1st March

Early hours around 4-00am I was sitting with my legs up, Time for bed I said to Summer and stood up, my toe went into a massive spasm and curled under itself. The pain was terrible and starting to go up my leg. I tried to release it but it was solid locked. All I could do was hold it to stop it from getting any worse and locking up my leg also. After a while I managed to free it enough to move my toe. Still very painful, by now I was sweating trying not to panic. Finally the toe released only to go back into spasms seconds later despite me holding it. After an hour I was able to walk and finally go to bed. Even then it kept going into a smaller spasms.

Next morning my leg ached and was very tight.

Pilate's today as well, going on my bike, this could help maybe or not. I think why my toe did this is  a combination of RSD and varicose veins that soon will need sorting out with surgery. Anyway I got there OK and did my class of Pilates, fair bit of pain in shoulders but otherwise alright. Toe behaved but quite tight. On the way back I went the long way as it was a lovely day, 11.4 miles biking I know it was peddle assisted but I still need to turn the peddles I was quite pleased with myself anyway.

Wayne is now back at home, he needs to rest and build himself up again. Timmy cat was very pleased to see him. Hope things go better for you now Wayne.

My friend Joy had an accident and fell of the bus. She has badly broke her left elbow and damaged her knee, hip and foot. I will go and see her tomorrow at her house as its close to where I have ACCUE tomorrow.


Accue treatment was done by Candy, Nasen, Bret and Jason, as the Tutor. In all 21 needles in my shoulders, back 9, stomach 5, legs 5, and head 2. At one time I had three students all working on me. The foot right ones were very painful and made me jump quite a few times. My shoulder ones were very very painful with strange feeling all over the place. The stomach ones were weird apart from feeling very tight. Jason turned or pressed the needle and straight away felt very hot and light headed, I told him how I felt and he turned it the other way and instantly I felt cold with like a fan on me. I have had a awful lot of sweating lately, so they are trying to cool me down. This worked very well, The tablets I am on are well known for this and also the RSD as well. These needles have a lot to do as usual. After the needles were removed Nasen did a very gentle massage and tapping treatment this was very soothing. Little bit dizzy when I got up after laying face down for a while, this soon passed, all done and ready to go.

Off to Joys house to see how she is. Joys arm is in plaster with a sling to support it. She is in a lot of pain hopefully this will be lessen in a few days, when the break settles down. Spent a few hours with her then home to a Chinese tea which I picked up on the way back, Good it was too, curry sauce, chips and rice for me.  Tired today I have walked quite a few miles this week.


No Age UK to start with as I have a DEXTER SCAN today at the hospital, this is to check my OSTEOPOROSIS I will go in to Age UK later to see if I am needed. The scan went well, the Nurse  said I am the same height as last time 2010 so that is good also the same weight.

Age UK did not need me to work so I had a cup of tea, and just did the shopping then home.

Bruises on my stomach and right shoulder, plus one on my right foot have come out quite a large one on my right shoulder.

Poor Joy has water coming through her ceiling so needs a plumber fast. Poor Joy that's all she needs.

Angela has a chest infection so she is not good also, You need to recover as live screening of  Hedda Gabler next Thursday. She in on ANTIBIOTICS so should recover very quick.


On my own all day (sorry Pup almost on my own), as Paul has a IA meeting.
Cleaning up downstairs. Summer had two walks.

The bruise on my leg and hip where my hip clicked out is getting better bruise faded a lot now not to much pain now. Other bruises still a bit tender.  Hurt quite a lot while having DEXTER SCAN. A quite day, resting a bit and cuddling Pup.

Lindsay is not having a good time her headaches are still very bad but nothing is getting done Sheffield lot blame each other for mistakes and appointments are not done. So worrying for everyone and so bad for Lindsay.


