September- Eeyores, cats, Teds and Birthdays,

For you Nicola.

September 1st

I have finally finished Eeyore.I am so pleased this IS the last one I am making!!!!

This is one of those items that I said I would never do twice- first one made a few years ago. The person getting this does not know anything about it.

Paul and I were out for a meal very nice it was too I had a beef dinner. I also won a raffle prize a box of Thornton's chocolates. Big enough to share even? May be.


The new battery for the bike does not work, more parts needed they think. I am more than a bit mad as it cost over £300.00. Was it needed at all. Now I have to take the bike back in to see what else it can be. Maybe the throttle or the controller. Another £130.00 they think. I asked about a refund on the battery but they said there is no way of telling until the other bits are fitted as it still might be the battery. --OK  


In town today my legs are very bad so painful at one point I did not think I was going to get home. Burning pain and swollen as well.


Pilate's went quite well. Legs still burning and painful, also a big bruise has come out. I have no idea how or when I got it. I am making Jamie-Lee a teddy bear as part of her Birthday present, the boys are getting one each as well, but there's are going to be lot bigger. Tommy-Lee would like a blue and pink one and Jay-Jay a bright green one, so a lot of sewing to do.


Woke up sweating and hot. Lindsay and Jamie-Lee here for the day.
My legs are still playing up. Now my hip has started too, my foot has swollen up and hurts a lot the same bit where it all started nine years ago. My head hurts and balance is very off I keep veering to the side.


 Two Birthdays today--Tommy-Lee seven and Jamie-Lee one. They were both very excited.

 Jamie-Lee and Tommy-Lee.
           All the money spent on toys and she likes the box.  Jay-Jay was pulling her along in it.
 Wow! said Tommy.
 Tommy and Jay-Jay. You can see Jamie-Lee's little Ted in the back ground.
  My birthday balloon.
Giving Mummy a cuddle.

When Lindsay's friend saw Jamie-Lee's Teddy she asked me to make her a blue one for a new baby. At this rate I will have Teddy Itus. I will start this later tonight.

Pain and swelling has lessened a bit, not by much though.  The lady who Eeyore was made for is coming here today. She has no idea what is going on. I made one for Will her son a few years ago and ever since she has asked, even begged, for one. I kept saying no. Until now.

Anita- I  think you could say she is very pleased.

Will says his Eeyore looks scruffy compared to his mums so I said when I am next there I will sort it out for him and give him a make over.

Bad headache later on the type that stops you even thinking. I am getting shooting pains from my neck. Not good. 


Physio at last hopefully it will help with the pain. Still a lot of pain in most places.
Physio went like this-- one needle in each hand, also needles in my head to help ease the pain and swelling there. Not sure how many went in. Two ear pins in left ear. Next my knees were under attack. Needles were placed on outside of my knee with these little things placed on the ends. Moxa made from a weed/herb collected from some river banks called mugwort. This was set on fire and left to smoulder, after a while my left leg felt warm, my right took a lot longer to feel it even then not as much. Hopefully this will help with pain and swelling. As a lot of my joints and surrounding muscles are inflamed. I do hope so.

 This was taken from a web site.




Moxibustion, often referred to simply as “moxa”, is a technique which utilizes burning of the herb mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris, or Ai Ye). Moxa warms the channels and invigorates the blood in the body by boosting the Yang Qi. Moxa brings energy into the body and increases circulation. It is used in treatment of deficiency conditions, cold conditions, and Qi or Blood stasis. These conditions include such things as chronic fatigue, arthritis, cold hands and feet, Reynaud’s syndrome, and menstrual cramps.

Warming Needle Moxibustion. 

Warming needle is when the moxa is applied to the handle of an inserted acupuncture needle. The energy from the burning moxa is transmitted down the needle to the heart of the acupuncture point, and also diffused to the area surrounding the needle. This technique is used for strong tonification of the Yang energy.
End of web site information.

None of the treatment hurt and the knee one felt quite soothing. Walking home my knees did not hurt as much and my head felt clearer. Pain levels are about a four to five be for treatment six plus.
This is my last treatment until 2nd October when the new term starts.

My  knees are still good and head pain has improved. Everywhere else not good. Elbows are very tender so are shoulders and neck. I know from treatment before the pain can get worse then improve. I do hope so. Finished blue little Teddy.
Cut out big teddy bear for Tommy-Lee this is a very big Ted, the biggest I have made so far.
I am starting tonight with a different pillow a half moon one with memory foam. Hopefully this will help the pain and spasms in my shoulders and neck.


Bike back in shop for another look. Later on I found that my bike needs what they thought, a new controller and throttle. Another £130.00. Going in next week after the parts come to be fixed.

Lindsay has asked me to make her two teddies for a friend to give to two young boys as presents from their Grandad, who is terminally ill.. A blue one and a yellow one. I have decided to make two smaller ones for the adults as its a sad case.


