March 1st

Woke to a bad headache, Took IBRUES that did not help at all. I will see how it goes and maybe take something stronger later.

A knock at the door and Bev was stood there- she was in Lincoln for a few hours so called in. What a nice surprise. She bought me some daffodils.


 A nice talk with her, catching up on everything from her family. Pity it could not have bean longer but she had to go too and so did I.

I am at Lindsay today looking after all three children, not what you really want with a bad head. Lindsay is at the hospital with Tracy for a few hours as she is having a little procedure done in the day clinic, a camera inside. The children are all off School because they have had stomach bugs. I hope its all gone now, that is something I don't need.

The children were all quiet and good. Sometimes Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee fight. After all they are brothers. I remember Wayne and Lindsay fighting, and falling out a lot too. Now they are so much closer. I think its something brothers and sisters do. I know I did with my three brothers.

The day was a long one with Lindsay not getting home till about 7-30 pm.  (Arrived there about 12-30.) Tracy is alright and nothing found that should not be there.

A long day but I enjoy spending time with the children. Yes still the headache, despite more tablets. I don't think it will go now till I have bean to bed and slept.


Pilate's today and headache has about gone now just a fuzzy head. Any way Pilate's went well, pain in many places though shoulder and left hip the worst.

Angela picked me up in the afternoon and we had an enjoyable few hours together.  Playing with her cat as well. She is the sort of cat that you cannot ignore. Hopefully going to the pictures again very soon.


I  have managed to get an appointment for ACUPUNCTURE again. Not sure if this will be the last one here. The last few I have had, are too far apart to do much good. Six weeks apart being the average. This was done to enable more new patients to be seen, as this is a student training clinic. Not many more did come though the doors though.

The session was with Amie and Conrad listening in.
Today I had four needles in each leg. Some were a bit sharp but most OK. They were removed then four more in my neck and back. After they were taken out, a massage on my back and shoulders. Painful but relaxing at the same time. Amie said my back was like a brick wall very tight and solid. She did her best and it did feel a little better but very sore and red. I asked about future appointments and Amie said she would ask her Tutor. When she came back the news was good I had an appointment in two weeks. Further ones to be about the same. The price has changed also, instead of a block booking, (it was pay for 4 and get 1 free) now you pay as you go. Still very good at £15.00 a session.

Later in the day a lot of pain shooting up and down my back and neck. Shoulders feel very sore but maybe a bit looser. Amie said it will take of lot of work to get them anywhere near normal,  if  that's even possible.


Today I woke in pain back shoulders and neck. Most I think from yesterdays session.

Age UK again, it was very busy after a slow start. No Sheila but Angela was there.. Everyone was saying how good all the food was. Just about everything is made and cooked there. Gwen (Chef) was not here. Nills takes over and it shows he can do just as well.

Sore throat late night and headache again, it was quite noisy there at Age UK hopefully its just that.


Sore throat, booming head. I think its the dreaded cold virus. I am on my own all day too. Paul is out till about 7.30pm. Lindsay not here either. Good thing in some ways, not so good in others. I always have the seizures in the back of my mind, as something as simple as a cold can set them off again.
I ache all over cold goose bumps but wet with sweat as well. Rested and not much else today.

Wayne is sending me something- as a thank you for helping him out a lot over the past year or so. Also its part for Mothers Day present. Not a clue what it is. The way my head feels its a wonder I can even think.

A knock on the door and WOW its a television for the dining room. THANK YOU WAYNE.
What a lovely surprise. The dining room TV is old but still works, well apart from a bit of buzzing.
Certainly the best thing to happen today.

I feel really bad, Nowhere-- does it not hurt, I have tried to rest but the pain will not go. My head feels like its going to fall off. My throat hurts.


Mothers Day--- Presents and cards from Lindsay, Wayne and Andrew and Summer and a Nana card from the grandchildren..

Flowers and mug from Lindsay and Family.
 At all times!!!
 From Summer.
 The big surprise from Wayne. (I will show it set up at a later date.)
A few snowdrops I picked.

A good day but still feeling bad.


Summer had her hair cut today and looks very pretty.

 Before haircut.
Getting groomed.
 Look at all my hair. She looks so sweet.

She is so laid back-almost going to sleep on the grooming table. She just needs a bath/shower now. Not today though when I feel a bit more up to it.

