MARCH-(1) RSD still fighting back................. (2) Zapped

(1) RSD still fighting back.

March 3rd

Today I am cleaning up down stairs. Paul is starting in the front room and me in the bathroom we will meet some where in the middle.

I thought the PLUM BLOSSOM NEEDLE TREATMENT was going to be a good thing, but the RSD has reacted to it this time in a big way. Pain very sore and burning. May be another time this will be better or may be not, who knows? I think I would give it another try at a later date.
 My legs are painful and tight especially the calves it almost feels like I have had a long hard run. If only.     


 Summers big day hair cut and bath at Posh Dogz.

Summer be for the common.

 The start of the day did not go according to plan. We were late going for our walk. The common is still very wet  and muddy. Just as we were coming off the common Summer spotted a big muddy puddle. I told her NO and she came  back to me, good girl. She then put her head on one side looked at me  and ran straight  through the middle of the puddle not once but three times. The mud was dripping off her. She was filthy. Summer I said, you are going to the groomers soon. She looked  up at me  as though to say, I have made it worth while then.

We got home and Paul saw her and was horrified at the way she looked. There was no time much to clean her up, just a rub with the towel, because it was time to go. The smell from her was not too good either.
This is what she looked like after the common.

Look at the state of her!!

 When we got to the groomers I told them she was very mucky. She leaned over the counter saying that's alright, on seeing her she was a bit surprised. We left her there hoping a new clean little Summer would be waiting for us.

I popped in to see my friend you has bean very ill. I had not seen her since Christmas. She was so  much improved. Saw her little dog as well a westie like Summer but a lot cleaner.

After a dinner of fish and chip it was time to pick up Summer. She looked beautiful so clean and  white very sweet.
Look at posh me.


Jay-Jays ninths Birthday, Happy Birthday mate. We are going to see him tomorrow as he has school and  party later.

Even Summer managed to stay clean on the common today.
Pilates was painful joints hurt and spasms.

I am in town today getting a few things. Back again now. Going to the hospital with Cilla my next door neighbour to see Ben her husband, who I stopped with in Accident and Emergency last month. I am pushing Cilla in a wheelchair, quite hard pushing her but it was all worth it to see them sat together talking and smiling. Priceless.

After tea we went to see Jay-Jay to give him his Birthday things. We got him Elvis memorabilia, Meccano, books plus more. T shirts for both of them. Jay-Jay was very excited so was Tommy-Lee. Jay-Jay liked every thing we got him. Very noisy. After a while we set off for home I was exhausted.  I know I had done too much but that's the way some days go. Hopefully  I will sleep better tonight

 Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee.

The boys are here today with me, as Lindsay is putting up Jamie-Lee's cot. She is six months old now and too big for her  Moses basket.
 Jamie-Lee in her cot so content.

Cheeky Jamie-Lee.

The Gang.


Mothers Day-- I got cards, a charm for my bracelet and two phone calls. 
A lot of pain today temperature all over the place. Legs very cold painful cold. Pay back time for doing too much.
More snow fell very cold.


My friend Bev is here today. I made a very large lasagna for dinner very good it was too. We talked and went on the very cold windy common with Summer. So nice to see her. We said our good byes next time I will go and see her.
A lot of Pain Morphine taken.


A lot of pain had to take MORPHINE again. Very bad head and joints that feel like they are being hit with a hammer. Of course the burning as well.
The last few days I have bean having sort of blackout or falling asleep, hitting anything that is in front like the computer monitor . This is sheer exhaustion. My black ear  seeds came out today.

They look a bit like rabbit droppings.


Pilates was hard, I took two IBRUES before we started. Spasms and joint pain. I did feel looser later though. My legs are now warm, if fact too warm burning.  Shooting pains every where. My RSD foot hurts like when I was diagnosed with RSD. Something weirds going on.


Physio- Usual catch up talk. The team decided to put ear pins in my left ear and acupuncture needles in my right ear as its still sore from the ear pins. My ear and face went red straight away. This usually happens and means pain. Acupressure on my legs, this hurt a lot especially round my knees. A quick massage and needles out, and time to go home.
Walking home was better, as coming here I felt very wobbly and far away.


