Mixed May.

May 1st

Stomach still feels a little sore after my bladder trouble. I think the ANTIBIOTICS have worked though

I am sorting out a few plants and re potting them.  I pulled up a weed in the garden and got an electric shock straight up my arm, this was so sharp that I nearly feel over. That's not right is it?


We are at a big truck show later. This is on a separate blog already published.
The show was very good but I paid for it later with a lot of pain everywhere. Chinese for tea too.


What a day-- spent in Hospital, NO, for a change not me. My daughter Lindsay banged her head and started with a violent headache and being sick all the time. Paul dropped us both off at the Hospital about 8-30 in the morning. I thought as we all did, concussion. After seeing a few Doctors and a CT scan she was admitted. The scan showed up bleeding to the brain. Also showed up something that should not be there. A mass of abnormal blood vessels. The Hospital is not sure what to do so is taking guidance from the Nero Doctors at Sheffield. They are not sure whether to leave her here or transfer her to Sheffield. Nobody seems to know what to do. Very frustrating and tense today.

The doctors have decided to leave her here but are on standby in case they are needed at any time. They can air lift her or blue light her, in a matter of emergency, but this will be a danger as well because of the road bumps and noise. What is the best for her at this time.  Not sure????

She is very poorly being sick and crying with the extreme pain in her head and back. Most of the  time unconscious. Her eyes are black and she is a strange colour. She cannot stand light and noise is bad as well. she is having another scan, a MRI one this will show in more detail what is going on. I left the Hospital about 9pm totally exhausted and very worried. The Hospital said they would ring if things got worse. I thought there is only one way worse, and that does not bear thinking about.


Lindsay's pretty much the same. Ben's Mum came all the way from near London to see her. That was so nice of her. This was a first time meeting for me too. I think she is very nice and she thinks the world of Lindsay. Her face had a very worried look.

The Doctors are doing observations every hour or two. She can move everything and can talk if only a little.
MRI scan is now tomorrow.


The scan revealed this mass of extra blood vessels but they are able to get more information from it as Sheffield experts will look at it on Friday..

My Nero Doctor, Doctor Solanus, saw Lindsay while I was with her. He said she has bled before and she has to be careful. Ben and her were going on Holiday, Doctor said if this bleed had started on the plane Lindsay would not have walked off it. Very worrying for everyone that knows her and cares about her. This now is a waiting game to see if the bleed has stopped and if it has, whether it will start again.

Me-- I am trying to hold it together and not get too upset or I will be in Hospital as well.
The children are at there Dads and not very happy.


I cooked a Sunday dinner and Angela joined us, a nice meal too. With being at the Hospital most of the time I have not cooked many meals at all. 
Tommy-Lee is stayed the night at our house. He likes staying here. He misses his Mum I think more than the other two. Paul is taking him to School tomorrow.


News from Sheffield is -- they are not sure what to do as this condition is rare.  Only one or two percent of people have this. Lindsay's case is to be looked at by the Vascular team sometime this week.

She has improved a bit but a long way from being right. Her headache has gone down a bit but she still can not stand light. Still being sick a lot of the time.


Went to see Lindsay she had a very bad night violent head pain and sick a lot more. She looked as bad as the first day it happened.

Today I have physio- I need it as I have had a lot of pain the last two weeks. Treatment is pretty much the same now, as it seems to work the best for me. 5 needles in each leg and foot. These sent my body crazy and weird sensations in my legs. After these were taken out quite a few bled.
Next were my shoulders 1 needle in each. Then a very gentle massage this was painful.

I walked back to the Hospital, Lindsay looked a bit better than she did earlier.

My legs were very tingly all night and one place was very sore.

I am making a long haired teddy for a present for a young girl at Age UK. Got it finished, Over two hours just to stuff and stitch up. A lot of work has gone into this Ted I think it's one of the best I have made.


I feel quite sore after yesterdays physio session. A small lump on my right leg, it feels squidgy and painful. I feel very tired and dizzy at times also a weird head. I think this is from being inside the Hospital most of the day.

Before setting off to see Lindsay-- Problems at Chemist getting my tablets more problems at the bus station no bus came. I usually walk but I felt very tired today, as if that was not enough I left my house key on the bus. Got to the Hospital two hours after I had left home. Not pleased..

Lindsay is about the same.


Age UK are holding a Birthday party for the Queen. A three course sit down meal for all the old dears. A good but very busy day but I enjoyed it and most things went to plan.

