Tuesday night I went to Pilate's, my foot and leg kept going into spasms, so I had to keep stopping or not doing that part of the exercise. My face also bled a lot. (30Th may accident) Bed at 4.30. I am still awake at 5Am I thought the exercise would make me sleep, wrong again.


During the short night I was up at 8.30 my face stuck to the pillow so it bled again.
I had a go on the WII FIT at jogging, mines not really a run more like a lopsided sprawl.
It felt good though and I did get a good score. Both legs felt tight afterwards.


Physio Wietse was not that surprised when he saw my face as I was not too good on Friday when I last saw him. He thinks I probably had another blackout he did usual the needles hurt in my neck.


My legs are very tight and going into spasms its turned a lot colder so may be that why right leg is blue purple and swollen. I sorted out my running gear it made me cry to think I will never wear it again for running.I thought why me now I have nothing to aim for or look forward to. I can wear it for biking when I am given the go a head to do so. I have not ridden my bike since last September. I feel quite alone you would not think I would feel like this after nearly five years but I do.


Getting out of bed this morning my leg gave way and I dropped to the floor its happened before so I though nothing of it. My shoulder is tight and painful. Legs are both tight.
Pilates again I though the exercise would help the legs and relax my body, it did not seem to help. I walked down and got a lift back.


A lot of pain in my right knee, so much I have bean taking IBRUROFEN and
DIHYDROCODEINE up to 8 of each a day. Sleep is no better than it has bean going to bed between 3 AM -5AM and getting up 8-9 AM. I think I had another black out while washing up tea things as one minute I was standing up, the next I was slumped to wards the sink with my arms in the bowl and my sleeves wet, not knowing quite what was going on I did not hurt my self though. No physio this week Wietse is on a course I could have done with some massaging on my knee.


Went to a funeral today to say good bye to a friend it was so hard and it up set me a lot.


My knee really hurts it feels like my kneecap is in the wrong place if I walk in a way that my knee doesn't hurt my foot hurts. The top of my leg is very purple and cold I am thinking the RSD has spread some more, it is a concern.


In the early hours when most people are asleep I would like to be as well, I had a accident my leg gave way causing me to fall forwards the backdoor stubbing my toe, tearing off part of my toe nail, it bled a lot the toe nail still was attached by a little bit. The earlier accident when I kicked the ladder my toe nail did not come off.( Last blog.)


Another blood test requested by the hospital.
My knee is now very swollen and sore ankles also swollen my shoulder is all so pain full.
I went to look at a yoga class to see if it would be better than Pilate's I only went to watch but joined in the ones you could do seating on a chair I will be hopefully going back next week to join in properly.


Pilate's went for another session as 3 weeks was not long enough to see if is for me. My knee and shoulder stopped me from doing a lot but I managed a few exercises and the relaxation at the end, so it was not a total loss.


Went to bed at 5.30 AM
I did not sleep at all My knee and shoulder are bad but I don't think the pain kept me awake still taking a lot of IBRUROFEN and DIHYDROCODEINE I just did not feel tired.


Bed at 4.30 AM
I can't sleep any worse than last night, managed about 3 hours up at 8.30AM. Physio at last, Wietse to save me. He did usual needles then looked at my knee. He said it was twisted probably due to a spasm in the short night I have. He massaged it, stopping to get me to breathe, something I forget to do when in a lot of pain. He said the purple colour on my leg could be RAYNARD'S and may be not RSD. Something I had not thought about that. When I left my knee was throbbing and painful but I trusted Wietse so I know it would be alright soon.


Stormy weather I have a bad head it feels like it will split open. It is now very hot. I don't mind I can cope with the heat. Summer at last!?


Doctor for usual check and tablets . He said some of blood tests where back vitamin b12 was now too low, it had bean monitored for a while but has now gone down too much. Mine is 101, it should be between 170 -270, so I now need to start injections tomorrow one a week for three weeks then one a month for three months then once every three months. Other tests not back yet. Also given water tablets as he thinks I could be retaining fluid, as I have swollen ankles and legs. I do not feel to good today I think I might be in for something or it might just be the hot weather.
Late PM I felt very cold and not well I ache and have a bad head.


When I went to bed and slept I woke choking and not able to swallow, now very hot. I recover from that it has happened before (some thing to do with spasms in the throat). So I went back to sleep to awake wet through with sweat. My daughter came with me to the doctors as she was concerned as I was not well. While waiting to be seen I said knowing my luck, I have probably got swine flu. You should have seen the The look on peoples faces. The nurse gave me the injection she said it would sting, it did, but only for a few seconds. She said the injections were for life, something the doctor had not said. This is another thing I did not expect to happen, still waiting on more blood tests to come back I think next week.
I came home rested for the rest of the day my head was a real killer my eyes were sensitive to light and my throat was sore and my knee still hurt but not as much. Things can only get better. Paul (my husband) had gone to pick up Andrew (my son) from the airport as he and a friend had a few days in Amsterdam.


I feel a lot better today headache about gone. Knee is not as swollen as it was. My ankles and legs have gone down in size already and look much better. About six forty five, Paul was dreaming and kicked me very sharply on my bad foot, it woke me up and I screamed with the pain, it lasted for about two hours. Not too good as did not go to bed till gone five.


Physio again Wietse put in needles, the ear ones hurt today a lot. He did electric acue as normal. Toe nail has now come off.
When he took the ear ones out one of them bled but not the one that hurt the most he said it would bruise it did a bit but not too bad. Just after he took out the needles he made a surprise attack on my knee he just grabbed it. I said that was a bit mean , he said it was, just a bit.
My knee has improved but still painful he had to keep stopping to tell me to breathe something I forget to do when I am in pain. I asked about if I could ride my bike he said YES, but to be sensible.


Running club BBQ. It was a good night, no rain saw a lot of people I had not seen for a long time so that was good. There was cake, I had three lots. I would have had four but I don't like pavlova.


Pain levels are down at the moment about a three this is the lowest they have bean for a long long time. Maybe this is the start of better days or am I dreaming, no I cant be dreaming I don't sleep long enough.
Yoga tonight I joined in a bit more than last time but found it hard to keep up with the others, by the time I had looked at what they were doing and did it my self they had finished.
I will get better I hope.


Still very hot. I had my second vitamin b12 injection, this one stung for a lot longer.
The day has arrived at last I finely get to go on my bike did about two to three miles on it with Andrew (my son) to watch over me.
Pilate's again I did a lot better but foot kept going into severe spasms so had to stop on certain ones.

That brings me to the end of Junes entry, half way though the year all ready....
I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and having less pain than usual.

Love Gill.


This is the same drug (oxycontin) that I'm on so looks like I may have something in common.

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