May 2nd

Cleaning up downstairs then a bit more knitting. I have a headache today, so I will rest a bit if I can. Andrew looks a bit better than he did but still looks all in. He still aches a lot and is quite weak. Lindsay and Jamie-lee are still testing positive for covid. 


Did Aprils Blog and published it, Andrew usually checks it but he is not able to even think straight at the moment. He is improving but slowly. Lindsay rang and said both she and Jamie-Lee are now clear of covid. Suey is doing very well also. At sixteen years old she is doing brilliantly. Lindsay is carrying her up the two flights of stairs so a bit of a pain for her. She is not going out for wees as much now, so only a few trips up and down the stairs. Suey is a very calm and good girl, she will listen to Lindsay and help her by staying still while being carried.


This is what I got Jay-Jay and Molly for baby Cory for his Birthday present. The jacket is the second size properly around three-six months. Might fit him sooner as he is bigger than average. 

The sloth plays music and there is a light for sleep time. 

The little jacket I made.

I am not coping too well at the moment thinking about Summer and missing her so much. When anything tragic happens you need someone to blame and at the moment that's me. Everyone is saying get another dog, I think I need a bit more time or do I? 


 I am looking after Andy's cat Smudge, for the long weekend, while he is at his parents. He will be back Monday afternoon. There is another cat that he feeds, but not seen him yet though. Smudge is very loving and likes a lot of attention if he does not get it he will swipe you. 


Watched a bit of the King's Coronation. I am not a big Royal fan, but I do like to see the Children. Not a very good day so a lot of the air display was not done. The Red Arrows did a bit and some helicopters went over. The sky was thick with clouds and was raining most of the time. Shame as that would have bean the best bit of the day. We live a few miles from Waddington where the Red Arrows are stationed so see them practising a lot and hear them, the sound is very loud. Woke Andrew up a few times and he was not happy as he felt so ill. They should calm down till the next show. I saw the other cat at Andy's a big black and white one he has called Seefur. Still a bit scared of me but stayed in. I think he was hungry and watched me do their food.   


A hot day yes-- hot 21C in the mid-afternoon, pity it was not like this yesterday for the King's Coronation. Very warm bit humid though and gave me a heavy headache, normal for me. I am usually in pain somewhere but there are a lot worse off than me. A lot of that is down to me pushing myself in every way, so the RSD did not grip me any further. There is a saying in RSD- "USE IT OR LOSE IT". I think that is why so many people get worse. They cannot cope with the pain and take more and more tablets to the stage where they hardly know what day it is, never mind exercise. I know because I was in that trap as well. Bit by bit I increased my movements and knocked down the MORPHINE. This was hell, and the pain obviously went up, But I persevered and the RSD backed off a little. Bit by bit I had a life back. Someone who came to see me could not believe that I was sitting on the floor playing with Summer. He said he had never seen me like this before and I looked so much more with it. Must have bean a good day. A lot of RSD sufferers find this very hard to do and believe me it's tough. Even now I go through extreme pain, but a lot of the time just keep it to myself.

Andy messaged Paul to say his Dad had Covid hopefully he has not got it.


Going to have an easy day as I feel so drained. My eyes are so dry and sore. My eyelid sticks to my eye. I keep putting in drops but the relief is very short. I did a bit more knitting and not much else today apart from doing tea.


I rang up the lady Helen whom we got Summer from as a Pup, to see if she knew of any pups that are for sale. She said not at the moment but she would ask around. I had a long conversation with Maxine the groomer who used to cut in Summer. She said what sort of pup are you thinking about? I said a cavapoo was one I had looked into and seemed a good choice. Maxine said it was an excellent choice, but to get it vet checked. A bit later in the day  Helen phoned up and said a relation of hers had some cavapoo pups, she was not sure if they were reserved or not. She said she would ring me back to let me know.  


Hair cut today- badly needed this, my fringe was halfway down my nose and I had bean sweeping it to the side. Looked good as usual after the trim, it's so simple for me to have my hair done at home. Less noise and no waiting; so good allround and cheaper too. Ten pounds (plus a tip) for a trim well a bit more than a trim today.  Made a beef curry for tea from the beef joint we had a few days ago. Very good - spicy too, my taste is not fully back yet. but Paul said it was very good and tasty. I can feel spice and strong flavours on my tongue, but not much more.


Washing out and drying well. Andy came round and asked me to look after his cats. He is at his parents as Monday is his birthday. He will be back Wednesday. Went for a walk with Andrew as he feels a lot better now and needs to move about more as his legs are very stiff and tight. We walked to the park gates then turned around and came back. He did well for the first big walk since being ill. We had a short walk yesterday. We all think he had Covid; a bad dose of it too. All mostly recovered but still very tired. We were not home long then I walked to the doctor for my B12 injection. Not too bad this time but still hurt for the rest of the day. The nurse asked if they are as painful as most people said they were. I said yes they are, mine can hurt for quite a few days but at other times only the same day. Some people say it stings as well as pain. Mine is mostly the pain but can sting sometimes.


