Five Years 1/3

I can't believe its bean five years since this nightmare began. Well where do I begin, the beginning seems like a good place as any, so I will start there. It all began 13TH July 2004 no not Friday the 13TH, Tuesday 13TH, though a fall while running stubbing my toe on a raised ntl cover. It was a bad fall requiring an ambulance and four days in hospital. I hurt my hands, still got the scars my knees, still got the scars, my elbows still scars, my ribs, still got. My foot took a lot of damage resulting in a sprain at first thought this turned into three muscles tears which was later diagnosed as RSD, by my physio. I think the RSD set in the first few days after the accident because that's when my foot began to feel different even in the hospital my foot was turned in. Other changes took place, my foot felt like it was in a plaster, cold, sensitive, burning pain, blue and purple in colour at times. PAIN did I say pain I thought I felt pain, when I fell, this pain did not stop. Not being able to move my toes was all so a worry. When I was told I had RSD I felt some relief at first as I thought I was going mad.
The relief soon turned to horror as I was explained briefly about RSD. I was given a stick to help me get around. Physio did what she could, I was seen very quick I fell in July seen in September, some of the treatment I received was tens ,ultrasound and massage. All was very painful. I was prescribed TRAMADOL for the pain the first of my many, powerful pain relief tablets. A few weeks later I was given crutches (as I was leaning to the side with the stick), these I was on for three years. Only coming off them as the RSD had spread to my shoulder and using them was too painful. This slowed me down a lot.
After a while this physio felt she was not helping me and introduced me to Wietse, the one and only, he was to try acue puncher.


When I fell every body said I should claim compensation at first,I was not bothered but as time went on and things got worse I decided to pursue it. I contacted a solicator who said if the object you fell over is not a inch high it is not worth going any further. I got in touch with another one who said the same. The cover I tripped over was 5/8 inch high. If I had bean able to claim it would have bean a good amount, but it was not to be to, the money would have softened the blow. There is an advert on television Lawyers for you that states after an accident they will get what you are in titled to, that really gets to me.

LIFE CHANGES Before all this I used to run at least twice a week plus races at the weekend also extra training when racing . I delivered a free newspaper, about 700 of them walked every where or biked. Some body once asked me when I would stop running I said when I don't enjoy it any more. I never thought the choice would be taken for me. I ran because I loved to run not for fitness or weight loss, just because I loved it so much. Over night all this was taken away it has bean so hard to come to terms with, honestly I don't think I have still. The sudden deaths of both my parents only eight weeks apart Mum a few weeks before Christmas Dad a few weeks, after did not help the RSD only bean diagnosed a few weeks before. I have had a lot of things go wrong health wise, before RSD, but fought back to be a stronger person but this was very hard. I was told once I bounce back from most things but RSD has yet to be beaten. Be for RSD I took so much for granted like just getting up dashing to the shops I could pop to the shop near me and back be for the kettle boiled, not now. Some days
I am in too much pain to stay in and too much pain to go out. I still do most things my self like house work, cooking and gardening which I love, but I stop and take rests if I need to. Shopping is hard as it is very tiring where as before I would have walked into town and back I now use buses or my scooter..

To be continued...

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