February 2nd 

In a lot of pain again. I have a pain shooting from my neck up towards my  head and down to my back. Spasms  just about every where my calves are very bad. Tinnitus in my ears, my temperature is all over the place. Welcome to a painful February.

Lindsay and the boys are here.  They were quite and played well together. I was pleased. Jamie-Lee is still not right very snuffly and not very settled at all.


We went to a market/car boot at Hemswell. Not many out side car boot stalls though, but a lot inside. Good too as it was so cold. Bought a few things some for Jamie-Lee, for when she is older I love looking and playing with the toys.

I hoped the walking round would help the pain but it only seemed to make it worse.


Up earlier 8am usually 8.30-9.00. Not much sleep bed at 6am. I feel alright though. A very nice spring like day. It was very nice on the common with the Red Arrows practising as well. Where else can you get that. They are stationed a few miles away from us so they are a regular sight in the sky's.

Will is here in the afternoon and staying the night, before heading back to Wayne and Timmy in Halifax. He has bean visiting friends and relatives.  Chinese for tea and later  played on the Wii with Will. Nice to have some one here. Snowing at 4am about an inch fell.


Snowing when I got up big flakes and very cold too.
Neck keeps locking up and causing a lot of shooting pains. Into town for a few things. At times walking was painful. By tea time, just about most of the snow had gone. Good job most people would say. But I like the snow and so does Summer.

Later in the day I looked after Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee as Lindsay's friend Cheryl has gone into Hospital. She is pregnant with twins. Her blood pressure is too high. Lindsay was going up to see her with some things.  
They were good boys, but so tired when picked up about 9pm they are usually in bed by then.


Pilates went well. The class was taken by one of Jo's friends, he did well.
Lindsay's friend Cheryl gave birth to her twins a little girl, Josephine 4lbs 15oz and a little boy Riley 6lbs 12oz. She knew there was one of each a long time ago so had names already. All doing well.


Blood tests to day to check for rheumatoid arthritis as so much joint pain. This could still be the RSD or the  FIBROMYALGIA. Just did the blood test to rule it out. Also regular check up ones for iron levels and blood things. Not quite as much pain as usual may be the extra pain tablets I have bean taking have finally built up and worked. How can I be in so much pain with so many pain killers? RSD that's why.

 Lindsay and the gang here Lindsay looked very tired. She is helping Cheryl out a lot but needs to think about her self as well. The boys and Jamie-Lee all fine. Bean to see Cheryl and the babies. So sweet they are too.  It’s hard to think Jamie-Lee was about Josephine’s size, as now as she looks so big next to them.

Riley and Josephine.

I have bean making a hat for an older lady I see on the common as she did not like the ones she had. This will be a surprise for her. She likes my hat so I had some wool left. I did not have enough so pulled down a bit of my very long scarf to finish it. I won’t miss that bit as its so long, enough to wrap round a few times. More snow falling at night.


Up a bit later than usual bad night. Knees swollen and sore. Now shoulders are worse. Extra MORPHINE taken but does little to help. RSD does not kill but some days ------ I think you know the rest.

My sister in law is here today with a card and flowers, as it’s my birthday tomorrow. We both went to take summer for her walk. Nice but cold again. Had a good talk. My friend Lyn's here in the afternoon. She bought me some daffodils and a present.

Later on at night about eleven my next door neighbour Ben fell and hurt his arm most likely broken. His wife has emphysema so can not move about very well. She phoned us and Paul and I went straight round. The ambulance was there just after. I went with Ben, as I know what Accident and Emergency can be like. I held his hand and talked to him as he was in a great amount of pain. The x rays revealed a nasty break just below the shoulder.  They said owing to his age (89) and heart condition they did not want to operate. Instead putting it in a sling and letting it heal. I don't know why it could not be plastered. He was to stay in as he would not cope at home as he has balance problems as well. Cilla can not really do much for him either. I saw him into the ward and made sure he was comfortable and settled.  Paul then came to pick me up. I got home about four thirty. I did get a very early Happy Birthday wish from Ben. Bless him. Hope you pick up very soon.

13th   My birthday.

Saw Cilla and reassured her Ben was as comfortable as he could be. She said I was a hero for doing what I did. I said I would do it again for either of them no worries. Card and a present from them both two useful bags and body lotion.