Walked to see my Mum and dad and brother at the Remembrance garden.. I was going yesterday but not feeling good enough.. Not feeling that much better though.
I think with a cold being outside can help or it does me. Today is icy cold, with a strong wind that just cuts though me. Summer went too its quite a long walk there and back, but she enjoyed it--apart from going into the grave yard, for some reason she was scared, dropping her tail and refusing to come through. I picked her up and carried her a while then she seemed alright. Could she see something I could not.??

Back home both of us are tired and cold. A cup of hot tea soon made me feel better and a cuddle with Summer.


Feeling a bit better,  head about right so long as I don't bend down too much. I have not bean to Pilate's today. I think my body would act badly to it. Somehow I have hurt my right hand between the thumb and first finger, quite painful. Hard to grip things as well.

A cold wet dull day Summer did not want to go on the common, choosing instead to go down Sincil Bank. (A road along the river) a bit cleaner than the common but also a shorter walk, but it's her choice.


Feeling quite a bit better today, not dizzy like the past few days. Cleaning up downstairs.

Angela popped in as well always nice to see her.

Spoke to Andrew he is going to Barcelona tomorrow for a few days. Wish I could go with him a few warm days would be nice. I know its not summer weather there-- but its better than cold dreary Britain. Have a good trip Andrew.

Summer had a bath today, and as usual looks snowy white


Age UK. I am going as usual but will take it easy. Nills will let me take breaks if I want them or even come home. We were very busy today since the relaunch we have had a lot of new customers coming in. My hand was not too good and I was dropping a lot more things than normal.

When I got home Wayne was there on an over night visit. So nice to see him even if only for a short time. He is not feeling the best but he said he has bean very busy at work, He hopes it only this and after a good nights sleep will feel a lot better.

Andrew has now arrived in Barcelona till Monday.


Lindsay is here with her three and Ben is here too with his three. Six children and five adults a house full. They all had dinner here cooked mostly by Lindsay.. All good and well behaved, a good day if not a bit noisy.. Wayne and Paul set up the new television, looks good and a far better picture than the last one. All I need now is a Blu ray player.


 All set up and working a good picture but should be, the other TV was not HD. 
Very pleased with it, Thank You Wayne.


A better day for pain today I feel more like me today, is still not good but the best I will get.

A new gas and electric meter fitted today. They are smart ones and send the reading direct, so no more men coming round to read them both. Also it tells you how much you have used in a day.

Angela called in and said we can go to the pictures tomorrow and see Bridge of Spies if you want.
I said yes as we were going last week but I was not well enough. Looking forward to it as well.


Washed the sheets and changed the bed. I am feeling alright but still hurt a lot.
Went to meet Angela at the Odeon to see Bridge of Spies.  After twenty minutes my legs went numb, a lot of pain I thought I would have to leave but after a lot of pins and needles they were quite a bit better and I was able to enjoy the film.  Went to Argos after and got a Blu ray player. Paul set this up for me later. Watched Prison Break works good. Pleased with the set up of the television and Blu ray player. A good day but as usual not with out the dreaded PAIN.


Pilate's was good I felt quite tight and achy before I went, I soon loosened up and felt better for going.
Knees still swollen and sore. Shoulders about the same. I feel a bit stuffed up as well. After affects of the cold I had.

Called to see a friend, Debbie who lives in the street. She is looking after a little dog so sweet she is. Summer and I saw them both while walking this morning. They got on well.


ACCUE appointment I saw Amie, the same girl as last time also Conrad sitting in. Bob came in to see me as well have not seen him for about six months. He said he was sorry the seizures had started up again. Pretty much the same needles as last time. Two extra ones in my left hip to hopefully help it. Two in my nose to help with my stuffed up feeling. These hurt a lot, I have had them a few times before.  A pressure massage on my back and shoulders. This was painful at times but if it helps I am all for it. Going home I felt very sore everywhere. Hopefully this will ease after a few days.


Soon comes round to Friday again I am at Age UK as usual. A bit of help today a work experience girl called Abbie, she was very helpful and the day went very well.  Extremely busy again, so tired when I got home. Fair bit of pain today, the after affects of ACCUE I think. Left hip and shoulders are very tender. Left leg very tight like cramp pains this loosened a bit as the day went on. Sinus not any better.

