June 1st.

What a day - Paul and I went up in a four seater plane for a pleasure ride it was great. I have bean patiently waiting for this but circumstances made this impossible, some my fault some the weather some date clashing.The big day had come bright sunshine and a bit of wind so perfect.

 Dave who is flying the plane.

Walking to the plane.

 The plane we are going in.

Bev, Wallington, Lyn and Dave. Bev and Lyn went in the flight before.


Paul and I ready for lift off. I Know its not a rocket.!

 Dave the pilot doing the flight checks.

We all had to wear head phones and a mic. We could hear all Air Traffic control messages and each other. This continuous noise was very hard for me and made it difficult to concentrate.I got used to it after a while. Things like this upset the RSD.

I am sat in the front.
The control.

Wallington sat in the back with Paul.

 The runway on which we took off.
 Up and away

Dave is taking us to Rutland waters.
 Coming into view.
 Rutland waters.

 So lovely.


I could stay up here all day.

 Checking the all important pictures.

 On our way back.

 Runway ahead.
Touch down.
  Bev and Lyn welcoming us back.

After the flight.


We were in luck - a flyby was taking place a plane called Dakota

 Waiting and looking.

Here she comes


A fantastic day. the vibrations were good no worse than a good, bus ride. Not too much pain. I am so pleased I had this chance to do this. A very big thank you to Dave and Lyn for making this possible. Also thank you to Wallington and Lyn for a lovely day.

RSD makes it difficult a lot of the time to have fun days so this was a real treat, the RSD wasn't too affected.  Hope you all enjoyed this special blog as much as I did. Love Gill.

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