February 1st

My appointment with the cardiologist got cancelled because she is ill. Seems to be a lot of my appointments get cancelled. Not the cardiologist's fault though, hope she gets better soon.


Not as cold today on the common, not windy either. A good walk with Summer. 

Just lately my pain has not bean as bad, bad enough still. The overall pain is still there but the flair-ups have backed down a bit, the tiredness is still as bad and the wobbliness comes and goes as it feels like it Could this mean things are starting to improve? I do hope so this year will be eighteen years of RSD.

Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came round later and stayed for tea. They had bean to Sports Direct to get Jamie-Lee some roller skates, they were a bit too small so need to go back for exchange.  Found out later from Lindsay they did not get bigger skates but sledges. Do they know something we don't?


Quite a bit colder today another good walk with Summer on the common. My friend Angela came round to see us. She is doing alright. Taking a pair of jeans up today, it took longer to try to thread the needle and get started than it did to sew them. I have a needle threader on my machine and had to get the instruction book to see how it works. My hand shakes a lot and can not hold things at times, and today was one of them. 


Out with Jenny today at Age Uk where I used to volunteer. We both went back to see what it is like now. I have decided not to go back as I don't think I could cope. I struggled even before and dropped a lot of things. Jenny is going back and was a little disappointed that I was not. She understood and said I will try it and see how I get on but even she was not sure. She will get a date when to start. Things have changed a lot there is only one person left that we know in the kitchen. Bit of shopping then home. 


Very windy and cold on the common saw my friend Mary and she said she was cold. I said put your hood up. She said I will not be able to hear you then. I said you can not hear any way or see very well. Rory, her dog loves it on the common and runs around for ages. Mary waits for him to come back then they move on, This can take a long time so she gets cold. Rory used to be a street dog so is used to doing his own thing. Making my friend John a Birthday cake. I just put everything in the mixer so it's not hard to do.


Frosty start to the day and very cold too. Saw Mary on the common she gives Summer little treats. Summer did not see her to start, with, but when she did she ran to her and got her treat. We walked around with her again. Met Joy in town and she gave me a present and card for my Birthday on the 13th. Good to see Joy, I have not met her in town since last year. 

B12 injection later this stung a bit but not as painful as some I have had.


The dentist canceled what did I say earlier about appointments? Saw Jonh and gave him his cake and present for his Birthday today. Picked up my tablets that the chemist missed yesterday off my prescription. 

Later I watched the Brit Awards, I watch every year (when it is on)   Adele got three awards and Ed Sheeran got the writer of the year. Good, but I did not like the man comparing it, a comedian, he laughed at his own jokes even when they were not funny, but still, I watch it for the entertainment of the singers.


Not a good day for me today very wobbly and more pain than usual. I do not feel with it at all far far away feeling. Could just that I have bean doing more and the RSD has objected does not take much to upset it.


Very frosty start but soon warmed up. Summer made two new friends on the common a chocolate labrador and a black one. When she was a young pup she was chased by a chocolate Lab and was scared of them for a long time. I was pleased she was not frightened by him as he was a very large dog. Good girl Summer. Looked after Jamie-Lee later, so Lindsay could see Tommy-Lee's teachers at school. Jamie-Lee has got tonsilitis. Another puzzle I have finished. I got a bit of help from Lindsay and Jamie-Lee she put in the last few bits. This was a Christmas present from my friend Joy.  

Lovely picture.


My Brother David and Sister in law Bev came round, to bring me a card and present of a rose for the garden plus a large sunflower decoration for the garden also. They could not stop long as they were parked on the high st, as no room on our street because of football and the extra cars. This meant only a short stay because of restricted parking, an hour. He did not want to get a ticket obviously. Good to see them both as it bean a while, Christmas last time. I gave them three small cakes one for each of them as one of their sons lives at home. I told my Brother not to eat more than one and will check when I ring up after my Birthday to thank everyone for the cards and presents.


Happy Birthday to me. Lots of very nice presents and cards. I bought myself some crystals with money from previous Birthdays and Christmas I got four and Paul bought me one. We had a Chinese takeaway later with Lindsay and Jamie-Lee joining us too. Very good too, I ate properly ate too much as IBS played up - worth it though. 

Cards and presents.

All my cards.

Flowers from Paul, on the left, Lindsay and family right, front from friend Jenny.  

All from Andrew, he made himself.

Dove and perfume from friend Lyn,  musical sewing machine friend Debbie, bath bombs Wayne, Soft toy Jamie-Lee, crystal clown Paul and two pewter rabbits from friend John.

From friend Debbie.

Puzzle from friend Joy crystal bath bombs from son Wayne and girlfriend Kayleigh musical sewing machine from Debbie.

Dairy box from Joy, chocolates on right from Angela, bars from Lindsay and family. These should last a while I think. Lion and toffee crisp from summer. £10.00 from Paul's Mum and Dad.

Bracelet from my Jenny, and necklace from Andrew that he made.

From my Friend Debbie with the sewing machine.

From friend Joy.

From David and Bev.

 From David and Bev. 

From my friend Tracy.


