April 1st

Started making a teddy bear for my friend Debbies Birthday, on the 5th of April. I know this does not give me much time, it's already cut out so that saves around two hours. The fur is very thick so the stitching takes a lot of doing. I could do it on my sewing machine, but, if I do it wrong it's a lot of hassle to unpick it. Went quite well, sewing a bit hard on my fingers. I stabbed myself a few times and made my them bleed. The worst bit was getting the joints, nose and eyes in place. They just would not go in and snap together because of the thicker fur I think. I gave up- and will try tomorrow. The trouble is my hands are not very strong and my grip is not good either. The joints are all safety ones, once in they will not come out. I found this out once when making another teddy. I put the leg I think it was, where the arm should be or an arm where the leg should be. I had to cut a new leg out and resew, but it was all well in the end. Hopefully, things will go better tomorrow.  


Bed around 4am, I did not feel too good today a lot of pain and still getting bad headaches. Once I was in bed. I must have gone to sleep and was woken up by barking, I started to get out of bed. Then I realized it could not have bean Summer. After that, I could not settle for ages. 

Did a bit more of the teddy today it went better and I managed to get all the joints in using a nut (nut and bolt type) and hammer the nut helped hold the long part of the joint called the shaft, and just a sharp tap on the hammer they went in. I did have to redo the nose as the shaft broke but that was quite easy to put right. I just cut off the shaft and used another nose. Just needs stuffing now and it will be ready for Debbies Birthday. Last year I made her a knitted Womble and she loved it. 

Mr womble. Orinoco

  • I looked after Jamie- Lee from about six pm till around ten thirty pm so that was nice. She showed me the crochet things, she had bean doing and they look really good. She has made headbands, and part of a blanket so far, that I have seen. Jamie-Lee went home now time for me to relax if the pain will let me.


Started knitting a little baby jacket for Jay-Jay's and Molly's baby. She said she has loads of things. So I making a six months plus size. My Nephew  Lliam and his wife Fiona are having a girl so I have started on a blanket for them. Their baby is not due till September so plenty of time. I still need to finish off Andrew's hoddie so loads to be getting on with.


Happy Birthday Debbie, I gave her the presents and she loved the Teddy. 


She said I was very clever. She did not realize to start with, I had made him. Andrew had given him the name Jeffery. Debbie said she might keep that name for him. I had three unexpected visitors today Jenny, Angela, and Andy, well Andy I see a lot. The other two just came and sort of knew I would be here, I mostly am. Not really bean out much since Summer passed away. Apart from the walks Andrew and I do, going late afternoon so not many visitors at that time. I used to always go out with Summer first thing. I have missed the common very much as used to seeing my friends there.

Pauls's Brother Malcolm was admitted to the hospital with pain in his side. Paul took him to the hospital after Malcolm rang him up. He was vising Pam his wife, when the pain got unbearable. Pam who is temporarily in a care home after her broken leg last month. She now has a brace on it. The leg she broke is the one that was the most affected by her stroke a few years ago, so she has not got much feeling in it, so not in too much pain. Malcolm was put on a drip, nill by mouth, and told that it might be a bowel blockage but will do more tests and scans. Paul got home around two thirty in the morning. Lincoln Hospital are not very fast at doing things. 


Finished off the knitting of the Aran jacket now, and added a hat with a bobble, which took three attempts to get right. Still need to put the toggles on but have none so I need to go into town.

Looking after Andy's cat Smudge, today and at breakfast time he was waiting near his door and wowing as if to say come on, I want my breakfast. He was soon fed and happy again. Andy is only away one day so not too long for him. I left him to eat his food and told him I would be back later. When I went back mid-afternoon he was not as hungry so I played with him for a while, then left him again to eat what he wanted of his dinner. One more visit then good night Smudge.  Andy will be back sometime tomorrow. Paul went to see his Brother, and Malcolm said he felt a bit better, hungry but not in as much pain. Andrew and I went for another long walk no shopping this time though. Felt quite warm as well is Spring on the way?


Went across to feed Smudge and he was sitting outside again waiting for me. Fed him Stayed a while but he was more interested in his food so I left him to it. Going to see Pam today and take a few clothes and bits, probably washing as well to bring back. Pam was well, her leg in a brace thing. The leg is the one most affected by her stroke, so not much feeling there. Not sure how long she will be staying there. With Malcolm in hospital, there is no one to look after her, as Malcolm is her sole carer. Andy is home today so Smudge will be pleased, He is a very loving cat and likes a lot of attention. Malcolm phoned and said he can come home today. He will be seen as an out-patient. 


