April already, its going so fast this year. The common is springing into life and a lot of trees are turning green again. Birds are nesting as well.


There are three owls on the common too. I watched one swooping and diving while walking Summer.  So lovely to watch.

April 1st

April the first- traditionally Fools Day- I think the RSD is the fool or-- I am for letting it in.. So much pain and swelling plus the burn, its just a joke.

Age UK was steady most of the day, so not as busy as last week. Angela's not here. I learnt later that she has a chest infection. Get well soon.

Little Jamie-Lee has had a fall and cut just above her eye and is bruised on her face and chin and has a black eye


Learnt one of my friends has broke her leg in three places falling on the common. She was on her own and had to shout till someone heard her. I hope she will soon recover.

Made some little cakes and jam vol au vonts. The last ones I made didn't turn out too good. I think it was the flour (so bought new flour) as these are very good.


In town today with Lindsay, Tommy-Lee and Jamie-Lee.  Tommy-Lee is getting new School shoes. Jamie-Lee is wearing sunglasses to hide her black eye. She said that's what you do when you have a black eye. All sorted for shoes plus a bag for School too.


A lot of pain and spasms today from head to toes. I look at my body now and think about the toned one I had while running. RSD is evil.

As the day went on burning was added to the pain. My punishment for thinking about the past!!!

Good Pilate's session, but painful.. We are doing a lot of balance work and we stand on what Jo calls a wobble board. I can do it a lot of the time but its not easy. A lot of my coordination has bean affected by the RSD. I do my best anyway.


I have got Tommy-Lee and Jamie-Lee while Lindsay takes Jay-Jay into town to get shoes. Jamie-Lee's bruising is going down now but is still sore she says. Lindsay also got herself some boots.

Just when I thought I was clear from seizures I have one early hours of the morning. No damage but as usual a headache and full body extra pain.


I have decided to go to Age UK and see how it goes. I had help today as well, a young lad called   Caylum - doing his apprenticeship there. We got on well I think. He has bean there all week and will be there for a year, learning about everything that goes on there. He likes the coffee machine that I don't like so he makes most of them now.

Panic in Lincoln- a gas leak caused by a digger fracturing a gas main. All the centre of town was shut and had to be evacuated. Train and bus station's plus all the shops. The High Street came to a stand still. Lincoln is one of those Towns that has trains going through the centre and all the traffic too. No way in and no way out.


Out today with Paul's IA lot for dinner at The Lincoln Green in North Hykeham. A very nice meal too. The first time we have bean and I don't think it will be the last. Everyone enjoyed the food and company.


My nights are short I feel I am ready to sleep yet it doesn't happen.  Last night it was gone 4-00am when I went to bed, awake before six, till gone seven. I then dozed till eight then soon after I got up.
Not a lot of good for me to lay in bed. I get a lot of pain and legs that feel they don't belong to me.

Its a nice day quite warm too. Good walk on the common with Summer.

Despite the lack of sleep I feel quite good. Saying that the last few days mentally, have not bean so good. I think RSD can make you feel like at times. I try not to let it but it sort of creeps up on me.

Doing the bedrooms today and this Blog.


Not a good night, bed about three thirty and still awake at four. Slept till six forty five then awake till I got up at eight or just before. My legs were on fire really painful but were ice cold to touch. Not the best way to start a day. I think I am going to have to increase my GABARPENTIN. Well hopefully things will improve all round. 

Just when I thought things were bad enough, they got worse. No, not me family.



Not a good day, found out one of my friends Wheelie Keith has died--He was found in the road, and had fallen or was knocked off his mobility scooter. Rest in piece my good friend. I hope they find out how he met his death. I called him Wheelie because he was disabled though a brain tumor and stroke when he was young and used a mobility scooter, he used to race in a special racing three wheel hand bike.  He did not let his disability stop him enjoying life as best he could. Belonging to my past running club as well. Instead of feet pedaling he used his hands, he could go at a high speed I think he won a few of his races too.He used to come round quite a bit and was partial to chocolate cake. Once he said any chocolate cake Gill ? I said no and told him its a plain cake this week. He said oh, not coming in then so I said all right and shut the door. Seconds later he rang the bell and said sorry can I come in. Course you can Wheelie. He can't stand for long. I thought it was quite funny.

