July 1st

Andrew came with Summer and me for a walk. My hair cut in the afternoon looks good as usual. 

Changed bedding, all dried well.


My granddaughter Jamie-Lee has bean given an old sewing machine from her other Nan that passed away a while ago. Her grandad also passed away just recently, so their home is bean sorted. She wanted so much to plug the machine in and get it going, but I said no it has seized up. Leave it with me and I will try to get it sorted out.  

Storm in the afternoon, I was so pleased, my head was hurting so much. I was hot and dizzy. The storm felt like it was going on in my head. After having quite a good storm I felt much better. I know some RSD suffers do get this build-up before a storm. 

We had Indian for tea/supper, Andrew and I shared a selection, very nice it was too. We changed the place where we order from a few weeks ago and this place is a lot better. It's called Chilli Spice, the food is hotter and tastier. I don't always have an Indian with Paul and Andrew depends on how I feel. 


Very heavy air again today. My head is terrible and I hurt everywhere again. We did have another storm later only a small one but it did clear the air a lot. I can remember reading about a lady who rung her boss to tell him she could not come into work as the storm was affecting her RSD. To start with he was not very understanding. She sent him a website containing information about RSD and how things can affect it. He spoke to her later and said he understood more now. He also told her his wife had MS and how they are similar in places. The lady thanked him for trying to understand these weird RSD symptoms. She said her last job, they accused her of faking symptoms just to get a day off and did not believe anything was wrong with her. RSD can change as much as the weather and the only thing you can do is go with it, and ride out the bad days and enjoy the good ones. He said any problems come to him.

My tomatoes and cucumbers are doing very well. The horse muck was definitely worth getting. The weather has bean warm so that's helping too.

These were planted on 26th June, as you can see done well in a short time.
 My Dad would have said you can not beat horse muck. 


Very tired today after the last few humid days at least my head felt better before I went to bed.


Walked around the common with Debbie a friend from the street. She has four dogs and takes them out separately, so three walks for her a day. 

A lot of pain today in my legs today, shooting up and down them and very painful. I have taken tablets (too many) but they have not done much to help so far. By the end of the day, I had pain everywhere. When I went to bed I could not settle to sleep at all. By five AM I had not slept a bit.


Big nose bleeds soon after I got up. I feel far away today, I think after all the pain over the last few days. Pain not as bad so far today, (3pm.)

Feels a bit tingly when I wee, so taking the powder from the chemist CYSTOCALM. My stomach is swollen hope it's not another water infection. 


Still pain, so will ring Doctors and get ANTIBIOTICS. The powders from the chemist are helping but not enough and the weekend is coming up so I don't want to chance it. As a time before it was a nightmare that took all day to get the ANTIBIOTICS after mess up from the out-of-hours Doctors in April last year. The day Paul came home from the hospital, what a day.

Went on my bike to the crematorium to see my Mum and Dad and my Brother. I took some roses from out the garden. I met a lady whose parents used to live at Dunholme where we lived, and we used to be friends with her brothers. How strange out of all the people to meet there to meet her. 


ANTIBIOTICS are working but still feel not well. I need to go into town to get Lindsay's Birthday presents. Bean waiting for her to come into town with me but she has not bean too good either. Andrew came with me and carried all the shopping so he was a big help. Got what I thought she would like so at least she has something for her birthday.  When we got back after around an hour and a half. I just sat down I was tired and in pain also dizzy, but pleased I went.


I got some bricks from our neighbour Andy and put them around the cucumbers to keep the water from escaping. Hopefully, the moisture will stay in the roots. This way they should keep growing well as they are doing. I feel a bit better today, not as dizzy or as much pain. I think I just got the ANTIBIOTICS just in time.


England big football match tonight versus Italy. Most people think England will do well, but Italy also has done well. The reason they are both in the final. I watched the match (don't usually). England scores in the first two minutes, then Italy. At full-time with extra time, as well, 2-2. Into penalties, England lost they missed a shot at the goal. Italy scored. Oh no, they have messed up. I thought the Italian players were very rough and fouled a lot and got away with it. England did well and they so nearly won the match. Well done England you made football fans proud.


