1st September

At last, the Council is putting a new gate to the park entrance. The one that was originally there was useless. A young child could get easily through and run on to the road. The gate stuck all the time making it difficult to open. So people left it wide open, not good for a children's park. Eager to see what the Council will put on this time.    


New gate in place closes and opens good, a catch system so it closes after you; child friendly too.

Jamie-Lee back to school today a new one for her so I hope she does well. She has bean looking forward to this day for a while.

Jamie-Lee with Suey.

 Tommy-Lee not back yet and Jay-Jay has left School now.   

I have now finished off the cardigan for Jamie-Lee. This took a lot of work so I had to take my time over it. Just sewing it up took 5 hours in all. Each stripe had to be sewn up in its own colour and finished off. Not like sewing up one colour where you use the same wool and just keep going.

Because I finished the cardigan later than I thought it became part of her Birthday present.


In town today to get Birthday presents for Jamie-Lee and Tommy-Lee.  Both their birthdays are on the 8th September. I'm getting Jamie-Lee clothes, Tommy-Lee some sweets and will give him money so he can get what he wants. Did well got Jamie-Lee 2 tops and 2 lots of legging plus a few sweets. She is LACTOSE INTOLERANT so somethings are a no-go.  

Spoke to Lindsay and she said she could do with a bigger size leggings than I got her. Another trip into town now. Jamie-Lee enjoyed her first day back at school. 


Got the things changed for Jamie-Lee, lucky as only one pair left of one of the same leggings I got her. I was pleased as I think she will like them. Growing up fast- 8 very soon and Tommy-Lee 14 and Jay-Jay 16 now. Where has all the time gone?


Happy Birthday Jamie-Lee and Tommy-Lee hope you both have a good day both at school now. We are going round later as they are out for tea with their Dad. 

Hand and shoulder not good today a lot of nerve pain and discomfort. B12 did not help as it set things off throughout my body.  I need to have this on time 8 weeks apart or I feel very weak and more tired; does not seem possible but it is. Hurt for the rest of the day, the injection was at 2.30pm.

Went round to see the birthday children, Jamie-Lee liked her clothes and Tommy-Lee was pleased with his sweets and money. I said let me know what you get with it.

Jay-Jays' hand is doing quite well but, still has a long way before its normal again. 


Hair cut today looks good as usual, and I don't even need to leave the house as she comes here.  

Every one says it looks good, in a few days it will be better as the curls and waves come out.

Hip now playing up as well as shoulder and hand. I have a scan coming up for my shoulder on 8th October this will rule out any damage from went I fell, as this is when it all started after the plaster came off and  I was able to use my hand more or not. Could not do hardly anything. 


Paul and I went to Mablethorpe today, nice and warm and the sea was so calm. Walked along the seafront and it was so busy so many dogs too.  Looked around with a mask on inside the shops and markets. 

Had fish and chips of course for dinner very good too I ate it all.

Not good with pain today-- going or coming back. Everything just fired up. 


In the garden, most of the day taking up some bulbs and plants that have seen their best. Like most RSDers, while busy my pain is mostly better than just sat. This something I don't usually do-- knitting or reading etc. 

Garden looks a lot better but a bit bare in places. Soon everywhere will be bare as Autumn very close, then winter of course. At least there is less to do than Summertime gardening. I do enjoy being outside though doing bits here and there. Not a telly freak like Paul.


Got 2 little dolls and I am going to knit clothes for them to sell or give back to the charity shop from where they came, Got some patterns that I have made be for and I can use up the leftover wool from cardigans, etc.

Saw my next-door neighbour and he said he would have one of the dolls for his nieces Birthday.


Another trip to Mablethorpe to help Lindsay out. We picked up one of Jay-Jay's friend Logan as the one that went originally had to go home. Lindsay has got a lodge there for a long weekend. Her, Tracy and Jay-Jay plus his friend Logan, The other 2 children are on holiday with their Dad in Spain.

Another good day there well I say a day it was around 3.30 when we got there. Not quite as warm as when we came on the 15th cool wind, but still good weather. The lodge is lovely and a very big 4 bedroom and everything so nice. probably new this year. Even a big hot tub-- The intention was to go in this. Jay-Jay and Logan were in this a long time but Jay-Jay said it was a bit cooler than yesterday. Jay-Jay thinks it had a fault as it took time to warm up. A man came out very quickly and fixed it within minutes. Time to go as it was now gone 6. I hope Andrew gives Summer her tea. He is a vegetarian and does not like even smelling or touching meat. I am sure he will or she will pester him.

We pulled in to the side of the road to chose a Chinese takeaway for us and Andrew- who Paul rang to see what he wanted. I looked to the side and saw a fox just on the side of the road (a live one) He was within 2 feet away only separated only by the car. He went across the busy road and sat in the middle having a scratch I shouted to him to move, he did and went under a fence, he was safe. 

Got home and enjoyed the Chinese takeaway. Summer was pleased to see us and Andrew had given her tea. 


Summer had a bath- I am sure she gets more mucky in the Summer than Winter. All nice and clean and fluffy now and as usual so soft.

Looking very white and clean- Not for long.

Now time for asleep.


Watered the greenhouse- nearly finished with the tomatoes just a few left. Not bean a good year for them. Too hot I think then too cold at times. Even so, we got quite a few plus a lot of cucumbers as well.

My friend Angela has gone to York for a few days and left her car in the street. Hope she enjoys herself there.  Weather good for a few more days.   


My Brother and sister in law came to see us today. Paul's birthday on Saturday so they brought him a present and card.

The weather has gone from warm to very windy and cold, more Winter than Autumn. Coat on when I took Summer. Some people had hats on, I could have done with mine on and gloves.


Went to Asda Living to get Paul some jumpers and shirts for his Birthday, he chose them so I know he will like them.


Happy Birthday Paul Hope you have a good day. Andrew made him a key ring and zip pull, for his backpack.

He has made a lot of things and is going to branch out further and sell them.

They are very unique, he made Summer a collar and lead a bit back. Everyone who sees it loves it and asks where I got it. When I tell them Andrew made them they want a set too. The lead and collar took ages to do. 

A lot of the things take a long time to do. The keyring took over 5 hours. He also makes and sells them online at

Wayne got him a Whisky glass plus a coaster and ice stones to keep the drink cool, all in a wooden. box. 

Lindsay is in isolation after her children coming back from Spain. she will come at a later date. Other presents were slippers beer and money. Paul had a good day. Chinese of course for tea very nice.


Not the best of days I feel very light headed and have a headache. Going to keep going to see if I can work it off. 

Did not work still felt very light-headed and tired later. This could be  lack of sleep as well because not bean going to bed very early. Or could be the after-effects of the pain from the 2 seaside trips. I did enjoy them both through, be nice to have a day out without any payback from by RSD.   

To finish a few pictures of the sunflowers. They have grown so much after the rain and sun. 

Well, not a very exciting month Mablethorpe was good though. Just wish I could enjoy the day more, without PAIN like everyone else does.

All the very best to everyone and hope you are doing what makes you happy. Love Gill.  

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