May- Garden, Timmy, Sealife, and scrapes.

May 1st

I am at Age UK again helping out. I was not needed on the drinks as it was well manned. So I started collecting the pots from the tables and taking the occasional meal. I don't want to do waitressing because of my hands letting me down and dropping things. This was okay as only little bits, when dinner started I was on drinks. I also helped washing up. An enjoyable day there, I am getting to know a lot of the other volunteers.
More pain than I would like but I have had worse.


The last few nights have bean terrible sleeping. I am starting MELATONIN again to see if that makes any difference. I feel quite tired and a bit pale looking.

Only Tommy-Lee and Jamie-Lee here with Lindsay, Jay-Jay has a bad headache and is stopping with Tracy. I think Tommy-Lee missed him. A very quite day.


I am at Lindsay's today looking after the children while Lindsay is out. Jay-Jay is still ill, he was in bed most of the time. A very nice warm day, Tommy-Lee was playing out the front in view of the window. Jamie-Lee could see him. After a while we went out the front and Jamie-Lee played on her bike. I kept going in to check on Jay-Jay or someone did. I came back for Suey dog as she was getting very winney and started barking. Jay Jay was very sick so Jamie-Lee and I had to come in. She got very upset about Jay-Jay. and weeded her pants. After cleaning up them both, Jamie-Lee got her Doctors set out to make Jay-Jay better. Always unpredictable with children around. Lindsay came back and everything was back to normal, or as normal as it can be with three children.


Not a good night awake a lot, Paul snoring as well. A windy sunny day, time to do the bedding.
I am in the garden tidying up and sewing seeds. I know I am behind with all this but never mind things will be just a bit later. I was pleased with what I got done, But I scraped my arm on the greenhouse edge. Very sore and all most bleeding.

I had to take IBRUES as the pain got too much as usual my foot had to join in. This settled a bit with the tablets. 


Bit better night, Maybe the MELATONIN is beginning to work now.

I have ACUE today. 34 needles in all, 3 in each ankle, 5 in each leg, 2 in right foot, 4 in head, 1 in each elbow, 2 in each wrist, 3 in each shoulder.  Beth is treating me today. Not as painful as last week, a lot still hurt and a few weird reactions some quite violent as well. Needles were put in to help my scraped arm as its very hot and sore. I walked home no problems.   


Not a good night, a lot of pain in my scraped arm. I think I need to see some one about it. I hardly slept. A visit to the Doctors later. The Doctor I saw said my arm was infected and needed dressing by the nurse. Also a TETANUS injection.  Antibiotics given- CLARITHROMYCIN. The Nurse wants to see me again on Monday to check how the infection is going. She said now you will have two sore arms. The TETANUS injection can be painful but should settle down in a few days.


I am still going to Age UK. An important day for a lot of them-- 70th VE day celebration party. A three course dinner plus wine if wanted. Singing and dancing as well. Some were not born, when the war finished but a lot were. I still did good, and the older and younger ones had a good time. I was very tired when I got back, pleased I was able to bring a bit of sunshine in to there lives. A few thanked me.

A terrible night a lot of burning pain and discomfort from my arm. I am looking after the children while Lindsay put up some bedroom furniture for hers and Jamie-Lee's bedroom. They have promised to be very good for me. They know I don't feel too well. Thoughtout the day I took quite a few IBRUES and DIHYDROCODEINE tablets

We had a indoor picnic as well, usually its home made chips but they did not want them today. A good day, and they were very good. After everyone had gone home I had a lay down. So tired so much pain.


Still very bad nights, the RSD is upset with my arm I think or that's the way it works with me. As if I did not have enough pain it just adds to it, an awful lot of pain--just about everywhere possible. I am back at the nurses today, my arm is still infected. She changed the dressing and told me to come back on the 14th for redressing.
Anyway, never mind its a warm sunny day again.That makes everyone feel better.


No better night,  My legs and body were jumping and twitching a lot of the night. Almost like a small seizure. I am doing a diary for the hospital of my seizures, I put this down as a query one. Pain in my arms and legs. I am past tired now. A few people say go to bed then. If only it was that simple to sleep. I think the more sleep I get the less my body seems to want to sleep.

ACUE today Katie this time, She stuck mostly to the same treatment as Beth did last week. A few more needles 34 last time 36 this time. They hurt but not as much as last weeks. A few weird reactions but again not as violent as last weeks.

The students are studying for there final exams so a very busy time for them. Hopefully they will all pass and become physios.  I have not an appointment till July.   


A better, dare I say it night. Not as much pain as the last few days. My arm is not as sore either. So maybe the RSD will back off as well.

Pilates went good today. Jo took us outside for a while this was good. I think everyone enjoyed it, We got a few pips and shouts from some of the locals. I enjoyed this session a lot.
Helping Paul in the garden a bit in the afternoon. Also finishing off Emi's hat to go with her jacket. This is for her third birthday which is in a few weeks time. I am quite pleased with it and hope she will be too, I have got her a little bag and some jelly babies.

