Splish Splash Crash.

August 1st

Today we Paul, Wayne, me and Summer are heading off to Hopton Holiday village for a few days holiday. We were there last year so we know the place. This year they have upgraded the inside pool, so I am looking forward to seeing it. We left Lincoln around 12-00 noon.
  Summer on her way with Wayne.

One stop on the way and we were here by 4-00pm. Pain levels pretty good very tired though. Lindsay and family have bean here since Friday and having a good time. Summer went crazy when she saw the children. I often wonder what she thinks when we take her places or Wayne and Andrew come for a visit then go again.

The Caravan is very nice and we have bean given a three bedroom one instead of the two we booked. So Wayne has a choice of two rooms to sleep in. Last year our van was better than Lindsay this year theirs is better than ours. Jay-Jay did say our TV is bigger though. I brought my Blu-ray player so I could watch Prison Break in the early morning after everyone had gone to bed. Well that was the plan but I forgot the remote for it. Don't work without, never mind I have books with me, well my Kindle.

We had a walk round to Lindsay's van very nice it is too. Onto the arcades, too noisy in there for me so I sat outside with summer, who was getting lots of attention. Home to rest. The beds were made up this year, we bring our own bedding but said we would give theirs a try this time as it looked like it was all new this year. Usually its not that good and can be very old, bobbly and itchy.


Beds were good not too bad night sleep, well my night anyway. Wayne and Paul slept well too.
Took Summer for her walk along the beach top. Warm and sunny. She had plenty of new smells to sniff as well.

Me and Summer along the cliff top.

Lindsay is not too good today still bad head and being sick. She is going to rest this morning and see how the day goes. I took the boys swimming and Tracy took Jamie-Lee to see Anxious the elephant.
We left Summer with Lindsay so she was not on her own. She would just lay with Lindsay.

In the outdoor pool and a bit inside too. Bit hot and loud for me inside but its a lot warmer in the  pool itself..

Good time swimming Paul came in too and so did Wayne. When we went back to get Summer Lindsay said she barked and cried a lot. So much for Lindsay having a rest.

I took Summer for another walk with Wayne, still warm nearly dark when we got back.


Another sunny day, swimming again Lindsay here today but sat on the side so I have little Miss Jamie-Lee with me swimming again. She loves the water and we have a job to get her out.

The outside pool.

Tommy-Lee had trouble putting up his deck chair so he decided not to bother.
 Wayne and Lindsay relaxing by the pool.
 Jay-Jay too.

Jay-Jay and Wayne Looking good.

 Jay-Jay looking after his sister.
Jamie and Jay having fun.
Around the outside pool.
 She is tired now but not for long.

 Jay-Jay, Tommy-Lee and me.
   The children Paul and me.

We went inside and while we were in the pool, there was an accident some one pooed in the pool, so it had to be closed while it was cleaned. The boys are confident swimmers and enjoy their time in the pool. I can float but have trouble going to the bottom and stopping there. They have taught me to do a hand stand in the pool something I am quite proud of. BBQ for tea. Good too. Another walk later still warm and nice.

Closed for poo!!.
 Handsome lot.

Going out for a meal at sizzlers.

I am hungry Mum.
 Waiting for their meal.

 Jamie-Lee eating again.
 Going swimming later needs to build up strength..
 Jamie getting some sun.
 Jump Tom.

I can jump too.
 Go Mum GO.
 I can ride one as well.
Go faster Mum.
 No where to hide Tom.


Bit fresher day but still warm.  Bit of headache and weird tum probably the BBQ, too much meat always upsets me. Last full day here so heading to the pool then golf and other bits later. Tonight we are all going for a meal out at Sizzlers. So a full last day. Outdoor pool was a bit colder than yesterday. Jamie in with me again. Pulling me in and saying its not too cold. Lindsay not good still, so just resting by the pool with Tracy. Wayne came in but not for long. We got out and I told Jamie we would go back in after dinner inside. Everyone else had some chips. I did not have any as going in pool again.

 I want one of these please Nan.
No-- its all mine says Tom.
Where's that ice cream gone?
 Tracy and Tom.
 The three little rascals.
Lindsay And Jay-Jay.
 The three monkeys.
 Lindsay and Tracy.
 Jamie-Lee all alone.
 Jay-Jay looking fit.
 Two ponies from the grab machine that Tracy got her.
 Cuddle time.
 Tracy trying to get a tan like Lindsay's.
One of Lindsay better days.
Jamie-Lee found a friend..

