Sandy - A Tribute - Part Two

Sandy loved Yorkshire puddings. The first week we got her she sat in front of the oven and cryed as she could smell the Sunday roast cooking. That was the day she got her first Yorkshire. If she was too full to eat it she would carry it around in her mouth crying as she did. Some times she made a half hearted effort to burry it in her basket for later, but if any one went any where near it she would run to rescue it. Even on holiday I made her some frozen ones not quite the same as mine but still eaten all the same. She certainly was the Yorkshire Pudding Queen. Bless her.


Some cuddle time.

Looking good.

Birthday time.

I am not getting up.


Looking good.

We had recently moved the computer but that was her sunny spot.

Getting dressed up.


Play with me Mum.

That was good.



More birthdays

Sandy took a liking to my duck.

Her own duckie.

That was a good joke.



Please leave me alone.

After a night out.

We never taught her to beg she did it her self.

Sad? I doubt it.

Just in case I get tired.


My friends rabbit - she was more scared of it.

She loved me with all her heart and I love her.

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