I have had to up my GABARPENTIN  from three a day to five or six as the nerve pain is so bad. Lots of pain and burning in my knees and shoulders and back, along the spine. This bit is new to me and also a little worrying.

Hopefully Pilate's will help. Not too bad a session concerning the extra pain.
Angela picked me up and I went back to her house to meet her brother who is on a visit from Wales.
An enjoyable afternoon with them both. He is a very likable chap, easy to talk to.

I helped trim a shrub that Angela was not sure about. Something had bean eating it and it looked very sorry for itself. After I had finished with it, well it looked worse, but I know it will grow back strong and healthy--I hope so anyway. I used to work in a plant nursery so know a bit about plants and flowers..


At last hopefully a bit of relief ACCUE today. Today I was treated if that's the word by Amie and Bob. Eight needles in all four in each leg. Boy did these hurt just about everyone. Weird sensations going on as well. Even after the needles were removed. A very painful massage by Bob on my shoulders and back mostly down my spine. Concentrating on the knobbly bits. I hope the pain will be worth it. He said my back and shoulders were almost solid. He also said a daily massage would help greatly. As the more done, hopefully my back and shoulders would relax, or that's the plan anyway.


The first little chicks of the year, I saw them today while walking along Sincil Bank into town. Bit cold to come into this world. Hopefully they will be OK. Rats and the weather kill a lot of them.

Age UK again today. Working with Caylum again. We seem to get on well and work good together.
Steady day not mega busy but busy enough to keep me mostly out of trouble.

Shopping, then home by bus. I don't usually do this, walking instead, but I had a lot of heavy bags.
Walking is less painful than going on the bus with all its vibrations and noise.

This is what a lot of people find hard to understand. A person says, with a bad leg will rest it, YES but NOT with RSD the opposite. I need to keep moving for a few reasons. Takes the mind off the pain, so less pain, less MORPHINE. This also helps the legs from getting worse and if I don't and just give in I would soon be in a wheelchair. The brain would soon forget I have legs. This has happened with my right foot. There is no way I want this to spread any further. Of course there is also the stay fit side. I would love to be able to run again. I know it never will be like it was in my peak but a bit of running would be nice.

Paul is away for the weekend so just me and Pup.

I looked out the window about four am, and it was snowing, yes snow. I took pictures to prove it.



Thinking if its gone in the morning no one will believe me. (Too much MORPHINE Gill.) I was not really surprised it snowed as the day got colder and colder toward night time. Some people did see the snow as it was still there till mid morning.
 Pictures from the common, the snow had all gone a few hours later.

My back is very tender to touch and sore shoulder too.


Another cold day where's Spring gone?

Angela popped round so did Lindsay, Ben and Tommy-Lee, Jay-Jay and Jamie-Lee at there Dads. Tommy is not well and had just seen a Doctor who said he has a virus and the possible start of tonsilitus and to keep an eye on him for changes.


Not a good day for PAIN and SPASMS in my back and shoulder. Knees swollen as well. Keep going Gill knock this RSD out.

Cleaning up, washing and ironing. I am going away tomorrow with Angela to York till Friday. Really looking forward to the trip. Just hope the pain goes away. Bye Pain go away now.


Off to York. Poor Summer she knows something is going on. I hate leaving her. I know Paul will look after her though. Angela here about ten twenty and off soon after. One stop on the way to get legs alive again. Journey not too bad apart from a little detour.

The Hotel is very nice called  B+B York. Angela has bean here before when it was previously owned and named the The Groves Hotel. The rooms are a good size for a single and spotless. Good call Angela.