Crystal cat, cake flowers and card from Paul. A plant from Summer. A visit from my brother and wife plus there grandchild William, who's two.  A rose plant in a basket plus chocolate and card from them. All very nice. Spoke to Andrew as well he got me a pendent chain. 
More Cards and presents, chocolates and bath cream from my friend Lyn. A good day only marred by pain again.             

Crystal cat

 Plant from Summer.

I still went to Pilates not bad but still this extra pain. MORPHINE again. If only I had one wish what would that be, to get rid of you the dreaded RSD.


The Red Arrows made a giant love heart just in front of me. I like to think it was just for me.

Physio - Brought them up to date as none last week. I took Morphine before I went. Knees very swollen and sore. The team could hardly believe how swollen they were.  Ear pins again and a lovely massage on shoulder and neck. The student said she was only using the lightest touch but at times this felt very sore. She said she could feel my muscles spamming up. This feels good for a few days as it releases the tension stored there. I wished it lasted longer. I said that one of them should live with me so I could have treatment every day. Money and card from another friend. More presents from my daughter and grandchildren a Nana charm for my bracelet  and a cake plus cards.

Nana Charm.

 I am thinking a lot about Wietse and wishing he was still here. When I used to go to him he seemed to know how I felt and calmed me down. He also made me see the good side of every thing including RSD. He also could answer most if not all my questions about RSD.

The Physio I have now is good and so are the team. No faults with them at all. I think they are fascinated by the RSD.

While sorting the cupboard out it’s a full ceiling to floor one.  Summers chews are in there.  Summer unbeknown to me  got behind me, causing me to tread on her paw. This resulted in me falling forward hitting my head on the open cupboard door, loosing my balance and hitting it again. A big bump came up and a very red sore graze. Also a head ache later on.

 This was taken on the 23rd.

Sorry Mum.


I am out at Gainsborough today. I decided that the necklace that Andrew got for me was too fine and decided to exchange it for a different necklace and bracelet. The Argos store in Lincoln didn't have what I wanted.


 Bracelet and necklace Andrew got me.

We had dinner and looked round then back home. We also bought a new kettle.  My friend, Tracy, was popping round to give me a birthday gift. The gift is home made and not finished yet so another surprise for a later date. Got a nice card and a catch up chat. She brought a nice blanket for Jamie-Lee.

Tooth ache and bad head later going from one side to the other not nice.


Out today at a friend’s house going on the train to Beeston near Nottingham. Took my kindleand read most of the way. Nice smooth journey, I wish the buses were as smooth. 
After dinner we went to a garden centre for a look round. There were fish in tanks some were for sale, nice and soothing to look at.  A very nice centre but, very cold. The train coming home was on time but some how got delayed on the way so still a longer journey home. Paul came to meet me with Summer. She was high fiving me for ages very pleased to see me. Paul got us fish and chips for tea. A nice end to a nice day.


Up after a restless night legs burning and spasms again. Pilates was painful hips bad, but I did it my way. I have bean thinking more about getting back if possible to running. Not like before but just a little to make me feel human again. I went to the running shop "The Lincolnshire Runner" and had a go on there running machine. I felt great only ten minutes but that was enough to start with. Thank you for that Keith.


Physio again-- I think they are getting used to the RSD and its weird ways, me also. They noticed my right cheek is often very red. This usually means I am in pain. Usual questions and answers. My blood pressure was taken and a little high. This is normally fine. Six ear pins in right ear, painful going in. I then had some thing different called "Plum Blossom Needle Treatment" also called "Seven Star Treatment" This involves a little hammer like instrument with seven little needles in it and tapped on the skin to release toxins and help the pain. This felt like little stings and not painful as such but not really pleasant either. This was applied to my right shoulder to help the pain there.

  This information taken from a Website.
Plum Blossom Needling.There are many methods for treating diseases in Chinese traditional medicine, for instance, acupuncture, cupping, massage and kneading spine, etc. including the “plum-blossom” needle therapy. “plum-blossom” needle therapy is superficial tapping merely on the skin, but not the flesh. “Plum-blossom” means five needles bound in a bundle like a plum-blossom, and “seven-star” needle is seven needles bound in a bundle. It is not so painful. It is suitable for children also. It is thus also called “children needle”. This therapy has a wide scope in curing diseases, so it is worthy of popularization and application. Indications for Plum Blossom needling are:- common cold, bronchitis, asthma, colitis, constipation, hypertension, impotence, arthritis, backache, shoulder pain, trigeminal neuralgia, facial paralysis, migraine, stiff neck, eczema etc. The seven-star hammer is a small, hammer-like tool with several small needles protruding from its face that stimulate the surface of the skin. Your acupuncturist gently taps the hammer on the surface of the scalp, stimulating blood flow

Close up of the 7 star needle head (approx. 1cm diameter.

