Well here we are in September already nearly another year gone, most of it to pain and let downs.

September 1st

Today I have more left hip hip pain than usual. Both my wrists are bad the right one especially things seem to just drop through my fingers - I have dropped a lot of things today. I went into town so I am more tired than usual, where have the days gone where I could just keep going and not really be tired? Pilate's later on was good though, and made me feel more relaxed I am getting most of the exercises right and enjoying it a lot.


Paul and I are going to Twycross zoo today with my daughter Lindsay and my grandsons, Tommy Lee and Jay Jay.

The journey was not too bad even thought it seemed a long way. There was lot to see. The monkeys were very funny and kept chasing each other and kept putting a hat on.

We saw a baby elephant that no one else had seen (well almost) only a few days old it was very sweet and was being fed with a bottle. Tommy and Jay Jay really liked this. As we walked my body got tighter and stiffer. We stopped for dinner and had a rest while the boys played on the play park.

I took extra pain tablets and used BIOFREEZE to stop the pain from getting worse. After we were all full we carried on, seeing giraffes and other animals. By now I was in a lot of pain, every step was torture and more painful than the last. Pain level of 10 plus or more. I put on a brave face as not to spoil it for any body else but it was so hard. I took more tablets, it did not seem to have any affect on the pain. All too soon it was time to go (not too soon for the pain - I'd had enough). The journey home was very painful, I felt every bump. On arriving home about 5 pm, I took yet more tablets, I rested as much as the pain would allow, it just would not go. It had gone to the point of no return. I finally went to bed at 4.30 after taking a total of 16 extra tablets the pain now was bearable. I did not have a good night but that not unusual.


Physio today Wietse did the same I told him about yesterday he asked how I felt now I said very stiff and achey. He hoped the pain would calm down soon he had a bad cold so did not feel too good himself. After physio I came home to rest. A few more extra tablets so the pain did not get out of hand


I feel so stiff today my whole body is trying to spasm up. One good thing I have noticed that the temperature changes have been much improved more cold than hot, so that's one thing that better at least. At the end of the day my whole body aches and feels very weak, a good nights sleep would help if only I could.


Pilate's again we did some different moves my joints creaked like an old lady. Still very stiff and a deep bone pain. Later that night my right foot swelled up all along the heel to the toes they looked like fat sausages, it was very painful to walk.


Doctor today I told him all about my pain, he thinks it could be the OSTEOPOROSIS playing up he said the pain will come and go it does from a 3 on the pain scale right up to a 10 very suddenly. He said I can reduce the COLNIDINE to 1 morning 1 night half the dose to try, also my IRON can be stopped to see how things go. I was pleased about that one as it has a bad affect on the the stomach. I told him about all the bloating I have he said try CHARCOAL BISCUITS. it should help. I will have blood tests later on in the year. Body still stiff and painful but not as bad.


No physio today; Wietse not too good, Went into town instead on my bike thought it might help to release my stiff joints. I could not get CHARCOAL BISCUITS. I order from a catalog for vitamin's so will get some tablets from there. I feel a bit down today thinking about the past, mum and dad the accident, and how it should have bean.


I watched part of a film about running it was called the LONG RUN its about a girl being trained to run a marathon, by a man, who usually trained boys, in the time when girls were not considered to run very much this man did not give up. During the race I became her, my heart was pounding and I was shaking, when she nearly gave up I shouted at her to carry on. She ran the race and won, a complete outsider. 2005 I was hopping to run my first full marathon it did not happen and I felt cheated, I seam to get all the shit while others get all the good stuff. Life can be so unfair. I miss running so so much you would have to be a runner to under stand this. I have bean thinking about my Mum and Dad I miss them so much it hurts, bit of a down time.


My body feels like it has bean hit with a baseball bat I don't think there is much of me that does not hurt. My foot and shoulders are burning hot, but ice cold to touch. Electric shocks shoot across my shoulders and neck making it very stiff. I feel very tired but can not settle to sleep. Lot more spasms than usual. I have taken far too many tablets for the pain but it still continues striking back what more can I do. Most people would be out for the count with strength and amount but it seems to work opposite by keeping me awake.