Pictures taken sitting on the decking near the pool.

 Me a few minutes before the seizures.
 Lindsay plus me.

After dinner, into the warm inside pool. Bit different here. Warm but loud again as a lot more in today. Swimming and playing with Jamie-Lee having a good time. Paul came in and he took Jamie-Lee for a while so I could have a swim. Bit crowded to do much.

I got kicked on the leg by a man playing ball with some others, quite hard. This caused me quite a bit of discomfort and pain. I carried on swimming but the pain got too much so I stood to the side still in the pools deeper end. That's the last thing I remember clearly.

I remember little bits like Jay-jay coming to me while I was on the floor with the Ambulance men PAIN feeling sore and not sure what was going on. Big faces all around me.

The hospital of what I remember, was very efficient and soon made me comfortable. taken to resus. I had a drip and DIAZAPAM. Over Thirty seizures later. When I came round enough I was able to leave. But they really wanted me to stay over night. I even had another seizure while in the wheelchair going to the car. Lindsay had a job holding me in. The Nurse who had looking after me came out to make sure I was alright. I said I am not going back in the Hospital. I did not need to, just a few hours sleep.

"Paul's Story". 
I hate this because as soon as Gill's regular readers see "Paul's Story" they know that Gills been poorly again and again yes she has..................

As Gill stated I was looking after Jamie while she had a swim. I saw Gill in the middle of the pool and when I looked again she was at the pool edge towards the deeper end. I looked again and she just had a blank expression, I instantly knew there was a problem, so I got to her as quick as I could. I held her up out of the water just as she collapsed, I asked a lady to call for the lifeguards urgently as Gill started with her first seizure. The lifeguards arrived very quickly as did a policeman who was on holiday on the site and he of course had medical training. We all managed to get her out the pool as more seizures started. They made her as comfortable as possible laying her on kids life jackets and also wet towels. This then gave me the chance to run back to the others with Jamie and to inform them what happened. By all accounts our eldest son thought it was funny seeing me running as he hadn't seen me run that fast as I'm 16 stone 10 pounds and not very fit. Wayne and Tracy looked after the kids as Lindsay and I went back to Gill. It was decided that half the pool be closed off for Gills privacy, which it was. After Gill had had around 12 seizures I decided that it was time to call for an ambulance. One of the lifeguard staff did this for me and was asking me a number of questions about Gill before the ambulance crew arrived. I decided that it was too hot in the pool area and it would be better to get Gill outside as it was very hot and still very noisy. The lifeguards arranged to get a mattress from one of the nearby holiday show homes for her to lay on outside. The whole of the indoor pool area was evacuated while a number of the other lifeguards carried her outside. Three ambulance crew arrived and examined Gill who was still having seizures. They administered oxygen after putting in a nasal breathing tube and also gave her a total of 5mg of Diazapam over 2 separate periods. I then ran back to the caravan too get her medication while they prepared her for the trip to A and E in the James Paget Hospital in Gorleston. Having had seizures in the ambulance they arrived after me at about 4-30pm. Seizures to date about 22. She was seen immediately by a male resus nurse called Andrew and an A and E Consultant, by 5-00pm she had had another 3 seizures. She had blood and urine tests, later both coming back clear, she was put on oxygen and also had 5mg Diazapam given rectally. At one stage another Doctor popped her head round the corner as Gill was seizing and she hit the emergency button and within seconds doctors and nurses appeared from nowhere, it was basically for assistance so Gill didn't hurt herself. At about 9-00pm she was moved from  to Bed 6 in Bay 2 of the Clinical Assessment Ward also situated within the A and E Department. Gill then slept for a while but at 11-25pm she had 3 more seizures in a row and was complaining of severe headache so I was allowed to give her 800mg of Ibuprofen out of her own medicine box and she also had what Gill calls Oxygent (she is funny). She then settled and at 2-30am it was decided that she could go back to the caravan, but she was given 3 x 5mg Diazapam tablet to take with her to help with the long journey back to Lincoln later that day. Lindsay wheeled Gill to the car as I went to unlock it but Gill had another seizure in the chair with Lindsay struggling to keep her in the chair, I went back into A and E to get help. Her nurse came out and checked her over and we decided that the seizure this time was probably caused by the temperature change from a very warm A and E Department to the very damp and cold outside atmosphere at 2-45 in the morning. We arrived back at the caravan about 3-00am. I would like to add that I think the Hospital A and E was far better for Gill all round than the Lincoln County Hospital and the Doctors and nursing staff were far more caring and considerate and more helpful than at our Lincoln Hospital. Lindsay and I got Gill straight into bed with Summer going stupid, as usual, at seeing her mum. The last of the 30 seizures were over and the damage at the time too Gill didn't look too bad but unfortunately it did a day or two later. Wayne then escorted Lindsay home. Gill was still in bed at 9-00am and we were having to vacate the caravan by 10-00am so I contacted reception at the Hopton Holiday Village and without hesitation they gave us an extra 2 hours, so many thanks also to them. Thank you also to Lindsay for being with me and to Wayne and Tracy for looking after and keeping the 3 kids amused while their "Nan" was poorly. Besides that we had a really good few days away.

