August 1st

A sunny start to the day. Wayne did not sleep too well. He went for a lay down later and felt better. I did chicken dinner for tea. What I did not know was Lindsay, Jamie-Lee, and Tracy were coming for tea. Paul did not tell me until late afternoon. He knew yesterday that they going to be here. Why not tell the person that was doing it all? So that was five extra for tea, Andrew did not join us, having his tea later.


 A bit wet to start with but soon warmed up.  Summer is twelve today.

Happy Birthday to you. She had chicken for her tea and a few extra treats as well. 



Eating her tea.

Still a Pup.



Kayleigh and Wayne came for a walk on the common with Summer and me. This is the first time Kayleigh has bean on it, Wayne could not believe how yellow and dried up it all was. They come from Halifax so they get a bit more rain than we do. After a bit of early dinner, they left for Halifax at twelve-thirty. Hopefully, it will not be as long before I see them both again. It's bean lovely having them both here. Paul phoned up around five and said they had just got there as traffic was so bad. Usually, it's around a two-hour journey on a good run. Paul thinks it will be about the same coming back. I have a lot of mosquito bites that are very sore, not sure why but when I get bitten, they are so painful and swollen and some get infected. Usually, they last around two weeks, then they dry up and stop hurting. The thing is not to scratch them but it's hard as they itch so much. I usually put plasters on the big ones so I can not touch them. 


I am making a doll for a lady on youtube that I follow- more about it when done with pictures. This will not be easy I know, but hopefully, I can do it. Also started knitting a pair of gloves for a present. 


Cleaning up downstairs, took most of the day. Very hot work and made me dizzy at times. Andrew did my Blog check, and I published it, a bit late but never mind. Quite tired as I was awake at least every hour, a shorter night than usual.


In the garden a lot of the time watering, weeding, and general tidy up. Bit more knitting of gloves and doll both going well. Chinese for tea just chips, curry, and rice for me. Lots of pain in my legs later, nerve pain, and spasms. Took extra tablets but they did little to help. My bites are also playing up, I have kept my jeans on, usually, I would be in shorts now. Even if you stay in at night the little buggers still seem to get you and you wake up with more bites. 


Another sunny day with a bit more cloud than yesterday. More in the garden, Andrew and I  have taken over a bit of Karol's garden at the bottom. The bit I cleared in the June 25th post. Andrew put in tomatoes and tobacco plants. which are doing very well. I spoke to the new neighbours over Karol's fence, he was tidying up the garden, I met his partner and his son end of July briefly. I will miss Ness and Squidgy a lot especially Emmie. I know it will not be long before I see her again. Squidgy brought me a present back from Wales, a picture of Summer, a hologram, well not her, but so like her. The face moves as you go past it and it's like she is following you. Very nice thank you all very much.


Just looks like Summer.


Going on my bike today to some of the shops close by to see if I can get some buttons for the many cardigans I have made. To buy them individually will cost a lot. So I was hoping to get a bulk buy, but they no longer sell buttons. In between shops I had a bit of an accident. While getting off a slope I overbalanced and fell to the floor with my bike on top of me. (Mine is a heavy bike as it is an electric one.) Cutting my elbow and upper arm. Causing bruising to come out straight away. I was helped up by people close by and asked if I had really hurt myself- I was ok, What I did not realize till later was I had torn my shirt at the back. 

I did not know at the time I had also cut my back. A bruise came up after a few days. I was mucky, bruised and my arm was bleeding as well. I must have looked a right sight walking round the shops.  Also, a bruise on my right wrist, with all the other bruises and cuts on my left side. 

Later bruises came up on my right leg where the bike had fallen on me. I was shaken up but otherwise ok. I was more bothered about where I was going to park my bike, as no places to fasten it to. Eventually, I got a clear fence to lock it to. I got my Brother a cotton jumper for his birthday. Some gel pens for me, they are easier for me to use than biros, so it was not a wasted trip.


Cleaning up again with having the back door open all the time leaves and bits blow in. Went to take my Brothers Birthday present for his Birthday tomorrow. Nice to see him and Bev his wife. Garry their son was also there. A good chat and a cup of tea. Garry has a very little chihuahua dog which sat on my knee for a while. What would Summer think?  


Hair cut by Debbie as usual looks good. I think now she has got to know my hair like Helen (past hairdresser) used to and knows what I want even more than I do. 


B12 injection today, sore as usual but did not last too long this time. Watering the greenhouse and tubs. Did some before I went and the rest when I came back. Hot again but the weather man are saying it's going to change Sunday or Munday and storms and rain to come and a lot cooler. 


30c at times later, very warm on the common so did not have a long walk today as we went a bit later. I took Summer some water and a biscuit. We sat in the shade to give her a rest and let her cool down. I gave her the little treat and she had her drink, she enjoyed it very much. This is not going to happen every day as she gets a biscuit when we get back. Later I gave her a bath. She was so mucky the water was brown. I lifted her front paw up and she overbalanced and went under the water. She huffed and puffed a bit but she was ok. All clean and towel dried. So white and fluffy now. She ran around outside for a while and then, had a sleep. I let her dry naturally and soon she was completely dry. Later I brushed her and loads of undercoat came off all soft and fluffy like cotton wool. Hope she stays clean for at least a few days. 

All fluffy and clean again.

Later more watering in the greenhouse and garden, drying up very fast now. 


Warm to start with but a coolish breeze. I took a drink for Summer again but no biscuit this time. She was happy with just the water and did not look for it.  Doing this Blog later as not started it at all. Got quite a bit done.  I am making another table for a youtube lady who is called Sheila, as not very happy with the last one I made. We had Taco Bell for tea but for me, it laid very heavy and made me feel very uncomfortable. Andrew had some with us as it's his favourite takeaway. He is vegetarian but somehow got a meat one. This made him ill and obviously ruined his meal.