Left hip very sore today otherwise my lumps and bumps have settled down now.  After quite a busy week I feel tired but good, hopefully very soon my legs will be able to RUN.
A lot of pain in my joints today as well, the sort that does not go away. Made sitting down very uncomfortable. My fingers are not good, loss of feeling, grip not good either. Fingers very cold and lot of shooting pain though out my body.


Jay-Jays Birthday, he's thirteen, hardly seems possible. I was there when he was born, he has heart trouble so when she was in the last stages, his heart rate dropped to a few beats a minute Lindsay and him were raced to theatre for a emergency cesarean section. Lucky they were able to use forceps as he was so far down. I held him before Lindsay as she was still sedated. He sucked my neck and I joked that he was a Vampire. The Nurse who had no sense of humour did not think it was funny, she was more interested in telling me how to dress Jay-Jay (unnamed then).  He still has a few
problems. Well before he was born, they detected a hole in the heart. This needs checking every so often but does not bother him too much now. Lindsay was very drowsy otherwise she was alright.

Paul and I are going to see him tomorrow as he is at his friends today after school.


Lindsay is coming here tonight for tea instead of us going there. That will be better for me as well.

We got Jay-Jay clothes, but he has already got the same ones. He thinks I got him them at Christmas or he did with his Christmas money. Shows we both have the same taste then. so I need to exchange them for something else. He had a few other bits as well. The night went well but very noisy.


Pilate's today on my bike I still hurt everywhere so I don't know how it will go, might help sometimes does. Very windy going but mostly back or side so not too bad I hope it drops a bit going home. The sessions was not too bad I did what I could, no arms one up in the air, but most of the rest.

Still very windy coming home, as I expected head on and a lot stronger too. Two to three miles from home, the battery ran out. The extra strain  with the wind drained it more than usual so less miles.
I had to pedal, with out pedal assisted, with almost gale force head wind. Hard going I had to get off at one point as my legs would not turn the pedals. I think the last two miles felt like five at least.
Anyway I made it home very tired and pain everywhere. I did get some daffodils from the road side though.

Bike battery showing red.

Angela has trapped her finger in a door at work so she has gone to A and E. Not looking too bad though, nothing broken.


Cleaning up down stairs. Angela called to pick me up as tonight we are going to see a live performance of Hedda Gabler beamed from London's National Theatre via satellite. This was written in 1907 by a Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. Hedda being cast by Ruth Wilson. She played a bored young lady just married, looking for excitement. She is also early pregnant. Good but a bit strange to start with as there was a lot going on. I enjoyed it and managed to work it all out. Not a happy ending for her because she shot herself. A good night for me and most of the pain I was able to knock back with a load of tablets.


Age UK, last day for Gwen our chef. She did not want any fuss so people just said goodbye to her in their own way with a little gift and card or cuddle. Quite a few extra tablets today as pain still bothering me.
Also I found out Calum is leaving next week to start a new job that he did before he came here, wood working. He will learn as he goes along. I wish him all the best. At least he still has a year in catering to fall back on if things don't work out.  


Saw ten week old Husky and a eight -nine month one. Andrew would have loved them both.
The younger pup was the same size as Summer. I know next time he will be a lot bigger than her. Summer liked him a lot and was licking him.

 So cute.
 The older Husky
The little chap wanted to play with Summer just off camera. 

We walked round the common with a friend of Summers called Megan, she is two and very similar to Summer at that age, going in the water and mud.

My little Robin friend I feed with bits from home. There are two of them, more likely a mating pair, but as yet not being able to get a picture of them together. Last week when I had no camera they were both there. Also a few days earlier there was a squirrel eating along side the Robin.

Cute Summer in her new hat !!!
Summer will let me do anything with her as the bond between us is very strong she even went to sleep in this hat.

Wayne is doing better now and has not bean sick for a few days. He is still very weak and two stone lighter. All the best Wayne keep going you will soon be better..


Fair night slept around four hours--- yes that's a good night.