Paul and I are doing a car boot today as we have so much stuff we no longer need. This is an afternoon one so no early start. As you know my nights are very short. Everything went quite well we made £78.00.
The stuff I thought we would sell did not, other things I thought we would be stuck with went. We even sold some blank videos!


B12 injection today. this hurt the most it ever has. A lot of spasms in legs but on the whole a lot less pain everywhere. A lot colder day very windy. Cleaning up and more Ted sewing. Finished off the ones for the Grandad.

Little and Big Teds.

This will make six now I have made, with two more to do for Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee. Many more and there will be picnics all round.


Pilates went ok quite a few spasms and a lot of shaking from my legs. Balance not good at all. I was still able to do the one leg stand a little less stable than usual but I did it... My neck I think has bean quite a bit better not as tight and stiff. The pillow, or the treatment from physio on the 10th?

Helen and Chris are here for a Chinese tea. Very good it was too. Chris's Birthday is next week but I am not here so he got his card and present early.


Woke to painful burning legs well I suppose its a change from spasms and cold legs.

I am out for the day at my friend Bev, at Beeston. An hour plus train ride. The train journey was a bit bumpy but not too much pain. The train goes to Nottingham first then onto Beeston. Not this time it had mechanical problems so on to another train. No one was too sure if this one stopped at Beeston, usually its a non stop station for this train as the one I got off goes there.  Everyone I asked had a different answer for me. I boarded the train and the guard went through the stops over the tanoye system. Beeston being one of them. I sat back more relaxed. I had rung Bev and told her about the detour and would be there very soon. She meets me at the station.
Beeston was announced and I stood up to get off. I could not open the door I tried and tried. Looking round for some one to help, nobody anywhere. The train started moving again. PANIC as the next stop was quite a long way, Loughborough. Eventually someone came and helped me.
This was the sweet/tea trolley lady. She said, often the doors stick and wont open. She said she would stop with me until the next stop. What a day this is turning out to be. I tried to ring Bev but it kept going to answer machine she would be getting worried where I was. At Loughborourgh station I thanked the lady for her help and got off. I asked about the train back and waited for it to arrive. This was the same train  I would be going back on to Lincoln later. Bev rung me she had left her phone in the car she said not to worry and would see me soon. Russ was there as well. I stood on the platform in quite a lot of pain. I took MORPHINE as I knew it had gone passed anything else. At last I was on the train very tired, soon arriving at Beeston. Russ met me off the train. Despite everything I had a good day.  Nice to see them especially Russ. The train journey home uneventful.


Early hours of morning finally finished the big Teds off with scarfs. All done and ready to go. Just Jay-Jay's and Tommy-Lee's to do. Tommy's is just about done. I told them that I was doing the Teds for Grandad first and they were happy with that.

The big ones are 22" tall the little ones 15" tall.

Bike back to the shop today hopefully this time back to proper working order.
Getting things sorted out as tomorrow I go to Halifax for a week to look after Timmy, Wayne and Wills cat. I wish I could take Summer but Timmy can be bit nervous and can at times, strike out with his claws. Paul will look after her.
My bike is all done at a cost of £130.00. Tried it out most things are right but not all. Pedeltec is a bit off (pedal assisted ride) I will sort it out after I come back from Halifax.


Off to Halifax, the journey was good not too much pain. Timmy was there to greet us and pleased to see us as well. I am also looking after the two cats next door.

Hi Timmy.

 Wills Eeyore needed sorting out, a bit of repair and re-stuffing so I did that, just need some black cotton to finish it off. I will get this when I go into Halifax town shopping.

Late night I had shooting pain in my neck when I turned round quick. The pain was off any scale.


Nice day very sunny and warm, did quite a bit of walking to Copley and Sowerby Bridge, places near by. Looked at the locks. I love watching these. When we did a weekend run with the running club along the Oxford to London Towpath. There were lots of these.
Met a man who said its GRIM up north.


 Lincoln was a lot better place. I think Halifax and Yorkshire are lovely places very pretty. As you can see from these pictures.

Tower near Wayne's - from Sowerby Bridge area.

Coming back home I was not too sure if I had the right road through a woodland so I asked a man who was looking for his dog who I found near by, something had spooked him and he had run off. Once reunited he said he lived in the same street as Wayne two doors away. Whats the chance of that. So he walked with me to Wayne's, about five minutes away. So I did not get lost this time like last year.

My neck feels a lot looser than it did after Saturday pain. I might have moved something for the better.

A cloudy day but not cold. Going to Halifax town centre to do a bit of shopping and look round. A lot of nice things to see and buy. I got the cotton so will be able to finish Eeyore off for Will. After a while I hurt everywhere, yesterdays walking up all them hills. I got the bus back home.
When I got back to the house I unlocked the door and could only push it open a little not enough to get in. Something was stuck behind it. I took off my coat and squeezed through the gap, a catalogue had wedged between the door and the foot mat well. Once removed I was able to go in properly. Good job I am not big.

