August 2nd

Happy Birthday Summer nine today.
Andrew took these pictures of her in the garden, well chilled as only Summer can be.

HappyBirthday Summer.

In the greenhouse tieing up the toms and cues they are doing very well even the two little ones that went in later. Took a few leaves off the toms as quite a lot of tomatoes are forming. Dead headed the plants in the garden too. Looking very colourful out there.

Cooked tea, chicken tonight. Summer had some for her tea as a treat. Plenty left for another day for her, she is a lucky girl.

Went round to see Tabby cat he is well and as I said last month not too good on his feet. I brushed him and he fell over, poor Tabby. He sat on my knee at night time for over an hour purring away then went to sleep. I thought I was here for the night, but he did wake up and go outside. Time to go home and cuddle Summer.

Knees and legs are burning  left knee and foot are swollen and funny colour and shiny. I think the RSD has spread to my knee after the operation. This would explain why I am still in pain after all this time. I am hoping I am wrong but you just know after fifteen years.


I got bitten a few days ago by mosquitoes and they hurt a lot, some are very red.

Paul and I are going to Wayne's today and stopping over night. I have not bean there for a long time because of a lot of pain while travelling. Today I hope things will be good and the RSD will be kind.
The journey was not too bad- but I took a lot of extra tablets.  Good to see Wayne, took his Birthday presents from us and Andrew. Timmy I think was pleased to see us too.
Indian for tea/supper, good too. Wayne stayed up with me and watched a bit of TV. That was nice just us having a Mum to Son time.

Cooked dinner for us all pie (in small oven) and veg, but the oven went off, so the pie was not ready when veg was. Soon sorted put in big oven, Wayne remembered why he did not use the small oven--- because it goes off. Anyway it was very good.

Wayne needs to take Timmy to the vets as he has to have regular checks on his blood as he is diabetic. Trouble is he does not like/hates going in his carrier. Wayne usually has a job to get him in and gets scratched a lot, some are bad ones as he is a big cat and strong. Well after a fight he was in, not happy at all. Swearing at him and looking like he was going to get him when he was released.  Blood taken and Timmy back home still not happy, but soon be tea time Tim. He is like Summer he enjoys his tea.

We all had a sandwich then soon headed back home. In a lot of more pain, and am very tired but pleased I went. We did not do much but that was the idea. A nice restful weekend-- watched a weeks worth of TV I think.
Home again- Summer was very pleased to see me, Andrew had looked after her while we were away. Thank you for looking after my little girl. Nice surprise Ness and family had brought me some shortbread as a thank you for looking after Tabby. That was nice of them thank you.


Washing and general things not too much though as tired and a bit more pain than usual, spending time with Pup.
Popped round to see Ness to say thank you for shortbread but only squidge there. Ben was out with Nes, getting school uniform. Emmie wanted a chocolate bar, but they had none, so I went and got her one from home. she was very happy. Stopped a few minutes then home again. I think Tabby thought I was going to let him sit on my knee again as he was looking.

My friend Bev phoned up and is coming on Thursday, I have not seen her since we went up in their plane. So something to look forward to.


Burning whole body and very itchy again, this had calmed a bit but back again. Taking ANTIHISTAMINES these help a bit. Trying hard not to scratch or I would have no skin left. Body feels so hot but cold to touch. Typical RSD .

Bev here mid morning so good to see her. Talked and caught up with each other news. Its a pity we do not live closer as we both like a lot of the same things. A good day nice to have some one to talk to.


A lot of rain over night coming down very fast early morning before I went to bed, very humid as well.
Big puddles on the common, I think Summer went through most of them. She loved it whatever the weather she is happy on her walks.

Went round to see Ness she was in this time. Thanked her for the shortbread. Tabby was there we sat outside. He cries a lot even when sat next to you- as I said before he is an old cat. Ness is a bit worried as she found a swelling on his hip. Poor Tabby- she does not think he is in pain though as no reaction when she pressed it.

Angela came to see me too, she is doing good. Lindsay called in with Tommy-Lee and Jamie-Lee. Tommy had treated Lindsay to dinner for her birthday. Jamie-Lee too, Lindsay paid for drinks as he did not have enough money. Good lad Tommy.

Went to see my youngest brother after tea. His Birthday is tomorrow so took him a card and presents. Gary his son my Nephew, has got a new little dog a chihuahua called Roxy she is so tiny only a few weeks old, so will grow a bit more yet. There other dog Laddie likes him as well and looks after him. The cat is not so keen.


A very windy walk on the common showers too.

Brushed Summer she is molting a lot, soft and fluffy like cotton wool. Cleaned her teeth also she is not keen but lets me do it. Same when brushing her, does not like her face brushed. More interested in the treats she will get.

Found out my friend Sally has got into the Olympics 2020 for Triathlon. Well done Sally. I think back to when we were both in hospital together, very ill and we used to talk about things like getting back to normal. Well Sally-- you came through it all, I did not. Good Luck in everything you do Sally you have worked hard for this.


