Well here we are in February I think January seemed a long month, to me any way.

1st February

My Brother and Sister in law called in, they are both doing better now after the accident in their car last year. Good to see them, I asked if they would take me to Pilate's so I could see them a bit longer they said yes. Paul is not driving at the moment as he has eye problems.

Pilate's one word-- painful. I think just about everywhere hurt. Electric shocks in my fingers going up my arm on the right side. Right shoulder is hypersensitive too, in fact most of the rest of me is too but not as bad as shoulder. You probably know the feeling, ants crawling on the skin and frequent electric shocks.


Woke to bad spasms in my legs very painful, hopefully ACCUE will help today as I have a session.

The student today was Nansen, on his own. 16 needles in my shoulders and arms. These were very painful with strange reactions of extra pain, cold and hot sensations shooting all over. The needles are very fine but felt like knives in my right side. The neck ones I think were the worst. Nansen said my neck was very bad the worst he had seen it. He asked if I had extra pain YES I said a lot. He could feel the crackle and movement of the ARTHRITIS I have there. This is not usually a problem, well not a big one it does play up from time to time, but I can usually cope with it.
Needles also in my legs, 3 in each, these were painful as well. Next after a few minutes rest as I had bean laying face down for about twenty minutes, so he likes me to rest a while, before any other treatment is started. A lovely massage followed of my neck, shoulders, back, arms and legs.. Nice but still painful today.

Saw my older brother and his girlfriend later in town as I did my shopping. Home then for a rest Nansen said not to over do it for the next few days as this was a big treatment.


A sunny windy day but cold. Angela here for a cup of coffee. A lot of pain still plus the pain from the ACCUE a few bruises and lumps have appeared.  Still ants feeling over shoulders. The ACCUE usually makes me feel worst to start with, then helps mostly.


Another very cold day (washing out for the first time in a week) this made my headache at the bit where I bumped it on Jan 1st, just about healed now.

Went to the crematorium to take flowers for my Parents and Brother, Summer went too its quite a long way for her about two and half plus miles, may be more. Very cold wind that felt like it took my head off. On the way back we met up with some young Travelers. I spoke to them for a while then headed for home. They had three dogs with them and Summer was a bit uneasy. I reassured her and she calmed down. I was pleased to get in out the cold. Summer was very tired and had a sleep.
I sat down had a cup of tea and did a bit of knitting. I am making baby clothes for Joy for a relation who gets a baby in June. Nice to be knitting bigger things after the tiny dolls things. A long while since I made little cardigans.


A very frosty start to the day. Still more pain than I would like but who are we to chose. Cleaning the bedrooms, Paul is doing the computer room and me the rest.  Now its getting lighter Summer has started getting two walks a day now, the afternoon one not as far.

Walking back they are usually a crop of snowdrops but this year they are a lot later. Last year late December and early January. I love Snowdrop and have a lot in the garden. 

Lovely snowdrops is spring on the way?

Head hurts a lot on the bump again not sure why unless its the cold air. This has bled a bit over night.


Going to the pictures with Angela today to see "Sing" a cartoon animation film about animals auditioning for a singing competition. The trailer look good so hears to another good film.
The film was very good. Angela enjoyed it a lot and we both laughed.


Pilate's went well, usual pain and soreness. B12 later, even this went well and did not hurt too much.

Lindsay not too good she has had a bad few days. Hopefully an appointment with a Doctor tomorrow will help and speed things up for treatment or whatever they are going to do.


At last a day out to see my friend Bev in Beeston. We met up with Russ, her son, who I have known a long time, used to run with him. (Happy days). He spent a lot of time at our house even stopping a few nights. I took the dolly stuff for Bev's Granddaughter I have bean making she was so pleased with them. Very much the same as Jamie-Lee's set I made her for Christmas.

We went out for dinner/ Lunch and was both treated by Bev. A good day just catching up we visited a garden center and fish place. Bev bought two fish for her tank. Did not get home till about seven thirty a long day and was so cold when I got off the train. Bev lent me some gloves as I forgot to take mine, tired but very pleased I went.


Age UK again very busy, slow to start but then--- a few bus loads. There was a bit of snow earlier so I think people were waiting to see what happen. Shopping, then home got a heavy load of bags, by the time I got home I hurt, fool should have got the bus, but I was going to drop a card off on the way home but hurt too much. I took it later with Summer, at least she was pleased.


Got Tommy-Lee later I think. but he has not bean too well tonsillitis again, poor Tommy, he did end up coming here later. We watched a DVD called the Doll House, about a place wiping peoples minds and re programing them to become what ever the people paying, wanted them to be. Released in  2009. Very good I left Tommy to watch quite a lot on his own as I had already watched a few earlier in the week. Wayne bought me the box set for Christmas. Strange but very good. Tommy-Lee was still a bit off it, he said his throat still hurt him, but still managed to beat me at cards.


