July 1st

Age Uk-- very busy selling out of things, tempers flaring in and out the kitchen. Makes the day that bit different. Not too bad day for me, more pain than normal, popping pills like smarties Sheila said.
Andrew headed off to Brighton, then on to London this is all to do with his work.


Not too good today my neck is playing up. This has bean a major problem for years. I have arthritis (not sure if this is anything to do with it)  there and only have to turn it wrong or lift my head up and the pain is horrible Shooting up and down my back and arm in fact any where it chooses.  Can last for days, weeks, months or just a few minutes.  Goes a way for a while then comes back again. What happens is, I think is, my neck swells up then the nerves get pinched or squashed. Weitse said- that what he thinks, is happening too. I had Physio with him From  February 2005 to November 2011, so I very much trust his judgement.  When put together with the RSD and FIBOMYALGIA it makes me a lot of pain and trouble. Lucky its only one side of my neck.

Andrew is now in London having left Brighton. Every thing is going well for him.  

We picked Jamie up from morning Nursery, she will be here till about five when Tracy will pick her up.

Summer has moulted a lot and now her usual thick white coat is quite thin. I know this will thicken up later in the year. She is still very white though as she was bathed while Jamie-Lee was here. Jamie was not that bothered, preferred to watch Jungle Book instead.

Lindsay is not too good severe head ache again and sick. I do wish they would get her sorted as the worry is not doing any one any good least of all her. Poor Lindsay I think she is scared to go to A and E in case they keep her in. I think they would- she is a ticking time bomb. If she bleeds again, well !!!.

Jamie-Lee  was good and enjoyed her time here. I have told Lindsay when her time comes to go in to Hospital, the children can stay here and NOT their Dads. None of them want to go there.


In town today to get Lindsay's Birthday presents. My knees are on fire and so swollen. Sit down and rest I hear some of you say,---- makes it worse the joints hurt more. Walking is the best for me, my neck is still not good and a rash has come on my right shoulder. All this has happened be for so just put up with it. Still not nice though and too many pills popped.


Pilates today was not good pain in knees shoulders too. During one move my right shoulder totally messed up going into a tight spasm.  Very painful as it locked up, I managed to free it after about ten minutes or more. This made me very cold for some reason to the point of shaking. Feels very sore now but the worst is over for now any way.

Andrew is here again for a few more days, Paul picked him up from Newark.


Body and pain much the same. On a better note I have bean wearing a eye sleep mask to block out the light. Wayne my Son, suggested it. I think this helps a bit as my brain still thinks its dark. When I go to bed the birds are singing and the sun up. Getting back to sleep seems to be easier, sometimes.


Jay-Jay here for the day, if the rain stops we are going into town to get him a few things I took Tommy-Lee a few weeks back and treated him to clothes and shoes. Andrew came too and got shoes and summer vests.

Head is still bad and walking back home was a big effort for me. The air is very stormy here so that does not help me a lot either. Not sure if any of you out there suffer with storm pains or not but I think its quite common in RSD.


Head a bit improved so I hope it stops that way.

Washing, ironing and gardening tidying up the green house as well.

 Nice poppy self set.

 Sat in the dining room when Andrew and I heard a crash, Little Ben had put the football though the greenhouse roof. Two panes broke, he was very sorry but he has to be more careful. I have got more glass so that's good.


Picking Jamie-Lee up from Nursery today and having her till tea time. Lindsay is having a day out with Tracy as its her Birthday tomorrow. Raining at the moment so I hope its stops.

I picked Jamie-Lee and she wanted to walk home, its quite a long way for little legs. on the way she decided she wanted to get on the bus. We were nearly home so I said we would go into town by bus. She wanted to get her Mum (Lindsay) a present for her Birthday. A heart she said, and we did manage to get one too-- a T light holder plus a smiley face balloon, this Jamie said was to share. I got the few things I wanted too.

A long day today but very nice to have Jamie-Lee here. Tracy picked her up and took her home.

I have had the children quite a lot the last few weeks while Lindsay is not well. I do wish the Hospital would sort her out.


Happy Birthday Lindsay.

Cleaning up down stairs today. Phone call from Lindsay could I get Jamie-Lee from nursery. She is having her hair done and did not realise how long it would take. This is a present from Ben.

Jamie was going to her house to day so I could then see Suey their dog. Jamie would have preferred to could to my house instead. She was tired today, bean at School all day on a trip.

Lindsay came home about an hour later, her hair looked very nice and suited her. After a while I left.
We are all going out tonight for a meal with Lindsay and family.

