February 1st

I have a Nurse's appointment for a smear test this is the last one I have as over 65s don't get one. I know I am only 60 but they are every 5 years. So the next one I will be over 65.

On to Age UK for the Grand Opening of the refurbished and newly named cafe. When I arrived there were lots of people. More than I had ever seen in the cafe. The new name is "The Park Street Eateries."
I am not keen on the name and a few I know feel the same. I put in two suggestions "The Welcome Cafe", and "Park it", as I mentioned last month. Oh well the name is nothing so long as the food stops the same and the volunteers keep coming.

I feel very bloated and swollen, a lot of discomfort today. (I wish some one could rename this RSD and my other things and take them away.)


I still feel off it--More tired than normal and a lot less sleep. I think I am retaining water. I slipped on the common while out walking Summer and hurt my left knee and pulled my groin. Very wet and slidey on there.

My friend John is here this afternoon. He is well and had a piece of my Christmas cake with his cup of tea. He always enjoys my cakes. His Birthday is very soon so he will get a cake from me.


Pilate's went well I hurt a lot today especially my groin and my knee is throbbing. Apart from that not too bad.

My friend Angela is coming for tea today.  Back from Pilate's I feel a little bit sick, that feeling when you are not sure if you are hungry or feel full. I decided to do a few jobs anyway. Cup of tea first though. I prepared tea and scrubbed the kitchen floor which was well over due. I sat for a while till Angela came. She said I didn't look very good. Ashen was the word she used.

Lindsay phoned up and asked if I would have the boys for an hour or so. I said I would even though 
I felt a bit rough. The boys are no trouble anyway unless they start fighting that is.
They got here straight from school and said I looked a bit strange, that is more strange than normal.

They both settled down to doing things on the computer and laptop. No trouble at all.

I went up stairs and felt very strange nearly passing out. I managed to get down and went straight in the bathroom where I wrenched my guts up. I could not wee either not a good sign as it means that things are not right with me. Paul got me into the dining room where I started to have seizures. Lots of them.

I arrived home about 4-00pm. Gill was in the bathroom and said she was not feeling very well and too be honest she didn't look very well. She start to heave like she was going to be sick. She was sat in front of the loo throwing up but it was only thick flem but she heaving for about 20 minutes, I helped her onto the loo as she said she needed a wee but only did a few trickles and was nearly passing out. I helped her back into her chair in the dining room and found that her friend Angela had decided to go home as Gill was unwell. Gill was still not with it and unfortunately had her first seizure just around 5-00pm with 3 following in quick succession. The look in her face was weird, totally vacant as if no one was at home if you know what I mean and was totally unresponsive. I decided that I had to dial 999 for an ambulance. Gill and I have spoken about this in the past and we agreed that I only call for help if it is really really necessary and in this case I thought I'd chosen the correct option. The ambulance arrived about 5-15pm, the ambulance station is basically just round the corner. The ambulance crew arrived, and my daughter Lindsay arrived while they were here, they took all her observations and tested her blood sugar levels. She had another 6 or 7 seizures and after a bit of umming and arring it was decided that they take her to Hospital with Lindsay accompanying her. I arrived at the Hospital at just gone 7-00pm. Shortly afterwards Lindsay decided to go home. Gill had her 2nd ECG at 7-30pm. Another Doctor examined her at 7-40pm and later took blood samples. They gave her 5mg of Diazepam to help relax her. Gill was all over the bed, like a thing possessed and didn't know who I was, she had a look of sheer fright and horror in her eyes. This as you can imagine is very upsetting and a tear or two were shed. She kept looking for the "monsters" and any movement really scared her and she was still unresponsive. She finally settled down and went into like a coma sleep. At about 9-15pm there was a tremendously load bang on the ward which made her jump slightly, I was still trying to get back into my skin and she settled straight away. at 9-20pm she turned weirdly into the bed guard and wedged herself. The nurses struggled to wake her enough to get her back into the centre of the bed and she again settled straight away. At 9-30pm she was snoring like a pig and was still fast asleep at 10-30pm, Still sleeping at 11-05 when a nurse came in and said she could go home. I told her she shouldn't be going home and that you would have a job and a half to wake her up. The nurse tried everything in the book to wake her including pressing her thumbs into the pressure points and finger nails into the ear lobes and like I had told her nothing would wake her up. At 11-50pm the nurse came back into the bay and she said Gill was being transferred to EAU Entrance (A) until she woke up. I said something to the effect of don't hold your breathe. I left her in the hands of a very nice nurse at about 1-45am. They finally let her home on the Saturday evening. I hope that nurse had tremendous lung capacity,


I do not remember much of yesterday afternoon at all. Only going by what I was told. Lindsay went with me in the Ambulance. I know that now. A & E is a blur though. The temperature in there was 25.2degC (Lindsay told me later it was too hot she had to go outside.) Very hot and a bad headache now. 

