Yorkshire Wildlife Park (near Doncaster)

23rd August

Today Paul, Lindsay the boys and me are going to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. The place is about an hour plus to get there, so not too bad for travelling for me.

Here are a few pictures that I took during the day:

Paul, Jay-Jay, Lindsay and Tommy-Lee.

Very pink Flamingos.

You looking at me?

No I am not going back in the hole.

I should be on the television with all my famous family.
(http://www.comparethemeerkat.com/ )

The meerkats were so funny and kept popping up out of hole. They made us all laugh. We looked around for a bit then the boys decided they were starving so back to the car for a picnic on the grass. After we all were full, the boys took a while. We set off again to look at some more animals.

The little pygmy goats were very tame.

The children could go right up and stroke them. A lot of the Park Keepers were around in case they got a bit too rough with the goats

A lonely goat?

Next, we saw the wallaby's- again very tame and just freely walking around like the pygmy goats.

A wallaby house with babies inside.

Aww.. sweet

Looking for food.

This little boy was thrilled to see this one so close.

If anywhere was roped off you were not allowed to go in, as it was there chill zones

This was one of the chill zones just for them.

This ostrich posed for me because I asked him to. I also thanked him.
A lady said she had bean waiting ages to get a picture.
I said may be you should have asked him first, she laughed.

An antelope.


Some of his friends.


The boys having a run around on the big play park...

Tarzan Land

Jay-Jay in blue Tommy-Lee in red.

Hello down there.

This picture I was taking of Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee sneaked in.

A thoughtful Tommy-Lee

A smiling Jay-Jay.

We moved on to see a bit more. By this time I was hurting a lot. Though out the day I was taking ORAMORPH( Liquid Morphine) to help with the pain.

A laughing Hyena


These were all playing till this big black and white one came along...

He thought he was the boss the others were not very keen on him.
Some were scared of him.

I am the boss.

Next came the big cats...

Sleeping Lions.

The Leopard having a wash.



Something a bit more docile...

This one was all on his own maybe something he said or did.

Another Antelope.

The flamingos again.

To finish off the day a small waterfall.

Quite a lot of pain but a good day still. A lot of the time I keep the pain to my self as not to spoil it for every else or play it down a bit. Even the weather was on our side and only a little shower all day. I hope you enjoyed this Wildlife Park blog. This is a good day day out for most ages, I would recommend visiting it if your in the area. You can find out more here - http://www.yorkshirewildlifepark.co.uk/

Jay-Jay staying the night with us. I asked Tommy-lee but he did not want to come. Jay-jay said he likes to be with his Mum. There is plenty of time for him to stay when he is older. He did stay once be for with Jay-Jay.

That's all for now, the next blog will be about our visit to Amsterdam.
Take care everyone, Love Gill.

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