March 2nd

Paul is at the hospital volunteering so on my own again. Since Summer went I am now truly on my own. Cleaning and a few other household jobs, ironing too. Later Andrew and I did a walk to Hobbycraft to get a few bits he wanted. Nice out along the river bank but the wind is very cold. 


Rest day today, as busy yesterday. Just doing a few odd bits and more knitting of the white baby blanket I am making for the same lady I made the cardigans and pink blanket for. Another walk with Andrew along the river. Got some light for the trellis where the little bouncy bugs are so it's lit up at night. 


Andrew put up the lights so hopefully, they will look good when its night time. They are solar powered so the sun is needed to power them up. Paul is out again so just me most of the time. Andrew has helped me by going for walks, but it's not the same without Summer toddling close by.


Radio 1- Arielle Free Dj is doing a bike ride for Red Nose Day. Tour De Dance /Comic Relief. The bike is no ordinary bike, a ten-man one like the Dutch beer bikes in Amsterdam. She and nine others will be biking every day covering five cities starting in York, then Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, and finally finishing at Liverpool. Ten miles a day, she will be Djing the whole time. The other nine riders will change though out the day and over the next five days. Arielle will be on the bike for the whole ten hours apart from rest and physio breaks. The bike I have bean told weighs around one and a half tons. Good luck hope it goes well and the weather is kind.  


Up at eight despite not going to bed till four-thirty last night. I am not sleeping well since Summer went, as I am thinking about her when I go to bed. I should be tired but I don't feel tired at all. Maybe catch up with me later. Cleaning up downstairs.  Jay-Jay my Grandson is nineteen today, so a Very Happy Birthday To You. Going to see him later. He was born the year I fell so he has never seen me active like I used to be when running. A good year and a bad one, all rolled into one. Jay-Jay was born with a hole in his heart which the Doctors knew about be for he arrived. His birth was not straightforward his heart rate dropped to about ten beats a minute. Lindsay was rushed to the theatre for an emergency caesarean. The Doctors managed to deliver him by forceps as she was so far on. All was well in the end but he did have to go to Sheffield the next day to see a specialist there. More visits as he got older but all seemed to be well. He still has the hole but it does not bother him too much. Saw Jay-Jay later gave him his card and money. I will get him a few bits when in town. 

The Lilly that Mary and Rory got me is fully out now and is so lovely.


In town, today to get Jay-Jay bits of shower stuff, and two bags of Haribo sweets, you're never too old for them. I got wool for the blankets I am going to be knitting later in the year plus another ball of white to keep in. Well stocked up now with wool. Another walk with Andrew along the river bank and through Boutham Park nearby, about an hour-plus walk. Nice and peaceful along the river bank too. Cold strong wind again. In the park, we saw ducks and seagulls, they are very greedy birds one was trying to take a piece of bread out of a duck's beak but he held on to it and ate it. I know the seagulls are hungry too but they expect it all and do not want to share. 

Arielle Free on Radio 1 is doing well but is saddle-sore. The weather is getting colder with snow on its way. Sheffield she says is hilly and taking its toll on her. Halfway now, keep going you are doing really well. 


After a very cold night -3-4C we have a bit of snow. some places have had loads causing problems in places. Wayne has had quite a bit as well. Icey strong wind today. 

Arielle is struggling with the cold and the snow. She is broken and in pain, and so cold- her words, but will carry on. People who have bean on the bike for a short session are saying how hard it is and so, so cold.  The DJ set broke down as well so that was a setback as time has to be made up later.  Come on girl you are nearly there just today, and tomorrow then rest and warmth for you. 


Snow at nine this morning, is quite heavy too, we might get some proper snow yet. Later it was still snowing heavily and settling more. Andrew and I are going for a snowy walk later. Very sore eyes today I think with the cold winds and tears as well. Cleaning up a bit later, and a bit more knitting going well with the cardigan and baby blanket. Later Andrew and I did go for a walk but not a snowy one as we thought as all snow has gone. Wayne still has loads and sent pictures to Paul. 

Video (above) of the snow in our garden

The walk was nice but so cold with the strong wind. We went along the river bank again, a nice like I said quiet walk. I have not bean back on the common properly yet, as a bit too painful (only along the top with Andrew.) Summer and I did not really go down the river much. She preferred the common with all her and my friends. When Andrew and I got back Arielle was on her last bit of the bike ride. Today she found it very hard going. She hurts and sometimes had to be lifted off the bike and put back on again.  She will find strength somewhere and the crowds will help her along. There are in Liverpool as its the last day. When I was running and used to race, you are all in but get near the finish line and somehow you find extra strength to pull you along sometimes to even sprint to the finish. Arielle has finished the bike ride of her life broken, sore, and so tired. The total raised up to now is over £500,000 Very well done Arielle and all those that took part how ever small. More money will be coming in for a few days. 


