Bit of snow on the rooftops, but by mid-morning, it had all gone. At least I was right about the snow. Bit more snow and sleet later. 


A frosty start, lovely on the common very fresh.  Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came round later. They brought  Suey their dog, best friends with Summer. Both were very excited to see each other. I hurt quite a lot today with pain everywhere. Started making a little jacket for a new baby girl. The baby was born a few days ago. So I thought I would make her something. The parents got covid soon after her birth so I have not seen them. 


My friend Debbie's Birthday today, I made her a Womble as part of her present. She liked him very much. 

Mr womble.

I have now finished off the Jamie-Lee doll. Jamie-Lee will get it next time they are here. I have started knitting a little doll for Emmie two doors away. This does not take much wool and is ideal for leftover wool from other things I have made. 


I have somehow gone wrong on the baby jacket I am knitting. I think I know what I have done. I got it sorted it was too many rows between the buttonholes. The mice seem to have gone from the shed. Hopefully, they have found somewhere warm to live. I felt quite guilty turning them out of their little den.

Spring has sprung on the common and trees are beginning to look green again breaking into buds. Not all of them, some are still very dark looking. I have had no letter from the cardiology about my tablets so cannot get more. My Doctors will get the same letter as well and add the tablets to my list. I am now only taking one, BISOPROLOL. For the last few days, I have only bean taking half a tablet or they would have run out by now. All the others have had major side effects. Really bad stomach pain, the runs, and terrible bloating. I rang them and the receptionist said there is a letter on the way. I said that's what the other two said. I told her that it had bean a month since I saw the Cardiologist, surely that's enough time to get a letter to my doctor.  My friend Tracy has Covid but is not too bad.

Went to Gio cashing (modern treasure hunt) with Lindsay and Jamie-Lee. Jamie-Lee found them all. I thought I had found one, but it was an ariel lead from a TV.  The bit you are looking for is usually in a capsule. No little gifts this time, just bits of paper that you sign your name on, to tell others that you have found it. A nice hour or so but, I did not feel the best. Neither did Lindsay so we did not stop out too long. At least Jamie-Lee had a bit of something different during her Easter holidays.


Chilly start to the day but it soon warmed when the sun came out. Nice steady walk on the common, mind you with Summer there is not much chance of a fast walk. Unless that is she sees Mary, then she will get a bit faster so she can get a treat from her. Ness and Squidgy house has got an offer on it. They have an open day later in the week so there might be more offers. Emmie came round to play for a bit and was playing catch with Andy from across the road, who came for a coffee. Andy went and Emmie and I played for a bit. Lindsay and Jamie-Lee were coming but Lindsay did not feel well. She still gets terrible headaches. Hope you feel better soon Lindsay.


I spoke to the secretary of cardiology at the hospital. This is the third time I have rung them up. She said a letter has bean sent today. I said I am now out of tablets with no way of getting more as no letter. With it being Easter this week there will be little chance of getting them for a week at least. Why put you on tablets if there is no chance of getting more?  


Rain today, we have hardly had any rain this month usually it's showers most of the month. Put in some seeds today toms and flowers.

Gave Jamie-Lee her look-alike doll, she loved it. I will get the boys something as well. I told her how much work went into it. 

In her school uniform same as Jamie-Lee's.
This hair took around five hours to do using a crochet hook.

Ready to go to school.

Lindsay is quite a bit better after her bad head pains. They stayed for tea. Tracy has recovered from covid as it was only a slight case. 

Lindsay got a phone call from Andy (Ex and Jamie-Lee's Dad saying he had lost his phone on the cow paddle where he takes his dog Rocky for a walk. Lindsay and Jamie-Lee went to help I was hoping they would find it as it was getting dark. Jamie-Lee did find it after Lindsay rang it. Well done Jamie-Lee. Andy gave her some money.  


