Amsterdam Vist.

Amsterdam Visit.


Today we are flying to Amsterdam for a few days for a well deserved holiday and to see Andrew for his Birthday. Flying from Leeds Bradford Airport at 1.30pm. Car journey was without any problems.

 The flight was good also very thick cloud most of the way. 

  Leaving Leeds.

 Just as we came to the Netherlands border, the clouds lifted just long enough to take these pictures. 

Amsterdam in sight.

Going down..


Air Traffic Control.
 Our Plane.

Andrew met us later at the Amsterdam train station. We all got on a tram and headed for the Hotel.

 One of the many trams.

 The hotel is nice, the room compact but everything good.

 The Hotel and view from our room window, the park is on the left.

We gave Andrew his presents and cards, he was pleased with them all.

 After a while he took us on a tour of the area. 

 Amsterdam at night.

Back to the Hotel for a drink, Andrew then went home. Paul went to bed and I read for a while.
Work men were taking down scaffolding all night so my short night was a lot shorter.
Bed a bit soft but at least I got some sleep.


Quite a bit of pain today most probably from dragging the suitcase. We had breakfast and set off for the park. Quite a lot was going on - runners, bikers, dog walkers, people exercising with weights and flower planting by the whole family. Shows and concerts are regular there.


One little dog was playing with his ball and it went into one of the lakes. He looked up and decided that his owner should get it. After a while he realised she was not going to, so he jumped in himself and retrieved the ball.

 No way was I going to loose my best ball.
 I think that was a bit much for me.

The day was a bit overcast and kept raining on and off. The park is very nice and well used by a lot of people. I think Lincoln could learn a bit from the Dutch about park life.

 These were taken while just walking around.



 A strawberry car.


On to Dam Square.


Street performers.


After looking round a bit we decided to get a tram and went where ever it took us.

Trouble was that's all it did- NO return! The driver said last stop. She laughed and pointed to another tram going back which we just missed. She told us another tram would be going back to Central Station soon, it turned out to be her again. We were quite pleased as Paul does not usually
walk far.


Spoke to Lindsay and she said Summer keeps going up to Jamie-Lee when she is asleep and kissing her and waking her up. They are best friends.

Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee asked about the trams I told them it was probably a bit like being in a Scalextric car even the tracks look the same.

A walk to the flower market. Lots of gifts, flowers and bulbs there. An all year round Christmas shop as well.

Sometimes there are street performers but not today. We bought a few gifts to take back. Had some dinner then back to the hotel. No rain so far for us (3pm).

Bit more walking, cows on a ceiling-- how else do they get the milk creamy? 


 Clogs hanging up.
We went to see Andrew at work.


Not a good night a lot of PAIN and spasms. We are going to a very big museum  called The Rijks --  it is set on four floors. This goes through the ages from 1900s to the 1600s. Lots of Art, fashion collectibles, jewellery all sorts of things plus decorated walls and ceiling's. Beautiful place.

The beautiful glass roof in the entrance hall.


I feel like this after too much morphine.

If you look in the background you can see them updating face book.

My knight in shining armour.

I am the one in the middle!


As you can see, a place well worth a visit.

Trouble was the RSD picked today to have a hissy fit or pay back time. The pain was bad. IBRUES and DIHYDROCODINE plus extra MORPHINE. The pain just refused to go. Eventually it calmed down a bit. By now I was high on drugs not a nice thing, for me any way. Back to the Hotel for a rest where I was able to lay down.

Andrew got me some CANNABIS to try (not very hard to do, it is Amsterdam) Only a little bit I have never tried any before despite talking about it. I used a little vapouriser . This made me cough, after a while I felt light headed and my body temperature evened out. This made me feel very relaxed. Pain wise not a lot difference most had settled a bit be for I took it. Sometimes this can help pain and relax the body.
CANNABIS has bean used for pain for quite a long time and in a lot of cases work. Trouble is it is not legal here. Who will come and see me in my little cell back in the UK?


Better night well it could not be much worse than the previous one. My foot hurts today the one that hit the glass coffee table on the 14th May. Even a slight knock can be a major issue for me as the RSD makes a big thing out of it. My foot did get infected and needed dressing for all of this month.

 In the morning we went on a boat trip very nice and relaxing the whole of the back of the boat was glass and slid open.

The boat we went on.

The mouth of the North sea. 

 Some of the boat houses.
 Seven bridges in a row.

