A new year a new beginning

Will we be crying, or will we be singing.

Is this year going to be good, or really bad

Will we be happy or just sad.

A new start a new course

will it be better will it be worse.

What ever comes along and happens in 2009

Please try to be happy and have a good time.


The new year has started pretty much the same as every other one, since having RSD PAIN.

I am falling asleep with hot cups of tea in my hand, burning my leg, also at the computer and while talking to people. My foot has gone back to being very sensitive a lot of the time.


Went to Doncaster shopping outlet today did too much walking and paid the price (pain).

It was a good day even though it was very cold.
I have now started taking sleeping tablets NITRAZEPAM I hope it helps me sleep a bit more

Awake a lot of the night with spasms in both legs could be the extra walking or NITRAZEPAM.So much for extra sleep I had less, will see what tomorrow brings.


Went to see Pam my sister in law in hospital, I was falling asleep on the chair very dizzy and light headed. The night was not much better with pain in leg just right one this time. so not any better sleep again.


Bought a new HI-FI its got lot of power and flashing lights, also a subwoffey (subwoofer) very loud and powerful. Now all I have to do is work out how to use it.


No physio today, Wietse is ill, too bad as I really needed him but he hopefully he will be better soon and back to his unusual self. I went shopping instead on my scooter, it was colder than I expected.

Coming home I was shaking with cold, once home I put on the heating and had a hot drink.

I fell asleep with the drink in my hand again and was woken by Jack, one of my sons friends who was quite concerned about me. I did not really get warm all night and was in more pain than usual.


Rang doctor today to ask him to change sleeping tablets as they are not working he changed them to ZOLPIDEM. [short term]


Not a good day, double vision shaking, hard to concentrate feel really crap, everyone said I looked very pale with weird eyes.


Our little hamster Yang is ill she was OK this morning but is very ill now (teatime) not moving at all. I am very upset as she is great company early hours of the morning, and is a funny little thing.

Not feeling too good today.


Counselling today I am finding it hard to say what I really feel. Throat very dry feel more tired then normal but could be the new tablets. Despite giving Yang drops of water and trying to hand feed her she passed away, we think she had a stroke. A very sad day.


Feeling really sad today.

While in computer room, standing up, watching some files transfer, I fell asleep. Russ managed to stop me from falling on the floor. All I remember is my legs giving way. Felt strange afterwards like far away. Later on I was sick it just came on all of a sudden. Sat and rested then felt a lot better.

My foot has gone very sensitive also I have got eczema on both hands left one worse, I caught it on my coat pocket and made it bleed its very sore.


Running club awards meal and bowling.

I found it hard to bowl and balance at the same time and nearly fell over a few times. (The children's rolling stand was there but I did not really want to use it). Painful for my arm and shoulder. At the meal later I was presented with the lowest score, 36, an award and a bag of chocolate buttons. The next lowest score was 41 I think. The awards were very hard for me especially the cross county ones, a few tears were shed. Paul said I was asleep during the raffle - which we won a tin of sweets and some chocolate nuts. All this chocolate my Doctor will be pleased...


When I was putting on my boot my foot shot out a pain that made me cry out, making my little dog bark, its still very sensitive and painful. Sleeping tablet is better than last one sleeping about four hours straight. Standing up I am getting dizzy a lot of the time.


Went to see my sister in law in hospital, there was just the two of use so it was nice so we could talk. (Pam had a stroke and brain hemorrhage Sep 2008). We sat and cryed together I said I would help her in any way I could as I have bean through some of Pams fears. I think the talk and tears helped us both.


Doctors today.

He said falling asleep is due to exhaustion - my body will take every chance it can to get a few minutes sleep. I need to rest more. He also wants me to stop taking sleep tablets as he does not want me to get addicted to them.


Physio today.

My first one since Christmas as Wietse was ill, he is much improved now. Wietse did electric acue on my neck/shoulders, and very, very gently massaged my foot as it is still sensitive and painful. We talked and I told him what had bean happening the past month.


The last few nights have bean not too good for sleep, as I have stopped taking sleep tablets. The night time sweating is bad, hot one minute shaking with cold the next, spasms in my neck and legs. RSD and the change do not go together. Hopefully things will improve. My hands have improved a lot I have bean using HEMP CREAM and DIPROBASE CREAM. My foot is still sensitive but not quite as bad. I am still getting dizzy spells on standing up, I will mention it to Wietse or the Doctor next time I see them.


My foot at the moment is a mixture of hot and cold with spasm's coming and going as they please the pain is not as bad as it was, my neck and shoulders have also improved, but can be very sensitive at times. I am still very tired but not always able to rest as RSD will not let me switch off.


Physio today.

When I left home I felt alright maybe a little tired as usual but nothing out of the normal (for RSD]. On the bus going I began to feel pain and extreme tiredness. Arriving at physio Wietse said I looked very tired, he put needle's in my ears and head and left me with Michelle (Physio #2). I felt pretty bad, she told me to lay down and have a rest. Which I did. Wietse came back and took out the needles. As I did not feel any better I decided to get a taxi home much to Michelle and Wietses relief. I found it very hard to concentrate or even walk felt really drained. Michelle put me in the taxi and asked the driver to look after me, and see that I got in all right which he did. Once in, I rested in my chair and I think dozed, it took till about 6pm till I felt any better or looked it.


I feel a lot better today still quite tired but a lot more with it. I seem to be having a lot more of these weird days maybe just another phase to put up with of RSD? Or just complete exhaustion or just life. Will I really ever know. The sweating seems to have calmed down quite a lot even at night but I am taking an extra tablet in the morning. The night time one I take as late as I can as it it seems to work better. I have bean getting about four hours straight sleep most nights which helps a lot I know its not eight but its a lot better than it was. That's without sleeping tablets.

Well that's about all for this entry I hope you all enjoy reading my blog.

'till next time love Gill.


Alessea said...

Gill, I hope that this not sleeping well phase passes soon. I am not sleeping well at the moment but I've not got to the falling asleep all the time stage yet.

The sweating is horrible, I'm doing that all the time now even when it is really cold here and I dont like it one bit.

I really hope you start feeling much better soon, sending hugs to you.

RSDsux said...

Gil, I have just now found your blog and am so happy I did - your writing is beautiful! I am so very sorry to hear that you also suffer from RSD ((hugs))

I have RSD in my left leg and right arm, I developed it when I was 12 years old and am now 14!

I really hope that you are able to get some much-needed sleep today ... I certainly understand the no sleeping issue and it makes me feel horrible and so depressed at times!!

May I ask, are you from the UK? I just wondered when you said that you went to Doncaster outlet centre and did too much! I live in the UK near Doncaster (in Barnsley) and have never met or heard of anyone in the area with RSD!!

Take good care of yourself and I am thinking about you and sending many pain-free hugs your way!!


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