All that walking yesterday a good day but very tired. I had a lay down and even managed a short sleep.

Finished off Eeyore a lot of stitching and molding into shape. I think its easier to do one from the start than redo one. He literary has bean taken apart to re stuff and alter him. All ready for Will when he gets back.

Like new again.

Pain has not bean too bad, yes, I have had pain but not extreme like some days. Burning a lot in my legs and feet. Even if the pain is reasonable, the burning is reluctant to back down much. I know the more I can walk the better it is for me. This is what a lot of people don't understand. Any other pain you would rest, RSD is different. Rest and you can get a lot worse even to the point of not walking at all. I know first hand it is not easy moving when everything is in spasms or bad pain. To move or even think of moving hurts, but so does sitting, for me anyway. RSD has to be tamed, or like a past physio said treat it like a naughty child--calm but firm.

This was taken from a website. 

I have found that if I miss just one day of exercise, my foot will begin to ache and subtle CRPS/ RSD symptoms will creep back into my foot and leg. Therefore, regardless of the weather, or how ill I happen to feel (for example the flu), I walk at least 45 minutes nearly every day.


In Halifax again today for a second look round. Quite a few nice shops but not much different to  Lincoln. Came home and did a bit of knitting. I am making a Winnie Pooh bear now, not as big as Eeyore though. Pain levels are quite good no extra pills. Timmy is happy and quite calm.
I am enjoying the rest from house work and cooking. I miss Summer though. Paul is ringing me and keeping me up to date on anything that is going on in Lincoln-- Not a lot. 

The cats next door are very sweet. Both fluffy black, Kizzy and Frankie. They make quite a fuss of me when I go in. Purring and rubbing against me. I stop with them for a while playing and stroking them.

Pulled back the blind and there was a squirrel on next doors table.

Pinching the birds nuts. Look at his beautiful long tail.

We have sun here in Halifax first time since Monday. More walking and looking round. 

 This little chap was enjoying the sun too.

Time to go.

 Lovely countryside.


 This has bean lit up at night since the year 2ooo, a school boy came up with the idea just for the Millennium. Everyone said it looked good so they kept it lit, at a cost of £2000.00 a year. That weird because 2ooo the year it started being lit up. A local man walking his dog told me this.

By day- picture taken from Wayne front door.

 Paul's birthday today- Happy Birthday to you. Lindsay and co went round for tea, a Chinese of course.
Spoke to them all on the phone. Tommy-Lee had a bit of an accident at school he some how got knocked out. So he was a little bit quieter than normal. Lindsay is going in to get the full story tomorrow. 
Paul is having another Birthday with me when I get back. 


Another sunny day. Walked to Sowerby Bridge and Copley for a second look around as shops were shut last time. (Sunday). Looked around and bought two books and a Leonardo doll for my collection. I then went and sat by the canal and had a picnic dinner. Very nice, warm as well in the Autumn sun. 

 A man mending a house boat.
 These I think were waiting there turn.

This week has bean quite good for pain. 


Next doors are back from there holiday. They said they had a good time. I thanked them for the chocolates they left me. They thanked me for looking after the cats for them. I bought them up to date with everything. They are looking after Timmy until Wayne and Will get back on Monday as tomorrow is my last day here. Leaving sometime in the afternoon. 

 He is a BIG beautiful cat.

My last full day with Timmy I shall miss him but it will be nice to see Summer again.


Last day here its bean good a nice break for me. Tidying up, washing the bedding and towels. Paul is picking me up after dinner.
I said goodbye to Tim. Wayne is back tomorrow until then next doors will feed him.

We are going into Halifax for a meal, a Chinese all you can eat.

Quite a while later- well stuffed. 

Soon it was time to leave Halifax and head home to Lincoln and Summer.


The journey back was quite good only pain towards the end. We arrived back in Lincoln about eight thirty
We picked Summer up from Cilia's and Ben's, Paul took her there as they love to have her.
She was so pleased to see me crying and kissing me all the time. She missed her Mum.


Nice to get back on the common with Summer for her walk. I missed them I know I still walked at Halifax but with a dog its much nicer.

I finished off the big Teds for Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee I think they look quite good, also a little baby rabbit.
28" tall
Rabbit 7" tall.

A tip I learnt from Ben my next door neighbour. Licorice helps with constipation very well. Just five or so pieces a day helps, well it does me. Most People who are on strong tablets like morphine or other opiates get very constipated. Give it a try. Works with me and no nasty laxatives all the time.
 Well another very mixed blog. I hope you all enjoyed it. 

Till next time love Gill

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