August 1st

Rain to start with not cold, but a bit of a chill. Trying to do the bedrooms but very tired. I think a lot of this is to do with the B12 being twelve weeks apart now instead of eight. When I had my last injection ( June 22nd) the nurse was surprised that they had bean changed. She said I need all the help I can get with all I have. Blood test in September to see if there has bean a drop in my B12. If so they will go back to eight weeks as they were.

Paul is back home today from Waynes. I wish I could have gone too but I know I would have suffered too much and spoiled it for everybody. Hopefully next time I will go. 

Happy Birthday, Summer. Eleven today. She was treated to a very large chew, carrot, and chicken. A special tea of ham and chicken, then a lick of the jug from Angel delight, that Paul had. She had a very full, not-so-little belly. 

Happy Birthday, Pup! 


Watched an interview from SpaceX with Elon Musk talking to Tim from Everyday Astronaut with Andrew. Extremely good and that's only the first part, two more to come. They are recording at Boca Chica, this is where the Starship rockets go up, and they do the tests for the future Mars missions. I Saw Elon's dog, Marvin the Martian, a very cute little thing.

Trying to tidy up a bit but I have no energy. Did the best I could then sat down, but that's not good either as a lot of pain at the moment. 


Went to Asda on my bike to get my Brother a T-shirt that I had seen online, it's a route 66 with a motorbike on it. I thought they would have it in stock but no they did not. At least I got a look around Asda's. Came back and ordered online pick-up in a few days. Went to Hobby Craft which I had not visited be for. A lot of things for just about any handicraft you could think of.



Picked up the T-shirt, looks good hope he likes it. Did a bit of tidying in the garden I keep doing a little bit when I can so it does not get too weedy. 

I looked after Emmie (neighbour two doors away girl.) later. All went well there as it usually does.  Her Mum came home from work at the hospital where she is an A and E nurse. Very tired she was too. I came home soon after. 

Bath and a Chinese what more could you ask for? Quite a lot really in my case.  



Went to my Brother David/s and Wife Bev's house. Both well I gave him his present for his Birthday next week the 10th. Bev showed me her garden, a lot of veg growing all looks good. I wish we had a bigger garden so I could grow more things. Our greenhouse is in next door's garden. I suppose we have more than a lot of people though. Bev gave us some veg to take home which I did for tea carrots, courgettes, and beans. Also, a marrow which we will have another day stuffed with sausage meat.   

A lot of pain, later I think it was going in the car that did it, even though it's only around five miles away. Travelling is not good at the moment hope it gets better so I can have a life.


Awake early in pin all over. I somehow bean bitten by mosquitoes as well so that's not helping at all. Nervous system on overdrive. I rubbed on some white Tiger balm, this helps a bit as it numbs the area. The smell is nice too.  I have taken MORPHINE, OXYNORM today, as the pain is bad. I know it will go as it's only a flare-up, but when. Hot cold as well, finding it hard to sit and relax at night.   



Emmie came for a walk today with Summer and  I. Came here after and did some puzzles 100 pieces. Still a lot of pain. As the day went on it got a bit less. Nighttime was a lot more bearable and I was able to settle to watch TV more comfortable. Then like a switch that has bean turned on, or off in my case. it just goes back to my normal pain. That's RSD for you doing its own thing causing pain and suffering.   


Emmie came round to ask me to help her with some puzzles, 1000 pieces, her Mum has bought them for her. While the front door was open Summer went round to a house a few doors down the street and went straight in. The man was getting his shopping out of the car. His two boys thought their Dad had got them a dog. As usual, they all thought Summer was lovely. I apologized but he was not bothered one bit. Summer made them all laugh. When we did the clapping for NHS she went down the street and went into as many houses as she could where the door was open. No one minded at all she is shush a lovely dog and everyone loves her. Went and did a few bits of Emmie's puzzle, not an easy one. I have the same one so I know. She has it on their dining table a big ten-seater so there is plenty of room.



In town today to get my Sister in law, Pam a Birthday Present.  Also to sort out some Bras that have shrunk. This is the second lot that has done this. I was told they have all now bean withdrawn. That leaves me with none now. Got Pam a present so did some good. Tired when I got back hungry too as had no dinner. 



Warm very windy day. Fed the tomatoes and cucumbers they are doing very well. Had a visit from one of our friends not seen them in a long time so that was nice. Looking after Emmie again tonight. She came round here as it was a bit earlier than usual. Summer had an extra walk later winch she enjoyed a lot. Emmie was on her scooter. After a while, we went back to her house and she did some dancing and gymnastics. Also had a go at the puzzle put in a few more bits. Her Dad came home and I left.