Rung Helen up to see if she had heard anything about the pups that a relation had. I had to leave a message as no answer. I am feeling a bit lost at the moment and think it's time for another little friend. Fed Andy's cats Smudge was there so was Seefur I think he thought it was Andy at the sink, it was not till turned round and saw it was me that he realized. He did not run off though I think they both were hungry. I phoned up about a little Cavapoo pup, a little girl black chocolate, white, and so very pretty. Not ready to leave the mum yet around ten days time I think. Her Mum is a Cavapoo and her Dad is a KC-registered King Charles spaniel. The trouble is it's about an hour plus away. 

Can I do this trip? We, me included hopefully are going tomorrow night.


Blood tests, the needle went in fine no pain (my veins are very thin and fragile they have to use a pink baby/ child needle. When the needle came out it was very painful a big mountain lump came up as the needle was pulled out. Also, it would not stop bleeding. The nurse put on a pressure bandage very tight and said to leave it on till bedtime if you can. 

We are going to see the little pup tonight, hope I can cope with the journey. I Managed the journey quite well with extra tablets be for I went. The little pup was so sweet and tiny. Her name is going to be Luna and we can pick her up in a week's time. Not too sure how I felt but it was very hard. We paid a deposit and will pay the rest when we pick her up. Here we go we have a little dog. 

Luna's Mum, Treacle.

Little Luna is six and a half weeks old and so tiny.

Her brother and sisters are in a pen like we are getting for Luna. 

On the way back a lot of pain and discomfort.  My arm is still bleeding so I had to put the pressure bandage back on after taking it off, as it was too tight and making my fingers go numb. At last, we are home but first calling for chips for tea. Later a lot of pain and a bad headache. The chips and curry were good though.


Our little great-grandson Corey- James, a big boy 9lb 6 ozs-was born to Jay-Jay and Mollie,  Both are well but Mollie is so tired. 

Cory James.

Going into town today with Andrew to get some bits for Luna; basket and dishes. We were not successful as nowhere had anything we wanted. Will try at the stores out of town.


Andy is back from his weekend away a good one he said. Gave him his present two bars of chocolate which Paul got for him. He said he would enjoy them. Told him I had seen Seefur and I think the cat thought it was him at the sink. Later Andrew and I went to B and Ms and pets at home we got a basket dishes and toys for Luna. Andrew chose the basket and we both chose the dishes. Just need the pen and we are ready for Luna. The swan that has bean sitting near the sluice has now two little chicks very cute. When Andrew and I go past we will see them grow unless she moves on. 


Another warm sunny day. Our past neighbour Squidgy came round for a cup of tea and chat. All is well at their house, they are in the bungalow now and Mum is in the Granny annexe all very happy. I gave him Emmie's Birthday present for the 29th of this month. I told him about Luna and he was pleased. He will bring Emmie around very soon.  I think she is a bit bothered about coming round to see us as she was Summer's friend and played with her. Before Summer, she was scared of dogs. Squidgy is waiting for his driving license back after a small heart problem. He should have got it back around March 21st.  He has already bean passed by his Consultant.  He is not very happy, but hopefully, he will be driving soon.

Angela came round and Andrew sorted out a new fitness smartwatch for her. She is well and seems happy. Nice to see her it's bean a while.


Sorting out Summer's things in the food cupboard, her chews and bits. I found some Christmas presents she never got.  I used to give her some every day but when she was ill nothing. I did not know that this would be her last Christmas This was very hard and made me cry I had to stop for a while.


I am sorting out all Summers teddies and toys today another hard job to do. Her special ones I have just put them in a bag as they are to be kept for now. I washed them all. Luna will have a few to play with. Paul is putting a new fence up, so unable to use the washing line. So I put all the teddies on the airer in Karol's garden next door. Andrew and I went for a walk along the river bank quite warm today with a cool breeze.


Another warm day. Paul is doing more bits in the garden. I am doing lots of little bits. I have nearly finished off the cardigan for Liam and Fiona's baby due in late September, just the hood band to put on. I have two more orders for two cardigans. I have the wool I need one is 4 ply, so that will take a little bit longer.

We are now ready for Luna coming as all the things we need now got. Just need the pup. I saw my friend Debbie and showed her the picture we took at the breeders' house. She thought she was very cute,


My brother David came around to give us a quote for a new patio and fresh turf. We did not realise that he was starting straight away. He said he probably be finished Wednesday or Thursday. He is a Landscape Gardner and very good at what he does. I had a bit of a cleanup downstairs. The stuff for the garden has to all come through the house so not the best. There will be sand and cement, a mixer and slabs plus many more bits Did a lot of washing so could a while be for I can have the garden back. All dried so that's good.

Garden be for David transformed it.


David is here doing the patio, there will be the new turf for Luna to piddle on as well. Not long now before we bring her home. I still have mixed feelings about her, and I know Andrew does, it's time for a new little friend to join the family. 

