I thought I would start the New Year off with a few pictures from the end of last year as there were a lot on December's Blog.
 Deep in thought. Jay-Jay.
 Smiling Tom.
Curly Jamie-Lee.
 Wayne, Lindsay and Andrew. We did not realize how tall Andrew had got till this picture was taken.
 Jamie giving a tired Summer some attention I was tired too, quite too steady at Age UK. 
 My lovely Grandchildren- well mostly.
 Add a equally lovely caring Mum. 
 All together now.
 Joined by Paul this time. Jamie-Lee not Happy???
  Jamie cried because she said Summer was not in any pictures and she is Family too.
So here she is- and Jamie-Lee is right Summer is very much Family. Jamie-Lee happy now.
 Jamie kept tickling Summers belly and making her wriggle.
 Paul, Lindsay and me.
I think this a brilliant picture.
Tin of Westie biscuits I got as a present from Nes, I actually got two tins, one from another street neighbour. The biscuits are Westie shaped as well..

Happy New Year to everyone. 

Well I started off the year with a BANG walked into the bathroom door causing a deep gash and a bump to my forehead. The force of the impact knocked me back on to the bathroom sink, this in turn hurt my right hip. The head bleeding went on for quite a while. I decided not to go to the Hospital as I was feeling alright, a bit dizzy to start but that soon passed and I was not knocked out, in a lot of pain though. Sat down the rest of the night. I was a bit worried how my body would react to this. May be more pain or a seizure. NO just the the bump and a big headache-- I was so pleased. Still bleeding hours later Paul put a dressing on it for me.


Head very sore and still bleeding,  dressing on still, not doing too much today. That is apart from taking Jay-Jay to get him some shoes. This did not go well as no one had any that would fit, or he liked, at Clark's both shops plus various cheaper ones. With this being a Bank Holiday the shops also shut early. Paul even took us to Sainsbury's. I rung up first and they were open till 7-00pm, yes the store was but not the shoe shop. Wasted journey? Not quite-- I got a new mixer and Andrew some new shoes. Bad head later and very tired. 


Pilate's, first one of the year, Joy not here she has a bad back. I went on the bus today. A good session but I felt quite stiff specially around my hip where it hit the sink. Other wise quite good but made my head bleed again. Came back with a pounding head. Took a few IBRUES that helped a lot. 


My Daughter got a new washing machine yesterday in place of her broken down one, it was through the insurance. This I am pleased about so I don't have to do her washing any more. This time of the year there is no good days to dry them. Many of the children's tops with logos can't go in the dryer. I know she is pleased as before Christmas they said they were gong to repair it. 

A nice sunny day, washed the bedding and managed to get it dry outside. A lovely walk on the common with Summer. Cold but nice. I know Summer enjoyed it and was running around like a little Pup.

I have a lot of pain today, joints and head also. I feel like my body is detached from brain today, a far away feeling. Not sure if this is the bump or ????. 

Summer had another walk later with Andrew also. She was very Pupped up and excited like she was meeting someone. We half expected a dog to be waiting for her on a corner. Very cold tonight sharp frost I think later.


Age UK today again. On the way I took a jacket back for Jay-Jay waited in the queue for ages. While there a lady stole a coat, the staff went after her and got it back. She was then questioned by the security man, one of the shop assistants said. This made me a bit late but Nill's was not too bothered as he knew I would be coming in. We were quite busy too.


A quite day, Lindsay's not here so just the three of us, Andrew here still. Plus Summer as well.
My head is still a bit sore and headache, still it is healing, but slow, but I suppose it's early days, still less than a week.

 Still a bit nasty looking.Taken today.

I have bean waking up the last few morning really sweating. I had this a bit back but I thought it had settled down, I was wrong, makes my short nights even shorter. I did wonder if it was the HERBAL TINCTURE I am taking from the Herbalist at the college..I will keep taking it for a while and see if I can come to some conclusion.


Got two little extra ones today-- Nes asked if I would look after Emmie (4) for her, her brother Ben (9) came round a bit later to get her and ended up stopping while their Dad got tea. They both had a good time playing so did Summer. Neither of them really wanted to go home and Summer wanted them to stay too.

 Summer dressed up.

Emmie playing with Summer, she thought it was very funny when I put a dress on Summer. As you can see Summer does not mind a bit.

