August 1st

I had a think about Baclofen I am sure that it was not the cause of my body shut down last month, why-because the last time it had a drastic affect on me was in hospital. This caused my body to be paralysed not go into spasms. So I don't think this was any thing to do with it. When has RSD needed a reason to react anyway.

I feel very tired and shaky a lot of my body is swollen my joints are stiff and very tender. Why don't I just say-- I am a mess that about fits the bill.

I still went to the physio as I hoped this will help me. They were quite concerned when they saw me.
A lot of needles today sixteen in my legs and feet, my foot went straight in to a spasm. I ignored it and after a while it backed down and released slightly. Two needles were also placed in each arm. After a time these were removed and my ear pins put in, two in each ear. The session went well as they kept a closer eye on me. I felt better when I left a bit wobbly though. The students said I looked less pale and a bit brighter. 


Still quite a few spasms nowhere near as bad as last few days. A few quite strong ones, my chest and stomach muscles are tight and painful from wrenching and being sick no doubt. On the whole a better day.


I am having a well woman check up (I know its not a good name for me) this tots up any risks from heart disease blood pressure and diabetes type two, also a blood test done. The nurse said apart from my known problems I was fit and in good health. Risk factor 5%- so very low. I thought this would be the case. All those years of running and being fairly healthy must have done some good and kept me fit. Shooting pain from neck to head back again. Left knee giving way and very swollen, painful.


Pilate's- Jeff taking the class today Jo away for a few days. A good job he did too. He learnt a lot from Jo so very much the same session. I enjoyed it. Quite a few spasms and stiffness but hopefully that will be helped by the Pilate's.
Jamie-Lee got her first pair of crawler shoes, pink of course. She is walking holding on to things but curls her toes up, the shoes should help this.


I am washing Summers soft toys  as they are so mucky. After they were dry then came the sewing two hours- to stitch the legs, ears and various other bits back on. Summer sat and watched the whole time getting excited when one was finished.

 Summer with all her toys.

Fair day, knees still hurt yes knees both of them now plus my elbows. My back also hurts. I think most of my joints do. Quite a few extra tablets taken today. Just about held off the OROMORPH.  


Wayne and Will here for the weekend, well one night. Nice to see them both here together. The last  time I think was Christmas. Late evening I bumped my head on the bathroom sink. A black out again? Not too bad more a graze and a bump. Even so quite sore. This caused a spasm in my neck left side and shoulder. Wayne as usual sorting out a few things for us on the computer. Where would we be without him?


Wayne and Will back to Halifax after dinner so nice to see them both even it was a short visit.
My head is quite sore and a visible lump can be seen. I feel sick, dizzy and have a very bad head ache. Paul thinks I have concussion, could be right. Joints not as bad at the moment.


Head more painful than the last few days it bled in the night. I still feel sick and when I put my head forward I feel faint. At least I have strong pain killers to take. A few bad nose bleeds as well. I thought these had stopped but I was wrong.

Head damage.


I feel quite a bit better today not as dizzy and sick feeling has gone, head still sore. A few spasms but nothing like last week.

Physio- This week a lot of needles again, six at least in back and shoulders, three in each leg two in each hand and two in each wrist. No ear pins this week. Trying some thing different. I was quite pleased as ear have bean a bit sore and bruised. Later I did feel a lot less tight in my muscles and joints. Very tired but not any better sleep. I know some of the needles were for sleep.


I do feel a lot better after physio. My electric bike has run out of juice no power it will not charge up. The battery has I think come to the end. I am taking it to the bike shop to see what can be done, a new battery is £300 pound or more. The bike is nearly six years old but not used too much. RSD to thank for that. I left the battery and charger with the shop and hoped they could help.

A better day for me pain wise and spasms. Knees hurt a lot later but I had bean biking. A weird night awake a lot in fact most of it. The more tired I get the less I sleep anyone else the same? 


Today Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee are staying the night, might be two nights just depends how they are. The ate a very good tea I think two nights will be all we can afford. They eat more than me.
They brought some sparklers with them so when it was dark we went into the garden.

 Tommy-Lee and Jay-Jay. Brothers unite.
 Tommy-Lee very happy..
 Jay-jay me and Tommy-Lee.
Tommy-Lee is sad-- because that's the last of today's sparklers.

This was very good. They laughed and squealed a lot. All good things have to come to an end, bed time a lot later than usual.
Jay-Jay had the double bed and Tommy-Lee the single one. They are in what was Andrews bedroom They watched a DVD to relax them. When I came up later Tommy-Lee had got in the double bed with his brother.. Both were fast asleep.


Up about 8am, both boys were still asleep. A little later Jay-Jay came down he said he had slept well. Next Tommy-Lee he also had a good sleep. I said they could both stay tonight as well. We all set off for the common with Summer she likes the boys being here. After a good walk we came back and they had sausage sandwiches for breakfast. This was agreed yesterday along with a Christmas dinner.
We walked into town to get guitar strings but the shop was shut. Jay-Jay carried his guitar all the way round town and it was a very warm day. We got some book and colouring things then headed back home.

