1st September.

Not as cold today, a long walk on the common with Summer very nice. Later Lindsay, Jamie-Lee and Suey came round. Suey was excited to see Summer and me. Lindsay said she started doing little noises and tried to get here sooner once she knew where she was going. Good to see, her as bean a while. they all stayed for tea Suey enjoyed hers. 


Into town today to see what I can get Tommy-Lee and Jamie-Lee for their Birthdays. Tommy-Lee now has money plus a few little things. Jamie still gets presents. Managed to get Jamie-Lee two sets, one to make a bag and decorate it, and the other one a unicorn set, to make and decorate. Also a hoodie plus a weaving set I already had. Harry Potter pin badges, plus a book that she can write or draw in. That plus a few sweets and she was done. Tommy-Lee, money, shower gel deodorant and sweets. Both done, just a few other bits of shopping then home. 

Bean having a lot of pain the past few days. The work at the back of us, for the river flood defences, are ongoing and they have brought in some big machines to do the work. Digger, cranes, and the steam roller. All these make a lot of vibrations. My pain levels have bean very high. The boss man said even bigger equipment will be brought in soon. I have a nerve rash which is very sore and at times itchy. It's hard not to touch it, as know this will make it worse. Hopefully, it will soon die down. Also dizzy as well on standing. After my bath, I felt very bad and had to sit on the floor for a while. I don't think my body is coping well. Heat changes are not helping one day cold, then hot. 


Paul was supposed to have his operation today on his shoulder, but it did not go ahead as his blood sugar levels were too high. (He has diabetes) This has happened to be for when he was supposed to have back surgery. He can alter this himself if he wants to, by diet. So it was all down to him. Now he will have to wait for another slot for his operation.   


Sewing up the teddy I have bean making, this has bean quite easy as all garter stitch (plain knitting) looks ok but the face looks more I think like a mouse. More choice for whoever ends up with it.

Mr Ted.


Another hot day, got to 30C in the afternoon very humid though, Suffering from the pressure of the humidity. I feel very tired, more so than usual, dizzy at times and a monster of a headache. Feels like I am being squeezed by a strong man or something. Given over taking extra tablets as they don't work for this type of pain and pressure MORPHINE instead. I have taken quite a lot already today but no more. My body will have to do the rest.  

In the evening started knitting a Noddy toy. This is about eight inches high (20cm). 


Happy Birthday, Tommy-Lee and Jamie-Lee, 15 and 9 today. Hope you have a good day. We will see them tomorrow as they are out today for tea. 

The work on the river bank is going well. Talking to the workman, and they said soon they will be starting the real work. All that they have done so far is the preparation work. The bigger crane came as well.  Andrew said not as big as the SpaceX ones. When the crane swung over our house it was a bit scary as it looked like it would crash into the roof. The man operating it was in full control.

Big crane towering above the trees.

Lifting up the side steel supports, these will line the river banks for more stability and strength.
More like a building site than an old garage that it was.

If plans go ahead it will become an old people home and flats for them. Nothing has bean passed yet. A lot of the street are against it because of extra traffic, noise and less parking. We are at the far end of the street so traffic noise will not affect us. The height of the buildings will but the plans have bean apposed, by us, and a few more objections by others. We will just have to wait and see what happens. An old peoples home would be better than shops or younger person flats/houses.   


Took a lot of leaves off the tomatoes and cucumbers to allow the air to get to them, and hopefully ripen the tomatoes. The cucumbers are still doing well and we have had a few off them, very tasty they are too Lindsay and the children came round and had their present from us. All were received very well, told Tommy-Lee to let us know what he got with his money. Andrew made them a laser print picture each as now he has a laser printer. He did Jamie-Lee Harry Potter, and Tommy-Lee his name. Both liked them very much. We had chips from the chippie as that's what both the children wanted. Good, they were too I had curry and chips. Birthday treat from Paul.

Rung up the Doctor to arrange my B12 injection and blood test, blood tests are not being done as shortage of tubes I was told. I said I need the test to see if I need the B12 injection are to go back to how they were at eight weeks or stay at twelve weeks as they are now. I think they need to go back to how they were as I feel more tired, have mouth sores, and dizziness and pale at times. (Maybe not all to do with the lack of B12) All symptoms of B12 shortage. The same reason I was put on them in the first place. The nurse did not know why they had bean changed either. My B12 is high but it will be, I was told it would be. I have slow-release injections to sort the lack of B12. Surely the Doctor knows this. The one who said the B12 should be twelve weeks instead of eight, was a new Doctor, someone I have never seen. The receptionist is going to talk to the nurse to see what they can do. about the injection and blood test.


Cloudy day, a man on the common got attacked by a swarm of hornets. He and his dog had a lot on them. I think the dog was alright but the man got stung a few times. He told us not to go that way as it was not safe. The same thing happened to me on a running weekend away. Most years, we raise money for Charity, I was with a runner called Brian, we got well lost, and both had cut legs from what we called razor blade grass. Sunburn as well. Asked a farmers wife the way and were back on track. Brian then disturbed a hornet's nest as he was leading, I got the full swarm of them. Stinging me in most places getting inside my shorts and vest top. Brian ran ahead, he said it was to stop us both getting stung, and if I needed help he would be there, still not sure about that move. He got one sting, I got around thirty the chemist we went to for cream, said any more, and I would have gone into shock. I even ran again that afternoon along the beach in front of Holy land island Lindersfarm.  So I knew how this man would have felt. 


Sewing up Noddy very fiddly it is, lots of little bits to put together. 