Cleaning upstairs today and it's very warm work too. I did all the ironing too very warm work Andrew was working on his bracelets, so we watched some episodes of Sorted Food off the internet very funny they are four friends from their younger days. One is a chef now and the other three just love to cook, with guidance from Chef Ebers. Paul is taking a friend for a hospital appointment at Grantham.


The turf is being taken up today ready for the new tomorrow. David has put the turf in big sandbags that are around three-foot square. There are two of them full to the top. I am going to shake them to get the soil off as it is very good topsoil. I started putting the turf in other smaller bags.  The garage car park at the back of us is empty and going to be built on later this year, an old people's home. The man in charge went past, and I was talking to him, he asked what we were doing I told him, and asked him if we could throw the grass at the side of the waste ground. He said yes this saved a lot of work so I was very grateful to him. Andy from across the road came around to help as well. 

Our garden gets very hot as it's South facing and is lovely to sit in. Andy went home and I carried on with the shaking of the grass. By the end of the day it was all done and we had loads of topsoil. I am tired but pleased it's done. We are using Karol's garden next door to put things in, he is very good and lets us use his garden more than he does. This will not last as the house is up for sale and Karol is going back to Poland. Not sure what will happen to the greenhouse as it's been in next doors garden for over twenty years. There are a lot of bits going to the skip on Saturday. Andy has some things as well so he will help Paul to load up the car.


Turf here today David said it will not take long to do he was not wrong. The garden looks lovely. David has done a great job as he always does. Like me, things have to be right.

The garden looks good a big improvement to what it was. We now have lots of topsoil. 

We are picking up Luna today everything is ready for her. We have got her a pen so she will be safe at night and when I am working and don't want her under my feet. I just hope I can cope with the journey as it's over an hour away. Taken a few extra tablets so I hope that helps. We picked her up and she sat on Andrew's knee all the way home.

Home, and pleased as well. We took her outside all the grass was done and she laid on it. I do not think she had seen grass before. Dawn the breeder said she had bean paper trained. She had a wee on the grass as well, cleaver girl. 

I like this grass stuff.

Getting tired now.

Both of us are asleep.

She ate her tea, tiny little kibble biscuits The dishes we got her were too big, and she could barely reach them. so I found some little Chinese dishes which were good. 

Luna's dish for now.

Asleep on my chair so tiny.

Nightime, I sat and cuddled her to sleep then put her in her basket in her pen. I went up to bed around 4am. Paul came down later and she was not in her basket he was worried and looked for her. He found her in Andrew's shoe how she got out her pen was a mystery. 


Luna among the shoes.

Later while Paul was sat in the dining room with Luna in her pen he saw how. She had climbed up the corner like a little monkey. When he told me I was surprised. Andrew was impressed it's around two feet high. I will have to make some form of top to keep her in. 

Safe inside for the moment.

Luna looking out.

I managed to put a top on her pen I think this will keep her in.


Not bad a night with Luna  I came down twice. At least she did not get out this time. She is going out for wees and poos. Seems a bit sleepy but it was a big day yesterday. Lindsay and Jamie_Lee came round with Suey. Luna was ok with Suey and Suey was gentle with her. She loves sitting on my knee and going to sleep cuddled up. No pictures of Luna and Suey together as Luna was just running around too much so Suey went outside Luna went to sleep enough for one day.   

Luna is asleep on Jamie-Lee's knee.


Andy came round him and Paul are going to the tip to get rid of the bits from the garden, Andy has some things to go as well. Debbie came. Round to see Luna and thought she was lovely. She lost her little dog Sooty, not long ago a spaniel, so it was a bit hard for her.  Luna is getting more confident but is still very shy with strangers. Doing good going on the grass and has had very few wees inside. She will go to the door and goes out on the grass herself but not at night. I think she is a bit scared of the dark. Cuddled her to sleep then put her in her basket inside the pen and went to bed at three-thirty.  Hope she stays asleep till morning


The dog next door is left on its own a lot and barks and cries, this upsets Luna and she is not very settled. She keeps eating stones and to get them off her is very hard as she will run away from you. Cleaning up a bit today as a mess with all the garden stuff coming through the house. Luna had a good sleep late afternoon. When she woke she was like someone possessed running around and making little growling noises. She took herself out for a wee, clever girl. We thought she would have trouble with the back doorstep as quite a jump for her but not easy for her, she just jumped up and down with no problem.


Went to see Jay-Jay and Molly,s baby Cory James. He is a big boy and doing very well. We gave him his presents Molly liked the cardigan and it looks like it will fit him very sooner than six months. While I was holding him he got hungry so Molly had him back to feed him his bottle. 


Great- Nan.

Bed a bit earlier around. two thirty-ish, hope Luna sleeps till morning so I can get some sleep. 


Luna slept all night I know it was a short one but at least I did not have to get up. She has settled very well. Eating well and having good sleep. Still feels a bit hard for me as I loved Summer so much and miss her,

Asleep on Paul.
Awake and ready to play.

A different month this time, with getting Luna. She is very cute but it's still hard for me. Andrew feels it as well but loves Luna a lot so does Paul. I think when I can take her out things will feel better. Hope things are going good with you all. Love Gill.  

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