Well made it to the end of the year, I know many did not with the virus.

December 2nd

Cold and wet on the common, not too long a walk today as Summer is very tired as she did not settle well last night, crying a lot and panting. Poor Summer and me as well as I got less sleep than usual.

A video appointment with Vinnie physio- this went well and he could see I had improved quite a bit. We both agreed to make this the last one on line. He has made me an appointment face to face for Jan next year. 

This is just to check out my hand and shoulder to make sure things are as they should be.

Knitting later but a lot of pain today could not get comfortable at all. I feel far away and not with it at all.

Watched Castle get me out of here only 4 left now- Jordon- Veron- Shane and Giovana. They played hide and seek, and Jordon made them all laugh, as he counted 1 elephant 2 elephants. They hid from him and when he found them they scared him. He said he thought a little bit of wee came out. He has bean so funny though out as all of them have. Jordon is still my favorite to win.


Summer a bit better last night. I have started giving her CBD oil as this can calm and help any pain she might have.

Finish off knitting my brother's gloves- I am pleased with them but these were not easy, I found them a chore to do. I think all being 1 colour did not help. My fingers have not bean the best either, loss of feeling a lot of the time. Anyway- all done now.  Next Jamie-Lees then Lindsays and a pair for Andrew too. I am a lot slower and they take twice as long now but I still do them. I have not much else I can do, have I.


Summer had a lot better night- is the CDB oil helping? We will see in time. Very cold on the common like Winter with vengeance, Summer was more alive today, so a lot longer walk. Very refreshing with the cold wind.  

In the castle, only 2 left Jordon and Gravina. They did the last trail, snakes for Jordon and a horrible eating one for  Gravina. Both did very well. With Jordon being just himself-- he made Ant and Dec laugh a lot asking them questions to take his mind off the horrible challenge and screaming a lot too. Gravina went on to be crowned Queen of the castle Jordon runner up. Shame he did not win but he has left there a lot stronger person than he went in. Overcoming all his scares and demons. Well done Jordon. First time I have watched it properly. Most who watch every year said it was the best one yet. 


Lindsay and Jamie-Lee here today. We played Game of life with pets quite well- but I prefer the original Game of life.  Good to have them here for a few hours. Suey came too so Summer was very excited both running around and playing. 

Later Jay-Jay brought his pup round Summer loved him  Suey not as keen. Suey has seen her before and not impressed then. She is too old now for young ones running around. I think she is at least 12 years old and very set in her ways. Likes her space, and place on the sofa, most of it if she can.


Very sharp frost today bird water frozen cold out too but no wind. The temperature was -2c when I went to bed. 

Making a little Christmas cake for Kayleigh and Wayne told them I was not making them one this year but changed my mind when he sounded disappointed. This is their first proper Christmas together.

Would have bean my Dad's Birthday today 99 years old. I do miss him and Mum so much. A lot have said to me it gets easier as years go by. For me, it does not.


In town, today with Paul,  getting a few Christmas presents. Not too busy either not all shops open but the ones I wanted were. I have not bean into town for around 6 weeks not missed it either. So long as Summer and I get on the common that suits us both. We got dinner chips and sausage for me, Paul fish chips. we ate them in the car then did a bit more shopping. I hurt a lot when we finished but was pleased with the things we got.


Just made it back from the common and the rain came down and stayed like that all day. Wet and cold.

Went into town with Andrew did not get what we wanted as big queues today everywhere- try again next week. 

Once home did some more knitting not going well had to pull a lot down of gloves. Got it right in the end seemed to spend more time going wrong than right this time.

Mexican for tea chili beef burger for me very spicy but good. Paul had a chili chicken burrito, Andrew had a bean one. Everyone enjoyed their food I know I was well full. 


This is the day we thought we were going to lose Andrew when he got attacked. Someone was looking after him that night.


In town to post the letter to Tribunal to see if their verdict can bean changed to me getting money from Pips. This is the last chance for me. 

Over balanced in one shop and ended up on the floor. I did not hurt my self and a kind lady helped me up.  By the time I had finished I had too much shopping so went home on the bus. The first time this year felt very strange sat there with my mask on. I would not have bean able to carry everything home otherwise. 


Cleaned up most of downstairs.  Paul put the tree and decorations up looks very colourful now. Less people here this Christmas so more of a rest for me. Last year I was not well so did not see much of anyone.