From four today Radio 1 is doing LOL (laugh out loud) Athlon --- twenty four hours of telling jokes with Scott Miles and Chris Starke, no sleep and only breaks when songs are on. I have listened to Radio 1 since I was around ten. Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee thinks its great when they can ask me about the latest tunes.

My hips today are sore, probably after biking Wednesday, also left eye is dry and painful again, probably the wind, hopefully. 


Pilate's again still quite painful for me. The day is very sunny and mild more like Summer than spring. Paul took me today as we are at an Afternoon Tea very soon after with Paul's IA group. They have bean going as a support group for 50 years.

The tea was lovely very nicely set out cup and saucers and tea pots too. Everything very tasty. I was sharing with a lady who was not keen on sandwiches, liking more cakes. I am more savoury so between us we cleared the whole tea. A very pleasant afternoon.

Me Sandra and Clive, cheers.
Some more guests.

Wayne phoned up he is doing better now, Lindsay is not so good a lot of head pain. I feel for her. I know what its like to be in constant pain most of the time. After a while people are not really interested or don't understand what you are going through. Andrew is well.

Accue today Candy treated me on her own. Mostly working on my back shoulders and arms. Three needles in each arm and fourteen in back and shoulders. Very painful at times. Candy did a massage too on my upper back, shoulders and arms. A painful session all round today.

After I went to see Joy, she is suffering with her arm and various parts that are sore and bruised.

Lindsay spoke to acting GP, she asked when she will hear from any pain specialists. She was told the letter went today. She could not believe what she heard this was first agreed in DECEMBER LAST YEAR. If I could afford to give her money to go private I would. Just not fair to see her suffer like this not when things can be done. I don't think they know what to do because its rare.
Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) this is what Lindsay has.

I picked up Lindsay's  prescription or at least tried to she was told it would be ready at dinner I went at four after Joys it was not ready. Call tomorrow they said, No today. I waited and waited and finally they got it ready. Only last month this happened to me saying they had not got my prescription. I did it on line and received confirmation on line also, so I know they did. Makes you think what the health treatment is coming too. Try to get an appointment with your own Doctor-- booked up for two three months ahead. I like to see mine as he understands a bit of RSD and my problems. Too many patients taken on but sadly its the same every where.


Not a good night bed around four thirty then awake every hour or more. Very cold as well windy too more like Winter, so nice on Wednesday. 

Age UK Calum's last day and no Gwen either. We have a temporary Chef  called Craig. He is very nice and seemed to fit in very well, he got on I think with everyone. Every customer said the food was good. Very busy again, I ache so much and have taken so many tablets they have not done much though. I said goodbye to Calum and wished him all the best.

When I got home a lovely surprise for me Wayne was waiting sat in my chair. Looking a lot leaner too, he is feeling a bit better so decided to come for an over night stop. So good to see him. As Mum I don't think you ever stop worrying about them, more so when they are not too close. A nice night talking to him. He hopes to be back at work a few days a week very soon.


Wayne put in a new Grafix card in the computer for us and updated everything. Thank you Wayne. He is only staying one night because the trains are better today so he will be going after tea. I think he will pick up now and hopefully keep well. 

Paul is going to football with Lindsay, Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee to watch Lincoln play. If they win they could be going to Wembley stadium. I looked after Jamie-Lee. Unfortunately Lincoln did not win.  So no Wembley, Paul said the referee was on the other side. Still they all enjoyed the match.     
Wayne left around seven, he would not get home till around ten thirty time. (Halifax) He rang later to say he was home tired, but pleased he came, Timmy cat was very pleased to see him back. Tomorrow he can spend the day with him.


Spent the day or at least a lot of it with Lindsay. She is not too good the children are not helping either. The boys in trouble at school and Jamie-Lee was being a little madam. Summer came too she gets on with Suey, Lindsay's dog, very well, most of the time anyway. Summer wants to play, but Suey would sooner sleep all day. I think Suey thought Summer was stopping for her Holidays like she does when we go away. As we left I am sure she gave a big sigh of relief and went back to sleep.