After a rest we set off for the common complete with tent, picnic, and Summer. Its a pop up tent very easy to put up just throw it, not quite as easy to put away. We played with a Frisbee then had food, Summer had a plate and drink too, then more playing.  We had put the tent up near the lake so all the left over bits (not a lot) went to the ducks. They gobbled it all up much to the amusement of Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee. After a while they had enough running around. So tent down and headed back home. Only two attempts to get it down and in the bag. I still had tea sorry Christmas dinner to cook.

When it came to tea Jay-jay did not want any Tommy-Lee tucked in. Beef, chicken with all the usual bits. I think Jay-Jay was tired. After tea some more sparkler's the next door two men joined in as well.
Bed time for the boys very tired both of them. A nice end to a very good day.


Today we are in town to get school shoes Lindsay is going as well. Jammie-Lee was so excited to see her brothers she let out a big scream of delight I think she missed them. We have a booked appointment at the shoe shop so should not be too long. Very easy- both got the shoes they wanted. On to McDonald's for a drink for me and burgers for the boys. Next stop, trainers again easy both got the ones they had picked out. Plus a football and rugby ball. Tommy a body warmer but that's for his Birthday next month. After a good sit down Lindsay took the family home

After they had gone I watered the greenhouse a lovely weekend very tired.


Pilate's this went well only a few spasms but nothing major. A good session. I went to the bike shop and picked up the battery but no good I had to order a new one £312.00 a  lot of money but it makes it better and easier to ride. Should be here in a few days.
Also my ipod has gone wrong. Wayne found some Apple information that mine had bean recalled. The battery was at fault and could catch fire. I had to send it back to be replaced, shame. A bit of luck for me I think.

Early hours  my left foot went into a spasm, my big toe went under my foot and spasmed up my lower leg. Very painful.  My ankle swelled up like a balloon. When this happens I never know what to do for the best as the wrong move can make it worse. At the time I don't think there was a worse pain. About five long minutes later the spasm released. I felt very shaky and wet with sweat so much for the bath earlier. When I was sure or as sure as I can be that the spasms had gone I went to bed 5am.


Physio--I saw the same student as last time. My treatment went like this to start with, laid on my back, four needles put in each leg, after these were put in I got a very sharp pain from my neck this made me very light headed, also a lot of pressure felt, but I laid back and soon recovered. Two in each hand at the front. After these were taken out more were put in as I laid on my stomach. Three in my left side of neck, three in left shoulder, one in right hand at right side. Quite a lot. I left with a headache.
This pain was still there when I went to bed.


Finally headache has gone. Rain today so a bit cooler maybe that's why my headaches gone. I am sure the air pressure affects my pain a lot. The last week or so I have bean getting the temperature changes back again hot cold very hot.


Did a lot in the garden kept going till it was all done looks good. I managed to burn my arm while doing the ironing. My arm jumped when it spasmed up. Paul and I went to see our neighbour Ben in hospital. He is doing quite well. On then to see my brother David and his wife Bev. We went for a meal out, a carvery not David though he did not feel up to it. A good meal.

A lot of pain and burning in my legs and feet later on. I have not had this bad for a while.


We found this giant Mushroom? on the common while on our morning walk.

Every joint and muscle hurts very tight and stiff. Damp air, I don't know this RSD has a mind and body all of its own I never know quite what the day will bring. Well yes I do PAIN but what else.??.

New ipod has arrived, its very tiny 5th addition touch screen. This will take a while to get used to I think.


Jeff's taking the class for Pilate's again as Jo's away.  Shooting pain from my neck and shoulders when I was doing shoulder drops laid flat. Apart from that a good one. Jeff is doing you proud Jo.
I felt a lot looser in my body after the session. I feel very drained I think the chronic fatigue is getting in on the act. I know the RSD is the main pain and most bother to me, but the other things are just waiting in the wings for a chance to break though as well.


Not a good night even though very tired I did not sleep for very long, bed at 5am. Another nose bleed. I feel very stiff and my whole body is tight. Taking Summer for her walk I was like an old lady. My legs feel like they are going through the ground or the ground feels like its water. The stiffness wore off a bit later in the day. I was able to go into town for a few things. I have to keep on the move or I feel worse. This can be the case with RSD.


Again not a good night the dreaded burning again. To you who have not got RSD this feels like the worst sun burn you could get, but often my legs are cold to touch.

 My burnt arm- it is getting better.

We decided to have a day out at the coast Ingoldmells a market and seaside town. the journey was so painful the worst for a while. Legs spasms and a lot of pain every where. Extra tablets taken. Even the vibrations bother me this time they have not to this extent for a while.  Dinner of fish and chips- what else could it be.
Walking around was fun, I kept veering to the side my legs did not seem to know what to do, like they were lost.  I made the best of it what else can you do. Despite this, a good very warm afternoon. the journey back was better.

By night time and Summers walk my legs had just about recovered and went in the right direction most of the time.


I have decided to increase the GABAPENTIN and going back to taking one at dinner to see if this will help with the burning and my legs getting lost.

Lindsay here with the family. After dinner we went to the park I had got them planes that uses like a catapult to shoot them in the air. They were good I played with them while they were on the park going crazy. Jamie-Lee was crawling and walking around holding on to the park fence. She enjoyed it and Lindsay and I sat and watched.  After a good run around and sightly more tired the boys were shouted back and we headed for home.

Quite a mixed month this time.  A few minor accidents. The warm weather has helped I think. Hope things are going good for you all. Love Gill 

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