The meal was at a near by pub, The Plough.  Every one had a good meal, Lindsay liked all the things we got her. Mostly clothes and money, the children were tired as it had bean a warm day at School they still enjoyed it though.


Not a god day hardly any sleep. PAIN every where. During Pilates my whole body was shaking.

Today is the day I fell back in 2004  starting all this RSD off  and every thing else that followed it.
 I take the tablets to  help the pain-- No tablets no life. These do not help my IBS. A vicious circle of pain, tiredness and just HELL a lot of times. I am lucky ( I did work hard through the pain so I did keep mobile) I can still get about quite well. A lot who have had it this long are in wheelchairs now.


Angela called in yesterday after having her hair done it looks very nice.

Age Uk  no accidents today quite busy but not rushed off our feet a new lady was on the till, called Joy, as Shelia was ill.

Pain has calmed down a bit so I am pleased. Right hip is quite sore though. There is always pain some where. The chef here, has a daughter who has FIBROMYALGIA, who suffers a lot  so she knows what I am going through.  

The Air is very heavy and I had a bad head later in the day, this feels like a storm inside there. I have mentioned this in past Blogs.

Bit of shopping then home. there are a lot of good sales on, so shopping is very temping, a specially for the children.


Got all three children today and the night too. Andrew is still here, so sleeping will be a little different this time. The boys usually sleep in the top room but as Andrew is in there they are in the the front room down stairs. With Jamie-Lee in her usual bed. Tom fell asleep on the dinning room floor as Paul was still watching his TV.


Up about eight, none of the children were awake. Every one awake soon after, Summer jumped up to see Jay-Jay on the settee and Tommy  on recline chair. They said they had a comfortable night sleep.

Tommy Jamie and I took Summer on the common for her walk.
In the afternoon we all went on the park to play. The boys played football and Jamie just did her own thing. All picked up about six. I enjoyed the weekend and they did too.


Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came round in the afternoon she was not feeling too good its time the Hospital sorted her out. Bean too long now and things are not getting much better.

Andrew is going back home tomorrow to Amsterdam. I think this is the longest he has bean here, (three weeks on and off) since he left five and half years ago. Wayne is coming with us on Holiday this year too. So that will be good for every one. Looking forward to a few days away. Lindsay and family will be there too.

Andrew and I took Summer for a walk about nine pm the last one for him for a while. Still quite hot as well, a nice cool breeze as well.


Andrew all ready for the off for his fight at one thirty. Good byes said, Paul and him were off to the Airport. We will not see him now till Christmas. A message later from him he is back in his beloved DAM.


Another hot day Summer at last. Pilates went well this week. A lot of the time I felt far away and light headed. Spasms down right shoulder with pins and needles now my arm.

Cleaning up downstairs its hot but it needs doing.


A small seizure in the early morning I just got into bed and my body was started shaking I felt sick and had an instant head ache. This only lasted a few minutes  thankfully. I did my deep breathing, now weather this stopped it going into a bigger seizure I am not too sure.
I felt Ok later.

Physio today-- I have said be for I am not sure if the ACUPUNCTURE is as effective any more. The students suggested CUPPING or to give it the full name GLIDE CUPPING.
These  were placed on my shoulder and move across and down my back. two more were used on my knees. This at times was painful it will be worth it if it helps me. After the CUPS were remove I had a nice massage.  Today the Students were Briney and  Brett. Tutor was Fanyi.
This helps explain it all. 



Fair night for me, a few hours sleep.
Age Uk not too busy today, I was pleased as my shoulder is quite painful, bruising has come out on the right side (worst RSD side) Weird as my body feels a more constant temperature to day.
Tired but feeling good apart from the pain that is. Still taking a lot of extra tablets.


We are having a BBQ today with Lindsay and family. Hot in our garden got burnt a bit on my shoulders. A good day and every one ate well. I think Tommy-Lee had the most. I don't know where he puts it all.


Legs and knees are really bad pain like I have ran (If only) or walked a long way. My neck and shoulders are definitely better than they were. Still a bit tender in places.

Cleaning up the bedrooms today starting at the top and working down. 

Quite a bit of extra pain today in my legs today, fine when I am walking but when I sit down for more than a few minutes they really hurt.  My right hip is playing up as well. The air is very heavy today this is causing me a lot of pain too.

Cleaning up the bedrooms Wayne is here for a few days at the weekend. We have sent Andrews box to him. These are things that he left here plus other things.

Angela came round yesterday, I have not seen her for a while. She is well and working now.

His parents came round later. I am altering two skirts for her when I can.

These I started later in the evening, they are quite difficult as the material is very silk like. I got them both the right length and all ready for machining now.


