October 1st

I was supposed to have had a video call today from Vinnie today, but it has bean changed because I am waiting to have a scan on my shoulder. Hopefully, the results will be there when I next speak to him- on 12th October, Scan is on 8th. 

Finished the dolls sets I have bean knitting, yellow suit, plus dress set for Karols Neice, I think they both look good. 

Both dolls have a dress set and a trouser set.


I had to pull down the hat because I ran out of wool to finish the dress, and the market did not have any more, probably discontinued she said. This did not take long to redo the hat and finish the dress. Just made the hat a bit smaller then, just had enough wool.   

Also finished the baby things for my friends Russ and Claire, This did not go right either. After I had stitched the jacket up, I realized I had done the raglan sleeves seem wrong. In undoing it, some of the knittings came undone. I had to re-knit a lot so when all finished again, I was not pleased with it. So I started another one for them. I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to making things- so I would not have bean happy to give them the set as a present.

Things not going too well with all these mistakes I am making. My brain just cuts off a lot of the time. Maybe  I should do a bit less at a time. I do enjoy knitting or any activity really.  Hopefully, this jacket will go better.  

 Sunflowers have grown so much after all the rain we have had.





A lot of knee pain today, in the one I had done last year...probably because it's getting colder and the RSD is flaring up again. 

Cooked a roast beef dinner, it was very nice, we both enjoyed the meal. Andrew's a veggie so he has some different meals to us but does join us sometimes. 

Started knitting the baby jacket again, all going well as new wool this time. Will not take too long as an easy pattern. Going to add mittens to the hat and jacket, so a nice set.



Bit in the garden today just tidying things up, but very wet after all the rain. Andrew and I sorted out the shed a bit so Snowy the cat has a bit better place to sleep. He was on the freezer so when anyone wanted anything out, he had to be moved. Now on the tumble dryer so not damp for him from the condensation from the cold top of the freezer. He is a happy cat now. 




Sorting out the toy cupboard today, getting rid of the things that Jamie-Lee and the boys no longer use or have outgrown. Most going to the charity shop or to be sold. A big job as we have a lot of things in there. A lot of my puzzles are to go as well. 



Scan today on my shoulder, ULTRASOUND all went well but really hurt a lot and painful for the rest of the day.

Did a bit more of the toy cupboard nearly done, a lot to go to charity shop, so the cupboard looks a lot tidier now. Got rid of 12 puzzles so the rest all fit on the shelf now. A lot of new ones which I have not done yet that were given to me by a friend.

Summer did not settle very well at night time so I came down and stopped on the settee. This helped of course as she had her Mum with her. Her back leg/hip has bean playing up a bit so maybe, she was in a bit of pain. 


Arm still sore where I had the scan. a lot of pain today- RSD not good.  

Lindsay, Tracy, and Jamie-Lee came round as it Paul's Birthday again, as they were in isolation after the children came back from Spain. This was nice, an extra Birthday treat of Chinese for tea. This was very good and tasty. Lindsay and I were very hungry so was Jamie-Lee as usual. The take away is at the end of the street so pipping hot when eaten, The curry is so strong- it almost bites back-- I love it, a lot of times I just have curry and chips, the chip are very good too. 



Russ and Claire's baby born, a boy Arlo Casey, Congratulations to them both. I have nearly finished the baby things. While Russ was in Lincoln I was his Lincoln Mum- does that make me a new Nan too?


Physio-- The scan results of my shoulder, has revealed inflammation to the joint and collar bone. Probably wrenched from my fall in January He said it was unusual to get it around the collar bone. He is going to send some different exercises to do on alternate days. I am not to overdo it either- he knows me well. 

Finished off all the baby things. 

Sweets and Badedas for Russ and Claire.

Jackets for Arlo they will not fit him yet- as I did 3-6 months.


Might get a visit from Bev (friend and baby's Nan from Beatson)  tomorrow. This depends on the new regulations for the coronavirus. Would be good to see her as its bean over a year.


Bev did not come as regulations changed we will catch up sometime. Not worth risking it with the baby Arlo.

Got Jamie-Lee today as Lindsay and Jay-jay are at Derby for a check up on his arm. Paul is taking them. Jamie-Lee was pleased with the toy cupboard now she could see things better. Also showed her the things that are going to Charity just in case she wanted them back. Only a couple of things were returned to the toy cupboard. 

We both took Summer for her walk a long one today, over an hour. Jamie-Lee went in the park for a while, so tired when we got back, so was Summer. Toast and a hot drink and a rest for us both- and an extra biscuit for Summer. After we played games, she was on her iPad for a while so I could rest a bit.

Bev's house is on the way to Derby so Paul dropped off the baby things, plus last year's Christmas cake hope it has matured well, as there is alcohol in it. 

 Lindsay and Paul got back from Derby she said they were very pleased with Jay-jay as he had more movement in his finger. I was pleased too. Paul had dropped him off at his house on the way past. 

Lindsay stopped for a while then went home, a bit of rest for me. Jamie-Lee can be hard work as she is quite demanding, but does not get away with much here. Most of the time she is a pleasure to have. She enjoys coming here a lot. I think because I play with her like the child I am.