Thanked most of the people for their presents and cards. Just two more to do tomorrow as out. Garry did get his cake and he said he enjoyed it so did David, Bev yet to eat hers. Started another puzzle this is an Amsterdam one quite colourful too. 


All my new crystals came today all good. 

The clown one on the left side was a Birthday present. from Paul the rest I bought. From the left
ball of wool and needles, globe, spinning wheel, radio.

Barmy weather 14c at midday. Storm Douglas is coming this way, then Storm Eunice too, this is meant to be stronger and more powerful than Douglas. Weather warnings are in place, severe for some. 
Very windy on the common this does not bother Summer at all. soon after we came back it rain and for most of the day heavy showers. The wind and rain got worse after dark.

A lot colder on the common today and so windy. Walked around with Debbie and her two spaniels Monty and Sooty do not like the wind and both wanted picking up. She said look at Summer she does not mind one bit. She was running around with the wind blowing her fur. Debbie was told yesterday that the river people have just about finished the banks and are soon packing up. They have done a good job I will put a picture when all the tidying up has bean done.

We have got storm Douglas, at the moment, This is not affecting us too bad, but some parts of Britain have had a battering and a lot of damage has bean done. Straight away we are heading into a storm, called Eunice. This one is meant to be a lot stronger. I know it was very windy on the common. Summers fur was blowing in the wind. Cleaning up downstairs later. Sharp frost when I went to bed and very cold.

Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came round. Jamie-Lee has had tonsilitis but is just about better now. Later I did a bit more of the Amsterdam puzzle going well and not too hard to do. I have done the sky first as most people leave it till last and then it can be quite so boring.

Still quite windy but not as bad as it has bean both storms have now passed through. Walked around the common with Debbie her two spaniels again. Debbie said she had met a lady and a dog who had just moved here. She did not know about the common and her dog went crazy and shot up the hill in excitement.  She was very pleased too as where she moved from had nothing like the common.
Yet another storm is coming mostly to Ireland but could go anywhere.  At least it's good for drying washing two lots done and dried so quickly. I love the smell of fresh washing.

Picked up Tommy-Lee's jacket it needed a zip slider and I did not have one the right size. The lady charged me £10.00. Not too bad I suppose but it's only a ten-minute job. I was annoyed I could not do it myself.  Took Summer out for an extra walk later extra biscuit too which she very much enjoyed.
Paul cooked tea, rice and a Jalfrezi mince dish not too bad but a bit unusual. A lot more pain than usual well at least I have had a few better days. 

I am sorting out the hair for the Jamie-Lee doll. Jamie has curly hair so I need to make it look like hers. I wrap the wool/yarn around screwers and big knitting needles. I stemmed them with the iron, they have turned out very well.  Now just to hook them on to the head. This will take hours as her hair is very thick. Riverbank is done now, most of the River people have moved on to other jobs. So it's pretty quiet out the back now.    

I think it looks good now, and the ducks love it deeper and wider for them.

Cold and windy today again not a storm this time, or not yet anyway. Dentist today 2.15 to refill a tooth that lost its filling. I was told I would not be charged as it was within the guarantee, well this was not really true as was charged a check-up fee of £23 odd, but not charged for the filling. I quiried this and the dentist said they have to do this as the Nation Health makes them. The dentist had told me to floss more, this is what made the filling come out. The left side of my mouth was numbed, I need extra LIDOCAINE to do this now, since having RSD. so I think it will be numb for quite a while. The numbness went around 9pm. A little sore then but not too bad.

My friend Jenny is at Age UK today to see if she can cope with the changes. I hope she gets on alright. I know she wishes I could be there as well, but that's not possible for me. Later in the day Jenny phoned me and said she enjoyed it and is going back next week. All the best Jenny.  

Did a few more of the curls for Jamie-Lees hair going to be a long job, as taking more hair than I thought. Was not pleased with some I did, so out they came, so more than ever to do now. Chinese for tea which was very nice. Andrew and I shared a veg curry which he had asked for to be hot and spicy. Very much different to the usual veg curry we have from there, the Chinese across the road. It was good, but a little hot for me, but Andrew loved it he has his food spicier than I do. 

Andrew put some hair on Summer from the Jamie-Lee doll, and she just laid there you can almost do anything with her more so at night time when she is very tired.

I think I could go into films with this new look.


Not feeling the best today hot, cold more than usual. Far away feeling and headache very unsteady on my feet at times, taking things a bit slower.  Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came round and had tea with us Sunday dinner-type meal. Pork steaks for Paul and I and sausage for Jamie-Lee and Lindsay with veg, roast tatties, Yorkshires, and mash, and of course gravy. Jamie-Lee loves gravy and has it on most meals.

Weather change again from frost and sun to dull and rain. Summer and I just about escaped the rain on the common. We saw Mary and Rory dog there, had not seen them all week so that was very nice. Always good to see friends on the common. Summer is very well known there as she is so cute, Every loves her. Rained very soon after we got back. Cleaning up today Paul helping for a change so that's good. I do feel a bit better today. headache has gone and not as much pain.
Well, another month gone- mixed for me but on the whole better not a lot going on either as do not go out much apart from the common. 

All the very best to you all. 
Love Gill. 


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