Zipper do daaa Petes run

19th May

I am going for a run today or as near to a run as I can. Funny thing I find easier to run than walk. Wietse has given me the go a head so long as I don't over do it. He has set me guidelines. I am to run with some one, use my active ankle support, and no longer than half an hour to begin with.

I have new shoes and wore my shorts, my wobbly legs on show due to not much exercise. Pete arrived, he had answered a request I put on our running website for people to run with me at the beginning of the year. I was not able to do it be for because of Hospital, and illness.

We set off we are going to the local park along a river bank road so it will be very pleasant I hope. I started running it felt very strange my foot will now bend more so I was not limping like last time when I felt it was just a shuffle along and not proper running. This time I felt like I was running. Pete was amazed.

A little further along and I had to stop, it was a very warm afternoon and humid but we only stopped for a minute. We reached the park, a check on the time, we were still alright. So we went a little way round the park. Another quick rest, my shoulders were hurting (probably not relaxing them enough) everything else seemed to be fine.

We were now on the way back. I was doing well, a bit breathless at times but as I said it was very warm. Back along the same road and we were back at my house. After a drink each we were revived. Pete said he will arrange another run for next week if I can keep this up I will improve mentally no end.

I enjoyed it so much I never ever thought I would ever be able to do this again.
Maybe its my big break I hope so.

I thank you Pete very much for giving up your time. Thank you again xx.

I never thought I would run again I know its very early days but its a start.
Never give up on your dreams I did not.

Love Gill

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