A lot better day for me. Hopefully now the pain will go and bother some one else.


I am seeing the nurse today again to have a look at my arm. I think its a lot better and it feels a bit itchy, a good sign I think.
Yes my arm has improved a lot and the nurse is pleased with me. I do not need to go again. Still looks a little red but good. I am to moisturize it now, and come back if it changes or I feel it gets worse.

As you can see much improved.

Popped in next door to see Ben he is doing good. Keeping himself busy painting pictures, model making and his biggest love, his photography. I was pleased to see him looking so well.


Age UK again, this time on drinks. We were very busy but not like last week, but busy all the same.
Bit of gardening when I got home, we are at Wayne' s on Sunday so a few things to sort out before we go. Next doors are looking after the greenhouse and Summer will be going to Lindsay's.

I had a seizure about 12.30pm to1.00 pm, I was sat watching television when I started shaking, the next thing I knew I was lopsided in my chair. I don't think it lasted long, maybe a few minutes. I felt very tired with a bad head. Took a few IBRUES then went to bed.


A better night, fuzzy head, but I think that's the seizure. Lindsay and family were here. A good day all round. Lindsay took Summer back with her, she cried and barked a bit. A bit sad to see her leave. I kept looking for her as well. Lindsay rang later and said she was fine and washing Suey's ears. 


I missed Summer this morning and did not have a walk. Next doors are looking after the greenhouse. Setting off for Wayne's picking Emma (his friend) up on the way. He is going to New York then to Walt Disney World later.
 A good journey for us with one stop. We all went out for dinner, a treat from Wayne for looking after Timmy his cat. Very good it was too the dinner- not the cat.
Timmy's looking in his box. Dave, Wayne's neighbour took this picture with the caption" Saying  who needs a Disney holiday when you have a holiday box."


We are hoping to start the gardening today, the weather forecast is not the best but they are often wrong anyway. Wayne is on his way to New York with Emma-Jane. Have a good time both of you.

These pictures were what we saw before we- the  GROUND FORCE TEAM got started.

The gardening went alright when we were able to get out there, a lot of showers but at least we made a start. the garden is not as bad as last time though. Not really many brambles or ivy. This I am pleased about, not too much about the weather. I do like gardening a lot, the trouble is I enjoy it too much and don't know when to stop even when it pours down.

Timmy Cat is well and accepting us, he is not a cuddly cat but does have his moments.. 

Wayne and Emma have arrived in New York after a long flight.


Rained a lot in the night so everywhere is very wet. More gardening more rain. We got quite a lot more done quite slippery in places so I had to be careful. I  started putting the plants in I had brought from home.

Can you see how mucky the table is covered in green algae and mold?

Looking the part.

Phone call to Lindsay --She says Summer is fine and Suey has the cleanest ears ever. Summer keeps washing them. She loves Suey so much.  I ache a lot but this will pass I hope. We had chip shop chips for tea very nice they were too.


I had a fair nights sleep, well my night anyway. We finished off the garden today. 34 bags in all some very full- all taken to the tip. I cleaned Wayne's table and chairs as they were green with tree stain and muck. A lot of bleach and Jiff, came up well, almost like new but the bleach made my hands very sore and the fingers on my right hand were bleeding. Next time I wear gloves.

 Table and chairs like new.
We did it.
  Looking down from the bedroom window.

Late afternoon I had a walk to Sowerby Bridge about a mile and half away. Wayne lived here when he first moved up north. I got some solar lights for his garden. They will look nice I think. I did have a lot in my garden but the boys have broken them all with the football. No football games now.


 The plants I acquired
The little lights I got- plus the table set so clean it gleams.

I enjoyed my walk I managed to find a few plants as well, bits that come through peoples walls and fences. Also a few self sets. I have put them in, hopefully they will take. There is quite an area to fill. The lady next door will keep Wayne in mind if she thins her garden out. I said, she will have to tell him which way up they go as Wayne is no gardener! Sorry Wayne, but it true though- if you was any good we would not be doing it for you. Very tired quite a bit of pain , but able to cope with it.


Today no work- all done. 4 plasters on my sore fingers. We are going to Manchester, the Trafford Centre a very large shopping mall. Its huge over 260 shops. We are heading to the Sea Life Centre, very good reviews. This was good not the biggest we have bean to, but very well set up.


 I hope you enjoyed the Sea Life Centre.

After we looked round the gift shop, we had dinner- Subway- I had pulled pork and BBQ sauce, Paul had Italian BMT I don't have this very often it was good and filled a hole. There was just about every type of food available there. We looked round a bit more, a rich and lavish place which reflected in the prices and top fashion shops there.


This was very exciting the actual piano, Elton John played on. Wish he was there today.. Dream on!!! 
 Shame this was not running as this is my favourite ride.
 I nearly got my head stuck in here as its made for children not me.

Very ornate with a lot of statues and water fountains. A nice day after the hard work. Thank you Paul.

For tea we went to Wetherspoons pub it was curry night. I had lamb and Paul had chicken. Very good it was too.
Later I felt very tired and in quite a bit of pain. This was reduced with the help of extra GABBERPENTINE and IBRUES.


