April 1st

Day 1---I will call this. The up hill climb to get back to my usual self.
Dizzy today and pain in the back of my head. I think there could be tinnitus in my left ear, as dizzy and balance off. I am trying to walk a little more today. While I was making a drink or trying to I went very dizzy and hot and had to sit down more than once. My head was spinning even when sat. Maybe I have got it wrong and its nothing to do with my ear, only part of the flu. Head ache later.

My daughter Lindsay and Jamie-Lee, plus Tracy came to see me. Really nice to see them all. The first time since I have bean ill that I have seen any one apart from Paul and Summer. 

Jamie-Lee pinched Lindsay's Mars bar she was eating and held on to it tight. She sucked it and licked it making little cooing noises. Her face was covered in chocolate. She certainly enjoyed the bit she had. She has just started on solid food and is very interested when any one eats near her.


I have bean upstairs to day, a stop half way up. Felt like a mountain. Checked two weeks of emails most of them crap stuff. Paul has bean checking for any friends ones and important ones. None.

Coming downstairs was worse I got very dizzy and had to sit down on the step. My head still feels very strange heavy and bigger than normal. Very light headed and sick feeling.  A bit like being on a boat.


Lindsay and family here. the boys came in, and straight away said they had missed me and was I better. Tommy looked at me and said I must be ill to have my pyjamas on.
They had come on their bikes. Not easy for Lindsay with Jamie-Lee in her pushchair, and watching them two along a very busy main road. Suey was upset because she did not come, but Lindsay cannot manage them all.

Jamie-Lee now giggles and laughs and watches everything that goes on. She has learnt to roll over completely now and get back again. She looks very pleased with her self and so she should be.  Summer gives her loads of kisses, she is so gentle with her.

The boys were playing with Lego, on the computer, and outside. Ben from two doors away heard them and came round to play. I know sometimes three playing does not work but with them it does, all very well behaved and enjoyed them selves a lot.

Very tired after they had all gone the noise got a bit too much for me as I have had it quite for so long.
All in all a good day hope they keep coming and I can get back to my normalish ways.


A good nights sleep for a change. I am still in the front room in the reclining chair, I hope to go to my proper bed tonight. I think things with me are slowly getting better as I don't feel as dizzy or as much strange head feeling now. Even got dressed the first time for two weeks. I noticed my trousers were a lot looser than last time I wore them. Not to worry I have plenty of chocolate and Christmas munchies to eat. I will soon be back to normal what ever that is?
Paul took out my ear pins, they did well as put in on March 14th.


I slept upstairs in my own bed last night  for the first time since I was ill. 20th of March. Did I sleep better, no not really. Hot and cold, and kept waking up. I think my body temperature had got used to the reclining chair and down stairs.
I feel more with it today. Left ear still strange though. Balance about right most of the time. Throat a bit red and sore again.

Spent the day knitting and mostly resting. My body is wreaked after this invasion that I have just bean through.


Slept better, hot and cold to begin with, after that a better night. I thought  may be this flu would have reset my body clock and I would have a normal nights sleep. No-- that has not happened. I suppose once you have insomnia you don't get rid of it that easy. If any one has any positive results with this, let me know please.

Lindsay and the gang are here so not a quiet day. They were good boys and not too noisy. Jamie-Lee now rolls over and over and gos backwards  to get things so a few more weeks and nothing will be safe.

 Just after I got in bed about four thirty. I lifted my head off the pillow and a pain neck shot down my right arm and leg paralysing them both. This is happening more often now. All I can do is lay there and not move. The pain then goes and I am back to normal, apart from a dull ache in my neck and head. I will speak to Martin and the team about this.
Woke to headache not too bad but annoying. Throat still sore as well.

The Lincoln 10km race today, my friend Bev is taking part I wish her well. I would love to have bean there too. I hope to do the Race for Life (3km) in June, but not run for ages so will have to see how things go.
I am still recovering. I did finally manage to break free and went for a walk with Paul and Summer.
I felt good to be out again, but my body did not feel the same way, very week and heavy.
Head ache worsened later on in the night.    


Fair night, short as usual, no head ache. Pain levels are just about back to my normal some where round about six plus.
Bev phoned me and said she had a good steady run. She enjoyed it very much. Paul and I are out in the car later so another break out. I am not an indoor person, so I feel very caged in when not able to get out. I know when I was very ill, I did not care as not really with it any way, but as I improved I longed to be outside again.

Going with Paul to take Summer a bit further today. My legs and hips ache, from walking I think, a big shock for them after all that rest. Even though I am over most of the flu symptoms my chest is still quite tight. I have bean using my steam inhaler, it helps a bit. Still getting a lot of spasms in my left arm.
The last few days have bean better for pain and  not taken any extra pain relief. I certainly feel a lot more with it now. 


Took Summer for a walk with Paul. My legs have recovered now and don't hurt as much. Only usual RSD pain which is enough on its own.