Pilates today this was taken by Jeff this time. A good session I thought some of the other ladies were not too sure, as it was a bit faster than Jo's classes. Joy has still got a bad back so was not here.

Summer has had a few extra afternoon walks with Andrew and I, she enjoys these. She is a dog that would walk all day-- or be satisfied with her usual trot in the Morning. Easy to please she is.

Lindsay called in and advised me to have my head checked out. I am going to ACCUE tomorrow and that is near to the Walk in Centre ( like A&E) so I will call in after. A few people have said I should have it checked as its very slow to heal. This was a deep gash though, I don't think they will do anything now though.

Knitting later, these are more little doll cribs plus clothes for four inch dolls, presents for two little girls later in the year.


Joy is here here today still having a lot of trouble with her back. I have lent her some knitting patterns for baby things as her niece is having a baby later on in the year.

We both went into town together on the bus. I carried on to ACCUE. Bought them up to date with everything and showed them my head I had a dressing on it as it bled last night after my bath.

ACCUE treatment was this-- By Candy with Hassim and Fangi looking in. Four needles in each knee, one in each wrist, one in my head and also ear seeds to help with relaxing. They asked about the TINCTURE I was given I said it has not helped me much if at all, also about the sweating.  Hopefully the  ACCUE treatment will help. Over time this has become less affect.

Called at the Drop in Centre and saw a very nice Doctor who looked at my head. She agreed it was a deep gash. I should have gone on the day I did it she said and asked why I did not. I said it was January 1st all the people who had accidents last night would have bean there, so I did not feel like going to wait for hours. (I have bean before for various things and waited ages) She said I should still have gone the next day. Maybe I should have.

Nothing needs to be done now and she asked why I had come today. I said because everyone said I should have it checked, and it was slow healing. She said it would take time to heal as it was so deep. If I had gone on the day it would have had a few stitches. Not possible now because of the skin around the wound started to heal. I am to look for any infection in case it gets infected it would possibly infect the bone. No need for a dressing unless it bleeds again.

Later I banged my head in the bath. I put the bath mat upside down and tried to turn it over while sat on it and leaned forward too far and bumped my head on the tap. Only a little bump but enough to make it open up again and bleed again.


A cold day, snow in places and we had a flutter earlier. Some places have had a few inches and are quite bad with Schools and work places shut. A bit of Snow and Britain falls apart. Very cold on the common but Summer enjoyed it a lot.

Age UK today Nills said it had bean a mixed week with some busy and slow bits. One lady always seems to be in everybody's way and today she was the worst ever. In places she should not be, and doing things she should not be doing. I even had to ask Nills to have a word with her. An accident waiting to happen. Well the rest of the day was alright.


Last day here for Andrew as he is going back home to Amsterdam today. He has bean here a lot longer this time. Arriving 20th December. We will miss him, Summer will a lot and I know she will cry. Paul is taking him to Doncaster Airport for 2-55pm flight. They got off on time too which was good. I took Summer for her walk late after we all said goodbye. I thought this would help her.

 Coins Andrew left for rent while he was here-- GOLD,     NO CHOCOLATE. Thank you Andrew.
We had a good walk and she seemed fine when we got back not looking for Andrew at all.
She did get very mucky as this dog kept jumping on her wanting her to play. 

About 4-00 pm (Amsterdam an hour ahead) Paul had a message saying that Andrew had landed and everything was good.
See you next time Andrew.


Sorting out bedrooms and general house work.

Paul, Lindsay and the boys are at Lincoln v Ipswich tonight. This is the first Lincoln match they have bean to. Lincoln are expected to win as well. Lincoln did win in the last few minutes. The boys enjoyed it so much and they were on TV's Calendar News doing an interview. They were so excited. Lindsay suffered a lot with the noise and cold, she came back with a banging headache.


Pilates today walked quite a long way as the bus I was on did a detour. I did not know where I was with not knowing Heighington. A nice dog walker pointed me in the right direction and I managed to find the hall for my Pilates session. I missed a bit but soon caught up. My joints hurt but apart from that I did good. Even got a lift home with Jo (the tutor). Thank you Jo.

Angela came round later she is doing well and enjoying her job mostly.

A bit of bad news later-- Paul's Nanna has passed away in her sleep. The one hundred year old lady whose Birthday pictures were on last months blog. She will be missed by a few people.