A rest day today as very tired after all the pain of the last few days. So taking it easy after the cleaning up. Started knitting a baby jacket for a premature baby with a lace pattern but very easy to do. I have not done knitting for a few days as my fingers are not the best. I have sewing up to do for knitted glove puppets that I have made. when done I will put up a picture.


Andy my neighbour came round with tomatoes and bread, he over-order. on his shopping. We did a swop for a homegrown cucumber. He was very pleased as he has had them before and they are usually very tasty. We have not eaten one ourselves yet as there is a shop-bought one in the fridge

The greenhouse has done a lot better than I thought it would and things are growing very fast.


Cleaning a bit today but not going too good, very tired and I hurt all over. My left knee has bean hurting a lot, giving away more than it was. The pain is around the knee cap. The knee is the one I had the operation on last year. 


My greenhouse is looking good everything doing very well. 

 Tomatoes are not ready yet but a good crop, same with the cucumbers as well which are ready.


A wet day, humidity feels like it's squashing my body it's so heavy. Looking after two cats this week Buster and Bandit, belonging to Ness and Squidgy. They are away for a week. Found out that Buster can open doors and Bandit nicks the pouches of their food off the worktop.

Bandit on the sofa, which he likes.
This is where Buster prefers to sleep.
Buster, I think he was tired.

Eating their food.


Finished off the glove puppets I started quite a while ago. I am pleased with them. Also, a tiny premature baby set/ doll set, made in very soft 4ply baby wool.

Sue, Sweep, and Sooty.

The little premature set.


Lindsay came round with Jay-Jay's, dog, Cali. She thought she would be the boss but Summer soon put her in her place even though Cali is a lot bigger than she is. 

Lindsay gave Summer a ball which she played with off and on most of the day. She was flat out asleep later, as so tired. Went round to feed cats, Jamie-Lee came too, and when I got back Lindsay had cooked the tea, thank you, Lindsay. Very nice too it was chip and pancake roll. Tommy-Lee's favourite, He loves them. 


Going to see my friend Bev today. Not sure how it will go as not bean in the car for a long journey as the vibrations gave me a lot of pain. The last time was on the 8th of this month when I went to see my Brother and Sister in law. That was around five miles and about half an hour. This journey is over an hour. The journey there went quite well but I did take ORMORTH before for I went. Good to see her, a surprise visit to see Russ and girlfriend Claire, plus Arlo their 9-month baby boy who is very cute. Bev has had a kitchen extension done very nice and so big- I was very jealous. We took her a bunch of chrysanthemums, and she gave us a lovely chrysanthemum plant. A lovely day I enjoyed it all.

So nice, hopefully, it will last ages.

 The journey home was not too bad but I did suffer from pain later but it was worth it to see them all.


Summer is at the vets today for a check-up and booster. Not our usual vets which are at washingborough, this one at Welton where I went to Secondary school and lived in the next village for around ten years. I liked this vet and so did Summer too, very gentle and she loved Summer said she was a perfect little dog. Summer weighs less than she did in 2013. Everything was good with her no problems at all. She did not even flinch when the vet injected her. The car journey was good for both of us, as Summer can get a little stressed in the car. I was so proud of her, my little pup.

A lot of work is going on just behind us in the car park that used to be a garage. The work involves riverbank improvements, and plans have bean put in for old people's home and monitored flats. A lot of heavy trucks and work activity going on. This causes a lot of vibrations and pain for me. 


Fed cats for what could be the last time as the family are back today sometime. The cats have grown to trust me and have become very friendly. Bandits loves to sit on my knee and cuddled going to sleep. Buster likes a stroke and prefers to sleep on his own. Both purr a lot and are very affectionate.
Went to see my sister-in-law as it's her Birthday, she is doing well so is Malc her husband. On the way back, went to the crematorium to put flowers, for Mum and Dad and my Brother's. His Birthdays just gone, Mum's was on the 26th.

Watched a rocket take off but it did not go well, it went sideways instead of up, exploding later higher up in the sky. They are still learning from any flight good or bad.


Watered greenhouse and weeded it still doing good. The tomatoes not getting very ripe yet, but a lot of people I talk to theirs are the same. A bit of ironing, then more knitting a teddy this time made of very soft purple wool so should be nice when done. All plain knitting is quite easy to do. Ness brought me a bar of chocolate for looking after the cats This was very nice as I told her not to, but I will enjoy it very much. Thank you Ness. 

A bit more going on this month, going out and cat sitting. RSD-wise, not the worst so that's good. Hope you are all as well as you can be and not suffering too much. All the very best love Gill. 

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