 Tall skinny houses as land is dear here.

 Bike park.
The Eye. State of the art cinema plus a lot more.
 Heineken beer barrel boat.
 Skinny bridge.
 Look how close the cars are to the edge, some fall in.

Today we are going to the Artis Royal Zoo, open for the last 175 years. Animals, aquarium, birds, butterfly's, planetarium plus trees and plants can be seen there.

On the way there a lady came off her bike right in front of us. Paul let her use his phone to get some  one to pick her up. She was very shaken up. Probably broken her wrist. There was oil on the road which caused her to have the accident. She was very grateful to us for the help we gave her.

We went on our way to the Zoo.

 Who me?

 The last two pictures were a set up in the aquarium part, very clever just looked so real.

A rare black swan.


 The zoo cat.

After a long day it was time to leave the Zoo and all its wonderful things.

Andrew and Paul.
 Andrew and me.

A better day than yesterday for me. Later on we went out for a meal to celebrate Andrews Birthday. The same place we went last year, A Tibetan restaurant. A very good meal was had by us all. They remembered us from last year not sure for what reasons I think I behaved.
Back to the hotel this is our last night here home tomorrow.


Homeward bound. Andrew met us at the station to say goodbye.

 Andrews ferry that he uses to get to the city.
 Ferry across the sea not very far about five minutes.


 Then on to a train to Schiphol Airport. Not really any problems there.


We sat near the wing this time not the place we asked for but never mind its a seat. Better than being on the roof. Saying that I think the wing walking that some people do looks good. I would have liked to have tried that after all you are fastened on and can't fall off and I am sure you get a good draught  in your face.

The flight was good, a bit noisier than coming because of near the engine but ok.

Coming in to land we saw the wings open and the landing flaps come down.

  Leeds Bradford Airport  coming into view.

We  landed at Leeds Bradford Airport. We collected our bags and headed for the car.
My son Wayne lives near by, Halifax, so we decided to go and see him. Less than an hour away, But it took us about two hours. The road we usually go down was shut off by police (we later learnt it was something to do with a man and a handgrenade). We had to go by another route very high up and winding road cut off in the winter and after bad rain. A bit scary to say the least. My ears popped, we were so high not on cannabis either. After finally making it to Wayne's, a nice Chinese for tea. We showed him the pictures and talked about the time spent in Amsterdam. he came with us the first year we went, 2011. We left and set off for home no more problems there arriving home about midnight very tired and in pain from the travelling.


Nice to be back home. We picked up Summer from Lindsay's my daughters. She was very pleased to see us so was Suey as well. An added bonus today is Jay-Jays sports day so I was able to go. I missed Tommy's because we were still away. He did not mind too much. Jay-Jay did well winning two races and second in one. Well done Jay-Jay.

 Jay-Jay second from the right.

 I won.

The long race as they call it, Jay-Jay is at the back wearing the blue shoes, he doesn't really like this race but he did well though. 


Dentist check up- On and off for the last few months I have bean getting pain and swelling in my teeth. I have had xrays in the past, but have revealed nothing seems to be wrong. Today how ever there was no swelling or pain- typical. The dentist had a good look but every thing looked fine. She gave me a prescription for a strong mouth wash for infection and bacteria in case it is that. I am to go back if it reoccurs.This can happen with RSD I have found out from the webb. I think RSD affects a lot more than people think it does.


Bad back and hip today. I am sure RSD goes though the body and thinks we have not upset that bit for a while lets do that today. I did some gardening but it did not really help to loosen any thing off.
I went over all the garden the day before we left for Amsterdam hardly a weed in sight. Come back and there is loads. Do they wait till you are not there, then spring up? Looks good now though. A lot of IBRUES and DIHYDROCODINE this helped a little. I know a lot of the extra pain is to do with the travel from the last few days.

Car boot today we have not bean to one for ages I love looking through the stalls. Things for us and the grandchildren bought today. We had dinner out, a carvery very good it was too. I ate too much probably too many vegetables as well this played up my IBS but it was worth it. I am back on BUSCOPAN for this, just taking them when needed like today. This helps me most of the time.

Sat in the car I felt some thing on my knee I looked and it was a bright green insects biting my leg.

The carvery finished off a good week. I just wished the RSD would back down a little so I can enjoy things more. This brings another blog to an end. I hope you are all well and have enjoyed your holiday or will do when you go. All the best Gill.  

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