Physio at last.--- Usual talk and asking how I am. Brought them up to date about things that are happening now. The treatment went like this-- A needle in each hand and one in my forehead (just like Wietse used to do) This has a calming affect. Next four ear pins in right ear. These hurt going in, red face and ear again. A lovely massage followed on my neck. She could only use a little pressure as too much caused pain and numbness. I am advised to go to the Doctor and ask for an xray to see what is going on there.
I said to Martin I was a bit worried this paralysing thing will happen one night and I would not be able to move at all again. He said usual treatment would be a chiropractor but that would not suit me. Properly send the RSD into a mental break down.

I left Physio, lift from Paul there and back. A quick trip to B&Q's for orchid compost then home with fish and chips very nice, build me up again.

Not a good night forgot to take MORPHINE and went into withdrawal. The full works shaking sweating feeling sick and head ache. I took them as soon as I realised about three thirty in the morning. About five hours late! After my head stopped booming I went to bed still feeling a little strange.


In town today with Lindsay and gang. This is the first time I have bean in town since I was ill.
Bought Jay-Jay a body warmer as replacement present from Christmas. We have bean trying to sort this out for a while but it did not happen. He was very pleased with it putting it on straight away. He did not like the jacket I got him for Christmas at all but Tommy-Lee loved his. Went for dinner at Burger King. The boys ate like Kings as well, a full adult meal each
On to the pound shop then. Both boys got things here. Jamie-Lee was good woke at all the right times.
When we got home they came up to me with a present, some chocolates, for taking them out even when I was still ill. Thank you Boys very nice thought. Very tired later on and the head ache back.


Paul has bean away since Friday morning. I have bean taking Summer for her walks. So a quite one apart from yesterday when the boys were here.

No camping.

When they were here they put Jamie-Lee in their Action Man tent. She did not like camping much by the look of her face.

I did a little bit of gardening as it was a nice day. I still feel week so not doing too much yet. Paul got back about seven. He had a good time away.


I ache a lot just about everywhere my knees are swollen again. My neck hurts and so does my back. Head ache still hanging on

Paul and I gave summer a bath, she rolled in horse muck again and smelt very strong. The common is quite dry now well the bits we go on are. She had kept quite a lot cleaner since her cut and wash but she likes to be a Scruff Pup.

Lindsay, Tracy and Jamie-Lee called in. We put her in her baby bouncer to see what she thought. She bounced up and down laughing and talking. Summer kept going up to her which made her laugh more.

 What am I missing.

A clean Summer looking after Jamie-Lee.


Spoke to Doctor Mehta to arrange the xray for my neck. I am to pick the form up and go today. Going into town for a few bits first. Had dinner then off to the Hospital, the xray did not take long but the waiting did. Never mind all done now. Results in about ten days. Totally drained and very tired, the sort that does not go away.


Pilates the first one for five weeks. Since I have bean away a few more moves have bean added. Managed quite well did a few moves of most of them. Like I have said before some I cann't do, like arms above head ones I improvise. Jo shows me alternative ones. A good session but quite hard for me.

Helen came and did my hair which was long over do for a cut and colour. I looked like a monk with a grey cap on. I cooked a roast beef dinner. Chris her husband had to work so I sent some back with Helen. A very good meal everything cooked well. Chris sent me a Thank You later and said it was very good.


Not a good night AGAIN- woke a few times sweating like I had forgotten my MORPHINE again but I had not. I can go few a few days and have no problems then POW a bad time. Even more tired than usual.
May be this is still from the flu thing and it will go but I think it more likely to be the RSD again. I have not taken much extra pain relief and few IBRUES no extra MORPHINE.

Physio- A lift from Paul. Usual talk and update pulse and tongue sticking out. A needle in each hand near thumb. One in my fore head.
A new gadget called  "Medisana Electronic Acupuncture Device"  that detects the acupressure points and sends out a high pitched noise. When placed on my ear it went mad squealing and making us jump. This can also be used for treatment smiler to ultra sound. My ear pins were put in next four pins in left ear using the gadget to check the for the right place. They hurt a lot ear and cheeks red. No massage today they are being cautious till xrays come back and we know what is causing the pain and paralysing episodes.

This was taken from Boots Website.

Medisana Electronic Acupuncture Device helps treat many aliments without drugs. The Medisana Electronic Acupuncture Device is an ancient medicine for the modern age and is easy to use for all the family. The Medisana Electronic Acupuncture Device has no known side effects and follows theories of ancient oriental medicine. The Medisana Electronic Acupuncture Device has a relaxing soothing heat for the relief of many aliments affecting body organs, from head to toe.
  • Electronic pulse, gold plated point with adjustable intensity.
  • Audible and visual signs for finding acupuncture points on different parts of the body which affect the affected organs -144 page therapy book included.
  • Use on hands, feet or other recognised acupuncture points of the body.


A better night than previous ones. Just lately we have had very windy days. At night the wind howled and scares Summer.  Thankfully this has now dropped and raining instead. British weather.

Paul is picking up a chair I won on EBay. Treated myself to a new recliner, its electric and a lot easier to use.

