September 1st

Walked quite a long way around the common today so Summer had a good sleep in her basket, with froggy, of course.

Ever so tired.

Cleaning up downstairs, today it's so heavy and humid. Storms are forecast but I think we will be missed as often is the case here. Started knitting a baby jumper with stripes of white, burgundy, and green I think it will look good when finished. We ended up not getting a storm, even though at times it went very black. 


In the greenhouse today, watering, side shooting, and taking leaves off. Everything looks good. The tomatoes are ripening better now and we've had quite a few already. The ones outside are too looking good. Andrew's tobacco plants have really grown well. Another humid day, we still need a big storm. Chinese for tea, a lot better than last week's Indian meal we had. Paul did leave some bad reviews on their website.


A dull grey start I was told last night that a lot of rain was on its way. Some more in the garden and a bit more knitting as well. At last, we had a big storm with thunder and lightning and lots of heavy rain. Andrew and I stood out in it for a while but then it came down a bit much. 

I went in Andrew and stayed out a bit longer. The air was so sweet and I know after it will be a lot less humid.


Warm to start with and still a bit humid. Later we had another storm not as big as yesterday's one. After all the rain yesterday I did not need to water the garden. It seeps into the greenhouse as well so a bit of rainwater will do good. Yung Blud was in the BBC Radio 1 live lounge (A live session done in Radio 1 live lounge every week by top performers.)  he sang three songs, all brilliant. I like him he is very funny and I like his songs he does swear a lot in some of his songs but I can overlook that.


Not feeling the best today hot and cold, and quite dizzy, I have back pain and a headache too.

I do not feel right at all today just far away. 


Woke to bladder pain and blood while weeing. I have CYSTITIS, got in touch with the Doctor, and was prescribed ANTIBIOTICS MACROBID 100 MG two a day. Hopefully, this will help the pain soon. Not doing much today just having a rest a bit of knitting and some reading if my brain will take it in. It's Tommy-Lee and Jamie-Lee's Birthdays today. Tommy-Lee is sixteen and Jamie-Lee is ten. Paul and I went around for an hour to give them their presents. Tommy-Lee got money to buy clothes and Jamie-Lee got a cardigan I made for her, a puzzle board, and a puzzle to do on it. I did not feel well at all and soon was home again. 

When we came home Summer did not come to the door, and I was a bit worried but everything was fine. Andrew had given Summer her tea it had only just gone six but she kept bothering him in the shed where he smokes. So he gave her it, a big thing for him as he is vegetarian and the smell of meat makes him feel sick. Thank you Andrew from both of us. Very tired later and have a lot of bladder pain hopefully it will soon settle down. Sat the rest of the night Paul did tea just a few chips for me. I took IBRUS for the pain later.


Resting today as very dizzy at times. Pain about the same, still hurting when I wee, blood still as well. Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came round and stayed for tea again Paul did it for all of us. Bad head today but the air is stormy again. Took more IBRUS to settle it down a bit.


Not quite as bad today, not as much pain or blood, still feel a bit rough. Taking it easy but still did the ironing. Doing some knitting a bubble stitch pattern with multi-coloured wool. Going quite well, it looks good but is easy to do.  I did a bit of sewing, Paul's trousers needed taking up a hem. Chinese for tea, I ate quite a lot as the last few days I have eaten very little.


I feel quite a bit better today. Pain and blood is less, hardly any now. Was not happy with the front of the cardigan I was making, going to make a jumper instead. An easy day just a bit in the garden, watered the greenhouse too. General bits, nothing too much, as still not my best - saying that I do not think since getting RSD I have felt truly well.


Summer is at the vet today for her booster injection and check-up. I asked him to look at a small wart on her eyelid. Nothing to worry about he said, same with a small lump on her right back leg. He said she was in good condition all around. She has lost a bit of weight, which I knew she had. He said it had bean very hot a few weeks ago so that could be the cause. I am to keep a check on her to check her weight and get in touch if it goes down a lot, but he thinks she will be fine. She eats well and gets out every day rain or shine.  I feel very tired as well and still dizzy at times.


Colder on the common, north wind today and quite strong. Finished off the baby jumper, not the best work I have done. Not sure why it was so difficult as I have made loads of little jumpers. I thought to myself this would not happen to Sheila. The lady I made Mini Sheila for. One of the past videos I was watching showed her getting mad with herself as things were not going right, at one point she said it almost went in the bin. She had to pull down a lot of work as she had made mistakes, she did not see. With knitting, if things are going well and the rows just keep adding up, you are not looking at your work as much, and things can go wrong. Also, a pattern she was using did not seem to be right when knitted up, so she just did it her way. This made me feel a bit better as I was not the only one making mistakes after bean knitting for so long. Started at six and I am now sixty-seven, so sixty-one years. Obviously with breaks.

One of the baby jumpers
A little hat.

Plus a little baby cardigan.

The jumper I had trouble with.


Wayne and Kayleigh are back from Florida today, after a two-week break. They both said they had a lovely time. Quite a few violent storms. One bad one delayed the flight an hour. They then had to wait over an hour for their bags. They were very pleased to get home after a lovely holiday. The cats were fine they had bean well looked after. I know they will find it a bit cooler here as the temperature has dropped a bit. To many that will be a relief. 