Later that night, well more early Morning I had a bad nose bleed it just dripped out. I have had trouble with this for years. This all started when I was in hospital for RSD pain when it got out of control. My blood pressure was high and I burst a vessel in my nose. This was cauterised in the hospital twice. Also many times after, till they could do no more. The skin is very thin now.

The bleed settled down only to start again much worse, spurting out in a fountain. A lot of blood everywhere from the front room to the bathroom. I should have let it drip in the bin, but didn't think of this till later. Both hands full of blood a dash to the bathroom dripping on the way. Finally stopped bleeding after about ten minutes. The toilet looked like someone had their throat cut. Then I had to clean up all the blood as well. Not the best of nights.


Not too bad a night I half expected to wake to a pillow covered with blood. No everything was alright. I however had another nose bleed later in the afternoon. Not as bad as last night, this left me with a weird headache and pain in my jaw and cheeks. The head pain went from ear to ear across my head.

Apart from that a quiet day just usual things.


Lindsay popped in and said I looked tired and my face looked swollen with sunken eyes. I felt and looked my age today. That's what nearly twelve years of RSD pain and suffering does for you.

Cleaned up stairs but at times felt dizzy I can mostly sort the pain out, but have no control over that.
I will give this virus, infection, or whatever it is a few more day to work itself out then if no better will go to the Docs.


Day on my own Paul out most of day. A lot of pain in my face and head, I have a soft spot that comes up a lot and is sore. Never bean sure what this is I have had it for years, started in junior school, yes years ago !!! even the wind or someone just touching it is painful. I looked it up on the Internet and there is a lot of reference pointing to sinus trouble. There are glands at the point where the swelling and pain is. This would fit in with everything else going on. I do have a blocked sinus as well, this could be drained but, I have bean told this is not always advisable as it comes back. The operation also is not nice. I would never consider any operation that was not serious or almost life threatening anyway as this could make the RSD much worse.


Pilate's struggled today but still enjoyed it. Jo had brought hand weights for us to use. I did not as this makes the pain worse. I still did what everyone else did, but without the weights.

Paul managed to get me an appointment at the Doctors. She said I have a sinus infection, also the operation on my nose for a deviated septum (this is where the bone in the middle of the nose moves to one side and stops there) when I was seventeen, needs doing again. She thinks this is why I have bean getting all the bad nose bleeds. Pressure on the right side. This operation will not go ahead unless things get really bad. I can still breathe though my nose on both sides, just about anyway. Apart from colds but most people have a problem then anyway.  ANTIBIOTICS -- DOXYCYCLINE 100mg 2 to start with then 1 a day, also given nose drops  VISAMETHASONE DROP as needed
Hopefully this will help.


Angela came round to see me, she is well and has an interview in a few weeks time. All the best and good luck to you. We just sat and talked about all sorts.

I am still doing the knitting for the Barbies I had to lay off a while as it hurt my head to bend over.
Still feeling a bit dizzy but some of the pain has gone.

Jay-Jay is here for the night, we all watched the new Star Wars film, The Force awakens. I am not a fan of this usually, but I really did enjoy it.  


Another normal day well that is apart from Jay-Jay being here. We both walked into the town so he could get his hair cut. Since his hair has bean short he likes it to look just right. Tommy-Lee is the same. I Still liked it long though, but short hair does suit them both. I think they have the faces that any style would look good.

Paul has gone to Lindsay's, to watch football as the channel its on, we do not get. He is picking Jay-Jay up later as he is at a sleep over for a Birthday night.


Lindsay not here today so most on my own again.

Summer is in season and acts very strange, she mounts the door stop soft dog and licks him, geting him very wet. Poor thing I think she wants a boyfriend.

I made some cakes today a complete disaster they just sunk. I threw the first lot and started again. The second lot was a bit better but not by much. I looked it up on the good old Internet and the list was endless. Oven too hot, too cold, not mixed enough, mixed too much. This went on and on. I think may be it was the flour not right. New flour on Friday,  then I will try again usually my cakes are very good. 

Clocks forward an hour (British Summer Time change) so less in bed. Not sure for me, if this is good or bad. I am listening to Harry Potter's books, I enjoy them and can knit or sew at the same time. I  first started listening to talking books quite a few years ago when my eyes were bad, and not behaving due to RSD or the MEDICATION. the words just jumped about on the page or merged all together. This made impossible reading. They are good if you have problems reading as well for what ever reason. Harry Potter I am enjoying more too, as Stephen Fry reads them all. I am on book three The Prisoner of Azkaban.