Dropped off the bags then in to York about ten minutes away.

 The magnificent York Minster.

Trip on a boat, drink in the pub, only one mind. The Golden Fleece hailed as the most haunted pub in York. (A lot of pubs say this.). Cup of tea and a pastie. Look around some of the shops, then on to the pictures, half price thanks to Paul and Meerkat.com. We saw The Eye In The Sky, staring Helen Mirren a very good edge of the seat thriller.  Bit taken from website---

Col. Katherine Powell, a military officer in command of an operation to capture terrorists in Kenya, sees her mission escalate when a girl enters the kill zone triggering an international dispute over the implications of modern warfare. 

A very good first enjoyable day. Very warm shirt sleeves even for me, someone that has more temperature changes than the weather itself. We walked back to the Hotel it had gone a little chillier, and I was cold as we had no jackets with us. Once back at the Hotel I soon warmed up. Rest of the night in the bar, and room just chatting to Angela. No more drinks though.


Woke to another warm sunny day. I know we have struck it lucky with the weather. Breakfast was very nice I had the full English, Angela had scrambled eggs on toast.

Some more sightseeing and window shopping. We went on a bus tour very funny man taking about York and its History.

The bus we went on.

This was a lovely trip and I recommend it if you are ever in York. A lot of York facts and history  learnt here.
From the bus.

 We visited to the Railway Museum.



 Badges from past trains.
  Harry Potter was here!!!
  Angela.Yes-- I got you!!!!

Lots to see not just trains but all things to do with them. This was very good infact the whole day was.

After looking round a bit more, we were getting very tired, and I was in a lot of pain, mostly shoulders. We had a late dinner/tea roast pork served in a large Yorkshire pudding with veg and roast potatoes. Very tasty too.


 We headed back to the Hotel for a rest and me, a lay down to see if this pain would go.

After laying on the bed the shoulder pain went a little, but on standing my foot and leg went into a nasty spasm with one of my toes turning under my foot. The pain shot up my leg and I could not move or even dare to. Extreme to say the least. Fighting through the tears all I could do was wait till it calmed down, after a while, I was able to press my toes up while holding my leg to prevent any more spasms happening. This took about two minutes to even start to calm down. Not long in time I know but long enough when in so much pain. My leg is so tender and tight, toe is bruised and very tender.

Went down to the bar and had a shandy then back to my room. I only hope this spasm has passed.


Fair night but a lot of spasms but not as bad as before though. Breakfast, the same as yesterday full English. After that we set off to a small market we had seen yesterday. A bit more looking round then back to the Hotel to finish the packing and get ready to head for Lincoln.

Fair journey home. We stopped for fish and chip at The Forum North Hykeham. These were very good and we both enjoyed them.

Nice to be home, Summer thought so too, so did Paul.

I ache terrible but I enjoyed my little break a lot. THANK YOU ANGELA VERY MUCH.


Phone call from a friend Russ my adopted so called son, When he lived in Lincoln I looked out for him as he had major problems. At the time so did I. I think we helped each other. He was coming to Lincoln and will call in and may be stop the night. So pleased to be seeing him again. Russ is out tonight but will call in tomorrow to see us both.

Still shoulder very tight, leg and toe feels very sore too.


The weather has turned very cold, winter again. Saying that the Swallows are back on the common so Summer must be on the way. Russ went home about two thirty after dinner. So time for a long catch up, I did used to see a lot of him and miss him.

I am having a easier day and resting, still cooked dinner, washing and ironing though.

I have extremely cold legs today so cold they hurt. Left knee on fire and swollen.  Shoulder/neck a little better.
I sound like an old person complaining about my body. I think I have a little more to complain about, more than most. So no guilt there.


Wayne is here for a fly bye visit today, as well as John and Angela too. More visitors in two day than I usually have in two months. Nice to see people, I like surprise visits. Angela will soon be starting her new job and will be rid of the dreaded Job Centre.