Got Jamie-Lee again today not as long this time for tea and a bit after. Lindsay is seeing her boyfriend Ben. He will come back with her for his late Birthday present. He liked the present a shirt and card very much and I think he will look good in it. Stopped for a cup of tea then he headed home for football on TV, after dropping Lindsay and Jamie-Lee off at home.

I sat down I did a bit of knitting a scarf this time for a present. Quite tired too- shoulder hurts as I did the exercises earlier. Some quite easy to do some very painful. I will keep trying so it gets better and stronger. My hand is still not right after the wrist break-in January, still not a lot of grip or strength.


Cleaned up downstairs, bit more knitting,  so I don't run out of wool for the hat doing the scarf. I decided to do the hat first before finishing off the scarf. Going quite well but, I am getting a lot of brain block so keep forgetting where I have got to. So I have to write everything down. 

Watched the new Star Trek Discovery with Andrew,  quite good carried on from the last series.


Paul has gone to see Wayne at Halifax. I so wanted to go but I know it's too far in one day. The pain from  Mablethorpe lasted about a week and at times was quite bad. Does not take much to upset the RSD.

Paul left some money for Chinese for Andrew and I. We got chips, curry, and mushroom chow mein, very good. We had it late and Paul came in from Halifax as we were eating it. He had a good day and said it was nice to see Wayne and Kayleigh. I have not seen them since Christmas then I was ill.

The same goes for a lot of people not seeing family with this virus. 

Later I did a bit more knitting I have finished the hat and scarf now. Started doing the gloves going well so far.



Very windy today so should dry the washing well. Bit more knitting of gloves. Gave Karol the doll I did for him.



  He is not going to Poland now so, so will wait till it's a better time to go. Hopefully, after all this virus decides to go away.


A very wet grey start to the day did not get much better throughout the day either. 

Did all the ironing with my right hand, the first time since I broke my wrist. Had to use both hands last time, my wrist, and shoulder ached like mad for the rest of the day. At least it is getting stronger now but still hurts a lot. The nerve pain can be pretty bad at times.

Got Miss Jamie-Lee for tea and after till  9pm. We did word puzzles, where you fit words in the right places, to form like a crossword-type puzzle. She enjoyed it very much. A very funny moment happen to me, my arm jumped and slipped off the chair arm and I landed face-first on the table. This happened twice and Jamie-Lee thought it was very funny and really laughed, and made me laugh till it hurt. When she stopped laughing she asked me if I was ok- I was. Very funny, but can be so painful when it happens which is a lot.  

Lindsay picked up Jamie-Lee dead on 9pm which was the time agreed. Jamie-Lee has School tomorrow, she bikes there with Lindsay, around 3 miles each way.  

Summer seemed a lot more settled than the previous night so hopefully, she will stay like that all night.



Summer had a very good night as like I said she seemed very settled when I went to bed. A lot calmer than usual good girl Summer.

 A nice walk on the common I took some pictures. I think the last few weeks of Summer are fading now and Winter is truly on its way. The trees are changing and a lot of the leaves have fallen making a crunchy carpet. I think Autumn is a very pretty time also not too hot and not too cold usually.

Looks very pretty but bare in places. 

Summer on the look out.




Clocks back an hour so an extra hour in bed for most. At least now I can knit or sew now so the long nights ahead, I will able to be busy. When I first broke my wrist I could not do anything much at all, then slowly started again a bit at a time. I think I would be very bored if I could not do any crafts. 


Awake at 7am so got up soon after. On the common early- on the way, we saw 2 squirrels playing in the park having great fun chasing each other up and down the trees. As I've said before I've not seen many this year.

Summer seems to have settled again at night time. Her ears are very good, so at times she hears the house across the road smoke alarm going off. They seem to be up most of the night like it is day time.


My friend Tracy's Birthday- Lindsay and Jamie-Lee decorated the house up for her. So when she came home from work they were hiding and jumped out to surprise her. I think they did, she was quite choked up and very happy and pleased. 

We went round later to give her, our Birthday present a jumper, which she liked very much, and a card.  


Started making a little rabbit in fur, just about managed to cut it out. Got on better than I thought I would sewing it together. Did bits then stopped for a while. This is the first time I have used a small sewing needle. The one I use for knitting is a lot bigger.

Got Jamie-Lee here for tea and after again. She was painting stones from a kit she got for her birthday in September.

Very tired later and a lot of foot and leg spasms.


Mammogram up at the hospital today- all went well, a lot quicker than last time. Paul dropped me off in town and I got a few things and had a look round for ideas for Christmas presents. 

Later went round to look after Emmie 2 doors away from 7.30 her Brother was at his Nans. We did coloring and played with Barbie dolls and a Justine Bieber doll. She was good as usual, back home soon after 12pm.

Watched a bit of TV the explanation behind the series The Third Day a program about Osea Island and to start with I was more confused than ever and still not sure at the end either. Wayne said there was a 12-hour program to explain the series. Not going to watch that. 

This is the end of another Blog- a bit mixed as previous ones. Hand improving at last, and able to knit more and sew at last so more options for me. 

Hope you are all coping with this virus and remain fairly well. 

Till next time all the best

 Love Gill  

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