Happy Birthday, Lindsay. They are round for tea later a Chinese. Jay-Jay did not come, Tommy-Lee, Jamie-Lee plus Tracy, and of course Lindsay. Nice tea and everyone enjoyed the evening. Lindsay liked all her presents but will have a better look when she gets home. 


Hospital with a friend for support, hope things are not too bad for her.  Came back here and had a chat and cuppa. I think she felt better when she left. Another appointment next week for her. If she wants me to go with her I will. Nice to have someone with you even if they do get put in a waiting room because of the Coronavirus. 

17 years today since I fell and got RSD. How I wish I could turn back the clock.


Watered the greenhouse, the tomatoes and cucumbers are doing very well flowers and tiny little tomatoes on some plants. I am pleased as last year they were a disaster. Bed late as a bad head again, that would not go despite extra, extra, tablets.


Woke up still with the head pain felt dizzy TINNITUS (ringing in my ears). Not sure if it's the infection or just the RSD playing up or both.  I did not feel right at all. Took it easy after Summers's walk. Hot out today which does not help either. 


Another trip for a friend to the hospital everything better this time. Pleased for her. She needs to go in for an operation soon. Back here for a drink and for her to calm down. Water infection I think is gone now. I feel so much better too.


Cleaning up downstairs. Very hot day, reached 30/31C in the afternoon. Very warm in our garden which is south facing and gets the sun all day.   Andrew put the shade blind on the greenhouse as getting too hot in there  This will help to cool it I hope.


Another hot day I think 24c mid-morning. Hit 30/31 So probably hotter than yesterday. Quite warm on the common Summer only had a short walk as panting a lot. For some reason, she has gone off her biscuits that she has when she gets back from the walk.  The greenhouse is cooler, in fact, cooler than outside so it was worth putting the blind on. Usually, it's a bit later on in the year.


Another hot day. Summer is struggling with the heat. Her coat is very thick, it's like us having a coat on. Her haircut is Thursday so not long to go Summer. 

Finished off the tiny dolls sets for Kayleigh Sister. So hard to do this time, could be the last ones I do as fingers not up to it unless they improve.  I hope so as I enjoy doing them usually.

The two sets of dolls.


Bad spasms in my feet and legs overnight, I kept getting rid of it only for it to come back worse. Cleaning up downstairs very hot today sweating a lot. Did what I could then sat down. 


Summer hair cut short this time she looks like a new lamb and as soft too. Hopefully, this will help with the heat.  Maxine said she will feel the wind on her back now. Her coat is very thick, so even this short you can not see the skin on her back.  Later she was not panting at all, but, the temperature has cooled down a bit.  

  All the hair that came off, loads.

Summer before her haircut- looking hot and bothered.

That feels better.

So cute.


In town, today to meet Joy had a nice chat, a short time with her, but good to see her. Did a bit of shopping then back home to Summer. She was waiting for me and was very pleased to see me. Rested the reminder of the day as still quite warm. Cooled down a lot now, rain is on the way. Hope it's not as much as China or Germany as they had bad flooding. Angela called in later on the way back from an appointment.


Today I am going to see my friend Jenny who I have not seen since February, my Birthday, then it was only at the door. The time spent with her was very good. I saw her husband Bob as well who is not too well at the moment. Hope you recover very soon Bob and back to your normal life.


PIP call today to see if I will get disability money or not. The lady on the phone was very nice and actually listened to Lindsay and me. Lindsay had come round to help me with some things I forget or get mixed up. Now just wait and see, around eight weeks.


Happy Birthday, Wayne. Paul going tomorrow I would love to as well but, I think it would be too much for me. The journey is around an hour and a half. Even stopping and splitting up the journey I know at the moment it would make me ill. I would love to go but not this time. Hopefully next time. I hope you have a good day Wayne.

After a lot of searching managed to get a manual off the internet, for Jamie-Lees sewing machine. This will be very helpful in showing me how to oil in the right places and other things. Only cost five pounds as a download. 

Summer having a bit of a nap.

Ha, Ha was joking not asleep.

Well - not a lot going on this month. Hope things are good with you all. Things are slowly getting back to normal in some places after Covid but is it all over yet? 

All the very best to you all love Gill. 

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