Watched a rocket with a Dragon capsule, take off from  Florida, this is the Endurance rocket that is carrying four non-astronauts, Jared, Chis, Sain, and Hayley. that will orbit the earth for three days, doing experiments and another thing that have never bean done in space be for. They will go higher than the space station. The take-off went very well just as it should, with no problems.  

The launch was a big fundraising event for St Jude Children's Hospital, they raised over 200 million dollars. Partly by selling a space pup teddy which they also took to space with them.  

Pups in Space!

Chinse for tea Andrew and I shared a vegetable kung po with rice and chips. Very good it was too, not had much to eat all day so was hungry.  

Later started knitting another toy this one is bigger at 17 inches around 43cms high. This for me is better as not as many small bits. I will let you know how it goes and tell you when it is when finished, as it's a present for someone. Still need to do a bit of sewing up for Noddy.


Nice walk on the common with Summer, saw my friend Mary and her dog, Rory.  Summer was pleased to see her, as she gives Summer little treats. Summer is a bit sore on her back leg but has bean running around more this last week and playing with her ball as well. Hopefully, that's all it is, she does not seem to be in pain. Maybe up her salmon oil a bit. 


Finished off the Noddy toy I have bean making. Quite small so did not take long to knit. Sewing up was difficult as a lot of the pieces were very tiny. I think I have made quite a good job of him. What am I going to do with these things I have made, I am not sure as yet. They will find a home somewhere I am sure.

Noddy looks good I think.


Knitting a Padding Bear for a Birthday present. I thought he was going to be around eight inches high but it was going to be seventeen. So a lot more stuffing is needed. He has on his usual blue duffel coat and red hat, all knitted. So far going quite well, with it being bigger it helps me as not as fiddley to knit as Noddy was.


Walked around the common with my friend Debbie and one of her dogs Bella. This one likes a lot of attention and kisses from me. When she spots me, she almost pulls Debbie over. Debbie spotted a snake,  I had my camera on me so was able to get this picture. We think it's a grass snake about six to seven inches long. All the years I have bean going on the common, about forty-three. I have never seen a snake on the common, saw a skin once but no snake and now I have.


Up about eight, bean awake a lot during the night, in bed less than four hours. The last few days I have had a lot of pain everywhere and spasms, not nice at all.

More pictures of the river work.

This is the machine that pushes the steel supports in place. 
This is the section where the Lego type bricks go.


Picked the first of my tomatoes, they are more like beef one than standard ones.

Very pleased with these, all down I think to the horse muck.

Some more pictures of the river work this time from the river bridge. Most of the others were from my garden.

Steel supports in place.
The machine run on the steel supports that have bean put in.


Run out of wool for Paddington's coat the pattern I think should have said two 100grms but said two 50grms. Paul going to get me some. The wool is a different shade, help what do I do? Need to think this one out. Pulled down part of the hood but that will not be enough. Rethink I am going to make some of the sew-on bits like the arm and maybe pockets the contrast colour.  The shade is not a lot different so should be ok.


In town myself, today to meet Joy my friend, not a long meet up as we both had things to do in town. Still very nice to see her. Few bits of shopping got a Birthday present for a friend, a Star wars canvas bargain at eight pounds from a shop near me.

Stormtrooper (much bigger than it looks, around 3 foot tall)

 Just hopes he still likes Star wars. Few other bits then home. 

Very tired and still a lot more pain than I would like. I think with not having my B12 on time does not help either. I think my blood levels have gone down, I have had PERNICIOUS ANEMIA for years started around my late teens. So I know when things are not right. Hopefully, by the end of the month, I will get my B12 plus a blood test. Things with the test tubes hopefully will be resolved by then.

More pictures from the cobbled bridge that Summer and I go on every day.

Some more of the steel supports in.
These look like giant Lego blocks,
not sure what these do as they are there one day then gone the next then back again

I think they could be weights to keep the machine stable. When I see the river people I will ask them. They have bean very busy so no time to talk.

This is the big crane from the road towering above the trees and houses.


Today we have had Summer for eleven years, she is still as cute as ever.  I don't really know what I would have done without her over the past few years. she has always bean there for me. Cuddles and love that's Summer.

This is when we brought her home, sat on Andrew's knee kissing him.

So tiny.
The grandsons, Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee put her in the Action man tent. 

All grown up now.

Summer as she is now, still so cute.

Snowy, her cat best friend.

Stuffing Paddington, going to take a long time as he is a lot bigger than the toys I usually make. I have to do his features as well something I am not the best at. 


Happy Birthday Paul. We went out to "YoYo in Beijing" for tea. Andrew, Jamie-Lee and Lindsay came too. This I think is the first time I have bean out for a meal for ages. The food was very good, Andrew had plenty to chose from as well. ( he is a veggie).  


A very windy day gale force, rain pouring down. We found out we had a leak in the roof as well, not good with all the rain still coming down.

Gave Summer a bath she looks nice and fresh now and a lot cleaner too. She gets very mucky on the common. Lindsay came round later with Jamie-Lee. Supposed to be having chips for tea but the fryer did not work. Paul cleaned it out and I think he got water in the electric parts.  Used the oven for some things, and Paul got chips from the chippie, they were good too.   


Finished off Paddington looks good better than I thought it would. I am pleased with it. Going to Arlo, for his first Birthday present. His Dad and I used to run together. happier days then.

Mr Paddington.

Going to knit Big Ears to go with the Noddy I made, then he will have his friend with him.

Knee gave way twice on the common, Summer looked very concerned, her face was what's the matter, Mum.  

Another mixed month, still too much pain but that's life now. Still mostly able to knit, so that's good, this takes my mind off the pain. Hope things are going well, with you all. 

All the best love Gill.

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