Bit more of the blanket and cardigan knitting going well. Tired today and still head ache from the beginning of January.  I was sat knitting when a picture popped up on my Google screen of Summer as if to say I am still here with you, then flashed off again.


Lindsay's dog Suey has not bean too well, she is an old dog with a few problems. Summer and her were very best friends

I am now starting to decrease the blanket now as the right size, 210 stitches on the needles. Had to use circle ones for a while, not very keen on these but there were just too many stitches for the needles they were on. Now decreasing, the rows will obviously get shorter, but a way to go yet. Warm today 13c the last few days being around 4-6C what a contrast, still very windy with rain now so, we will probably not get snow at all to settle. Some say good but I like snow.   


A windy cloudy sunny day all the weathers today. Not cold 13C again I have taken in my little bouncy bugs as they were going a bit too crazy and I was worried they would get broken.


Cleaning up downstairs today. Paul is at the hospital volunteering. Went with Andrew on another walk this time we went shopping at Home Bargains. Not to get anything just a look, this cost me in the end 27 pounds. I got more solar lights for the garden to put with the others I got last week. Andrew got a fan and phone holder plus a few bits. Also, the bargain of the day, Primulas for ten pence for six they just need a good soak then they will be alright. 


Went to see Mum, Dad, and Phillip at the Garden Of Rest. I went on my bike- not bean on it for a while as my balance has bean off a bit. No problems going, coming back I got a puncture, so I had to push it all the way home, around a mile I would say. My bike is very heavy as electric not noticeable when riding but very much so when pushing it for a distance. My shoulders ached and my arms hurt. My left shoulder has not bean right since I slipped last year on the ice falling on my left side with most of the weight on my shoulder and arm, hitting my head as I fell. 

Paul got some posh fishcakes for tea, to me they were not any different, just a bit bigger (large portions Wayne). My sense of smell and taste has not come back yet. I can sense curry on my lips and tongue but not really any taste. Paul said the fish cakes were not a lot different either. 


Planted the primulas they look really good now after a good soak of water. Going to rain later so that will be good for them. Bit more knitting of the baby blanket and Andrew's hoodie which is not going too well. I will finish it for him and it will be the best I can do. This is why I prefer doing baby things or straightforward bits. Too many stitches and takes too long to do adult things. I am wanting to get things done faster than I can knit. Paul mended my puncture, and I cleaned my bike it gleams now I used car polish so it will be protected too. 


Mother's day presents,  a Scottie dog from Lindsay, with a plant which is going in the garden, and was replaced with a cactus, plus some chocolate. A Steampunk cat from Wayne and Kayleigh, they sent a card too and Lindsay added her name to it. Wayne said what a cheek. 

What a cheek.
Thank you, Wayne and Kayleigh.

The cat I named Spock from Star Trek, and the dog Scottie also from Star Trek. 

Scottie Dog.

Spock cat.

Was going out with Andrew but with Lindsay here, it will be tomorrow instead. Suey Lindsay's dog came too. She is getting old now sixteen. Her joints are very stiff and she walks very robotic-like. She was looking for Summer and spent a long time near her resting place. I explained to her that she is no longer here. When Suey is tired she always goes in Summer basket to sleep she was confused it was not there. Lindsay went off to see her friend Jack and brought him back here. I gave him his Christmas present as had not seen him since the end of last year.


Sorting out the toy cupboard and got a lot for the charity shop. things fit in there a lot better now and there is more room for the puzzles. Some things will be saved for Jay-Jay and Molly's baby.  Cooked a Sunday dinner of roast beef plus all the trimmings. Very nice it was too. No knitting today as my wrists are a bit sore. I Learned today that Pam my Sister in Law has broken her leg and is in Skegness hospital, as no beds in Lincoln County. Skegness is a least an hour away from Lincoln, County is about fifteen minutes. A long drive for Malcum her Husband to go to see her. Nice walk with Andrew along the riverbank. 


A cloudy day but not cold. Sorted out the Lilly plant that Mary and Rory got me it will go in the garden at a later date. Also, the big olive plant that I receive as a present a few years ago from Ben's Daughter Ben used to live next door with Cilla but now both have sadly passed away. Got cleaned up downstairs apart from the front room that is. 


Changed the bedding and got it all dried. Bit more knitting of the blanket below 100 sts now( did have 220) only decreasing 1 stitch a row so still a way to go before its finished.