At last a better day a lot of the really bad pain has gone and I am left with the usual every day pain which I can cope with better.


Physio Wietse did usual acue He gently held my foot and massaged it did not like it one bit and straight away went into spasms. He asked me about my knee which had bean too bad, he squeezed it and to my surprise it really hurt. He continued to massage it, while I was talking to Michelle he made a surprise attack pressing hard I said that was a bit mean he said it was a bit grinning. My son Wayne is here for the weekend so that will make a nice change. I have now started taking CHARCOAL TABLETS two a day as advised by my doctor hope they help.


Today its the turn of my joints to hurt my left hip creaks like an old lady's my knee keeps sending a shooting pain though it and both my wrists hurt. I decided to go with Paul to take Wayne back to Halifax. I don't usually go as it can be too painful traveling. I had not seen his new room since it had bean decorated and also wanted to see his cat, Timmy. The journey was not too bad till Paul had to stop quickly making me shoot forward, almost like whiplash. My neck shoulders really hurt after that and got stiffer and more painful as we went along. At last we arrived time for a rest and cup of tea, a play with Timmy and look round his room, which looked a lot bigger and a lot nicer.

We all went for a meal a Toby Carvery, where you help your self, by this time I felt quite hungry as I had not eaten much over the last few days because of all the extra pain, it was very nice. On getting back in the car I put my bad foot down too hard and caused excruciating pain to shoot up my leg. Pain scale 10 ++++. I could not speak because of the pain and kept breathing deeply to try to take the pain away. After what seemed a very long time the pain did die down. Not such a good journey I remembered why I don't usually go.


Foot still a bit sore all most as it has had something drop on it but better than it was. My wrists have bean playing up a lot recently and I have gone back to wearing the night time splints. The pain seems to be worse in the morning and last thing at night.
Palates I have not bean for two weeks as not too well last week. My joints were a bit stiff and kept going into spasms, but still very enjoyable. I am sure Pilate's has helped me with my balance as a lot of people have told me I am walking better.


Physio again, I asked Wietse why he has not done electric acue for a while he said it would up set the nerves at the moment he will just keep on with what he is doing. He massaged the foot again it did not complain as much this time but still went into bad tight spasm's.
Much of the pain still persists but I suppose that's life with RSD. Wietse said little steps, one day at a time see you next week be good.


Pauls birthday we are going for a family meal later tonight. Russ came round, he helped me to put together a chest to keep the Wii games and controllers in, well he really did it on his own but I passed the screws and kept looking at the instructions to make sure it was right. I had planned to do it on my own but it came in more pieces that I imagined. He made a good job of it. The meal out was very good two lots of pudding plus ice cream. I deserved it who told me so, I did.


In town with Paul I walked too much and paid for it later my shoulders are so tight and painful. More extra tablets. My foot feels like it is on fire but apart from that I am not too bad. The splints seam to be working at night. I wish I could have a magic spell to make me sleep. I feel so drained all the time. The nights are so very long and lonely but it is sleep time for most people, may be one day it will happen. The more it goes on the more I think it will never be a normal night ever again. The pain seems to be in more different places plus the usual ones. Not a good month for pain.


Cleaned all down stairs, and painted the Wii chest, no not painted - varnished ( Paul said) but you use a paint brush. Any way whatever its called it looked good, did it all on my own this time, unless you include Sandy (my dog). I am having a lot more temperature changes than normal hope its temporary.


Was woken very abruptly by extreme spasms in my left leg; the good leg. I shot out of bed at lighting speed trying to stretch out my leg as fast as it released it spasmed up again with trying to release that leg the other one joined in. What a start to the day things can only get better cant they?! The spasms finally loosen leaving both legs very stiff and painful to walk, When I took Sandy for your walk I looked like a drunk as both legs did not seem to know what to do. TIGER BALM has helped a lot so have IBRUES.

Well another month gone and probably summer as well but we have bean having a lot of warm days. Maybe next one will be better for me. It could be a lot worse though.

Hope you are doing better and pain is less. Bye till next time and thanks for the emails, I always reply.

Love Gill.

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