Me in A & E.


Bit battered and bruised not looking forward to the journey home. I have taken DIAZAPAM so that should help.
Jamie-Lee brought me round a yellow emoticon toy from everyone, to make me better.

Dozed a bit I think. Every bump seemed to be aimed at me. My breast bone is so sore from the Ambulance men pressing on it to see what level of unconscious I was. Right hip sore also all down my right leg and shoulder. Arrived home at last, sure it was twice as far home as when we went. Nice bath later with BADASS ( Badedas) in it this always helps. After I got out the warmth of the water had made my leg go very red and sore. My injures usually take a few days to show.

I had a good holiday. Pleased my Mum is doing good because I don't like it when she goes away.


Tired but pleased to be home. Trouble with these seizures I never know how many or how bad they are going to be. Life is like living on a knifes edge. Paul says he worries when he gets a call from my phone or just when I go out. I CAN NOT LIVE MY LIFE ALWAYS INSIDE-- I NEED MY SPACE. Yes I worry too, but I am still here.

Paul is taking Wayne back to Halifax, so Tracy is here to keep an eye on me. We did a 3D puzzle the ones where you build up flat looks good. The Beatles, this was Tracy's from a while ago so I said take it with you. We were very proud of it. Tracy did most of the working out I just placed the pieces. A nice afternoon.

My sores and grazes.


Lot of pain and discomfort today. Leg sores are weeping and bleeding. My leg is swollen too.
Saw the nurse today I had an appointment for my B12 so that was lucky. She dressed my sores with special dressing and silver lint like dressings. Hopefully this will help to keep the infection out she said. I think there is already infection there. Back on Thursday to check them.

My sores are getting worse.

 All patched up.

Got Jamie a scooter for her Birthday but gave her it today. She can get more use out it while the weathers fine. I said its for your Birthday (8th Sept). Oh she said what will I get for my Birthday then, I said nothing she said OK. Riding off on it she said its great Nannie.

She did not want her picture took.

Doing puzzles with her later she is very good at them. 50 and 100 piece ones


No Pilate's today. Age UK called when I was walking Summer, to see if I would go in today no chance Paul said. Joy is calling round later.  This will be nice I have not known her long either. She brought me a little plant. Thank you Joy.

Lindsay and children here later for tea. Tommy-Lee was helping me with Yorkshire puds. I do it in a milk shake tub with a lid with a wire ball to help more air get in and it makes a smoother mix. The lid is tight and I told Tommy to shake it up as hard as he could. Won't the lid come off Nan, NO I said, its tight. Well not sure what happened, but the lid flew off, covering poor Tommy in batter. In his mouth to, he was nearly sick. So funny poor Tommy. No pictures as laughing so much, Tommy too. He had to wear bigger shorts and a "t" shirt (mine) till his was dry after me washing them.  

Lindsay brought the chicken so a roast chicken dinner it was. The children enjoyed it very much so did the adults. A long day as still feeling the effects of the seizures.


Back to the Nurse to check dressings. They are all good apart from one on my lower leg that is still oozing and wet. Dressings changed and off home but back on Monday again. I have bean given more dressing so they can be replaced if needed. Popped into town for a few things. This was more to test out how I felt while doing things as I hope to go to Age UK tomorrow. I felt very tired when I got back. Maybe I will sleep better, but I doubt it.