Phoned Malcolm to see how Pam is doing. He said she is quite happy with some other ladies in the ward. Not sure what is happing as he keeps getting told different things. Hopefully, she will soon be home or at least in Lincoln hospital. 


Got a breast scan today at the hospital I walked there and back, around four miles plus, as it was a nice day. I was going to bus it and walk back, but as I had plenty of time so I decided to walk it. The route is up quite a big hill so it gets the back of your legs. This is the hill I used to run up and down many times with no problems even talking as we went when in the running club - Good Days.  The scan went well with no problems just wait now for the results in around two weeks. Got some violas for the garden this should fill it up now and look very pretty for a long time without me having to do much to it.

The blanket is now finished and looks really good.

Baby blanket.
All done.

4-ply cardigan.

This little cardigan I have made not sure Linda will want it. I wanted to see if I could still work with 4ply wool. A bit fiddly but I got used to it.


Dentist today for a checkup of a bit of tooth that broke away. I thought it would be done today but no only one dentist on and no receptionist either. I need to go back at an unknown date as no appointment yet, as the stand-in receptionist could not make me one. Still charged twenty-odd pounds for a check-up that was not due (went end of last year)  and will need to pay again for filling the tooth. I thought it would be a joint cost. All the new light and a new boingy insect who is called Hoopy has one leg missing. This should look good come night- time. 


Peek a boo

The red light middle left is the bug I have called Ben, his bum lit up.

I was chatting to Katie next door to us. I had not seen her to speak to this year. I was ill, and then she was ill too and we just did not see each other. She said how sorry she was to hear about Summer both of us shed some tears. I said goodbye and went home. A few minutes later she was at the door with some flowers. What a lovely thought Katie and thank you very much.


Started knitting a baby jacket for a Christmas present I know it has only just gone the last one. This will give me an option. It's in Aran wool so knits up quickly. These last few weeks I have knitted with 4ply, Double knit (DK), and now Aran. What a difference to change from one to the other.  Paul put all the Action man stuff in the shed till Lindsays gets a new house. The house she is in is being sold so the landlady wants her out. Hopefully, she will get a house soon as she is very worried about three children a dog, and a hamster. Put violas in the garden they look very happy in there. Also I will not need to do much to the garden for the next few months that is apart from weeding.

I think they all look very pretty, don't you?

I put a lot on Summer's little place.


Good news Lindsay has bean offered an upstairs flat. Only two bedrooms, but it's better than a bed and breakfast at a Hotel somewhere. She was one of four people wanting a place, and they ended up in Peterborough. That would have bean devastating for her and the children. The outcome for her is good. It's going to be a bit of a squeeze but she will cope. Now at least she can relax a bit knowing that it's her place till the council find her a bigger house.

Redoing a bit more of Andrew's hoodie as the pattern I do not like it as it's not how I would have done the pattern. I know Sheila said the same about a pattern for a baby hoodie with very much the same style. I know  I would not do this pattern again without adaptations.


Doing some of the blog, ready to publish soon. Bit more knitting of Andrew's hoodie, I will get this looking right, hopefully very soon so Andrew can wear it.

Went to see Lindsay's new place look good for her. The bedrooms are very big, one like two in one. the small bedroom is a double. Tommy has got a double bed in there so lots of room still and it's around the back away from the road so a lot quite. The kitchen is big, the bathroom is small but ok. It really needs decorating but I think Lindsay will not do anything much to it, instead saving the money for the next place. The only downside its upstairs and Lindsay will need to carry Suey her dog up and down them. She is a collie staffy cross so not lightweight. Knowing Lindsay she will find a way. I said to her she be have to have a hoist like the Dutch people in Amsterdam. All the best Lindsay and family, relax now and breathe. 


Visit to see Rory and Mary, I took Rory a chew and Mary some Christmas cake which she loves. I told her that there was alcohol in it, she said oh good. A good chat with her. Rory sat as close as he could, he ate his chew and kept snuggling up to me. Some how he makes me feel calmer, he was Summer best friend and they truly loved one another. A few tears though out the visit but I enjoyed the afternoon with them both. Thank you Mary.


Wedding Anniversary today 48 years. 

Flowers from Paul

Going to make a teddy today for a friend's Birthday as I think she will love it. It's already cut out, I just need to sew it up, which is a big job as the fur is thick. When finished I will put up a picture to show you all.

Another thought month for me all sorts of emotions from very down to very angry. Summers passing will take a long time for me to get through. Hope you are all feeling good and enjoying good things. 

All the best love Gill.

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