In to town again to try to sort out Andrews's clothes. This time we did very well and he got a lot of things. He is only a 28 waist so a lot of places don't start till 30 waist. We both got a "Nasa" t-shirt each as we both love anything to do with space. We have bean watching all the Spacex rocket take-offs as you know by reading my blogs. 

Also got Jamie-Lee a jacket as well as the one I ordered online was not the same as the description shown. This one very nice she used to have one when she was around 3. I was quite pleased with the shopping trip this time.


Big announcement from Boris, Christmas changes for everyone. So this year we will not be seeing Wayne and Kayleigh. Very disappointed as last year I was ill and did not see them much. We are going to have another Christmas next year, when things hopefully calm down a bit with this virus.


Happy Birthday Angela we were going round there but she came here instead. The plan was for us all to have a roast dinner but this was not to be with the new virus plans. We gave her her present for her Birthday and Christmas. She brought us cake as well. 

Delivering presents later to Paul's Mum and dad, and my brother and Family. 


Cleaning up today I did most and Paul did the front room.

Lindsay phoned up to see if I would have Jamie-Lee for tea and a bit after. She had things to set up for  Christmas presents.

Jamie-Lee was good and no meltdowns at all.

Finished Harry Potter for Jamie-Lee-- I did his glasses-- (Nightmare to do) later then forgot to take a picture. 

Looks quite good I think.


Doing the baking- making sponge cakes and of course mince pies. All went well and I did not drop too many things. Paul doing the last bits of food shopping, I think we have enough, more than enough. Summer did not settle well at bedtime, I think she thought we were going away somewhere with all the bags and things. 


Christmas Day after all the preparations and time and money spent the day has arrived not quite the same as most people know it, but- never less Christmas all the same.

Some lovely presents from everyone. Andrew made me a Summer Pup in Parcord just like her complete with collar and lead.

Lovely and cute.

All Lindsay's family were here for the day  (Jay-Jay, Tommy-Lee and of course Jamie-Lee and Jay-Jays Pup Cali,)  Cali is  16 weeks old she was mostly good, kept barking at Summer who put up with her very well. Now and again she woofed at her. Cali wanted her to play but Summer is a bit old now to be playing at Cali's speed of play. They did have a run around in the garden. Cali is mostly house trained as well, so no accidents from her.  Tracy here as well after all she is like family too. She was not able to see her own family either. They had all walked down as the children got electric scooters each. This was what Lindsay was sorting out on the 23rd when I had Jamie-Lee.

Lindsay got me a salt lamp, and Wayne and Kayleigh a snail for the garden, it lights up. Paul got me a silver coin plus storage, plus many more things. Summer a next year's diary for writing this blog. Presents from friends too- a big pile by the end of the day. He sent a card too with a few heartfelt words about how he had bean the last year. 

This year Jay-Jay got us some very special things and Summer too

Summer looking very cool.

 Dinner was good, cooked to perfection and very tasty too. Andrew had a veggie meal a nut cheese melt he said it was quite good but not as it looked on the box. Paul and Tracy had pudding too. Sit down for a while I think. Coking for eight is not as easy as cooking for three, everything went well with help from Lindsay and Paul-Thank you both.   

I did not have any more food that day stomach was not too good later. IBS has bean playing up for a while now. The Christmas dinner did not help much but it was so good.


Family here again- chips for dinner and a buffet tea later. Only Tracy, Lindsay, and Jamie-Lee this time. Paul did all the tea with help from Tracy and Lindsay washing up. A long day and very tired and in a lot of pain too. Taken extra painkillers but they have bothered my IBS--- can not win can I?  

A very cold day again some places have snow but not us. We had a few flakes on Christmas eve but I missed them. 

Well, another year passed by, not a good one by anyone standard. Like I said to a friend who was moaning about not going anywhere, this is mostly my life all the time, over 16 years now. The time Paul went to Wayne's on his own, party's I can not go to, and many more things. People do not realize or care most of the time, and just see me going on the common, and not the full picture of RSD and its brutal attack. Not all bad though- I can still knit but at a slower pace on most days. I still have a life but as Spock (Star Trek) would say "not as we know it, Jim".

All the very best to you all and a very Happy New year to you all. Next year has to be better.

  Love Gill.

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