If you are unfortunate to get it, you wont be pleased.

Sweats and chills, every where in the body,

makes you feel sick and very wobbly.

RSD will cling to you like leaches,

then spit back your life, in mixed up pieces.

My foot so big, the shoe wont fit,

the pain it makes you, feel like shit.

Hot and cold, strange colours, on hands, legs & toes,

the pain, I go though no body knows. [some do]

Hardly any sleep at night, long days ahead,

all I want is a pain free night, and my comfy bed.

Some tablets can make you feel a lot worse,

but you will try most things, to lessen this curse.

Acupuncture, massage, physio sessions weekly

Wietse puts me through hell, but he smiles so sweetly.

People ask how are you today,

You grin and lie and say OK.

I have scarified running with a scooter,

its not as fast but does have a hooter.

Dark and gloomy thoughts go round in my head
What I am thinking most people would dread
It gets you down you feel so alone,
but I suppose theres all ways the Samaritans to phone.

With so many people in the world,
How come when I speak I am seldom heard.
There is not much research, to give you hope,
you just have to be brave, and cope.

The cure for cancer has nearly bean won,

the cure for RSD, has hardly begun.

Is there a future with RSD,

Is there any hope for you and me.


I bet a lot of you feel like this.

love Gill

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