Started cleaning up and just got the bathroom and kitchen done when Lindsay and Jamie -Lee turned up. Never mind I can do the rest tomorrow. Nice to see them they as usual stayed for tea chips curry and rice plus a few extras. Nice, it was too but I was not too hungry. My head feels mashed up and I am finding it hard to think today not making sense of what people say. I think it's the heat and tiredness.



Well Sheila's doll is finished and I am happy with it so later she will be on her way to Sheila.


She might be a bit warm but she can take off the jumper.

                                                Sheila doing what she loves best -knitting.



The weather is changing as storms are coming to most places in the UK. Hope we get some really big ones to clear the air.

Squidgy and Emmie came round, really good to see Emmie again. She was pleased to see me and said she had missed me. I said I had missed her as well. She had a red face as she had bean on the trampolines at a play centre. We had a call later from Malc Paul's Brother saying Pam his wife was in hospital dehydrated and not well at all. Hope you soon improve Pam all the best. 

No storm for us but some places got drenched with lots of rain. Chris Stark from Radio 1- said, it's very wet in London and he got soaked coming to work on his bike. Got the ironing done as not as hot today but still very humid. Around 5pm it started raining very heavily the little plants in the garden were lapping it up. You could almost hear their joy. I have bean watering most days but rain is still best. Andrew stood out in it for a while, I did too but got cold so came in. The air smelt so sweet. Mini Shiela has now bean posted so she will soon see it. I am excited to see her reaction.


A lot cooler today 15C I woke up to cold feet and spasms in my legs and feet. Doing the bedrooms today as I thought it would be cooler it was not and I was sweating a lot. Got them done so I was pleased. Malc phoned up and said Pam will be in a few more days as they are more doing tests, and he will keep us informed. 


Up early today as the headache I went to bed with is still there. On the common be for 9am. Summer played with her ball something she has not done for a long time. She really enjoyed herself when we got back she was soon asleep. Got quite warm later 24C, but still heavy air. Having a rest today as bean busy the last few days. Why not, everyone else does. 


Met Rory and Mary on the common we walked around the common together. After they both came back here for a cup of tea and water and biscuits for the dogs. This was the first time they had bean here. Rory was well settled and Summer and he was having a cuddle under the table. Rory looked around the garden and went on the flower bed bit. Summer told him off and again when he went upstairs. Summer does not go upstairs at all unless she is carried. When I am ill. Paul will bring her up. 

Message from Malc, Pam probably has Parkinson's. My Mum had it as well, it's where you shake sometimes. Severe at times others times not as bad, different for everyone though. Shiela got her little Shiela today and put up a video she was very excited and said it was the best happy mail she ever had.


Quite windy today and pleasant, not too hot. Taking up Paul's trousers, two pairs, and then Andy's trousers that need to become shorts. Got them all done and was pleased with the results.  Saw Debbie and Bella her dog, on the common. Gave Bella the kisses she likes. Debbie said Monty was not well with sickness and the runs and had bean to the vets again. Monty has bean going with an ear infection and was put on steroids. Debbie thinks that is what made him ill. We also saw Mary and Rory and walked back with them. Rory wanted to come back with me but Mary said no, not today, and gave him a treat to take his mind off coming here.


Saw Debbie and Monty with Sooty her other dog (she has four dogs) Sooty. Monty has improved now and is able to come out. Debbie said he was so weak before and could hardly move at all. He looked a lot better too and barked at me like he usually does. Nice walk on the common with Pat and Milo her dog. We went on to the top bit where I do not usually go as it can be too much for me. With someone else, you do not notice it so much. Summer will just trot along me where ever I go, slow and steady.


Dull to start with but so humid it got to over 90% later again I felt like I was being crushed and such a bad head too. Cleaning up today downstairs it's very hot and heavy. Malc came round and said Pam is doing a lot better, a few more tests then soon home. Humidity is still very high when I went to bed in the early hours of the 23rd. 


Washing out, windy and sunny dried very well today. Put the button on the cardigans I ordered on the internet as They arrived yesterday. They look good I think.  

Gloves for presents.

Summer actually buried a bone today in the garden not just covered with a few leaves. Well done Summer.


Would have bean my Mums Birthday today, or it still is as Andrew said, but she is no longer with us. She was a very caring person who would help anyone. She worked so hard, then at last retired but there was no time left for her to enjoy it and she suddenly passed away.


Cleaning up today I have bad back ache and spasms shooting up and down. We had Indian for tea and it was awful no taste at all,  you would not have known it was a curry. Andrew and Paul said theres was bad as well. Not be going back there again. I would sooner have a Chinese any time.


Summer saw a few of her friends that she had not seen for a while. A rest day today as I have bean busy a lot over the last few days. Mary said since Rory and her came here a few days ago, he always looks this way as if he wants to come again. She said they will visit again soon.


A bit cooler today. Saw quite a few of Summers and my friends today, some days we see no one.  We are having a BBQ later, Lindsay and Jamie-Lee are coming too. Jay-Jay turned up to show us his new motorbike and stayed as well. There was going to be a rocket launch today, Artemis a moon survey mission but was cancelled, because of the weather and possible storms later. The launch was from Florida which is known for storms and changeable weather. Hopefully, it will be soon and the launch will go ahead next time. 

Well, that's August's, Blog no too much to report, and very late too. I thought I had published it and did not check. Well never mind it here now, hope you all enjoyed it. 

All the best love Gill.

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