I did go to Age UK and it was alright quite busy but I was able to cope with the help of extra pills. Joy kept an eye on me. A lot of people asked me what had happen, had I had an accident? Some I told others I just said yes something like that.

My RSD is really bad, nerve pain hot cold all over the place. No doubt bean upset by the seizures.
I was talking to a man about seizures he has them himself. He said he could sympathise with me and hope I remain seizure free for a while. Good to have a conversation with someone. I know he has not got RSD. I still have not met any with it yet in UK.

When I got home my face and right eye was swollen and and was only partly open. This felt quite sore.

Face and around eye more swollen.


Wow-- eye and face swollen, eye about shut, extremely sore cheek dripping and wet. This can only mean one thing INFECTION.

We are having a BBQ with Lindsay and family so will be outside most of afternoon. When they arrived Jamie-Lee looked at me and went, OH poor Nannie. I put a hat on and sunglasses but still it was painful. Doctors tomorrow so its good I can get it checked out.


My legs have healed well still the lower leg one, a bit to go yet till properly healed. I am now to put cream on to moisturise my skin as it's like sandpaper in places. I took a lot of the dressings off last night after my bath. The nurse says my eye is infected. I need to come back later to see a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner. She can not write a prescription. Good job it not too far away. My balance is a bit off today.

Later when I was seen I was told no question I have an eye and cheek infection. Bean given  CLARITHROMYCIN ANTIBIOTICS 500mg 2 a day 1000 in total. Quite a strong dose, hope it works. I am to go back in 48 hours if no change.

Rest of the day just cleaning up. My eye is still bad, not as sore as yesterday, but still not good. Yesterday it felt like I had a razor blade in it. Today its not as bad but more closed.


Today was a special day for me as I had a visit from a friend Billy and his wife Sarah and son Riley  plus Sarah's Dad. He used to live in the street when he was a child. He was Lindsay' friend really, but he came round here a lot. When the children were younger the house was called "THE CAFE" so many young ones came round here. In fact when he came today, he made the tea, while I got Riley some toys.
He now lives in Spain and the special bit, I have mentioned be for he has RSD. He is the only person I have met with it. His started after a bad car accident. He broke his ankle in quite a few places. After many procedures he thinks they have got it right. I just hope the RSD improves, at least a little bit.
Riley had a nice time playing with the box of figures and cars plus other bits. Some of the toys Billy remembered from coming round to see Lindsay. A lot of them were Andrew's, passed down from Wayne and Lindsay over the years. A lovely  morning good to talk to some one who knows how I feel. They are going back to Spain on Thursday. Nice he found time to come and see me.


Even though my eye is sore, ANTIBIOTICS are working. I am still going to Pilates. Joy is coming with us as well. Jeff is taking it today as Jo is away. I think quite a good session despite head and face hurting. My battle sores are doing good now most have healed or nearly anyway. I am to moisturise now as skin is very dry. I tried DIPROBASE but this did not suit me itchy and sore. CRAPOLEAN is good for me also just a simple cheap moistener does the job well. I think I will soon be healed up enough to start running I have got the route already worked out on the common. "Happy Days".


Early this morning I had a lot of pain and discomfort around my right eye, the infected one. A bit like a batman mask area. Sight not too good very blurred. I went to bed but the pain was not getting any better, despite taking two IBRUES and two DIHYDROCODEINE. The RSD was going wild, My whole body was on fire or it felt like it.  Paul woke up about six and I asked him to get more tablets even though it had bean only two hours since the last ones. I got out of bed for a wee and could not see much at all out my right eye it was not focusing at all. Bit worried but may be a side affect of the ANTIBIOTIC'S or extra tablets or something. I went to sleep.

Morning came very quickly, I opened  my eyes still the same? NO, worse, hardly any vision at all. Still the mask pain as well. I thought I will wait till dinner time to see if anything improves. Who am I trying to kid, of course it did not improve at all. I tried the LIQUIFILM lubricant I use but, they did not work at all, worse I think.

I phoned my Doctor in the afternoon and got an appointment. Everything is pale and bleached like, though my right eye, vision very bad, a bit scary. The Lady Doctor who I saw was good, doing lots of checks and asking questions. She phoned up the Hospital while I was there. I need to go as she says something is very wrong.