Very cold wind, like ice, I think Summer even felt cold as she only had a little walk today and soon wanted to come home. She jumped up on my chair ready for her sleep I sat with her and she did feel cold. She was not the only one either.
Lindsay picked Tommy-Lee up about five. She has bean away for the weekend with Ben.


Happy Birthday to me.  Presents and cards very nice, my friend Lyn has bean to see me as well.
All the Lincoln family here for a Chinese takeaway for tea, good is was too. Jamie-Lee gets very excited  and could hardly wait for my cake to be lit and they all sung Happy Birthday to me. A lovely day and Thank you every one.


Woke early with a bad head, managed to get back to sleep. I have had quite a few mixtures from the HERBAL team but not felt much difference as yet. Sleeping is still the same, bed anywhere from three am to six am. People say how do you survive on so little sleep--- I say I don't know, I just do.

Went to Asda and bought a pair of leather boots and a shirt, exchanged a jumper too. Paul got me the boots and shirt for my Birthday.

Bad head again across the front I caught the cut with my hair brush and made it bleed quite a lot. This is certainly taking a long time to heal. (Happened New Years day)

Went on my bike for a test as I would like to go to Pilate's on it tomorrow if I can. Everything good and working well, felt good to be back on it again. My bike is electric or pedal assisted or ride as normal I usually have it on peddle assisted. Hopefully next month I would like to try and run again. I still miss it dreadfully and feel bad when I see people running. Some I know and they say are you back running yet? NO. A lady I know that lives in the street wants to run so we are hopefully starting in March.


Short night again but I did have twenty minutes around four thirty am.

I am going on my bike to Pilate's the weather is milder but a cold wind again. The ride was good, apart from a car that pulled out a side road,  I thought he was not going to stop, the driver wound down his window and put his hand up as if to say sorry.
Pilate's went OK but shoulder not good very painful and foot spasms again. Going home no problems apart from when I got home I had no key. I knew Paul would be home soon and he was. Trouble was Summer knew I was at the door and started crying not understanding I could not get in.


A lot going on more than usual. Wayne is not too good started on some new tablets and they have made him feel very bad. Sick all the time. He is going to talk to his Doctor. He said he has not felt right for a while but did not want to worry me.

Lindsay is not good either, still no further with Hospital and Doctors. I don't think they know what to do, but meanwhile she is getting worse. The extra bit she has in her brain is now two parts and not one.

Andrew on the other side is doing well, work is going good. He has met someone he quite likes.

Me I have a lot of pain in my shoulders and knees.

Summer had her haircut today look at all that came off.
 I saw some one that knows her and they said has she had lost weight? I said no- just a hair cut.


Age UK busy again very tired at the end of my stint, Bit of shopping then on to the Doctors.

Picked up tablets on the way back, or at least tried to. The chemist said we have not received a prescription from the Doctors as yet. Done on line as usual so I went to the Doctors to see what was going on as this was put in on 11th Feb. They said NO its at the Chemist. Back there-- no they have not received this as all their incomings are logged. I said can you ring them as this so far has taken over half an hour. They spoke to each other and they agreed to write another prescription out. TWO DAYS they said---NO I said today, but a prescription needs two days. There are Doctors here now,  get one of them to write it. I said its had nearly a week. I had to sit there till a Doctor sorted it out. One of the tablets I needed was the Morphine one  OXYCODONE. If I don't get it I will go into withdrawal.

Finally got the prescription after all this, the chemist did not have OXYCODONE one. This is usually ordered as soon as they get the prescription- but because of the mess up it was not. With it being a controlled drug there are rules they have to follow. Tomorrow for certain. They said they have had a lot of people doing their prescriptions on line like me and got the same response I got. Not good enough over an hour wasted. On the way back to the chemist I noticed a poster saying "why are you waiting, do it online and it will be waiting for you". NO NOT TRUE. Home an hour and half after I  first arrived at the chemist.
Very tired and in a lot of pain a sit down, tablets and a cup of tea helped.


Got tablets from chemist as promised. She said they have made a lot of people happy today.
A nice sunny windy day washing out for the first time in ages dried too.

Wayne still bad if not worse, blood now coming up. I said maybe A and E?.  Trouble is when you  continued to be sick nothing is going in so you can become dehydrated very quickly.

Blue sky again what more can I ask for--well quite a lot really. Knees and shoulders very sore today.
I did quite a bit done in the garden today, looks nice now. Things are growing well and bits are coming up, not sure what some are but will know soon.


Found out today that vitamin  D can help stop colds. I take this twice a day (with CALCIUM) for OSTEOPOROSIS  I have not bean getting many small colds since I first got RSD. I thought it was something to do with this. I still get nasty virus type things or flu that will last a few weeks though.