A big storm today with thunder and lightning and with downpour rain. The air was a lot cleaner after, as I can feel quite bad as it affects me with headaches and just a very heavy body. Pain everywhere on a really bad storm day. Yesterday I know it felt very heavy. Andrew And I braved a walk hoping we would not get caught in the showers or storms we keep having, as some are very heavy. Another long walk and no- we did not get wet, just got home in time. 


Sunny start to the day, quite mild too. Washing and general housework. Paul is helping Lindsay move the last bits from her house to the flat, that will be home till a bigger place is available. She has to carry her dog Suey up the two flights of stairs, she is sixteen years old and finds the stairs difficult not an easy task as she weighs four stone.


Happy Birthday, Malcolm, have a good day. Pam is coming home today so that will be a good day all round. 

Cleaned up downstairs. Andrew was going to B.Q. so I decided to go along for a walk. I was quite tired and ached a lot but I thought the walk would maybe help. On the way back we saw one of our friends. He is the son of Ben who used to live next door, permanently in a wheelchair after a bad car accident. He had a new dog, and very friendly he was. He did not know about Summer and asked about her. I told him and he was very sorry. He has lost dogs so he knows how hard it is. Nice walk but I was so tired my short nights do not help, four hours of broken sleep a night is not good. 

Paul picked up a cooker for Lindsay as the flat had not got one, not new, but Paul said it was in very good condition. Fitted in now and ready for trying. She cooked sausage casserole for their tea. Everything seems to be working well and she is pleased with it. Things are getting done in the flat so that's good. The flat is very warm as new boiler and radiator have just bean fitted. The old house was cold and drafty. 

  A wet day, hardly stopped raining all day. I sorted out all my wool and wound up any balls that had got tatty.  Started knitting a baby jacket for my Nephew Lliam and his wife as the baby girl is due in September. I am making it a bigger size too as she has a lot of things already. Lindsay phoned up and said Suey was not well. She thinks she has a prolapsed womb. A trip to the vet he thinks the same. He tried to push the prolapsed back in but could not. She needs an operation, not good as she is sixteen years old. Come on Suey you can do it. 

Look at the beautiful sky we had at sunset.

So lovely.


A phone call from Lindsay, Suey is ok and doing very well, come through her operation, and should be home today. There was a tumor in her womb so a full hysterectomy was done plus an extra bit inside her bits. Well done Suey. They are coming here for a few days, as Lindsay will not be able to carry her upstairs with a stomach wound. Suey is not too bad a bit dazed and wobbly on her feet. Lindsay gave her a bit of chicken roll and she hooved it up. Jamie-Lee and I did laugh. Jamie-Lee will have the bedroom and Lindsay and Suey will have the front room.


Andrew and I decided to go for a walk taking Jamie-Lee as well. We went along the river bank ending up in Boultham  Park. Andrew and Jamie-Lee had a great time going on the climbing frames and other activities. I went on some but most of the time just watched them. We left the park and walked back home. I cooked tea roast beef for most of us. Sausages for Jamie-Lee and Tommy-Lee (Jamie-Lees Brother) joined us as well. Everyone enjoyed their tea. Andrew did not join us, eating later instead. 


Quite a warm heavy day. Suey is doing well, sleeping most of the time eating a bit and going out for wees. 

The Mars rocket was meant to blast off today but did not, something to do with the pressure. The next date is Friday.


Met Joy in town, the first time this year I have seen her. Had a cup of tea, that Joy treated me to and a good chat. Got some more wool and a few other bits. Also a crochet set of Harry Potter's Luna for Jamie-Lee to make. Being looking after Suey while Paul takes Jamie-Lee to School, so she is not on her own. A sunny day but a cold wind from the North. I felt funny, later a headache, and not right but not sure how to describe it. After being in bed for a while I realized I had not taken my night time tablets. Came down and took them and soon felt better. My body had gone into withdrawal because of the MORPHINE. 


Looks like another nice day. Suey improves every day and is doing so well. I leaned over into the bin slipped and bashed my chest against it I think I have cracked a rib, it hurts to breathe in and move the slightest bit. Finished off the Aran jacket and hat for Jay-Jay and Molly's baby Cory James.   