Age UK busy as usual. No major accidents either. Everyone behaved today as well.
Bit of shopping then home. I have got the children tomorrow, so getting the bedrooms ready for them.


Only two children to stay for the night. Tommy-Lee and Jamie-Lee. Jay-Jay is staying at home this time. Played with Jamie for a lot of the time mostly dolls.

These are the dolls clothes I made for Jamie-Lee for Christmas. The basket I made a few years ago. Note the tiny doll in the basket within the larger basket. I just made her a bed and a blanket. The dolls are 4"-5" high and the tiny one less than an inch.

This little doll is tiny less than two inches high. Jamie said she was cold as she had no clothes. I made her a dress. She then said her feet are cold, so little shoes. Next she said these have no shoes Nanny--all five of them . I said no more, they will have to stay under a blanket. The shoes I made were very fiddly.

After she had gone to bed and settled I had a long chat with Tommy-Lee just about general things. We then played cards I won one game and the next game he slaughtered me, winning 11 hands to two, we play go fish.


Jamie woke up about eight, after a nine hour sleep.  She said she had a good sleep, Tommy also had a good night as well.

I went on the common with Summer and left the children with Paul. He did crumpets for them both. Very cold and frosty today. Lindsay came about four to pick them up. Both were good and well behaved.


A visit from my friend John in the afternoon, he is busy but doing well and he is happy. He is one of the people I made a Christmas cake for, he said it was very good. When taking it home he hardly got inside his house before he had some, very funny. He was very pleased as last year he had a small cake, this year a lot bigger one.


I have an HERBAL appointment today to see how I am getting on with the drops and things they gave me last time, I said they have not made a lot of difference to me and the sleep stuff has not done anything. I have agreed to carry on a while just to see if things change.

Went to Joy's for a very brief visit, she is doing better now but still in pain with her back, Next week she is going to see a specialist.

One of my tablets has bean stopped without any discussion with me. I have a call later booked to see whats its all about.

Spoke to the Doctor, he said I have bean on it a while about nine years. So I need to have another DEXTA SCAN to see how things are going. After the results we can see if I still need to take them or something else or better still, no tablets.


Pilates again on the bus, but this time no detour. Very cold and frosty. A good session no major problems but quite a bit of pain in my shoulders. Shins hurt a lot today not too sure why, maybe because its cold or just because they want to!!!

Afternoon, doing this blog and tea.


Age UK again very busy today right from 11.30 through to 2pm. We have 22 tables and at no point was there one free for more than a few minutes. Only two waitress's as well so they did a brilliant job keeping all the customers happy.

I had to make two hot chocolate drinks and as I took the co-co powder tub out from the bottom shelf, the marshmallow tub fell forward and a lot fell out, about half a tub full, Nills said that will come out your wages. The customer looked very shocked then we explained that I am a Volunteer and get no wages (we get a meal if we want). The customer laughed and looked relieved.

I left there to do a bit of shopping, wool and MAGNESIUM BATH SALTS  I tried this a few years ago and was very HYPERTENSIVE to it, (this was when I was with Wietse the physio, probably around 2008 plus) The HERBALS asked me to try it again as they said it might help the nerves to calm down a bit, and generally relax me. Funny because on the way there last Tuesday I picked up the same packet I got today, and wondered if I should give it another try. Weird or what. I walked around and got the things I needed.

I wonder why I felt so cold I knew the icy wind had got stronger but something was missing. NO not my coat but my scarf. I had left it at Age UK so had to go back for it, quite a way as out the town centre,  but its a week till I go again. The scarf means a lot to me as Cilla the lady next door gave me it. A cashmere and silk one so not cheap and very temping to a thief. Scarf picked up and put on home please. A lot warmer now.

I tried the bath salts later and I was fine no bad reaction to them, quite a warm feeling though. Did it help me sleep though???


The answer to sleep is NO but I will keep trying. One night I did sleep over four hours straight, so that's good.

My head is healing quite well now after a very slow start. The pain has mostly stopped too. The cold still causes a bit of pain though, so I pull my hat down and that helps.

Well the end of the another month, the first of 2017. I think this went alright too. Apart from my head .Hopefully this year I will keep away from hospital and more accidents..

All the very best to you all in 2017 and I hope this will be good year for you all. Love Gill.

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