Right eye the same, looks like I do need this appointment  I was hoping the eye would be alright, I have said before, things like that don't happen to me I get all the shit stuff. Paul took me and came in with me to see the Doctor. A lot of questions and some answers. A few painful tests later and we have a verdict. I have damaged my eye quite badly. My eye has got a lot of scratches on it, plus inflammation and infection at the back and around the eye. I think this would have bean caused by my seizures on Holiday. The eye infection first then this. My seizures are very violent similar to GRAND MALL ones.

PAINFUL I think is the word. I have bean given tablets ACICLOVIR 800mg,  five times a day and three lots of cream. CHLORAMPHENICOL four times a day - DEXAMRTHASONE four times also a day- plus GEL TEARS to keep my eye moist to use when ever.

I am to go back next week Wednesday, before if no better after the weekend. Hopefully by then my sight will be a lot better. Home now, pleased, I feel sore and battered and very tired. I can only see out one eye.

Angela and Joy both phoned up to see how I was. Joy went to Bridlington but she said it rained most of the day what a pity. Nice of them to ring up.


Eye sore but I suppose that's to be expected. RSD has joined in as well, my right foot and left hip very painful at times. Spoke to Andrew he is doing well. The weather in Amsterdam is much like here at the moment so he is enjoying sunshine too.

The children are staying over night arriving about six pm. I am going just to rest till they get here.
Easier said than done with me, I can't do much anyway-- no sewing, knitting, reading or  Blog.

The children arrived on time. They have come from their Dads. They had had their tea so that was good, so they wouldn't be hungry for a few hours.

Playing and just talking to them, They decide they were hungry again so toast and ravioli, for Tom. toast plus other bits for Jay-Jay and Jamie-Lee. Soon it was bed time for Jamie in fact past it. She soon settled. Jay-Jay, Tommy-Lee and I just talked about things. Right bed for you two and then I can relax a bit in my Radox bath. The same as Jamie they soon settled down and went to sleep.

I had my bath and watched a bit of television a bit blurred though.


The children had a good sleep. Tommy is at football later. Jay-Jay came with me to take Summer, taking advantage of the open space of the common and had a run.

He went home soon after playing with Jamie, and Tommy went for his football match. He hurt his ankle Lindsay said later on in the day, but I think he is alright. This just left the Little Miss to play with. Ponies, these had all their tails and manes done, brushed and plaited. This took about an hour or more. Lego, and Dora played with as well.. We had a good time and Summer joined in too as usual.

 Jamie, Jay-Jay and Summer.
 Summer has found a nice soft cushion.
 All the ponies groomed. 
Giving Summer a cuddle

 Lindsay picked them up, time to rest as pain around my eye is bad. The vision has improved slightly and I can see colours now.

Cooking tea with Paul's help, roast beef with all the bits. Funny while eating it my eyes saw four Yorkshires instead of the two I had. I will be pleased when everything is back to normal,whatever that is. So long since things were anywhere near normal.


I feel very drained today and tired-- may be the extra tablet and drops. Paul has made a chart as there are so many extras to take now we set the minute minder timer. so I don't miss any.
Eye is improving but not quick enough for me. I hate just sitting and doing nothing.

Angela came round after dinner. She is well and seemed quite happy. A good afternoon always good to see her.
After my bath Paul took these pictures--- as you can see all the sores about gone now. Some more scars to add the growing collection.


Catching up on this Blog, as not bean able to do it because of not being able to focus. I was pleased I did some last week before my eye was bad..

Bit of work in the garden today quite grown up. A nice sunny day able to stand the light a lot more now but still had on my sun glasses.
I dug up my potatoes,  I planted about six, the ones that go soft at the end of a bag. What a surprise loads of them some big ones too. I weighed them in at nine pound five ounces.
 My surprise tatties.
 This is the little spot I grew them in quite a lot I think for the small space.
 Cucumbers getting big I grew these from seed this is the second lot, the snails got all the rest..But they died for it..
 Cucumber plant.
 My tomatoes from seed.
 Still a bit to go yet.
 Tomatoes ready, these I bought as plants.