Made Jay-Jay a Birthday cake. I make him one a few days later because he has one for his party.
Today I feel the same pain and burning and tinnitus in my left ear. Off for my B12 injection. This  might help, hurt as usual.
When I had a bath later I used my bath spa. This sends bubbles and jets of water to relax and sooth  me. I have had this for a while but not used it lately . Felt nice and I did feel very relaxed after it.


Lindsay here with gang. Jay-jay liked his cake so did Tommy-Lee.

 Jay-Jays cake. A big Everton fan.

Spasms in my legs during the night. I woke to a very sore raspy throat. Coughing like  seal. Pain bad every where. My legs tighten up then spasm not nice at all.


Very tight chest, throat worse, coughing, hot and cold. Bad head and knees hurt, and I mean hurt. Just about the works. Taken IBRUES this helped a little with my temperature but not much else. A bit better in the afternoon even did some ironing with the new iron, very good nice and smooth.
Tea time I feel that I am not here. This cannot be the tablets as not taken many. Balance not good either the think the RSD is reacting to the chest and throat thing. More tablets later.

Later that night about midnight things got a little worse. Got up from my chair to go to the bathroom and my legs felt strange. Balance wrong. I put this down to tiredness. I got back to my chair and rested. I think I fell a sleep.

(2) Zapped.


About five am I woke up I tried to stand but could not. I thought to start with I had the sleep paralysed thing. I have had it a few times in the past. I soon realised this was not the case. My right side was very week my hand could hold things properly. I some how managed to get the phone and do an internal call to Paul who of course was in bed. Weird because Paul only showed me how to do this call a few days ago.

Paul got me on the settee. "Zapped" I was gone. Later in the day I came round a bit. I felt bad not able to stand. Every where hurt coughing and choking bringing up stuff  hardly able to breathe. Extreme sore throat. Even drinking water was not possible it just made me choke.  Head ache of the year. I needed the bathroom I tried to walk with Paul's help. No good Practically passing out. I made it but it was almost too late I was wet.

 Back on the settee, and hardly able to breathe again, Paul called the Doctor. When she arrived she said I had Viral Flu, a very nasty strain. My chest was clear so where was all the stuff coming from.

She gave me a mouth wash to help my throat.  DIFFLAM ORAL RINSE. She said this would help and to call her again if things got worse.
Back to the land of "Zapp". I spent another night down here on the settee.
 Paul brought down my commode from up stairs. I use it when I am ill or have a RSD flare up. There was no way I was going to make it to the bathroom again even with help. Hard enough to get on the commode that was next to me.


I feel very bad all over pain, spasms, just about every pain possible. I have taken a lot of IBRUES and MORPHINE this has done very little to help. I started choking when coughing. Shooting pain in my head. Paul called the Doctor again the same one as yesterday. She said I now had a throat and chest infection as well and gave me Antibiotics  CLARITHROMYCIN 300mg 2 a day for seven days. I was moved from the settee to Paul's reclining chair. This makes a good bed more comfortable than the settee. I was able to lay flat.  Paul was to ring an ambulance if things got worse

Later on Paul had to do that, I was in and out of consciousness and struggling to breathe. Neither of us wanted this. The paramedics arrived and checked me over. I could hardly breathe. They monitored me and gave me a nebuliser with 2.5 salbutamol this helped a lot. They decided  I was better staying here as Accident and Emergency was about a three hour wait. That would make me a lot worse.  If things change to ring them again. I was so pleased. The nebuliser helped for the rest of the day.

Sipping water also helped.  I started seeing things that were not there hallucinations, a man in black looking at me sometimes pointing at  me. Paul assured me these were not real, but they were very real to me.


Paul gave me a all over wash, boy did I need it, very smelly.  Summer even disowned me. This was exhausting to say the least. He is looking after me with Summer. The trouble is I am that hot I soon get smelly again. More feeling in my right side, but still not right.  Not much food eaten so far the last few days Angel delight mostly.  I tried to get a nebuliser but I had to be accessed on Monday at the doctors. Hopefully I will be a bit  better by then and not need it.

  More hallucinations followed An insect about two inches long and a inch wide  green like a very fat caterpillar crawling across my leg. This one was so real. I even got Paul to look for it twice.