I gave Anna her Teddy and she loved him I asked her what she was going to call him and she said Gill. I thought that's nice but she might change her mind yet. A lot of the people there thought I had bought it for her and asked where I got him.

  Not sure if Summer thinks too much of him.

The picture of Anna with Ted did not work out--- so will try again and put it up at a later date.

I think Lindsay has improved for the first time since she she went in. Hopefully this will be one step forward, but not two back like the last few days. She walked around the bottom of her bed about ten steps while holding on to the frame.

My lost key was found on the bus. Will be picking it up on Monday.


Angela came round for dinner and bought flowers so nice. A nice day all round I still feel very tired all the time. Someone said it got something to do with not sleeping much. No, I did not think of that.

People think when you have INSOMNIA all you need is an early night, if only it was that simple.!!!!


Lindsay's getting stronger now, she walked to the toilet, helped by a nurse, with a hat covering her eyes as light is still a big problem. Very dizzy and in pain with her head. Sheffield did not come to any treatment plan yet, as they are going to discuss it more next week. Lindsay is very disappointed as they said they would have an answer today.


Lindsay has bean told she can go home. Well--- she asked to go as she said she could rest just as well at home. No noise or upsets not doing anything either. They wanted to keep her in longer, as she still is a long way from better. she said she can rest at home as its quieter and more relaxed for her.  I sort of agree with her so long as she does what is asked of her. The next few weeks are like a ticking time bomb in her head.
She will need to still have some form of treatment done soon, so will be heading back in at some point.


Lindsay is coming home today, at last she says.

Pilate's was a bit weird, I was doing a move which involves rubbing a ball with my LEFT foot. This was so strange my right foot (RSD side) started to hurt a lot. The harder I pressed the more my RIGHT foot hurt. Very strange but RSD is. I hurt a lot-- all my joints burn.


Age UK very busy today, I think the sunshine's brought everyone out. A long painful day for me.

Lindsay has bean here during the past two days and sleeping nearly all the time. She is still in pain and the light bothers her a lot but is better on her feet now, not as dizzy. She is still being sick, more so if she moves around.


Most of the day on my own as Paul is out. I feel very drained and sore everywhere. Not doing too much just resting. I think the past two weeks have caught up with me.

Wayne arrived about 11pm  for a short visit, to mostly see Lindsay. Paul picked him up from Halifax after dropping someone off at Manchester Airport. Always good to see Wayne.


Got Tommy-Lee and Jamie-Lee most of the day.  Arrived about 11am and left about 6pm. They were as pleased to be here as I was to have them both. I have not seen too much of them over the last two weeks. Cooked dinner for them and us of course. They had tea here too. Both had a good day.

Paul took Wayne to Newark to get his train a lot later than scheduled, as he was busy fixing a friends laptop.

A better day for me but still too much pain, more so in my legs, they are burning like a fire.


The common looks very lush and green at the moment, the trees I think, are looking there best. The Chestnuts look so big and very full of blossom, lots of  big conkers later in the year I think, all the trees are a sight to see. Everywhere is so green. The buttercups and daises are everywhere.
Very pretty.

 So yellow and so many of them this year.
A beautiful horse chestnut tree.
 I don't think I have ever seen the trees so full of blossom. 
Many a chat spoken around this bench set. 
 The leaves are so lush and green on this beach tree.
 In contrast to the green, the white of the May tree.   
Summer on her walk. Who me!!
A view down the river.

At last I have some time to get in the garden and greenhouse. Tidying up and re-potting, spraying as well. I also sprayed next doors roses and Ben's garden too. He had lots of nasty bugs.

My garden, what I have done, looks very good now. Hopefully I will get the rest done soon.

I ache everywhere and my foot is killing me going into spasms.


Finished off the garden and checked for the green fly killer working. I am pleased to say it has in all the gardens. Everywhere looks good at the moment. I have planted some potatoes that had sprouted, they might grow.


We picked Jamie-Lee up from nursery, she is spending the day with us. She sat with Paul in the car while I did my Pilate's class, this went well still very sore in a lot of places. I have forgotten what it feels like to not have pain everyday. I know a lot of you are the same.

Jamie-Lee had a good day playing with Play doe and Barbie dolls. After tea, Lindsay and Ben picked her up. This is the first time Lindsay has bean out. She said she was coping well but was sick a few times. She is looking better though.