Knee tight and pain full today more I think its more to do with the RSD  (I am certain that's it has spread now) than the operation. Someone asked me how I knew I said because fifteen years of it that's how. I am still using one crutch tried without but hurts too much. Hopefully it will ease a bit, I hope so. When I had the operation there was a chance that the RSD would have a go. I had no choice but to go ahead as my knee was getting so bad I found it painful to walk and it gave way a lot. This pain was telling me something was wrong now and needed putting tight. But that's RSD  just doing what it does best making lives hell. I had to give up Pilate's for now as well. I don't  regret having the operation done but RSD you could have bean a bit kinder. I can see Mr Joby John earlier than December, but I don't think there is any point because I think he will agree with me about the RSD. I have bean fighting it fifteen years so it will not stop now.


Not a good day, legs swollen and very hot, even feels hot to touch today like severe sun burn, I have not even bean sitting in the sun since 25th July when Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came round and we had a day in the garden. At least the mosquito bites are less trouble, but I have got a few new ones. Shoulders are complaining about the use of the crutch too. As soon as I can it will be gone I did not expect to be on them so long---- Operation May 1st.


Shorter night than usual - skin very itchy and uncomfortable again. I could almost rip it all off. Whole body/mind not doing too well at all. RSD is having a great time, I am not, would it hurt you too much just to back off a bit???


Skin a bit better today and not as hot so that's one thing less. On own all day as Paul's at football.

Washing and cleaning up. Spent a long time in the green house watering and taking leaves off and side shooting them all doing well. Every thing now takes so much longer.

Finally got the little cardigan right I am knitting, bean struggling with pattern and counting. Not even a hard pattern four rows but I kept going wrong. I worked it out in the end. RSD is not just pain and spasms, it affects the brain too, making simple things that I used to do very easy, now hard


Sunny windy day so Summer gets a bath after her walk. I think she knew as she went in all the muddy puddles she could find. Did a lot of the walk on one crutch, hurt when I got back. I need to walk with out them, because I am getting a lot of shoulder pain.

Summer got her bath and looks very white and clean but not for long with going on the common.

Very pretty.

Suffered later with a lot of knee pain, by not using the crutch. I will just have to use it a bit longer.


 Tired- well more exhausted.

Summer walk was good, lovely on the common. I managed to keep her clean at least for today. 
As we got nearer the gate coming back I saw the horses around it. Summer did not see them till a lot later as the grass is long and we were in a dip. They were across the gate and across the path to the other gate so there was no way to avoid them unless I doubled back, but that was a long way round. I walked slowly hoping they would more at least from this gate. Summer saw them, panicked, and started to go the other way, then she saw the others there are only twelve I think, but it looked like a lot more, specially to her. I put her on the lead I hoped they would soon move or it meant a lot more walking. Anyway they did move a bit so we took our chance. As we got nearer to the gate I slipped Summer off her lead and said run. She did not need telling twice. I just walked slowly and they just looked at me. Summer was wagging her tail on the other side. I was pleased she did not get upset.


Lindsay was around yesterday with Jamie-Lee. Jamie was dressing up in some dress up clothes that are kept here, she did look pretty. At the moment she does not like her picture taken so I could not get one of her.
Not the best today a lot of pain in my face and neck OPTICAL NEURALGIA I take tablets but the pain still breaks through a lot. Makes me feel very unsteady and sick feeling. Most of the time I am able to cope, able but not today.


Feeling about the same in the morning, by afternoon a bit better, pain backed off a bit from face and neck, but hip pain now. As one gives up another takes its place.

Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came round, Jamie was in the paddling pool a lot of the time. Lindsay not too good so while she rested Jamie and I played. You can have a good conversation with her very grown up ones better than some adults. She sat with Andrew in the shed and was talking about taking the shower gels and bits from a hotel. Jamie-Lee said but not the mirrors though, Andrew did laugh.


BBQ in the garden with family, very hot too. Lindsay doing the cooking. Everything went well and the food was very tasty. Everyone I think had a good afternoon. Temperature was 31-32C so a hot one and that was away from the BBQ so Lindsay was cooking burgers and almost herself.
The beach tent was up so a bit cooler in there. Later cloud came over and it cooler down.

Would have bean my Mums Birthday if she had bean here too. Remembering you- not just today but every day.


Not feeling too good shaky not good on my feet dropping things. I get these sort of black out where I just pass out for a few seconds or minutes. Looks like I am a sleep then I come round not aware of blacking out.

I have some nasty bites on my arm and leg and behind my knee.


 Behind the knee.

Leg is the operation one as well so not good for it. Very hot and swollen. These were not too bad in the morning but by mid afternoon they had got worse. No chance of seeing a Doctor today though unless I am just about dieing.

I went across to the chemist and the pharmacist had a look and said I need to see a Doctor. No way today I said. Well then take your Temperature and if it rises above 39C go to A and E. I did ring the Doctors, but unless I was having EMERGENCY they would not see me, ring up tomorrow. This I can not do as Hospital appointment middle of morning. When I get back it will be too late. Oh well it will be alright I have had similar bites like this be for. 