I was supposed to be at Sheffield for an appointment today as well. Moved to a short stay ward.
At least the seizure's have stopped. Feeling a bit rough after 30 plus of them.
Taken for a chest X-ray in a wheelchair very shaky. Coming back I started the seizures again falling from the chair. I think I must have flashed as I had nothing on underneath. I was told I had quite a few seizures. I came round with an airway in my mouth, with a lot of faces looking at me. I was lifted on to a trolley and taken back to the ward. I continued to have more seizures. Paul and Lindsay soon arrived to visit. I still cannot wee either. I are going to have a bladder scan soon. I hope it not going to be a Catheter again. The ward is so busy and noisy and so HOT 25c.


Could be going home today the Doctor said see how I go on throughout the day. I am very unsteady on my feet and still the wee problem I have bean but its very hard to do anything much.

I have made friends with the girl in the next bed. She has a bad chest infection but is improving now.
She has bean on my blog as well and is very interested in it.  Get in Touch please if you read this by leaving a comment.  (We did not exchange numbers as I was unexpectedly  moved in the early hours of the morning to the other ward. She moved further down this ward earlier for the new lady.)

Paul has brought in my I pod so I did at least have music to listen to. I must have asked at least 3 different Nurses to set up the radio and let me have head phones. They are so busy and under staffed its stupid.

Angela, Vera, and John came to see me with 2 primulas and a card from everyone at Age UK

  The plants they brought me.

I thought that was really nice. Paul dropped Vera and John off as they live not far from use. Angela stayed a bit longer.   
The new lady next to me now, (They moved my friend to get this new lady nearer the nurses station not good for me good job I don't need much sleep). She needs 1 to 1 and is quite violent hitting, kicking and biting the nurses.

I settled to sleep about 4am. I was woken at 5-00am to move wards.


Awoken up about 7am so a very short night. Hopefully going home today.
This ward is so quite after the last one only 4 beds not 8 like the last ward. Three lovely ladies as well.

Walked unaided to the toilet a few feet away. I feel better but far away feeling. YES home-- I am going home today later after tea if things stay the same and no more problems occur so pleased that its a short stay this time.
Paul came about 7am and I said goodbye to everyone, me in a wheelchair and off. Even though I only knew those ladies a day I got on so well with them. Quick Paul RUN  they might change their minds and keep me here. Called into MEAU short stay ward but I think my friend had gone I say think, as no one seemed to know her. A lot of Bank staff on.

Summer went mad so pleased to see her Mum she sat with me the rest of the night. So good to be home. A few bruises on my shoulder, hip, back ribs, and a grazed elbow. Still I think I got off lightly.


Lindsay here to keep an eye on me. I feel alright a bit week and unsteady but not too bad. Weeing is about right now. Lindsay and I took Summer for her walk she loved it running and sliding on the common mostly on the mucky bits.

Yes a good day a bit different to the last time I was in Hospital in 2014 where I remained for 6 weeks less 1 day. I took ages to recover then.


Angela came round with some Lilly's for me very pretty.

She stayed a while. We took Summer on the common both enjoyed it as much as Summer I think.

Night time Jo from Pilate's (Tutor) came round to see me and brought me some roses and a home made card.

 Roses from Jo.
Card on the left is from Jo the one on the right is from everyone at Age UK.

She knew me before the seizures and with them, so has seen how they have affected me.
A lot more bruising to right shoulder and it hurts so much. Feels very tender under the right back ribs as well. I think this must have bean where I fell from the wheelchair (X Ray) and hit the floor I think.

Now its a waiting game to see if these dam seizures have gone or will strike up again. I don't feel too bad otherwise. Not had a seizure since May. I thought they were over, But NO they were just waiting in the wings ready to attack when I least expect it.


A cold but sunny day on the common. My brother and sister in Law came to see me at night and brought me some primulas.  Such lovely colours. It's my Birthday very soon.

These are really lovely.


                            I went in the greenhouse today and had two very unusual flowers!!!!!
 Tabby pleased to see me.
 Mr Ginge chilled as ever.
Tabby again.
They were both asleep till they saw me.