I feel a bit better today and my legs are not ice cold like yesterday.  Wayne is out tonight but I will see him tomorrow.

Tommy-Lee is better now and back at School, he still says his throat is sore though. 


Wayne is back here for the day. He spent most of it putting Windows 10 on Paul's laptop and the computer. The laptop went well. Not so for the computer, things just did not work right not compatible, or just not doing what it should.

We had a Chinese tea, and after a short while Paul took him to the train station. About twenty minutes later Paul was back-- but so was Wayne !!! Train cancelled signal problem. So he was here for the night.

Back to the computer after many fixes and tries he got it done. Thank you Wayne. We could never have done it. After all like the song goes-- Have not got a clue what to do."Ball Room Bliss" By Sweet.
I gave him a litre bottle of Bailey for all his hard work. I am sure he will enjoy that.


Back to Pilate's today after having last week off for York. Paul dropped Wayne off at the Station to get his train hopefully. He was told yesterday that his ticket would be honoured for today, but he said he has heard that before and ended up paying for another ticket.

We got a text later saying everything was as they said and he was on his way back to Halifax. Home to Timmy cat who was looked after by his next door neighbour for a bit longer.

Pilate's went very well, shoulder painful still, so I was a bit careful and did not over do it.

Angela phoned up later in the afternoon a little bit upset (an Anniversary day) and I told her to come round for tea. She said last time you asked me, I did not get any, as you was rushed to Hospital with seizures again back in February.
I assured her I felt fine today and she would get her tea. Pork steaks, tatties and veg. Very nice it was, Angela enjoyed it too. Not a good day for her but I think I helped a little, I hope so.
Wayne home now with a very happy and purring Timmy cat.


Another cold start, frost. My shoulder is still very sore my hand keeps going numb and I am dropping things.. It hurts now when I wee. Hopefully this will pass. Drink- drink- drink-- but that has to come out, painfully too. I bought some medication CYSTOCALM, as it might just take the pain away a bit and I will avoid a Doctors visit .

Physio this morning so it will have to be alright. If I miss this one, its another two weeks at least. Boy do I need it. Treatment went like this five needles in each lower leg and foot. All of these hurt going in and coming out. Weird feeling in my legs too. One for my poorly bladder. Amie hopes this will help. Then two in my bad shoulder later. A very gently massaged too.

My bladder is worse so on the way home I called in to the Doctors, got an appointment later.

Yep its what I thought some infection, sample done to be tested. ANTIBIOTICS given   TRIMETHOPRIM 200MG 2 a day for 6 days.          
Later the pain had eased a little, hopefully its improved more by tomorrow as its Age UK day.


I am going to Age UK- at least giving it a try If I don't feel too good I can come home. A busy day lots of hungry and thirsty customers. The first time I went on the till I somehow managed to ring in a £2,245-00, the customer said things have gone up. Not sure what I did wrong. Caylum was a little protective of the till afterwards. He is a major asset to Age UK and will do very well. Look out Nills he will be after your job.

Some of the customers can be quite funny or just pain a up the bum. A while ago one man who is a regular, said he did not feel too good. After a while he said quick I have no pulse, get help. He was very serious too.He was alright later and still comes in most weeks.

My hands are not too good today. I am dropping and spilling things.  I broke my mug that Lindsay bought me as well. Why did it have to be that one. My feet still feel the after affects from the ACCUE.
My infection sort of behaved apart from frequent visits to the toilet.

All in all not too bad a day. I excepted a lift off Angela going home. She is happy as soon she will be starting her new job.


Well April's bean and gone hopefully the weather will soon warm up and help me. RSD does better in warmer weather. On a good note not a terrible month NO Hospital or any more seizures just every day pain.

Hope you are all having a reasonable Spring/Summer and see you all next time. Love Gill.

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