Another warm day, cleaning up today then into town to get Jay-Jay and Tommy-Lee something as I gave Jamie-Lee the doll.   I got them shower gel deodorant and a bag of lollies. I hurt a lot coming home, times like this I wish I had gone on my scooter. Probably done too much, but when I can do things I do or nothing would get done. I can rest now.  I paid for it later PAIN everywhere. At last, I got a letter from cardiology so my doctor will have one as well.


Weeded all the garden not too much to do as I try to keep up with the weeds, with the warmer weather they are coming up a bit faster. A lot of the flowers coming up as well. I prefer being outside even in the rain. Watered it as well as very little rain this month. After tea, I sprayed all the garden with greenfly killer. Changed the bed as meant to be a nice windy day tomorrow so the bedding will dry.  I am very tired now but not in too much pain as yet, 10pm.


Another warm sunny day. Summer had a bath so she is so soft and fluffy. I washed her basket, and she was not happy that she could not go in it. I showed it on the line, she just huffed and puffed a bit. I did make her a bed but it was not her basket so still not very happy. Later after her basket was dried she had a good sleep in it, very content again. I have now finished the baby things for Peter and Jenny's baby.  I am making a little rabbit as well.

Jacket for when she is a bit older 3-6mounths.
Baby set for now.

The little doll for Emmie looks like her too.
Another little doll I made earlier this year. 

All the knitted things have bean finished, I have started making Emmie a cardigan in multi-coloured wool. This is for Christmas so I can pick it up and put it down as I like.


Summer hurt her back paw on the common while playing with another dog. She limped for a bit but when she saw Mary she ran to her for her treat. So I thought it was just a pull or something. Later on, she looked very sad, (she can do a very sad face and you have to feel sorry for her,) and was limping quite a lot.  I looked at her paw, and she had something between her paw pads about the size of a small marble. I got it out but she struggled against me. Not sure if this was the cause of her limping though as It looked like it had bean there more than today. Anyway, I am sure she will feel better than without it. We will see how it is tomorrow, might have to have a rest day.

I hurt as well not so much my legs this time, my arms. I can not get rid of the pain, like a flu-like one.


Seemed funny not going on the common, as Summer was limping quite badly still. She did seem to mind too much staying in though. So maybe she was in a bit of pain. Sewing together the rabbit I am making for the baby. I put the arm joint on wrong and could not get it off. They are designed not to come off for safety. Andrew managed to do it for me, by cutting it. Normally I would have just cut around the joint but, I had no more fur of that colour left. I had plenty of joints. I got it done and just need to stuff it now. 

Later Summer was not limping hardly at all, so hopefully, it's the common tomorrow. 


All of a sudden the common is alive again. The trees are bursting out and the trees are waking up for Spring. Summer and I were on the common and both of us enjoyed it a lot. She saw Mary and got her treats, also some more of her dog friends. I rang up the doctor to see if they had done my tablets from the hospital. NO, they had not got a letter yet. I told them I had, and they should have too. I had to take mine in so they could copy it. Now the doctor needs to see it and pass it. So in all probably another week's time before its sorted. I will try to speak to him next week when he is in the surgery. Not good enough is it? I went to see the cardiologist on the 8th of March. 

Summer seems a lot better today a slight limp but she seems a lot happier. I noticed the claws on her back feet were quite long. I will get in touch with Maxine to get them cut. I could take her elsewhere but she trusts her.

I had a lot of left hip pain later, could because I was on my bike earlier.


Deadheading the flowers cutting back the daffs to give more room for upcoming plants, Pulling up the few weeds that have come up, and a general tidy up to keep on top of it. My Hip seems to be fine today so that's good. Summer's back to normal now, not that she is like a normal dog at all more human. 

Ness and Squidgy have sold their house.

Rabbit is now done and looking good.

Cute rabbit.


A bit chilly to start with, with a cold east wind, I had my gloves on, Mary said she was cold as well. Rory is a roamer, bouncing around the rabbit holes. So she stands still a lot and gets cold easily.  