Pilate's Hope this is a bit better than last week. A lot of pain then, No-- about the same still hurts a lot in shoulder and legs. I used BIOFREEZE  something I used to use a lot of when I first got RSD Only problem it can make me feel very cold to the point of shuddering. This helped today but its only short lasting so has to reapplied a lot of time. Where TIGER BALM lasts a lot longer, but for instance relief its very good and not as strong smell as TIGER BALM when I put it on for Pilates it can be a bit over powering but soon clears the airways and not just mine either.

Over the last few days I have taken a lot more IBRUES and DIAHYDROCODEINE tablets.


Joy came here today I gave her the baby things I have made and she is very pleased with them all. They will be with her Niece very soon as she is going to see her. She now has her plaster off her arm (17th) but is still suffering a lot with pain.

Baby things I made for Joy's niece.

Now back to tiny knitting again, more 4" doll things like I made Jamie-Lee. I went from aran wool to 3 ply. If you are not a knitter-- aran is a thick wool knitted on almost pencil like needles, and 3 ply is just about the finest wool for general knitting using almost wire thin needles. So it takes a bit of adjusting.

Age UK again soon comes around, I look forward to this day as it can take the pressure of the family things going on. Everything there seems a lot less stressful, for me any way not everyone would agree. A steady day but still busy with all the things I do.

This is Lincoln City's Mascot, Poacher, who popped in to the Age UK centre.


I bought some "FREEZE GEL Masterplast" from Poundland, similar to BIO FREEZE it works well a lot cheaper than BIOFREEZE the affect does not last as long, but for a pound it does a good job.

Went into the greenhouse and found this little chap asleep, its warm in there and sheltered from the wind.  
Tabby from two doors away.


Mothers Day and got cards from Wayne and Andrew and tulips from Lindsay. The boys are getting me something later. 

Went to see my Mum also and took some flowers. I went on my bike and the chain came off I managed to get it back on but got very oily hands.

I was to have all three Grandchildren but only Tommy-Lee came as the other two were with there Dad. Never mind nice to have one to one with Tommy.


You can tell spring is about as there's Greenfly in the garden. Sprayed the whole garden and next doors roses. Hopefully the lady birds will get rid of some of them as I have seen quite a few on the roses. Hopefully the spray has not got them too.


At last Lindsay is getting her promised scan, hopefully things then will get going for treatment. Paul is taking her as it's at Sheffield. This gives her a violent headache for the rest of the day at least.


Pilates on my bike, Paul took me last week.. I like going on my bike this week I got to 20 miles an hour on pedal assisted. Slight back wind and a flat road. I usually average around 14-15 miles an hour. The round trip as I have said in the past is over eleven mile so is a good ride.

Pilates went well but again a lot I could not do because of pain in my shoulders. Still a good session.

Angela came round as I just got back, so good timing. We are going to see Miriam, (Angela used to clean and shop for her) tomorrow as its her Birthday, she's 80 years old.

Fish and chips from the local chippy, good too but such a lot, Summer has fish for her tea tomorrow


Age UK again one minute they were just a few customers then loads. I made around thirty machine drinks, like cappuccinos etc. Very busy my wrist and elbows hurt a lot today many tablets taken to try and ease the pain. Still it is there-- I think the wrist pain is carpel tunnel, as my fingers keep changing colour and the pain is the same as last time in the three fingers. Not really any shopping today so more or less straight home. I did get a few things from a charity shop though.

I have the weekend on my own as Paul is away at an IA conference.

Well here we are at the end of March. Bean a hard month for me in a lot of ways, PAIN and wanting to do so much and getting knocked back all the time. I am pleased I have my knitting and other craft work to do. Hopefully my hands and arms will not get any worse or that will be impossible.
Other wise I think I would have gone mad by now, or may be I am already am.

All the best to you all and hope you enjoyed the blog love Gill.

Summer found a new use for the wool.

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