 Another hallucination this one,  a man had got a sack with Ginge and Tabby (Cats they live two doors away)  in it and was coming to get Summer. So real I screamed and cried, I scared Summer as well. Paul actually picked Summer up and showed me that she was okay, she sat with me for a while afterwards.


I am feeling a little better  so long as I sit or lay, as soon as I stand up dizzy, spasms  and  sweating, pain shooting from every where. Head especially bad. Paul moved the chair so I could watch some television. Still coughing and bringing up stuff. I am still very week and not able to do too much. I could not even press the button on my tooth brush.
Every thing I do goes on in this room.


Getting a bit stronger every day,  just  about able to stand to pull up pjs. Not as much shaking now. Managed a few more steps.  My head spins so I focus on one  spot for balance. This works well.  I now able to press the button on my toothbrush.  
I am using a steam inhaler this helps quite a lot. Still coughing a lot, I feel like there is some thing in my chest but it won't come up. At times I can hear it.

Wayne, Will and Timmy sent me a basket of azaleas, how nice Thank you all. They arrived damaged but  Paul was able to fix them.

Summer sits with me in the morning.  Before she goes to bed, she comes in to see me and says good night. If she can she will snuggle up with me at other times. She was laid with me and pressed the remote and the chair went back to upright position from a laying one. She squashed me I could not reach the remote as she was laying on it. When I tried to get it she just looked at me as though to say leave me alone I am tired. Paul lifted her off then put her back. A big sigh then back to sleep.

Me and summer.


Fair night but I feel like I have a brick on my chest.  Almost too painful to cough but  its still going strong. I shake a lot when standing but I have managed a few more extra steps

I walked to the window about eight feet away. Very wobbly and head spinning but a good start I think.
Summer sat watching me and got very excited when I got there. Jumping up and trying to kiss me as though to say well done Mum.
The coughing makes me feel sick at times. Pain in my chest along the breast bone very tender.
My body and my feet are ice cold I asked Paul to wrap them up with a hot water bottle.
This helped. May be this is another stage of the flu. I think its better than the sweaty, hot stage.
I used the steam inhaler again I cough a lot after it but it is helping loose up  any infection.
Last Antibiotic taken,  I hope they have done there job.


When I first woke up I felt quite bad. As the day went on I improved. Walking a little more every day.

Sat here, writing my Blog, when every thing disappeared. Whats going on, taping the undo button, no better I started to feel very sick. Everything I had written had gone. Tears, disbelief I was on my own as Paul had gone shopping. I messaged Wayne my son. I just hoped it could be put right. I had nearly completed it.
Wayne called me back on his dinner break and said he had looked at it-- GONE !!!. He thinks what I did was to highlight a bit to delete, but by mistake highlighted the lot, at the same time  Blogger updated and I lost the lot. Nothing for it just to start again. As you are reading this spare a thought for me and I hope you all enjoy it twice as much.

Walked to the dining room to have my tea, it took two stops but I got there. The first time I have left the front room since the 20th of this month. Everything I have done for the last eight days has bean in that room. Quite dizzy but felt good to be out. Things will start to get better now wont they?


Hi still here --Not a good night. Something I saw on the television got me thinking about the past and family.

I feel very drained. Paul got my wheelchair out the shed so I used it to go to the bathroom. NICE.
Later Paul helped me have a bath, this took a lot out of me but it was lovely, very warming.
So tired I ache every where, back to my little room and bed.

I woke up in the early hours of the morning. Noises out side the window scared me. I had also left the lamp on so I was a little disorientated where I was for a few minutes. I thought I was in hospital. For those of you thinking well, that's the best place, not always for RSD- not here in the UK any way.  I  have a phone next to me so I can call Paul anytime. I soon settled down again and slept.
Fair bit of pain today. My legs are very stiff and heavy a bit like concrete. I will rest a bit and walk when I can and use the chair for longer distances.That's one thing with RSD you have all the equipment you need for a time like this.


I feel a little more with it today head feels like it belongs to me. My cough is a lot better so is my throat. Every thing is improving slowly, too slow for me. I need to get my strength back and build my self up again.
Paul has done a good job of looking after me and also helped massively with the blog this month with help from Summer of course. Thank you both.

Hope you are all well and have had a better month than me. Love Gill.

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