I have started knitting a little doll like I made Emmie and Jamie-Lee. These can go in boxes for the children that lost so much in the Ukraine war. Hopefully, I can make a few as so quick todo, an afternoon or evening that's all. Also, it can use up the little bits of wool I have. Watering the greenhouse and garden and taking most of the leaves off the toms inside and out. I can hardly believe how well the toms have done outside as there is more fruit on the plants than in the greenhouse ones. Andrew's tobacco plants are doing very well. 


Wedding day for Lliam and Fiona. Lliam is my youngest nephew. They met when they were eighteen but things did not go well, years later another date and here they are married. Lliam is thirty-five now. The day went very well. Cold in the church and I was shaking but not the only one. I took a long time to warm up as well. Canapes were served, fish and chip; yes just one. Also small sausages and a few other bits. All very nice. We had Tapas as the main meal it was very good, something I have never had before. Even my Brother went and looked very smart. Good to see him, he was on his own which was nice as his partner tends to take over. 


Tired and achy today all the sitting and getting cold I think. Bit more knitting and a rest day for me. We had Chinese for tea as we did not have it last night. I had chips, pancake roll, and curry sauce, they are really lovely from our local place. It's just across the road so very good as everything is still red hot, not like some takeaway delivery that are not very hot at all. 


Not as cold today. Got a message from Bev my sister-in-law (Lliam's Mum) saying that her Brother has a new variant of covid. We thought she meant one of the Brothers that were at the wedding but it turned out he was not there. Hope you get better soon mate. I Met Joy in town, a rarity I go into town now. She is well and it was good to see her. Got Paul a few things for his Birthday next Monday. When I got home a bit in the garden and did some knitting later.


Quite warm today. I saw Debbie on the common, straight away I could tell something was very wrong; her poor little baby dog had died, Sooty. He could not breathe and passed away. This was her Mums dog and she said she felt she had a link with her through him. Sooty was not ill or anything and always bean a noisy breather.

Her other dog Monty had bean ill with a persistent ear infection so I thought it was him that had passed away. I really felt for her and gave her a hug but what can you say to her. It just hurts so much. The dogs are looking for him, as he went to the vet but did not come back alive. He is buried in the garden. 


Saw Debbie and walked around with her on the common. She is about what you expect her to be very sad and lost. The other dogs are pinning for Sooty too. Started knitting a cardigan to do as a change from the little dolls. Not going bad a lacy pattern like I have made many times before.


Bit in the garden. Things are still doing very well.

Andrews' very tall tobacco plant.
An even taller sunflower.
Tomatoes and tobacco, all these are in Karols garden next door.

An aubergine.

Popping corn.
More tobacco plants.

Holy Basil. 

Taken down the cucumber plants as all gone now. Put the last one in the fridge. They did not do as well this year. I washed Summer's basket and she was not happy, looking at me as only Summer can.  When it was fully dried she went to sleep in it, after giving me a few big huffs. Something she does when things do not please her.


Paul's Birthday Happy birthday Paul. We are going out for tea later, a Chinese Buffet, all you can eat. Paul's favourite type of meal. There were six of us in the end with Jay-Jay and his girlfriend not going and Andrew as well. Andrew was not too good. David and Bev (Brother and Sister in law) came round to bring Paul presents. They said after we left the wedding and the night-do went ahead, a lot of the young ones got very drunk and they were a bit of a problem. Garry sorted them out he is Lliam's brother so no more trouble later. The meal out was very good everything tasty and hot. Tommy had a good fill-up, he eats loads. When he was a baby,  he was always saying he was hungry. A good night was had by all.  I was pleased that it was quiet and not many people there was not too much chatter.  


Did all the ironing, of bedding and shirts. we have cotton sheets so they need ironing, even if they did not I probably would still iron them. I do not like creases in sheets. This took a long time and my arm and shoulder really hurt. 


Cleaning up downstairs today. Started knitting some little toys, the rolly Polly family. I asked the demolition men who are taking down the garage buildings if there would be any wood from the trees they were cutting down. He said he would see what he could do. Later there was a pile of wood for Andrews's pit fires. It needs drying out still so not able to use it yet as Andrew found out it just smoked and did not burn.  They also cut down the big tree that was in Ness's garden, Ness and Squidgy were given an extra bit of land where a wall was a few years ago, and the tree was in that bit. The new owners will have a bit of a shock when they come back next time. They have not moved in yet.

The extra light we get is a bonus for us. Shame about the tree though as it was a lovely tree and lots of birds used it to roost and rest. 


Andrew made Debbie who lost her dog, a necklace and keyring. She can have him with her at all times. 

There is not much going on this month as I do not go to many places apart from the common. Car journeys cause pain and an outing can be so noisy. Pain wise this month is not too bad not a lot of severe pain but a lot of dull ache pain that does not go away whatever you do.  

Well, I hope you are keeping well. 

Lots of love as usual Gill. 

P.S. Summer says it's getting colder now.

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