Well its time to head off back to Lincoln, We got stuck in a traffic jam caused by an accident with two cars and a motor bike. No one was hurt as they were all stood by the side of the road. That's good anyway.  The journey carried on and we received a phone call, from Lindsay. She was in a lot of pain and in tears. Her shoulder and part of her back had gone into a spasm and would not release. I know this hurts. She was heading up to the hospital to be looked at. They could not do much to help but gave her strong pain killers and muscle relaxants. I gave her some OROMORPTH. She can hardly move.

We picked up Summer, she had a good time with Suey. Lindsay said every night Summer had washed Suey's ears and they were very clean now.


Early morning about one thirty, still up, sitting in the front room chair, I got a very sharp pain in my right elbow. I started to shake, knowing what was coming next. I slid off the chair. The next thing I remember is coming round next to the sofa with a sore face, leg and arm. Carpet burns or sofa burns where I had rubbed while having the seizure. Not too sure how long this lasted. Very sore, the usual heavy head as well and a bit away with the fairies. I went to bed but took ages to settle. Paul was asleep and snoring loudly. I did not wake him up to tell him.

Later when I got up he saw my face and I told him what had happened.

 Right side of my knee.
  More damage though these horrible seizures.

When I took Summer for her walk the wind hurt my face and felt very sore.

Lindsay and family came later after Paul picked them all up. Lindsay is not much difference still in a lot of pain. The children were good though. Jamie-Lee likes to blow kisses. Lindsay blew her one and she said she had just got one. Lindsay said put in your pocket, so she popped in her jeans pocket for later. Just before they went home she banged her head on a chair trying to climb on the table. Lindsay said use your kiss to make it better. NO I can't I gave it to Tommy-Lee when he hurt his back to make HIM better. (Tommy-Lee fell down the stairs earlier) I thought super cute.


Early phone call- 7am ish My friend Bev (from Nottingham) was coming to Lincoln and wanted to know if she could come here for about 9am. Of course she could, always nice to have surprise visits from friends. Russ was coming too, but later in the day after an appointment in town.
Bev and I took Summer for her walk. Bev thought the common looked very nice in full spring bloom.
I will put these on next months blog

Russ arrived and we all chatted. I have not seen Russ for a long time, just after I came out of hospital last year I think. What a good day.

Lindsay has seen her own Doctor and its like we all thought, bad  muscle spasm. she has bean given TRAMADOL and DIAZEPAN. She is to go back if no better in a few days. Poor Lindsay.

Sheffield hospital phoned up to ask about any activity with the seizures. I had two to report.


IBS playing up today I had a curry last night it could be that? Fair nights sleep but took a while to get there. Paul not snoring as much.

Pilates was good, Jo is doing a lot more moves stood up now instead of in the chair. The people who cannot stand for long still sit or a mixture of both.
A few people asked about my face a lady said I was in good hands if I have any seizures here, as she used to look after patients with them. I was quite reassured by that and thanked her in advance.

Lindsay is feeling a little better but still in a lot of pain, something I and a lot of you can relate too.

I feel quite tired and cold the weather has changed again from Summer to Winter. Somehow my body can not adapt very well.


Setting off for Wayne's  dropping Summer off on the way. Rain and very windy Summer had a shorter walk before we set off as it was raining hard. Tracy is off all weekend so it should be alright Summer being there.

The journey was straight through, two small accidents on the way. Even the rain stopped but still very windy.
Timmy was pleased to see use and even let me brush him. Janet and Dave left use a message saying he was ok but needed a bit of fuss. They have bean looking after him the last week and will carry on when we go on Sunday. Paul gave him a little bit of fish from his dinner, so maybe that's why he was in a good mood.

 Timmy Cat.


Doing a few jobs for Wayne. Playing with Timmy when he is around. He is an indoor cat and a bit timid at times, he hides under the bed or in the cellar. This time we have seen a lot more of him.

Night time we went to the Chinese Buffet this is Paul's favourite place. We both had a good fill. I had four puddings, but they are very small.

Two plus...
Two = Four.

Even Jamie- Lee would have easily manged them. I brought Timmy a little bit of chicken. He said it was very good.
I ache a lot and finding it hard to get comfortable, pain my joints again.

  Having a rest.


Not the best of nights stomach not good, maybe over did the puds. Sweating as well I thought that had gone, but oh no, still around.

We are going home today, Janet and Dave will take over Timmy's care till Saturday when Wayne will be home. Dave and Janet are sorting out some plants for Wayne and even putting them in the garden for him. I think this is a very kind gesture.

 Bye Tim see you again.

The journey home was good apart from quite a bit of pain. Arrived home about 8-30pm. I think my body realises what work it has done and has decided to play up. Also the carpet burns seem worse today. Probably tired.
We are picking Summer up tomorrow I have missed her a lot.

Quite a full month this time. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

With RSD you are the host, but also the puppet as well.
 I hope things are not too bad with you all. Love Gill. 


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