I kept taking my temp and the highest it got to was 37.7C so it was up a bit. If it does not improve I will get in touch with the Doctors again. This will not be till Friday as I have Jamie-Lee on Thursday. Lindsay has an appointment for very painful pain blocks to the bottom of her head/neck. These will leave her in a lot of pain for quite a few days. If they fully work this will help with her extreme head pain. Last time one side worked the other did not.


Today is the day I hopefully see one of my favourite Doctors at Lincoln hospital. I saw him a lot when I was very ill with the SEIZURES. They told me at both the Kingmills and Lincoln that I had EPILEPSY plus the non EPILEPSY SEIZURES so see what he thinks. I had loads of tests some not too nice, when I was in before. So I think it has bean covered. Unless they can come on at a later stage.

I did see Doctor Solines and he talked about the SEIZURES also the black outs I have. He thinks one thing it could be is- a very low heart beat at times, too low for my brain to keep going hence the black outs. Maybe but I have not had problems like this before. I might have to wear a monitor to record my heart beat for 24 hours. Like the one I had for testing my blood pressure. He will also contact Kingmill and Lincoln hospital to see what they have to add. 

Paul is to record any events if he can but that will not happen much as we are rarely in the same room.
Had a sandwich and cup of tea in the cafe at the hospital.

On to my Brother and Sister in laws-- Its Pam's Birthday and I aways if I can I like to go. She was very ill a few years ago and given 5% chance of surviving so she is a special person to me.
A very Happy day to you Pam.

Tonight Paul, Lindsay, and the children are going to see Lincoln City play so excitement all round.
They are all here for tea first then going from here to the match, about 5-10 minutes away.

Pup and I will have a nice sit down and cuddle as I am about done in, leg bites are very sore and redness has spread.


Jamie-Lee and Lindsay arrived soon after 8am, Paul picked them up. Lindsay going for her pain injection. After Paul took her home so she can rest. Jamie-Lee is going to Tracy's for two nights from here.

Arm and behind the knee bites, swelling has gone down, but leg one is more swollen and redness has spread down the leg to the ankle.

 As you can see a lot worse now and more painful..

What a busy day Jamie-Lee and I had. Washing and putting out the clothes. We had to sort out the beach tent we used on Monday as it had got wet as rain over night.. Soon dried in the sun and wind.
put that away for another time.

Hide and seek bear with Jamie-Lee night time teddy - I spy- getting the cobwebs from the ceiling down stairs- playing ball with Summer- made 23 cup cakes and iced decorated them mini eggs and loads of sprinkles, plus Christmas serviettes-

 I think they look very good too tasted better.

Jamie-Lee then wanted to look in all my display cabinets, pictures have bean on here before. This took awhile as talking about the  crystals, glass and trinkets where they came from and who got me them. Some are the Children's Christening things and Nat West money boxes.

A go on the laptop then Tracy was here to pick her up to go shopping and for the next two days. Hopefully I have tired her out and she will sleep for you.

Took Summer for her walk as Jamie-Lee did not want a walk while she was here. Summer was pleased as it was soon tea time after. Just let her treat biscuits settle first. (she aways has two small bone biscuits after her walk.)


Phoned Jay-Jay to see how Lindsay was? He said she had bean sleeping and had some food.

Paul got me some flowers when he went shopping. Thank you Paul. 

The Nurse Practitioner looked at my leg and straight away said infection. Not too sure if it was a mosquito bite, could have bean a tic she said. Took my temperature which was slightly raised she said but OK. I was given DOXYCYCLINE 100mg 2 a day quite strong to get on top of the infection. Hopefully this will kill it, and not me- and all will be well. If not I go back Monday if any problems. If major problems like temp up- feeling strange- leg getting worse- I have to go to A and E. She is not too worried but concerned.

On the way back I had my Ipod on listening to Radio 1, one of my ear buds fell out and two ducks on the river started dancing moving there heads up and down in sync very funny. As soon as I put the bud back in they stopped.

Along the river they are rebuilding the banks as they are collapsing. The machine they are using goes in the water and crawls up the bank very unique.

My leg is very tight as the calf muscle is affected. My shoulders hurt a lot as soon as this leg is better I will try again without my crutch.

Sat down for a bit then started tea, for Paul anyway. I felt a bit sick as I had taken my first tablet so was going to wait a bit. Took a MINTEC these work very well to settle the stomach. After around an hour, all was well again. Paul had a fry up, I settled for fish pie that Lindsay got us last week from Aldi very nice. Not really a fan of fish pie but it was good and settled well.

Update of flower planters and greenhouse plus out door tomatoes. All doing very well.

 Planters very colourful now.
 Cucumber have done very as they had a late start.
 Tomatoes getting ripe.
 Last 3 pictures in greenhouse.
Outdoor tomatoes.

Right you can see quite a lot going on this month. Took me ages to type out.
Hope every one is doing as well as they can-- All the very best to you all love Gill.



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