Moving On


I took off my foot guard off before I went to bed, to see if I could manage with out it (it keeps the quilt off my foot as it can be very sensitive). Unfortunately it did not work out, my foot got very hot, and the pain was worse than normal. It went back on. I was disappointed as my foot had not bean too bad lately, its just the rest of me. Hip is still bad so are shoulders and neck, right wrist all so not good.


Getting spasms in shoulder and neck, shooting a pain down to my right wrist. Used TIGER BALM it works so long as pain is not too severe. Paul is back at work to day after beaning off since my fall/dive (29TH OCTOBER). The PROBATHINE is now working, helping with the sweating - so that's good.


I ache a lot to day, feel light headed, hot, cold and weak. Russ said I looked tired and pale and told me to sit down and rest, I reclined in my chair for over an hour then felt a bit better, I have got a cold so it could be something to do with that.

Went to the theater to see "Run for your wife" it was really funny, it was nice to get out some where other than physio, or the doctors for a change.


This cold is really playing up, the pain and burning, my foot is very swollen and hot, lots of extra tabs to day as whole body is aching also, coughing a lot, damn cold.


Physio today Wietse did acue and massaged my foot. He felt my neck, he said it felt a lot better than last time. I agreed with him.


Went to my sons Wayne's for the weekend, in Halifax, it was a very foggy day. I suffered a lot of pain on the journey going, the weekend was good, it was really nice to see him. The journey back was a lot better for me as not as much pain.


Put my head back to gargle, and my neck went into a spasm. The pain was so bad. I had to massage it with a warm towel to get it to release, it took about five minutes to go back to normal, even then it was still very painful.


First counselling session went quite well. My cold seems to be getting better still have a cough though. My foot is burning like a fire, neck is very stiff as are shoulders, hip is very painful. I feel very down today.


Physio cancelled, Wietse is ill, poor Wietse - get better soon..

Went for a Christmas meal with Paul for a charity event (19 of us in total ) I was not feeling my best, a lot of pain and spasms through out the meal, also the noise bothered me a lot. Not used to all this going out.


Got a letter today from doctor about my ECG results he needs to see me, rung up but he is not there today, it is a bit worrying.


Doctor appointment he said ECG was border line for further investigation but is not taking it any further, as could be to do the tablets I take, will review it at a later date, much relief for me. He said I can double ZANAFLEX (to 6) when I need too all so take the full amount of GABBERPENTINE it will help the pain, (6 a day I have only bean taking 3/4) I also take H- CODDINE with IBRUS it works very well for other than nerve pain.


Good news my neck/shoulders have eased off and are not so stiff and tight, cold about gone still a bit of a cough.

Some days I have no fight left the pain just takes over and wins. Then other days its like running, I get second wind, and start fighting back, with all I have got. The bad days at the moment out number the good. It seems when I get a good few good days, really bad ones follow, like I am being punished. All my tablets have bean upped as much as I can with out over dosing. I think the spell in hospital (JULY) set my body back a lot, also the fall did not help (OCTOBER) When things get too much I put on music CD's loud, and let the music wash over me, and take the pain away for awhile.

That's all till next time, keep happy and smiling love Gill.

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