Jan 2022

Happy new year to everyone is this one going to be better than the last two with COVID still very much here.

Jan 1st

The little pup from next door disappeared, frighten by the fireworks going off. He was found later so all well. The fireworks near us were very good, the display was on, or near the common. Just a family, or friends setting them off. The sound was almost deafening Summer was barking at them as to say shut up. 


Wayne phoned up he has got COVID. He was not well when he was here at Christmas. He thought it was a cold as he took a test before he came. He said he actually feels better than he did at Christmas. Kayleigh will look after him.


Wayne sent a message that Kayleigh has now got COVID as well.  She is not suffering as much though.

Finished off making the womble Orinoco. I am very pleased with him, he came out better than I thought he would. I teasel brushed him afterwards to give him the effect of fur. This took a long time around three to four hours.

Looks good, does he not?


Summer had a long walk on the common. We first walked around with Debbie then met Mary, and had another walk around with her. Even though summer is now eleven years old she is still very strong and active. I think if I carried on going she would too. Very cold with an even colder wind cuts through you like a knife. Taking down the Christmas decorations, it looks very bare now.


Sharp frost to begin with then warm sun still very cold though.  Our old postman is back, he likes a good chat as he delivers his post so that's good. Meeting Paul in town to get him some trainers as part of his Christmas present. 

Very cold so I put on my duffel coat thinking it would be warmer than my other coat as it's mostly wool, it was not and I was cold. At least we only went to one shop and he got what he wanted. 


I made some mince pies and jam tarts in the afternoon. Plus some sausage rolls for Paul. My eyes are sore today, I think it might be the cold wind from the common walks. Snowed for around two minutes Lindsay and I saw it. Might be some more later. Hope so, as I and summer love the snow as many of you know from past years. 


Bedrooms to clean today took a lot of the day. Then some more of the schoolgirl doll. Going well a lot of clothes to do. I have not started the body yet as no flesh wool. Paul is getting me some today from the market. Very tired later, and my eyes are still sore still. I think it's the wind making them like that. My eyes are always dry from the side effects of the tablets I take so not good to start with. So it does not take much to make them sore. I have bean doing my blog on my new tablet that Paul got me for Christmas. Very different from a laptop or computer. Lindsay is having her booster today at the showground, Paul is taking her, I have Jamie-Lee here with me. Later I am looking after Emmie a neighbour's girl who I regularly look after later. Her parents are going out together for a change. Ness is a nurse so her working hours can be all over the place. Emmie and I had a good time as usual. She got tired so I said it was time for bed. When Ness and squidgy came home she was fast asleep.


Cold and wet today summer and I went down Sincil bank her choice. Carried on knitting the school girl doll, the plan is to make her look like Jamie-Lee, I think I can get a good likeness. When she is finished as usual I will put a picture on here. I need to be doing something when I am sat, so the pain does not take over. The knitting helps a lot. Paul is at football today. His team Lincoln city has not bean doing well so far this season, so he is hoping for a win today. When he came home he was pleased Lincoln had won the match and played a good game.

Chinese for tea this was very hot and delicious. I was hungry so had quite a lot. We all enjoyed our super. 


Doing the cleaning up today Paul is helping I usually do it all. I started in the bathroom and Paul started in the front room. I usually do this on my own sitting down when I need to. I feel like I am getting a cold or something very drained. I take echinacea when I feel like this and it helps a lot. By the end of the day, I felt a lot better, very tired though.


A lot of ironing to do today as changed the beds yesterday so sheets and quilt covers. Plus shirts and other bits. The cold I thought I was getting seems to have backed off a bit. Summer had a long walk today and was running around like a little pup.


My friend Jenny came round today after having her hair done just down the road. Good to see her. 

Found out today that I am going to receive some money from Attendance Allowance (money to help with support for RSD and any assistance I may need).  At last, a four-year battle was over. I am pleased this is now over. I could not have done it without my friend John's help. So thank you very much, John.

Later night time my legs were causing me a lot of pain, the sort that does not stop. Nerve pain I took tablets and MORPHINE but the pain went on. I tried TIGER BALM, no relief. I went to bed in pain. I have had this be for but not as bad for a long time. Hopefully, the pain will lessen overnight.