Up even early despite the hour change. The weather is cold and wet. My infection I think is going but I can never be too sure until the ANTIBIOTICS are stopped on Wednesday. Sometimes I need two lots.

We are going out soon for a trip to Doncaster Wildlife Park. We went there in  August 2012 with Lindsay and the boys. This is around about an hours journey so not too bad. Not too bad on the way legs and hips hurt but I have had a lot worse journeys.

We arrived had a cup of tea then set off to the animals. Very windy and cold here too but I was dressed for the weather. We saw the Mearcats first,  just about everyone love them. They are so funny and cute. The park is very spaced out and a lot of walking is needed to see them all.

Tigers, Lions, Giraffes, Polar Bears, Giant Otters, Baboons, Camels, plus many more to see. The Park is expanding too so a few things were not in the right places. Everyone has lots of room not like other parks. There are three Lion prides too. Most were sleeping but they did make an appearance later. Don't blame them either, they looked so snug and warm in their dens.
The pictures are from a phone as we forgot the camera, but they are quite good ones, not many, as it run out of juice.

Ring tailed Lemurs. 
Black white ruffled Lemurs.
These little Lemurs were sun bathing.
Red river Hog.
Pleased this one was well secured. A frog owl.
Land of the Tiger.
Mr Leopard.  These had a new big enclosure to play in.

We had dinner at a place called Caramba they served us Burritos and Spicy fries. I had the Chilly Beef one, Paul the Spicy Chicken, very nice too. More looking around,

 Me just after dinner.
 These Giant Otters were being fed fish.
 Mara- a cross between a rabbit and a small deer.
A squirrel monkey.
I think these Marmosets had just bean given food.
A common Marmoset all alone..

We saw some Wallaby's one had a little baby in her pouch and it kept peeking out. The mum kept pushing it back in I think it was too cold for it to be out. As just after it went very black and cold and a lot of the animals headed for their shelters. A quick shower then fine again.

We did good with the weather too only that quick very blustery shower. Later after more looking around we had a cream cake a a cup of tea. TASTY.  A nice day out and not to bad money wise £16.50 per adult less for older ones or disabled.  If you book ahead its cheaper but we could not do it on the day. Prices are not too bad for food either both dinner came to £14.50 including a cup of tea. These might go up later in the year when the season gets going properly.  website to visit. 

I ached a lot later, it not sometimes how far I walk-- its the up and down bits that seem to cause the pain. Never mind it was a good day.


Well you can tell its Summer time VERY cold, wet and an icy wind on the common. The ground is also very wet and mud everywhere. There are a lot of underground spring/natural drainage so with the wet weather we have had, the common has more lakes than usual. Trying to keep Summer out of them is also hard, as we will get past then she will double back and run through the mud and wet. She is a dog that likes being scruffy and mucky. I still love her dirty or clean.

 Getting a cuddle

Last day of the ANTIBIOTICS, so time will tell soon if the infection has gone. I feel better, not the horrible pain in my face and head. Also the swelling has gone down.    


Three visitors today- his parents and Angela. Later Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee are here stopping tonight. They had tea here sausage beefburgers potatoes and three veg. They both enjoyed their food.
After they  went to play in the garden. Ben from two doors away saw them and came round to join in.
Back to his house to play football as garden is bigger. Soon they were all  back as it was getting dark. Played Kur plunk With Ben till he went home. Soon it was time for bed. They settled good.

As usual a night of knitting and listening to story books.


Today is our Mine and Paul Wedding Anniversary- forty one years.

Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee had a good night. Jay-Jay came on the common with Summer. He took a few pictures of the Cathedral a good view from higher up.  Later Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came to take them into town to get Tommy-Lees hair cut and a bit of shopping. The boys are going to stop again next week. Jay-Jay would have liked to stay longer but, I am out at Age UK tomorrow

Its bean a Spring like day so I have bean in the garden, doing a bit of pruning and general tidy up.

Lindsay and every one arrived back here to get the boys over night things. A bit more out in the garden. I am tired and ache but pleased with the garden now. This looks very nice now.

A a varied month for me. hope thing are going well for you all.

 I will leave you with these two pictures of Summer in her basket  getting settled for bed, after a long day.

So sweet.

All the very best love Gill


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