Wietse my very laid back friend and physiotherapist.


Physio again Wietse did the same as always, he told me not to move this time unless there is a fire or earthquake, or both. Needles in ears hurt more than usual. Brought Wietse up to date with all the changes and pain levels, he was pleased the pain was not as bad


I had a lay in today if you can call it that I went to bed at 5am and got up at 10AM. My foot is very stiff and tight, pain levels are up a bit 4-5 but that still good.


Full scale 10 +pain shot through my foot when I was putting on my boot it lasted about a minute its the sort of pain if some one handed you a gun you would use it on your self. The pain went just as it came, though out the day there were short bursts of pain on the same level. Its a very cold day so may be that's got something to do with it. My hand is still infected green stuff still ouses out it is still quite swollen.


I feel really bad today all my joints ache my head pounds, I feel very cold and shuddery but sweating as well I have most likely got a virus. Hope it doesn't spread to my PC . I have taken a lot of IBRUS and H CODEINE to help with the pain and to relax the muscles.


Physio - Wietse said I looked very pale I told him about all my aches and pains, when he put in the needles they hurt more than usual as the muscles seemed to stop them going in. After physio both Michelle and Wietse told me to go home and rest. Which surprising I did. Later on I felt very cold and had goose bumps on my legs and arms. My shoulders neck, knees, foot, in fact every where hurt. Bed at 4.30 awake a lot of the night with pain and spasms in most of my body.


Joints not as painful today, thank goodness may be the virus(?) is going? My body felt quite heavy but I was light headed. All of a sudden I felt very sick and wrenched a lot of times. I was not really that sick as had not a lot to eat all the same it made my stomach feel very sore. Though out the day I improved and by the end of the day I felt much better.


Today I went to my first Pilates Class. The lady asked me if I had ever done any like this before I said no. I could not even pronounce the name properly calling it paraletics. I decided to give this class a try as it was a disability class also I hoped it would help me relax and tone me. The class started I tryed hard to listen to her voice telling me what to do. I had to hold my self in, pelvis and bum and at the same time, breathe in and move my limbs then breathe out and still holding my self in, its at lot for my RSD brain to take in but I gave it a good try.All the exercise are done laying down or kneeling. The session ended with the mediation I listened to a tape tell me I was walking and going to a undiscovered place you are meant to totally relax as to shut out all other things, it did not happen this time. I will be giving it a month to see if my body will cope and to see if there are any benefits.

After the class Paul picked me up to go to the running clubs handicap (LINCOLN AND DISTRICT RUNNERS) at Whisby park it was a cold wet night. I was not sure if I even I wanted to watch as it is still hard thing for me to do as I miss running more than any thing. I manged to keep it together until some one shouted "HI MY PAST RUNNING BUDDY" the tears flowed, it was not meant to hurt me in any way at all, its just thats all I will probably be now. I mention it to the person and we hugged and talked, they said they had bean reading my BLOG and enjoyed it, as did a lot of the others that were there. The night was hard for me but I enjoyed it.


Physio again I asked if I could ride my bike now Wietse said not yet, get a bit stronger and as it may take too much out of me. I all so told him about Pilates he said it could be good for me try it and see how it goes. Usual physio.

Doctors appointment to see about tablets and for him to look at my hand (dog bite) its still infected he gave me some FUCIDIN cream as its only infected on the top.
I have had a lot of pain in my foot and shoulder also really bad headache but its very stormy so it might be just the weather playing my body up.


Did some gardening my foot was really pain full but I tryed to ignore it the best I could, a lot of pain in my knees also head still bad, shooting pain in neck. I feel very tired and drained. Very warm today.
My grandson Jay-Jay stopped the night and we went into town the next day, I got him more some new shoes as his dog Suey chewed up the last ones. He had a ride on the roundabout, and we did a bit of shopping. There and back he rode on the scooter with me, which he really enjoys. We both had a good day. On the way back I saw a dog that was not there I am seeing things that are not there a lot. Wietse said its because I am exhausted most of the time I need to rest more..


Burning pain in both legs woke me up very aburtly I have not had pain like this for a while. I have taken extra GABAPENTIN . Head a lot better now but a lot of pain in wrists. It never ends does it?


Lindsay my daughter and friends organised a fun day for the children at the local park I went along all the children were having a good time. Russ came down also, After a while I felt tired and my eyes felt weird so Russ and I decided to go home. On the way back I had a job to control my scooter my eyes felt so heavy I felt like I had bean drugged or drunk ( I was neither) I made it back with a lot of help from Russ stopping me from crashing in to things and going on to the road. I got back and rested. I felt a bit better later on but still not right.


I still feel strange but I will still go to physio as it helps my pain a lot.
Physio Weitse put in needles slightly difference place to hopefully help neck pain. Told Wietse about dog and seeing things he said its exhaustion I must rest more. I rested after the needles came out and even managed a few minutes sleep on waking I had a severe headache. As the session came to an end I began to feel worse Wietse Took me outside to get some air. We sat on the bench as I stood up I was very wobbly on my feet, and felt drunk again. Wietse got me a taxi and told me to rest and do nothing else today. I did not really feel much better for the rest of the day.


Early morning about 4am I was going to bed and some how I fell and hit the door frame in the bathroom grazing my face not too sure what happen, but I did not hit the floor.


My face is swollen and sore but my hand ( dog bite ) is much improved I actually feel more with it today. Did a little bit of gardening. Also a lot of resting. I had another accident I stubbed my bad foot on the ladder which was placed on the ground near the door. Suprisingly my foot stopped hurting after a normal amount of time. My foot bled and it looks like I might loose a toe nail. Its bean quite an eventfull month.

Well that's about it this time hope you are all well and having more luck than me. love Gill.

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