My friend Lyn came to see me and brought me a present and card. I could get used to this. Trouble is I got most of what I wanted for Christmas so no presents ideas for anyone this year. Nice to get surprises.


On my own with Summer today on the common. Nice to be free, I know I have not bean shut up for long but I am an outdoor person. I feel so much better out than in when I can.

Angela came round and also brought me a present and card. Nice to have this attention.

Night time and out for a meal with Paul's family. I am in a lot of pain with my shoulder and neck. Nerve pain shooting down my arm and neck very swollen. Hurts just with a gentle touch.

I still have not got my full appetite back yet, so only managed half of my food panini and fry's. A mixed night.

When we got back Wayne had come for a surprise visit. A very good surprise too. A good end to a bad day.


My Birthday and Paul's dads too. Took Summer on the common and Wayne came too. Cold day but sunny I enjoyed it and think Wayne did too. I know Summer did she was going crazy running around. I think she was showing off to Wayne.

Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came a bit later Jamie-Lee got me these flowers.

 She was so proud she chose them herself, they are from her brothers as well.

The boys and Jamie-Lee are here later for tea with Lindsay and Ben (her boyfriend)

My friend Jo came round with these flowers and a card. Thank you Jo.

Lots of presents and cards. Pictures later of rest.
 Flowers from Paul.

My shoulder has got more bruising than yesterday considering it happened nine days ago. A lot of extra tablets taken this week.

 Swollen and very painful.

Chinese for tea with everyone, lots of food and enough for tomorrow as well everyone ate till they were stuffed. Tommy-Lee was here but not Jay-Jay which was a shame. He was at his Dads. He did want to come too. A good meal enjoyed by everyone here.

I made my friend John a cake yesterday so finished off icing and decorating it tonight. Quite pleased with it too. The cake was so light it was almost falling apart. Hope he likes it. He is very keen on Butterfly's.

Rang up the people that got me cards or present before the day-- and thanked them all or left messages.  Of course thanked every one on the day for making my Birthday a bit special than a normal day. Thank you one and all.


Looking after Jamie-Lee today or should I say Wayne is. She has become Wayne's best friend and is following him around like a little pup. Wayne does not see her too much and last Christmas she was a bit shy, not this time. We managed to keep her entertained all day and she was very good.  Wayne bought Paul and himself Pizzas for dinner Jamie-Lee too had some. I don't have then because they upset my stomach.
Paul got me a cake as well but forgot about it till today he had left it in the car. Very tasty too.

The forgotten cake.

Paul took Wayne to the Newark Station to get his train back to Halifax and Timmy cat of course.

A good day, Tracy came to pick her up and after a cup of coffee headed home. Jamie-Lee was quite tired by now, nearly falling asleep in the chair. I must admit she was not the only one tired. Sleep is still not good with me.  

A good weekend with a load of special bits for me. Nice to have Wayne here to talk to.

Presents, flowers and cards I received yesterday.

 Charm from Lindsay and family and the other charm from Tracy.
 All my presents and cards.
Cards I received
Plus the one I got later from Jay-Jay.


Today Paul and I are having a few days at the seaside, Scarborough to be exact. A Birthday treat for me well both of use really.

Quite a few things to do before we go. Make sure Ben next door is alright; he is. I told him we were away for a few days. Took John's cake to him. (He was not there so left it with a friend who wanted a piece of it..) Picked up tablets and last thing but not the least take Summer to Lindsay for her Holiday.
Everything sorted and on the road ready to go. A cold day but sunny so far.

Got going and rain started to fall, then snow. The wind was howling and where we are going the seaside may be not the best time. Never mind it can only get better.

Not too bad a journey stopped once. Shoulder is still very sore but so long as it does not get touched or someone bashes into me- I think I can cope. The worst is over now. Funny I was thinking when I had the seizures coming back from X-ray, no one checked me out or asked me how I was.

Arrived at the Guest house the couple seem very nice and carried the bags to our room. Quite a large room too with shower, not a bath as I would have liked but it will be OK.

We went for a look round, neither of us have bean here before, close by but not Scarborough itself.


Very cold icy wind and so strong. Had some tea- fish (very large portion's) and chips for Paul, Yorkshire fish cake and chips for me.
 Very nice it was too. we waddled back to our room.
The fish and chip shop where we had tea we can recommend it.