Pain has lessened a bit in my legs, it's not too bad when moving but when sat it's very uncomfortable. I think a lot of this has to do with the bad varicose veins on my left leg. As with RSD, the pain does not have to be where it actually starts from. The other leg just joins in to cause more problems.  I have seen my Doctor about the veins, but he says that unless they become a major problem they are left alone 

Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came round in the afternoon and stayed for tea Chinese. Very good it was too. Jamie-Lee spilt hot curry on her hand and it made her very upset. I do not think it will blister as Lindsay straight away put it under cold water. Jamie- Lee soon recovered and finished off her meal.

She brought round her sewing machine for me to look at, got it sorted and she was very pleased. 


In town today to get some new baking tins. The ones I have are not much good now. All the non-stick is no longer. So things like sausages and roasties stick. These tins have a ten-year guarantee so they should be good.  Got a dentist appointment, as well as a filling, has dropped out. We are having toad in the hole today so that will be a good test as in the past tins everything stuck so half the Yorkshire was left in the tin. 


Had to go back into town again to change the baking tins as they did not fit side by side in the oven. Got a bit smaller ones so all was good. Sorted out my baking tin cupboard and got rid of the other tins. Tried them later and the Yorkshire pudding just lifted out. So a good start to the tin washed up like a washing up a plate well pleased. The toad in the hole tasted very good as well.   

In the night well early morning Summer was very unsettled and I came down. Stopped down for around an hour then went back to bed. Not sure what spooked her but she was not happy. I have not had to come down to her for a long time. 


Very cold on the common, -2 with the wind chill factor. Helping out a friend today sorting out a few things. Ironing before I went so I was pleased it got done. Got back around tea time fish and chip and mushy peas, very nice.


Not doing a lot today so I decided to make a start on a puzzle Joy got me for Christmas. Got quite a lot done too. I treated myself to some CDs from Amazon, Taylor Swift, Years and Years, and Yung Blud, Ed Sheeran and Sam smith.  


Bid more of the puzzle, I have a fold-up board so I can put it away safely when had enough. All the CDS came today. Will get played later. 

The river worker are getting the river looking good. The cranes now have gone, still digger and trucks. 

Looking along the river from the bridge.

These are all taken from the garden.


Sorting out my DVDs and CDS took a long time as I kept dropping them. Playing my new ones at the same time all are very good. Still, Taylor Swift to play. 

Not had a bad few days with pain so that's good. Balance is not good at times.


Cleaning up, then a bit more knitting of school girl doll, going quite well. Later on, while locking up and letting Summer go on the grass be for bed. I bumped my head on the shed wall. Only a graze but felt quite sore. The RSD went wild and soon I had pain throughout my body.  I had to stay down a bit longer till my pain had lessened a bit. 


Told by Mary that there were four horses on the road near the crossing on South Park. Probably from the common, hope they will be alright. I did not see them but they left a pile of muck behind. Mary said there was a lady on the phone so hopefully, things will get sorted and they soon will be safe and back where they belong.

Headache today from where I bumped it. Only a small graze but it does not take much to upset RDS.


Weather mild today, its has gone barmy again, windy too so did the bed sheets, quilt cover, they dried too. 

When I saw Debbie friend from down the street, she said she saw four horses being led back on the common while walking her dogs yesterday a few minutes after Mary saw them. Pleased every turned out alright and they got back safely with no accidents. 

My head is not as bad today but a bit sore around my eye. 


Very mild again I did not have my hat and gloves so it must be warmer. Summer had fun running around with Rory, Mary's dog.  Doing a bit more of the schoolgirl doll I am knitting Finished off the duffel coat. So now only the hat, gloves and scarf to knit.  


Got Jamie-Lee tonight. Lindsay is at an Indian Birthday meal for one of her friends. After Jamie Lee had tea, she showed me some games on her tablet which she thought I would like. She showed me how to download them onto my tablet. We had a good Nan to Granddaughter time for a couple of hours. Soon Lindsay was soon back and they went off home. A very lovely night with my Granddaughter Jamie-Lee.

First Blog of the year and not too bad I think. Pain wise pretty good- apart from my wobbles and hitting my head on the shed wall 25th. A good start to 2022. A bit different to last year when I broke my wrist.  Hope you are all not too bad and enjoying some things. All the very best love Gill.

Summer ready for a swim.

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