Me-- I feel drained and pain most places. Bad head most of the time, I know this is probably from lack of sleep.


Early phone call from Wayne some Russians have hacked into our computer.  Lucky he saw it, as he was off today. this could easy spread. (We have a "log me in" system set up between us.)

Physio today, with the Tutor-- Fanyi  this is the top man here and also a year two student, Nansen . The ones I usually see are doing exams or on Summer break.
He did much the same as usual, as he said it works. Five needles in right leg four in left, two in each arm, and one in my neck. These were in about twenty minutes then removed. A massage by Nansen.
this was a bit different as he used many different techniques, flat hand, the sides and fingers even tapping. Painful at times too but relaxing also. Also a leg and arm massage.
While sitting in the cafe my legs tingled and were very red, flushed face too. I felt very light headed as well.

I spoke to Wayne and he has managed to sort out the computer. He said they, the Russians, had set it up to come back too, so he managed to get in before they did. This could have caused no end of problems for us. Hopefully they will not get in now.

Thank you Wayne, you are always doing a computer for us or someone else. What would we do with out you???


Age UK again no Angela today, she is not well. We are short staffed but not as busy today. Steady but not rushed off our feet. A new thing added since last week a Smoothie Maker more things to do.
Bit of shopping then home. Or so I thought, spent over an hour sorting out a prescription.

Got home about 5-30pm we are out at 6-00pm for a Football presentation for Tommy-Lee and Hykeham Tigers. Tommy got a Trophy for most improved player of the season, nine and under.

 Me and Paul.
 Michelle- photo bombed this one. Ben and Lindsay.
Tommy-Lee, me and Paul.
Ben presenting the trophy's and his speech.
Tommy-Lee getting his rewards.
 Hykeham Tigers players
Garry and Ben with some of players.
Ben, Lindsay Tommy-Lee and Ben's son Marshall.
Tommy-Lee with his Trophy's

And again looking very proud.
With his even prouder Mum.
 Disco time.
Doing his dance moves.

Ben, Lindsay's boyfriend did a very good speech and with the help of  Gary, part of Hykeham Tigers  gave out the Trophy's. A good evening but as usual not PAIN free. There was a Disco with flashing lights and it was very loud. Lindsay did good too as it was very noisy most of the time.


Lindsay and everyone has set off to Essex to see Ben's family. I hope she takes it steady. We have little miss Jamie-Lee till Monday night. She is sleeping as well, the first time she has stayed here over night. Played in the garden a lot of the day as so nice. Bedtime no problem straight to sleep.  I had bad nose bleeds and headache so ended up going to bed about 7-00am. I  thought I would see Jamie-Lee getting up.


I slept till about ten, Jamie was up a little earlier, she said she had a good sleep and liked Wayne's bed. This is the bed Wayne sleeps in when he's here so she calls it Wayne's bed. Angela popped around in the morning she seems better now.

Another nice day, so out in the garden again.
 Jamie-Lee playing on the slide.
 Summer in the shade.
 Look at me Nan.
 Karol on the right, from next door with Piotr his friend.
 Being bouncing on the trampoline. Hard to get pictures as she moves so fast.
 She loves Summer.
 Still going strong.

Jamie-Lee had a bubble bath later with loads of bubbles. Trouble was getting her out again. Straight to sleep at bed time. I think she was ready for bed after all the playing she did.


Bit better night for me, bed a lot earlier more my time about four.. I usually go between two and four in the morning.
In the garden again but not as warm today. Jamie-Lee seems a little off it as well. Bit of a cough and chesty. Lindsay's back today so she can sort her out with her asthma medicine. She sat and played on her Ipad.

 Quite for a change- Summer too.
 Fast asleep.

 Jamie-Lee was fast asleep when Lindsay came back with Tommy-Lee.

They all had a good time too. Lindsay copped with it quite well, but felt bad when here. I said rest and let the others do the work for you. Jay-Jay came round. He did not go with them as he was on a France trip. They all went home to leave me for a quite evening with Summer. Not used to a three year old running around.


A lot colder day, Summer has gone into hiding. Flaming June tomorrow as well. Catching up on every day things and doing blog.

Well that's another month gone by,  the days most of the time are getting warmer, so that's good for me and most RSD suffers.
 I hope you liked this blog and all the pictures.  
Best wishes to everyone Love Gill.

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