A lot of pain in my legs when sitting, bit like cramp/spasms without the tightness, nerve pain not good also knees are bad today.

Poor Wayne is still bad and worse, as he is so week and lost so much weight now still nothing stopping down. He says he is hot and shaking and smells. Even Timmy cat is keeping his distance. Poor Wayne. He has bean in touch with the Doctor again for advice.


Nana funeral today at least she got her 100th Birthday last year. A lot there, pleased she was remembered. A lovely lady, she had a long and varied life. Think what she has seen alter in the 100 years she has lived. Two wars, changes of Prime Mister, technology, fashion, plus many other things too. Lindsay and I did not go to the after buffet thing.  I did not want to, Lindsay was not too good either we came back home here to be with Summer.

My pain has backed off a bit but I have bean taking a lot of IBRUES and DIHYDROCODINE.


Very wet and slippery on the common and so windy after the affects of storm "Doris". I slipped and pulled my hip out a bit, it does this from time to time often in Pilate's, well the pain made me scream out and frightened a few birds. I have to wiggle my leg and hip to get it back in again this itself is as painful, as I am not sure which way to take it. After a few very painful minutes, it went back to its place. The pain died down straight away to a more manageable level. Bit tender the rest of the day but not too bad but I am on a lot of pain stuff.

Joy came round and I showed her the baby cardigans, she was very pleased and loved them, two down and two to go. I made an extra one from me. I will post a picture later when all are done.

Lindsay also called in, she is looking bad, she had words with the Doctor and he is trying to hurry things up as day to day she is getting no better, a lot worse. This is a tremendous worry for us and terrible for her

Later when I had my bath there was a bit of bruising around the hip..


A very large purple bruise around my hip, swollen too, feels quite sore.. I showed Paul and he was shocked.

This just came up after my trip!!

I don't tend to make too much of my pain as people are not really interested as it is on going all the time.

Age UK one word--MANIC--busy none stop all the time up till about two o'clock. Even then we had people in asking for meals. This place is very popular. Not surprised how cheap it is. My hip hurt with being on my feet all the time.

Bit of Shopping, buttons for cardigans I have made. Also picked up tickets for a live show, screened from London theatre Angela and I are going to on March 9th called Hedda Gabler.  

Wayne has bean admitted to Halifax Hospital and is in a bad way he can not keep anything down and is severely dehydrated and bringing up blood. They have put him on a drip which he says has made him feel a bit better. Also Xrays of chest done and blood taken. To start with they could get none as his veins had shrunk. Later he was transferred to Huddersfield Hospital. He has bean in touch and still nothing will stop down. Poor Wayne all on his own so far away.


Bruise still as big and a lot blacker-painful at times.

Wayne has bean in touch and is about the same still nothing will stay down not even water, still on the drip. They are thinking this is more than a reaction to the tablets, so more tests are to be done.

Got Tommy-Lee and Jamie-Lee to sleep tonight as Jay-Jay is having a teenage sleep over with his friends. This way he will not be bother by his sister. Have a good time Jay-Jay soon will be your Birthday-- 6th March then you will be a teenager. Look out Lindsay this is where it all starts. hope he is not as bad as you was!!!!!

The children were good and both slept well but bed time a bit later than usual. Tommy has football tomorrow but not till the afternoon.


Jamie-Lee was up and not happy with Tommy-Lee because he went back to bed.
Most of the day with Jamie-Lee playing. We did a 200 piece puzzle that glowed in the dark, plus one of Jamie-Lee 100 piece ones. she is good at puzzles and enjoys doing them.
They both decorated biscuits later in the day.

 Jamie-Lee and her Biscuit..


Tommy-Lee was picked up for football after Jay-Jay and two of his friends plus Tommy-Lee went Trampolining. This was a good time for them and they all enjoyed it. Jamie-Lee stayed here with me and was picked up around 8.30pm. She was tired and ready for bed. I think they all were.


Spoke to Wayne he is still in Hospital but doing better and feels more like he should. Still on a drip, he will be there for a few more day yet, as still being sick but no blood now. This in itself is a great relief for him and us. He is having a camera down his throat tomorrow--- also a scan.


Had an herbal appointment today. We discussed how I have bean since last time. I said the tea I will carry on with, not any of the other tinctures. I don't think they are doing much to help me and they are not cheap either .I hope to reduce my OXYCODONE soon. Maybe then I will try some more herbal mix to boost me a bit.

Summer had her booster injection as usual, no trouble, she got a treat as well. Tracy took us both in the car, Jamie-Lee came too and she said Summer was very brave. Jamie-Lee had her injections last week.

Well another mixed month a lot of downs plus a few ups but that's life. All the very best to you all
hope life is treating you well.. Love Gill.

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