Going Up..?

May 1st

This weekend will be different to last weeks as my son Wayne is here. My daughter Lindsay and her boys came round and were excited to see Wayne. They hardly left him alone wanting him to play with them all the time. He did get time to help me on the computer though, showing me how to work the media player he'd bought me, then we watched a film.

My nose started to bleed, not as bad as be for but it should have stopped doing this. I should have heard from the hospital by now for an appointment for my nose bleeds while in hospital. I also should have heard from the urologists department but I am dealing with Lincoln Hospital.

My catheter is still in as I said earlier, its causing me lots of problems. I don't always make it to the toilet resulting in wet pants. This should not happen at all. I will be so pleased when all this is sorted. My overall pain is manageable with it spiking very little - I am pleased that things are my way for a change. Temperature changes are not as bad as they have bean, so its all getting better. (Or is it?) Sleep is no better as yet. I am still able to keep my bed cage off and my foot hardly reacts to being with out it now.


Wayne went back home. It was so good to have him here if only for a short time.


Went into town today, on the bus, as I did not need too much shopping. I usually use my scooter. I met Russ and we went for a sandwich for dinner. It is a very warm if not windy day very nice.

Later on my stomach began to feel very strange I thought it was my IBS playing up. At about 2am Andrew came down and said he had bean sick he thought it was because he had fallen asleep with his clothes on covered up. About 2 hours later I was violently sick, projectile vomiting. My stomach felt so bad, then the diarrhoea started and the sickness continued. My head felt like it was going to explode. I spent the next few hours not able to even keep water down. I have taken no tablets at all. I think we have picked up a bug from Paul who probably had it earlier in the week. Russ had also bean ill.


I had my first food since the sickness that started the pain in my stomach again. I am so tired but I can not sleep for more than a few minutes at a time. I am now taking most of my tablets again. My catheter is still painful and I am still having wetting accidents. As soon as I am well enough I will go to my Doctors to see if he can get in touch with the urologists to see why I have not had an appointment made yet.


I am feeling a lot better now but still getting pain in my stomach. All the weight I put on after the hospital stay I have lost again. Saw the Doctor today, he will get in touch with the hospital hopefully for an appointment. I am so fed up of this catheter, I was thinking about removing it myself. I just wanted to cut it off.


At last I am at the hospital! The catheter is out!
I need to wee twice then I can go home. I am so pleased but what if I cant wee? They will put it back in. Two painful wees later, I am on my way home. The pain will go in a few days also I am not able to hold it very long, that also will improve in time I am told. I had NOT bean referred so unless I had contacted them I would never have bean seen. I think that is really bad management also my ENT appointment needs chasing up but I will get this better first.


Today I over slept as Paul and I were woken by an early morning phone call, one that could have waited till a more reasonable hour. So I did not get very much sleep.
Physio. I did not go last week as not well enough. Weitse worked his usual magic, he was going to massage my foot but it was painful from yesterdays walking so he did not.


Today Paul and I are going to Mablethorpe for the day it is a warm but windy one. On arriving we had a cup of tea then set off to look around. For you who don't know the place its quite small, most things on the same street, that is why I prefer it to other seaside places, its also a lot quieter.

We looked round a few shops, then had dinner. Fish and chips of course. They were very good. After dinner a few more shops and a look at the beach it was more windy there, the wind blowing off the land so not as cold. we got a few sweets from a old fashioned sweet shop on the sea front. By now I was hurting and tired so we headed back to the car but not before we had a triple scoop ice cream. At this rate I will weigh more that I did be for the sickness bug. A very enjoyable day but tiring.


I ache quite a lot today but I am going to try to clean up down stairs as I have not done so on my own since I was in Hospital. Sandy is not too good again panting and very tired. She seems to be OK on the antibiotics but soon becomes worse when she is off them. The vet said she can have more with out going to see him aslong as he knows what is happening.


I went on my bike and did about five miles in stages so I was well pleased. My foot is a lot better since the few weeks in Hospital so maybe the spasams did reset the RSD...?

More good news next time, hope thing are going good for you, or may be this is my time enjoy the good weather while it lasts if you have got it, if not make the best of what you have got.

Love Gill.

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