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24th March

I woke up today feeling good. I am cleaning up all down stairs, so long do a bit, then as I sit down, the pain is alright. Sandy has had two walks also so she is happy.

All too soon it was time to meet Jo for Pilates class, I was able to sit in the front as the other member was not here. I usually sit in the back slightly squashed with the Pilates rollers, so it was a treat for me. On the way I had a headache nothing too bad but just annoying - you would think with all the pain killers I take a headache would not be noticeable. The roads since the cold spell of frost and ice have become full of holes and we seemed to hit every one, which made my body ache.

On starting the class I felt very hot and dizzy, I told Jo that I was going out side to cool off. After a while she came out to me I was then shaking with cold so she put me in the car...

...that was my last positive memory of this night.

This is what I was told had happened:

When the classes had finished Jo came back to the car, she had bean checking up on me every now and then but said I was a sleep all the time. She could not wake me up very easily, when I did finally came round, it became very clear to her that things were not right. I had like a panic attack almost like going into shock. She asked if there was a doctor or a nurse in the class, which turned out there was two nurses who checked me over and were concerned as I was not responding as I should. An ambulance was called and I was taken to Hospital.

On a arrival I was examined and the usual tests done, a urine test was not possible as I could not wee. I was told I had water retention. A catheter was put in and I was admitted for observation. They also put me on oxygen as my Sat's were very low. I spent the night in this ward, a very noisy one at that - the constant noise caused me a lot of pain.


I was moved to a long stay ward at 1am on Friday. This ward is so much quieter. I am more aware of my surroundings now and feel a bit better but I still ache all over with tight muscles. I am in bed still with the catheter in and on oxygen at most times.

At 4 pm my body started to go into spasm's full body ones, lifting off the bed ones. Very painful. I was not really given anything as they did not seem to know what to give me as I'm already on morphine I think the Pain Team came to see me. These lasted till 2.30am the next day I eventually was given 2oml OROMORPH every two hours if required, the only thing that works with me. I was wrecked totally exhausted. After all this had finished I had a nose bleed and had a nose bag put on to catch the blood, my blood pressure was very high; how high I don't know, but high enough to cause a bleed.


From hear on things are only a blur I do not remember too much about this week at all.

Around this time I was put on DIAZEPAM this is where things get very hazy. The twilight zone begins now for a while. 10mg 3x a day reduced to 5mg 3x a day a few days later. Also around this time I was given an air mattress as I am very prone to bed sores. This was really a lot better than a normal mattress as it moved with me in like waves very soothing.

April 1st/2nd/3rd

Early hours of the night I noticed a lot of blood in my catheter later in the day this was removed a few days later, but on trying to wee I could not properly only dribbles. I am very week and wobbly two people have to walk with me to the toilet. Later that night I passed out after trying for a wee still not very successful.

The doctors came and took me off the OROMORPH as they said it was making me very confused Paul told them it was the DIAZEPAM but they would not listen. I am told I have a bad water infection put on Antibiotic's. Pain levels are very high but not much help with that.
I am now having injections and have been given knee length socks for any blood clots that might appear they are painful as they go in my stomach. Later that day I was taken out of bed to sit in the chair and I passed out again hitting my head full force on the table put back in bed again, oxygen still on Sat's still low.

Continued in Part Two...

Love Gill.

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