has a bad hip he played a little too hard a few days ago and is sufferings now. He has tablets from the vet which Mary said is helping.

Rory (and the mad blur that is Luna)


I have knitted a little baby cardigan. It was going to be for Heather, Paul and  Helens baby but I think by the time we see them it will be too small. I will start another one soon that's bigger. The wool I used  was from a Charity shop, and thinner so the finished item comes out smaller. Also a pair of gloves either for me or Jamie-Lee.  


My Daughter Lindsay had a fall and hit her head. She went to A and E had a scan which was alright nothing wrong. Just go home and rest.

Last meal tonight at the Tommy's Chinese he closes tomorrow. Andrew wrote him a good luck message in Cantonese. Paul and I got him a Thank You card. We will miss him and not just us. I went and got the meal tonight and was the last order for today. A few people came in but were told no more orders tonight. Also a lot of phone calls while I waited for my order.


Today the temperature is 11C at 1pm very windy too. I spoke to Lindsay she is doing well now. I told her to rest. Let the others get themselves meals. even Jamie-Lee at eleven is old enough now, Tommy and Kira are sixteen and seventeen Jay-Jay is nineteen. 

Had my B12 not too bad this time hurt for the rest of the day though and tender when I went to bed.. 


Went into town with Andrew got some wool for the cardigans I am making a Poppy red one, for Poppy and a Heather lilac one, for Heather. My arm still feels quite sore and tender still from the B12 injection.


Started the poppy cardigan not a hard pattern to do so long as I do not lose concentration 24" one for Poppy and a 18" for Heather.

Paul did tea for a change chilli, nice but he over cooked the rice. 


Woke to bad spasms in my left leg I had to get out of bed quick to stretch it, ok after this. Cleaning up again down stairs then a bit more of the cardigan. Luna is also having a problem with her back legs going into spasm as well.  Her legs usually just need a rub and a stretch then ok again. Need to get a vet appointment easier than getting a doctors one.I do not think there is too much wrong as she runs around on the common like someone possessed.  


I have not said much about how I am doing with the RSD and other things. Does that mean it  has got better or even gone? No; the pain and spasms are still here. All the things that RSD put you through still here. I just do not go on about it, it does not help, and at times can make things worse. The tablets I am on help quite a bit so does Luna. I find people have enough in there own lives to bother about without someone else's pain. I just get on with it and do my best.


Luna is doing good now she is in our bedroom. I did not really want her there but she wanted her Mum (me). She goes straight in her basket gets comfy and sleeps till morning. Well its a short night from 2-3 am till eight am. Jumps on the bed then paws you to see if you are awake, full attack mode kisses cuddles all round - time to get up. My face and head feels quite sore today I think it's from the cold winds we have had and the face NEURALGIA I have, it flares up now and again.


Giving Luna a bath today she has bean very itchy, no sign of fleas. I put her flea stuff on any way I think its her hormones' after being in season  for  the first time. While bathing her she jumped out covered in soap. I got her back only for her to do it again. Our bath is an old one and quite high so a big jump for a little girl. She did not hurt herself at all. She got dried with the hair dryer at first she was a bit nervous but then loved it, sat there with a warm breeze blowing at her. Not long and Luna was dry, warm and so soft. She then had a sleep for a while.

I washed out the garden sprayers to use as the roses have a touch of green fly. Got them sprayed so good bye bugs.  Bit more knitting and cuddles with Luna. Just about every time I sit down Luna is there trying to get on my knee. If I say no she will go in her basket with such a look on her face like you have half killed her. 


Dentist today, tooth out, not a bad one but it has crumbled do to the ALENDRONIC ACID I take for OSTEOPOROSIS. There is only half a tooth there as the rest gone. The dentist was not sure if he should do it as it can bleed a lot but he and I agreed to him taking it out. All went well I did not even feel the two big injections of LIDOCAINE he gave me to numb it. Later I felt like I had bean hit in the face as the numbness wore off. Not too much pain though I suppose the tablets I am on help. Overnight it bled a bit too.

My friend told me that there are Deer on the common with three babies. She was watching them play and drinking from the lake how sweet.  

Well that's the new year started not too good so far, but maybe that's the bad stuff out the way for the rest of the year. All the very best to everyone and happy late new year to you all 

Love Gill.

Luna's waiting for dinner

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