26th August

Paul and I are going to Amsterdam to see Andrew for a few days holiday.

I decided to play it safe and took quite a bit of ORAMORPH (MORPHINE) before we set off. The journey was pretty good. Flying from Leeds Bradford Airport. So just about the same travel time as going to Wayne's in Halifax.

We gave up our bags, hoping we would see them again.  Going though customs with hand luggage  I had to put my ORAMORPH  in the tray for them to see. It was under the 30ml limit so OK. Later on I realised that there was a 200ml bottle in my cabin bag as well. I thought I had put in the main luggage, they did not pick up on this.

We are flying with Jet2.Com. On to the plane. We found our seats and sat down. The planes are quite small so not too many people on board. Plenty of leg room as well. After the usual check the engines were fired up then the longest taxi to the run way ever. People were looking out of the windows wondering when we would take off. I thought we were never getting there.

A few minutes later we were in the air. A cloudy day so lots of fluffy clouds. Looking out the window  was almost like being in a dream I felt like I wanted to step out on to the clouds.


 Coming in to land.

We have landed safely not too bad for pain levels. I did take a lot of  ORAMORPH though. After customs we retrieved our bags, thankfully they had not got lost. Then we got a train which is under the Airport so that was easy. Last time we came, Wayne was with us so he looked after us, now we were on our own. The train went straight to Amsterdam Centraal (Central). I had to take more Morphine for the pain. After asking directions and being sent the wrong way, more than once, we arrived at the Hotel. This should have bean about a ten minute walk.  More like an hour.


Very nice too. This time we were more central than the last visit bit noisier but  less walking. After a lay down the pain lessen slightly. We met Andrew for a meal.  Chicken and chips for me, very good too..

  I thought Andrew looked a bit thinner.!!

Andrew took us to his favourite coffee shop Voyagers. We met the owners, they were very nice people. Stopped there for a while a bit smokey for me though.

Home then a nice soothing bath. When I checked I had taken about 50ml extra of MORPHINE to help the pain even then it only dulled it. Bed about three.


Fair night, just about everywhere hurts. Breakfast in the hotel was good, help your self buffet type. A very warm day. We looked around most of the day. A lot of pain and spasms. We met Andrew and he took us back to Voyagers, where we met the other owners. She told the customers not to swear as Mother (me) was in the shop. They did as she said. One man even apologised when he forgot. Magic,

Still more pain then I would like.


After the overnight rain it looked very dull. The sun soon came out to another very warm day. Today we are going to local flower market. Bought some bulbs and a few gifts.
These were up side down. Not a side affect of the MORPHINE.   
A local man that looked interesting.

A street performer.

 Of course they have cheese.

Some of the local people were a bit strange.!!

Met up with Andrew at night and we had WOK to WALK - a noodle take a way meal. It's very nice and all cooked in front of you. Pain a little down now. The meal played up my IBS though.


Went on a boat trip  and saw a few sights of Amsterdam.

  The boat we went on.

 Skinny bridge.
 This is a view of five bridges in a row.
 A big liner that has come in to refuel.

 Some of the many  skinny houses. Land was very limited, and still is, so people built up.

Also went to a market at Waterlooplein (square). Like a Flea market. A bit of everything. I bought a bike lock, the type that most bikes have on in Amsterdam  locks your back wheel. Hopefully it will fit. Very bloated and fat feeling. Change of food I would think.


Guess what another sunny warm day. So lucky with the weather  another look round .Not as bloated today. Back to the flower market for second look.

  Then on to Dam square.

 These two said no to a picture till we had given them some money.


 After money dropped in the bowl-- OK now.


  This man was more friendly, took a liking to Paul's hat.
A good meeting place
   Some of the many bikes around Dam Square.

Met Andrew, and had some sandwiches in a very pretty park. A few showers but we were able to shelter under the trees.

 Fountain in the park very nice, till it rained.

Back to the hotel for a rest as going out tonight for a meal at a Tibetan restaurant
Back in the room, I had a lay down and even a few minutes sleep. Still more pain and spasms than  normal.

Later Andrew met us here and on to the restaurant for dinner.  We came here last time with Wayne but I was not too good so asked to come back here again. The waitress was a bit distant but the food was good. A rice meat set meal for Paul and I, and a veggie one for Andrew with the extra bits as well. Jasmine tea as well.

The first proper rain of the holiday, a proper down pour with thunder and lighting. Bed about about four after a bath they do help to ease the pain. Pity I can't stand them for longer. I get a lot of pain in my foot if I do.


Found out I had left the bath room window open and the floor was wet.  After our last breakfast we packed up and was all ready to go. We are lucky we can leave the cases here till later as the flight is a afternoon one  Quite a lot of rain over night cooler first off. Getting a few presents and yet more pictures.  Met Andrew for a drink then a last look around.

There are many street performers in Dam square, this was one of them


 This man escaped from a straight jacket and chains.

 Paul Enjoying a drink in Dam Square.

 Andrew doing the same.
 Paul and I.

 Horses getting ready to take people around Amsterdam for a bygone ride.

 Big clogs outside one of the many shop around the square.

 More clogs.

 One of the bike Taxis.
 Politie = Police.

As  I was walking along I went over on my right ankle and twisted it. Lucky I had my trainer shoes on more support then sandals that I had worn for the past few days. The pain was terrible. I tried to shut it out but it was stronger than me. A lot of MORPHINE later, still bad.

After doing everything we wanted we headed back to the hotel with some sandwiches for dinner. They let us eat them in the hotel reception. We picked up the cases and headed to the station. By now my ankle had swollen up a lot. I dare not remove my shoe as I would not get it back on again.

Time for a few more pictures I took along the way.


 Trams and bikes - the main forms of transport.

 More bikes.

 A funky light

 One of the many Coffee shops.
 Across the water.

 Bike park at Centraal (Central) Station.

Centraal (Central) Station. A very nice looking building,

We said our good byes and got the train to Schipol Airport.

 The plane we are flying home in.

A nice end to a good few days only mared by YET MORE PAIN.
On  to the plane, a bit of turbulence going back. A good flight not too much RSD  pain, a lot from my ankle. Very soon we were back at Leeds Airport. Straight though customs then to the car and home.

Summer is with Lindsay and the boys, so no mad greeting.  Lindsay came round the next day.Summer arrived back all kisses and wagging tail. She had a good time and did not miss us too much. The boys and Suey loved her being there and did not want to bring her back.

 Jay-Jay had taught her a new trick.

 Jay-Jay wrote this.

We both had a good time, a very expensive place to visit and can be dangerous if you forget about the bikes coming from a different direction. Hope you enjoyed  the Amsterdam blog. I certainly enjoyed the visit.

This is the present that Andrew bought with the money Lindsay sent him for his Birthday.

A bottle stopper. Special glass called Milleflori all hand made and blown very nice.

See you all in the next blog.
Love Gill

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