Woke after a fair night to a very sharp frost and very strong wind but sunny day. After breakfast which was excellent, we set off exploring. We have decided to walk to the other beach- the South side we are staying on the North side. This part is more residential, the other more commercial and holiday things. A lot more noise too I would say, nice and quite here, but we are still close enough to walk with no trouble ten to fifteen by road properly thirty by the beach road..
We have decided to go by the beach road. May be not the best as so cold but never mind we are well dressed for it. The wind is so strong that it nearly blew me off my feet at times. Paul did not have this trouble and his feet remained on the floor.

 I was very cold I think this shows.
This it the bit we walked along to the south side from the north side,

When we got there we stopped for a cup of tea and a warm up, everyone was saying how cold and rough it was. After we had finished our tea and was well warmed up we set off again.

A walk on the beach, Donkeys here too. Looked around a bit, not as cold here more sheltered. Spent a few coins in the Arcade.

  A seagull made friends with us or was it the bits of cake we gave him?

We went up in a Tram lift.

Then we headed back again this time by the road like I said not as far. Back to our room for a rest.

Out at the Pub across the road called "The Albert" and having a meal. Very nice here, people playing pool and just having a nice time. Our food arrived  Lasagne for me and Chicken curry for Paul. Tasty too all home made. A bit of a walk then back to the Guest House as much colder now.


Home today a very wet and foggy day still very cold. A last look round and we said our goodbyes, then headed off home. Fair ride for me shoulder not as painful now. Stopped off about half way for some dinner, well a bowl of soup for me still full from Breakfast not used to so much in the morning.

 Going across Humber Bride the rain/sleet was really bad. Paul could hardly see.

Home now to get Summer. I have missed her but I know she likes it at Lindsay, and Suey there too and they get on so well. She was so pleased to see me well both of us. Lindsay said she had bean good and settled. Home now, pleased, getting tired and pain is building up..

After these seizures I am never sure if that's the end or more to come. Its like a waiting game.
Nice bath later and a warm bed.


Usual sleep. Took Summer on the common cold again and windy. Summer loved it, she does not get an every day walk with Lindsay but the Children run around and play with her. Washing and ironing and putting in the plants I got for my Birthday.  I got very cold and it brought on a RAYNARD attack in my hands very painful, always makes me feel sick and shaky. I had a few pansies to move but they can wait for a warmer day. Nice to be home with my little Pup.


Age UK today I have missed them. Will be good to be back there. We have a laugh as well as working. A busy day I coped quite well. Nills' son was helping me, a very nice lad we got on well. I get on with most people though. He is a credit to his parents.

Out at night time with Tracy's parents plus Lindsay and Tracy of course, for a carvery. They live London way so had over a three hour journey to get home later. They have bean here a few days visiting. A nice meal and funny company.  They are a very jokey couple when they get going, encouraged by everyone here a lot of laughs


Not much voice to day very croaky throat not sore but very dry and raspy. I am sorting out my knitting wool and sewing boxes.

Very cold on the common but sunny as well. A man said the weather was going to be cold and frosty for the next two weeks. Nice to see the sun out again.

Lindsay not here today so I am going to tackle my wardrobe and shelves. I have bean saying this for a while now. Today is the day. Got rid of quite a few older things and stuff I have not worn for ages. Trouble is when you get rid- you need it again. I did this with a pin stripe trousers suit that was a bit tight in the bum mind you they were small size 8. I spent the nearly six weeks in Hospital, (2014) lost a lot of weight (I think it was over a stone and a half) and everything was too big. They would have fitted me, but they had gone. I have put the weight back on now but it took a while. I weigh about eight stone eight to eight stone ten. Now a size ten in most things. I do feel better as well.
I got most of the wardrobe done, just a few bits to finish off tomorrow.


Still weird voice. I have got Jay-Jay and Jamie-Lee here while Tommy-Lee is playing football. A Welton team today, the same village where I went to Secondary School.
Jamie-Lee looks a bit pale and says she has a headache. I went and got her some PARACETAMOL
liquid. She perked up after a while still looked a bit pale though.
Took Jay-Jay to get his hair cut with Jamie-Lee and met Lindsay there who took Jamie leaving Tommy to have his cut also. His team did not win, they lost the match 2-1, Lindsay said it was a good one though. That was apart from the goalie breaking his arm. Hope you heal soon mate.