Cleaning upstairs today Paul is going to do the computer room at the weekend (Wayne Ha Ha) 

Summer and Rory ate something in the park this morning and now Summer is not feeling too well. Her stomach was making loud noises. I rubbed it a bit and she let off quite a bit of smelly wind, I stopped up with her till nearly 4am by that time I think she felt a bit better, both of us to bed.


So much colder today I had on my big coat again and gloves. I have RAYANRDS so my hands are soon cold. Most of the last few days I have bean wearing my first proper running jacket, which I got around 1992 when I first joined Lincoln Road Runners. Thinner than my winter jacket. Summer seems very tired today but she has bean in season so I think that's why.

Lindsay and Jamie-Lee called in they are going to the fair on the common. This time it is here from 20th till 24th of this month, Usually here a week. Tomorrow they are going again with Tracy.  

Summer did not want her chew so kept it in her mouth for over an hour then she buried it on the grass. She is not very good at this. 

Her idea of burring.


Lost the little screw from my glasses, found it again, then lost it in the drawer  I found it, only to loose it again on the carpet, looked for over an hour, this time I could not find it. I will just go to the opticians and get them to put another one in. I think it could have bean loose a while because they have not fitted right for a few weeks. I do not wear them all the time, mostly used as sunglasses. Bit more Knitting of Emmies cardigan going well.  


Cleaning up today, I managed to knock over a plant, a mug of tea, and my salt lamp which broke the bulb. All sorted but I could have done without it all, as wanted to get it all done. I feel quite tired today less sleep than normal over the last few days. Spoke to my own doctor today about the heart tablets that I have bean put on from the hospital. He is doing the prescription today changing three of them for coated tablets. So they should be ready this week. At last, I am getting nearer to getting them, but we will see, so far it's bean a complete disaster. 


On our walk today Summer met a greyhound, The man said she does not usually come up to people. She spotted Summer and came straight over. She let me stroke her as well. The man said this has never happened before. The dog was I think was called Hogen, and was usually very shy. I told him that Sumer was very gentle towards people, and has a calming influence on other dogs especially if they are a bit timid or young. He stroked and loved her thick soft fur. Summer lapped it up and looked up if so to say I can take more of this.  Near the park we met a couple with two young children, they were stroking Summer and again saying how soft and lovely she was. 

Going to Lidils today with Andrew, it's Dutch Week, so things he used to have when he lived in Amsterdam, he is hoping to get today. He got lots of things, the basket seems to fill up more when I said I would pay. Got Paul beer and dates, and I got rice cakes and a bag of sweets. Summer got a chew out of her supply. She was happy to see us back. She does not like anyone leaving the house at all.   


Cold today, back to winter again. Nice but chilly walk on the common. When we got back Maxine had come round to cut Summers's toenails. I rang her and asked her to call in when she was in this area. Summer was a bit confused as to why  Maxine was here. When she comes to give her a trim, the cloth is down and she brings her table. As neither were here she did not know what was going on. Nails soon cut and Summer ok again.  Thank you so much, Maxine.

Went into town to get my glasses screw done. Got a few bits I wanted, more wool for a cardigan for Jamie-Lee. She liked the one I was doing for Emmie, she would like blue instead of pink. Another one to take my time over as it will be for her Birthday I think, in September.


Well, today I actually got my tablets today that were prescribed for me on March 8th, I ran out and could not get any more like I said earlier in my blog. They have bean changed slightly so hopefully, they will be better. 

ATORVASTATIN FILM-COATED 20MG- CLOPIDOGREL FILM-COATED-75MG BISOPROLOL FUMARATE 2.5MG. The spray to go under my tongue has not bean changed. LANSOPRAZOLE has bean stopped., good it did not suit me. 

Well, not too bad a month this time. The days are getting warmer so that makes everything better for me. I think most people will agree. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine and coping with your RSD.Love Gill and Summer.


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