 My new chair. 
My other one made my arms go into spasms a lot of the time as a manual lever to recline it.  This one is bigger and pretty much the same as Paul's, the one that I spent so much of my time in when I had flu.
Not too bad a day. I think I am recovering well but slow. With RSD everything takes longer. Too long.

I am very tired today, but as usual my body will not rest for long a lot of pain and spasms.


Today I am at Lindsay's she normally comes here with the boys but their Dad has got them for the weekend.
Jamie-Lee was pleased to see me and just woke up so ready for play and more important, dinner.
A nice quite day the boys did pop in and was surprised to see me at their house.

Since my last acupuncture ear pin session, my balance and ears have bean a lot better, less pain as well.
As you know I have a lot of trouble with very cold legs and feet. I think most RSD suffers do. I have found out with my new chair I can adjust the angle of the leg rise more precise than my last chair. This seems to help, probably with the blood flow? What helps one day might not the next, but maybe worth trying out.


Did a bit of gardening putting in Pansies and sewing flower seeds. A lot of pain today even be for I started on the garden. I had hoped this would loosen me up but not this time. Later I was finding it very hard to sit comfortable in any position.


Awake a lot of the night spasms and pain in my neck, back and arm again. I get more pain and spasms when looking down or turning my head. I hope the xrays show up some thing. While walking Summer a lot of pain in my knees and left hip.
A bit more gardening and sorting out the shed cupboard.

Lindsay asked me to look after Jamie-Lee while she took Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee to the Fair with Tracy.
Jamie was very good and only got a little upset as it got nearer her bed and milk time. Wayne came on Skype to talk to us and Jamie-Lee kept smiling and looking at the screen. Soon they were back from the fair. Everyone had  a good time  Jay-Jay will go on the scary rides but not Tommy-Lee. Both the boys had candy floss. They had won on hook a duck as well. Jamie-Lee was very pleased to see her Mum. Off  home to bed for the children.
A long day for me as well but no bed for a while yet.


Physio- Four pins and a ear seed in my right ear. I told them my knees were bad. The left one bruised. I hope the treatment will help. Walking home my feet were on fire and very hot.
I had to go to City Hall to renew my bus pass but did not have the right paper work so will have to go back tomorrow. Last year the pass was sent to me but changes mean I have to go in and get it myself.
Later on very tired and neck sore.


Picked up bus pass so ok till 2017 (check). Going for the bus I saw Lindsay and Jamie-Lee plus Cheryl with her twin babies. I have not seen the babies for a while so they have altered a lot. Very sweet they are too.

My knees were not as bad walking either, so a better day for me. Pain wise any way. I feel that life some how has left me behind and every one is enjoying them selves. I just about cope getting though each day.
RSD tends to ruin just about everything it can.  


While walking Summer she found some very black smelly mud, yes straight through it. Everyone we met  said she looked like she had boots on. I think she wanted some like mine.

 My new smelly boots.
 It was fun.

Once home she had to have a bath. Paul was out so just me but we managed. Summer when asked will put her feet on the side of the bath so I can wash her belly. She is so good in the bath. 

 All clean again. I could do with a sleep.

 I love you Mum.

Lindsay and family arrived later complete with Suey. Summer was so pleased she hardly left poor Suey alone. I think she wished she had stopped at home. Lindsay carried a play activity/ring for Jamie-Lee all the way from her house about a mile and a half. Jamie loves playing in it, more for her to do now.

 Jamie just after her sleep.

Tommy-Lee and Jamie-Lee .


Dr Mehta phoned me and said the xrays showed wear and tear on the joints a bit more than usual for my age. Also arthritis. I have known about the arthritis for a long time even before RSD so nothing really to explain the pain. He just put it down to RSD and fibromyalgia. He is happy for Martin and his team to carry on with my treatment.

Going out as well to see Bev at Beeston on the train.This is the first time I have gone any where for ages. I hope my RSD will let me have a good day. I sure deserve one.
The journey there was very bumpy it felt like there were square wheels on the train. Also I felt very sick, I was reading so maybe that had something to do with it I don't know.  We went to the marina to see the boats then tea and cake very nice. Back to Bevs for a sit down and talk, dinner of soup and salad and chunky  bread. We sat in her dining room in the sun. Warm inside but a bit chilly out. Her garden looks very nice. We watched the birds having a bath. The day is not long enough and time went too fast. All too soon I had to get the train back home. Thank you Bev for a lovely day. I love going out but I suffer a lot and then I think is it worth the extra pain I get YES most of the time. I do not want to become slave to RSD.
The journey back was better but longer as it stops more places. Got home just be for eight o'clock. Summer was very pleased to see me. Paul had bean out to walking group. He brought a Chinese back for tea, very nice.

Well  that's about about it for this blog. I will finish off with a few pictures I took of the river near me. Hope you are all well and happy. Love Gill

I think Spring is here at last, as the ducks are hatching there little ones. They look so funny almost running on the water.

Two families here 25 in all
Newly hatched little ducks.

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