7 star apparatus & needles.

 Also called "Seven-Star Needle Treatment," this procedure involves the use of a seven-pronged instrument that is tapped against the skin for the purpose of microscopically breaking the skin surface to release toxins and relieve pain. This procedure is sometimes used in conjunction with cupping to promote slight bleeding in areas where the blood has stagnated (e.g., bruised areas).

Also a very gentle massage.  Last physio session my knees were very swollen, the team were pleased to see they had gone down a little. I left Physio to do a bit of shopping then on the bus home. Some of the ear pins hurt a lot.


Spoke to Doctor Mehta. He has now got back my blood test I had done last week. My FERATIN  has gone up a little but is still very low. Mine was 5 but is now 13. The guideline is between 10 and 200. He is not too worried as mine has always bean very low. I am to try to take my iron if possible. I stopped taking because it made my stomach bloat and hurt. One of the other tests I had was for Rheumatoid arthritis this was done because of all the pain and swelling of my joints. This proved negative, putting the pain down to RSD and FIBOMYALGIA.  My B12 injections are doing some good so to stop at two months intervals. Doctor Metta is pleased with the treatment that Martin and the team are providing. I agree a lot of the things done are helping me, its finding the right balance to improve it even more. I am sure this will be achieved soon.

Went to Lindsay’s in the afternoon the boys are on half term so it was all go and very noisy there. Took the cardigans and hats that I made for the twins Cheryl liked them very much.


We went to an auction, Paul bought a silver ingot, two elephants, pot ones not real ones and a bronze dancer figure. 



This I did not know Paul had bought. We both had a free breakfast meal and tea because I made the table cloths last month for them. They looked very nice in the cafe too.

Still got this head ache and tooth ache. I think my head pain might be to do with hitting it last week.


Please go away head ache, today I had the hot and cold thing going on. One minute ice cold the next red hot and sweating.  This is very tiring on its own. Put together with the rest and it becomes a living night mare. Joints still not good, ears pins a bit sore too, especially if my hat pulls on them. I know will calm down soon. This helps me a lot with balance and pain a bit but some days it’s hard to tell. But I wish there was another place where the pins could go. May be there is I will ask martin and the team next time.


Pilates - A fair session shoulders painful. Apart from that good. Jo thanked me for the cake I made her for her Birthday. When I was speaking to Andrew on Skype I realised my head ache had gone hopefully for good. With RSD and the other things I have I am more likely to notice when some pain has gone than the Constancepain I usually have.


Physio -It soon comes round which I am pleased about.  Some of the other team today. (End of last year they split the eight into two groups) Today was the usual question part. I told them about my results and Doctor Metta was pleased with the work they were doing. Pulse and sticking out tongue bit. The treatment went like this --Two needles one in each foot. The RSD foot did not object too much. Two needles again one in each elbow. The right one hurt a lot but not for long. Two more needles in my stomach.

This week it was decided to give my ears a rest from the ear pins as they were sore and itchy, and try this-- Little black ear seeds that were placed on the acupuncture points, three this time to see how it goes. No pain at all.  Nice.

My ear seeds the little black dots.


Information taken from a website. Plus the picture.
In addition to needling auricular points, applying ear seeds, or beads, to the points is another powerful way to treat the body.  The seeds vary in style from actual plant seeds to tiny metal beads, which are taped over.

The tape provides enough pressure over specific points to maintain light acupressure on the selected points, and to enhance their effect, just press the seeds for stronger stimulation when needed. They are left in for a few days. Four to five on average.

 Next stage was the Plum Blossom needle treatment. The same as last week but this time both shoulders were treated. Quite sore, I think a bit more pressure was applied this week. Well that was quite a session a lot this week. No Physio next week.

On the way home my shoulders felt very sore and tingly.  I had to carry my back pack.  My hands were warm. They are usually cold.  I did feel a bit light headed. When I got home Paul said I looked pale. Head ache later again.

Well that's the end of this blog quite mixed this time. The RSD got a hold this time but I will knock it back again.

  All the best to every one Love Gill.

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