Back at the Hospital this afternoon. Bit of good news my  CORNEAL ABRASIONS  have healed up a bit. The Inflammation is called ANTERIOR UVEITIS I am to carry on with drops as prescribed tapering them off. The cream now just at night time and tablets till finished. Back in four weeks. There is not much improvement with the ANTERIOR UVEITIS. Mine has inflamed the back of the eye as well. Also I need to make an eye test appointment as my eyes will have bean affected. I know they have because my reading glasses don't help much, and I can see better without my distance glasses. So that will be made very soon. Tomorrow I think. I am pleased there is some improvement at least. This has bean very painful for me.

Taken from website.

Anterior uveitis includes iridocyclitis and iritis. Iritis is the inflammation of the anterior chamber and Iris. Iridocyclitis presents the same symptoms as iritis, but also includes inflammation in the ciliary body Anywhere from two-thirds to 90% of uveitis cases are anterior in location. This condition can occur as a single episode and subside with proper treatment or may take on a recurrent or chronic nature.


Up earlier today about seven thirty, stomach pains. Toilet six times before 11am this is more than I usually go in a week. Might be a good thing though as a clean out. I went to bed about three. The weather has bean very hot and humid and I have bean feeling very tired. I know some of it is the tablets.
Just thinking, my eyes over the last years have actually got better. The only thing that the RSD has not much affected, is now bought down by this, something else. I have not eaten much today as when I do I get bad pain in my stomach.


Today would have bean my Mums Birthday if she was still here 84. Miss you Mum.

Paul is taking Lindsay or should I say the boys to Mablethorpe. This is the first holiday they have had together. Lindsay and Ben are going with the girls. The car is not big enough for all of them to go together. Six children two adults. Not for the faint hearted.

My stomach is not any better six times on the toilet by 11am. I feel very week and stomach sore.
I had two pieces of toast for dinner and it felt like a banquet meal. The last day of the tablets so hopefully when they have left my system all will be well.

Going with Angela to see one of her friends later if I feel alright. I have not bean out much anywhere since coming back from Holiday, apart from the common with Summer. So nice to be asked. The toast settled after a while and we both enjoyed a good afternoon. We even had fish and chip, from a local chip shop on the Forum North Hykeham might be the wrong thing but I really fancied them. I did not eat them all but they were good, more pain though.  Coming back I asked if her car seats came clean easily just in case. 


Lindsay's caravan is a big one and very nice she said.

 All the gang.
 Six Kids!!!

They are enjoying their time there. Hopefully the weather will keep good. We have rain here as I write this- (Saturday 27th 1-30pm) I just spoke to her and she says its sunny there and warm, good I'm pleased for them all.

My stomach is still bad, I feel week and hot, sweating a lot too. I have lost three pounds in weight. No more tablets now so I hopefully this will be the last painful day. PLEASE.


Bit better night, still pain in stomach and still going to the loo a lot. Slightly better today, hopefully I can eat more as I am loosing more weight.

Went to the Doctors to take prescription for my tablets. Only about a mile in total, but it made me feel very light headed and sick at times. I am not going to Pilates tomorrow as I think it would be to much for me.

Lindsay and Family are back from there holiday now,  and she said it was great.

Well last day of the month, quite pleased to see it go. Stomach much the same, fair bit of pain for the last few days in left kidney area. Just hope this is not an infection also, and just a normal pain. I have rung up Age UK and said I am not able to go in again this week. The seizures started every thing off four weeks ago. Since then things have definitely gone down hill.  The only way is up from now on, that is after I stop going down hill.

My friend Joy came round after pilates and brought me some crystals/stones to help healing. A lovely thought- Thank you Joy.
 She said Lincoln is in worse state now, as the bus station has moved and not running very well. Lets hope things will get better as its there for at least a year and half. A new one is being built on the original site.

Lindsay and family here for tea, she did most of it. I had about as much as a two year old, but a least its a start to eating again.
 Finally managed to get a picture of Jamie-Lee and her scooter. Lindsay got it on her phone.

Is it Jamie-Lee or giraffe.

Well a full month, not a good one though. I feel like the lady that swallowed the fly then the spider song. Things just keep getting worse. This year has not bean the best. I want to do so much--- bike ridding- running!! but things just keep going wrong. There is always next month maybe this will be better. Hope you are all as well as can be, and had some of this sunshine.
All the best Love Gill.


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