The boys got their hair done so we started to walk back home. I told Lindsay I would bring them home. They got some fry's on the way. We also called at the charity shop as Jay-Jay had seen a stake board on the way down. I said if it was still there on the way back he could have it, it was £3.00. Tommy-Lee looked round for something for him. He chose a table top football set which the lady let us have a £1.00 cheaper plus a Barbie doll for Jamie all for £10-00 BARGAIN. The football set was new but, as we found out later was all in bits so had to be put together. Eight screws per corner not easy, as I found out. I left them putting the rest together as I had to go home as it was dark and getting colder. Tracy gave me a lift.

A nice day but as usual when I have the children it can be expensive. Lindsay did offer to give me back what I had spent but I said No I'll treat them.


Fair night but short as usual. Washing, ironing and finishing off my wardrobe. Also gave Summer a bath, snowy white again but not for long. The common is a right mess at the moment. I could take her somewhere cleaner, but she loves it so much on there and so do I. Just a few more baths that's all.

I don't feel too bad today, the bruise on my shoulder has almost gone now, still hurts but its getting there as they say, where that is I'm not sure? Left hip a bit sore today and sore knees.

Packing up a box to send to Andrew in Amsterdam, presents and things that were left here to send on and others that have bean bought for him. Made some mince pies for him plus a chunk of Christmas cake also Mexican cheese which he loves. Hopefully he will receive this over the next few days.


Bed 3.30am took a while to settle, pain in the centre of my chest. Awoke 6am and again 7am this time to a violent headache. When I bend down the pain is worse, also across my cheeks. I think I might have a bit of a sinus infection going on. I am also coughing up chunks of yellow stuff. Things can only get better. The heat while I was in hospital was so bad no telling what bugs I could have caught.
I took it a bit easier and by late afternoon my pain had all most gone. That is the added pain not the RSD type. Nice if that would go and not come back. As I know there are a lot of RSD sufferers a lot worse than me.


Bit better night but still awake after only two and half hours. No headache but still coughing up stuff. I will see how this goes before I bother the Doctor.

Pilates, back again after two weeks away. The moves are good for me and I think help. Most there   would agree. Jo usually has a full class with more waiting to join. A better day all round.


Early start again awake at 6am laid there for a while to see if I could go back to sleep. no such luck.
I got up at just gone 7am. not sure why I am waking up  earlier as most nights going to bed later.
Anyway never mind its another nice but cold day again frost and an icy wind on the common.

Angela is here later and is coming back from Wales where she has bean for a family funeral. As she has bean away a few days, her cat Saba went too but she was not impressed with Wales.

Andrew has received his parcel, in Amsterdam. Only took two days- on the 23rd it was still in our house.


Age UK---To start with it was very slow, then it was like a bus trip had arrived. Very busy from then on. Sheila is not here today or next week. Another lady called Caroline who I worked with before was on the till. In fact she was the first person I worked with when I first started at Age UK. We work well together. Angela is back from Wales too. She is doing alright. A good day busy wise. Pain wise terrible, I ache all over. Taken IBRUES and  DIHYDROCODEINE as many as I dare. This helped a little but not enough. I have not taken any OROMORPTH as this can make head aches worse. Weird as I can go quite a few days with normal pain, then it hits me like a brick.


Lindsay and everyone here today. The boys are going to their Dads later. They were mostly on the computer. So I did not see too much of them. They are both well at the moment. Jamie stayed with me and Lindsay. We played with the Big Red play bus and Pop up Pirate. Summer played too.


Jamie-Lee here with me again as Tommy-Lee has a football match. I have bean knitting a lot of Barbie clothes for her dolls. I gave her them to play with, or should I say both of us to play. She told me I was very clever to make them and liked them. Summer had things put on her paws and head too. We had a good day playing.

 Jamie-Lee and Summer plus the Barbie dolls.

Lindsay came back Tommy-Lee's team got beat but Lindsay said they played a good game. After dinner they all headed off home. A bit of peace for me.

Changed the bedding and washed them all and ironed them later. Bedrooms cleaned tomorrow hopefully.

I never know how my RSD will treat me. I was having a good session, when the seizures started up again. Do I not suffer enough ??? I have to get more added. I know this time it was a short block lasting only two days. This is enough to make me feel bad and the time it takes to get over it as well. Does RSD know when to stop? Obviously not. Oh well I got through it again. Hopefully I would like to run again very soon. At times I do wonder if this will ever happen. Whats the saying-- Never say die.

My beautiful Amaryllis- that Lindsay bought me.

All the best to every one out there Love Gill.

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