Finished off the bed rooms, this can take a while as there are four, Well three, plus a computer room.
Quite a good day so far. I feel very tired, but most of the time I do any way.

Sent Andrew a parcel of things he could not take with him when he went back to Amsterdam.  Weight soon adds up when filling a case.

Night altering two skirts for Paul's Mum, went quite good a bit tricky as they are like a silky material.
Any way managed to get them tacked ready for machining to morrow.


Poor Summer had a bad time last, well more early morning. I went to bed 5.30am Paul was up at 7.30. The smoke alarm in very top room up two flights of stairs, beeping to say low battery. This for some reason terrifies Summer to the point of shaking panting and scratching doors and curtains. She is very bad.  Paul came down to find she had pooed on the floor and wee'd and clawed the cupboard door. She was in a bad way. Paul calmed her down and she had a sleep. When I got up she was feeling better. She slept a lot though.

Machined the skirts and made a bag for the umbrella. Quite a busy day I think.


Pilates, a friend from Age UK came today as well. She enjoyed it and going on a regular thing. I am pleased she did.

Got the children again today well two of them for now Tommy-Lee and Jamie-Lee Jay-jay will come later. He has a hospital appointment. Tommy went to the park with Ben to play foot ball. Jamie and I played with all different things.

His parents picked up the skirts and was pleased with them. Me being able to do them saves her money. In the local market they charge £10-£12 per skirt. I get sweets or chocolate so suits me fine.

Jay-Jay arrived and headed off to join his Brother and Ben at the park. Be for he went I said zip your pocket up or you will loose your phone. He said you know me Nan, I said yes I do that's why I said it.
We all sat together and had a lovely Chinese for tea very good. Later Jay-Jay wanted to show me something on his phone. He could not find it. Oh no he thinks he lost it at the park. Lindsay is not feeling her best today in fact CRAP. He just woke up from a sleep and heard Jay-Jay say he had lost his phone. All hell broke loose every one up set. Jamie was not helping, saying things like may be the phone will magic back or its in another pocket.

They all went home I felt sick Jay-Jay and Lindsay very mad. His phone is an Iphone 5. I know it cost Lindsay a lot of money for his Birthday in March.

She is not too good today a very bad head and tired too. The children are off School now for about six weeks.

We got a call from Lindsay later that some one had found the phone, Lindsay had bean calling it continually, then some one answer it. The man lived close by so it was picked up straight away.
I told Jay-Jay he was very lucky. A very happy group again. Me too.


All children here again while Lindsay packs for holiday. She is not too good. They are going to Hopton near Great Yarmouth. We will join them next Monday for 4 days. I am looking forward to it.

Bean a very busy few months with Lindsay being ill.  Jay-Jay was talking about when he lost his phone he said he was feeling sick wanted to scream because he had bean so stupid. I said be more careful with it now as he would not get a second chance.

I feel quite good today body seems to be more of a constant temperature, pain is not too bad either.


Age Uk quite busy there at times, dinners start at 11.30 and a lot of people have their meal between 11.30 and 12.00. After that steady till about 2.00pm.  More pain today so a few more pain killers taken.

Bit of shopping in town then home for a rest.


Happy Birthday Wayne.

Up a bit later today not a good night awake a lot on off, not good when I got to bed about 4.30am.

Summer has had a bath ready for her Holiday on Monday. Wayne is on his way here, he's coming with us on Monday. He said he is looking forward to spending longer with the children, he thinks so any way.  Hope it not too much for him.

Cleaning up and bits in the garden today. Still a nice day here, not as warm as past few days but still good. Lindsay said it nice in Hopton and they are at the pool. She said she is getting head aches but is doing alright.

Paul picked up Wayne from Newark train station. He lives at Halifax so a fair way to come.

Chinese tea   I enjoyed this as it was getting on eight o'clock when we ate, so I was getting very hungry.
Gave Wayne his presents every thing he liked so that's good.


Cooking a late dinner/tea today roast chicken with all the extra bits. Doing this blog too so I can publish it be for Monday. Dinner was delicious.

We are out tonight at the pictures with Angela to see BFG  (Big Friendly Giant) so looking forward to that.

Pictures was very good and funny-- Angela,Wayne and Paul thought it was good too. An enjoyable night all round.

Tomorrow we set off for Hopton village for a few days Holiday.  Hope the weather is kind to us.

Summer- packed, and ready for her Holiday.

Well bean a very mixed month hope the new cupping treatment helps me a bit more with pain.
Also I truly hope Lindsay gets sorted out too.

Well that's all folks, hope you are all as well as you can be and had some of this Summer we are having.

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