I think it came out nice it's a pattern I like doing, so I think that helps.


Jamie-Lee has a friend here so she is happy today. Her friend is the granddaughter of a friend I used to visit quite a lot. They both had a good time playing outside with snails. They both like Harry Potter. Her friend was dressed as Harry Potter.


Leg of lamb for tea today but it was not cooked enough, so it was sausages all round. Lamb tomorrow instead. Funny because Lindsay's friend Cherel asked me how to cook lamb, I could not even get my own joint right.  Suey is doing amazing-- here she is in bed, She likes to be covered up as feels the cold a lot.  A bit camera shy too. 

Recovering well.

My chest is a bit painful and I have to hold myself when I cough or lean forward. I am sure I have cracked a rib and bruised my chest. Breathing in is painful. 


Three big loads of washing all dried just got it in before a big shower of rain. Suey at the vet to hear if the tumour was anything sinister. Good news no cancer or anything like that a bit of infection that will easily clear up with the prescribed antibiotics. I cleaned around but the vacuuming Lindsay did to save my chest from hurting. She got me a different brush for my vacuum so she used that and said it was good.


Cold to begin with then very warm, people in shorts and T-shirts. In town today quick visit, I got Jamie-Lee some wool for her crocheting. I also got some for a baby jacket for Jay-Jay's and Molly's baby boy that will soon be here. The wool lady had got in new colours. I am doing a pattern from a lady I follow on youtube- Shiela, when finished I will show it here. The jacket for my Nephew Lliam and his wife Fiona going well, also the blanket is growing. I will put up a picture when both are finished. 

Woke up feeling a bit hot and headache. Lindsay has not bean well for a few days, with a headache and muscle aches. Jamie-Lee says she is not feeling well either but you can never be sure with her. They both have tested positive for covid. Lindsay asked if they should go home. I was not too sure. Could she manage Suey up the stairs without hurting her? In the end, Lindsay decided to go. She packed up their stuff and they were gone. Hopefully, things will be ok Lindsay is not very strong at the moment.  I asked if Tommy-Lee could take Suey up and down the stairs? She said Tommy-Lee was scared of dropping her.

 Lindsay bought me a hot water bottle deluxe. Used later in bed, it keeps my legs and feet warm. Thank you Lindsay I said you did not have to buy me anything for having you stay here at all. 



Washed all the bedding from Lindsay and Jamie-Lee's beds. Just about dried be for it started to rain. My friend Debbie was here so she rushed off to get her washing in too. Paul is away this weekend for a Charity do. So just me and Andrew here, he is not too well either. Rang Lindsay up all doing well she is coping with Suey up the stairs, but only just. Nice and quiet without Jamie-Lee who loves to try and prove you are wrong in some way. Most of the time is wrong herself.


Paul left this morning and will be back on Sunday midday ish. He is calling at Lindsay's to take the bits that got left behind when they went. I am going to clean all the upstairs over the weekend and change our bedding. 

The Mars rocket took off with a massive blast but something went wrong in the sky and a controlled explosion took place, but it did take off which was the aim of the launch. Well done Space X. It was a hell of a blast and did quite a bit of damage to the launch site and beyond.


Rung Lindsay, things are improving and Suey is doing very well. Lindsay said her back and shoulders still hurt. Andrew still hurts, but his legs hurt more than his body. Ran him a bath to see if that will help. All you can do is go with it and wait for it to run its course. I had a bath later and Andrew listened out for any problems. I have had seizures in the bath, so meant to have someone close by. Not sure what Andrew could have done if the worst had happened. I was ok and had a nice bath and hair wash. All upstairs is clean and tidy again. Andrew and I had a small Chinese neither of us had much appetite. Very nice what we had though. Paul is home tomorrow around midday like I said. 


Paul arrived home just before midday he had enjoyed his weekend. Washing and more knitting today, an easier one as bean very busy over the weekend. Doing this Blog. Will cook tea later but not too much else.

Well, another month has gone by,  Spring I think is here for us in the UK anyway. A mixed Month with Lindsay being here with Suey, This was hard for me after Summer, but nice in some ways as she is a very loving dog, and gentle too. I miss Summer so much. I am pleased things went well for Suey and she at least was ok. All the best to everyone love Gill.


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