July 3rd

A cooler day 15C. Luna is tired, she hurt her foot last night and yelped out. Andrew had a look. and thinks she pulled it a bit. She soon recovered and was back to her crazy self.

Later on, I had an accident, I tripped over the spider base of the computer chair and fell with my left hand flat against the cupboard. I cut my leg and hit my head. I could feel a lump coming up already. My wrist hurt a lot but probably not done too much damage. This was around seven o'clock, I thought I would wait a bit and see how it goes. Well after nearly two hours the pain was getting worse and I was thinking I had done some damage to my wrist as it was swelling up. Up to A and E around nine, and probably a long wait. To start with it looked promising as I had bean X rayed by half nine. That's where it stopped. Paul and I were there five hours, I think this is the longest we have sat together for ages. st. Yes, it was broken just below the thumb and is now very painful. They put on a splint for now. 

With a splint on my left wrist. Luna helping with the blog dairy.

The RSD had kicked in and was causing me pain just about everywhere. We got back from the hospital around five AM. I had taken a lot of extra tablets with little effect. Luna was pleased to see me. Andrew had got her in the shed and she was asleep and happy. She saw me and soon woke up. Licks and kisses all around. Thank you for looking after me Andrew.  

 I have moved her basket out of the pen near the TV. Maybe she will settle better tonight. Radio on as well, Radio 1 of course. 


A better night with Luna. I did not sleep too much though, a lot of pain around my wrist and shoulder. The bump on my head is quite big as well. I am unable to use my left arm at all. the fingers are swollen and sore there is a lot of bruising around the wrist and fingers. I need help dressing myself too. not able to do much either.  


Mary and her dog Rory came to see us. Rory was very gentle with her and they both drank out the same dish. Rory still looks for Summer and does not understand where she has gone. I gave him a cuddle and said I miss her too. I think he and Luna will be friends as well. We will never forget Summer she was a beautiful dog loved by everyone who knew her and still is. The pen for Luna has now bean put away. 

Andrew and I took Luna out for her first walk. She was scared of the traffic and started shaking, so Andrew carried her across the road. We went to the park near the common once there Andrew put her down and she had a good sniff around and a wee. I think she enjoyed it, plenty more walks to come and there's the common to explore Luna. 

Luna did not settle at bedtime so I played with her a bit more. She got in her basket and settled down. I always wait a while then go to bed. Tonight she was not happy, I came down to her a few times and settled her again. I decided to leave her a bit to see if she would settle herself. I heard a crash and a yelp. Went down again, I think she had tried to climb the board that stop her from getting out of the room and she fell. I gave her a cuddle then she got back in her basket and this time settled. My pain levels are very high and I have a nerve rash on my shoulders. Ah well, better tomorrow. 


Quite a lot of pain today with a lot of bruising to my fingers and wrist all yellow and swollen, very painful. I can take the splint off as it gets very hot. I do not think the splint helps with the pain at all, in fact, makes it worse. I will be going back to the hospital at some point to access my wrist. I have a storm headache and hurt a lot today. I  got an appointment later in the post for my wrist on the 14th.

Lindsay and Jammie-Lee came round, they had bean to see a house that soon they could be living in. The house is not where Lindsay would have liked it. She said the house is big with a good garden back and front. Suey will be pleased as at the moment, Lindsay carries her up two flights of stairs to the flat where they live.  I think when they get used to it and make new friends and she will be fine. She is only a few miles away up the hill. Jay-Jay also came around he likes the house too and said it would be lovely for Suey dog. 


A storm this morning but it soon passed. Still a lot of extra RSD pain. Paul cleaning up today. I can clean and wipe with one hand. I did the bathroom and kitchen. Not easy but I did it last time when I broke my right wrist. 


Planted the rest of the tomatoes in the garden, there is going to be rain soon so they will get bedded in. This is not easy with one hand but I managed it. Seeded some carrots again as the last two batches have not come up. There were near the rhubarb last time so that might have something to do with it. Hopefully, they will come up after a bit of rain ad sun. Paul did gammon plus tatties (potatoes) and veg plus homegrown broad beans by Andrew they were very nice.


Going into town today to get Lindsay something for her Birthday. I did quite well mostly clothes plus a pair of trainers. When I got back Luna did not come to the door as usual or bark if she is not able to get to the door. (board across to stop her) Paul said she was asleep but he thought she was not too well. When she saw me she just lifted up her head and a slight wag of her tail. When she woke up properly I took her out for a wee, she did not do one though and was a bit wobbly on her feet. Back in her basket and sleep again a bit strange but she did not settle well last night. When she woke again her head was floppy, her legs in spasms and she could not stand. Her eyes were rolling and she did not seem to know where she was. Paul rang the vet and they said to take her straight to Market Razen vets hospital. 

We were very worried about her, Andrew sat in the back with me with Luna on his knee, the vet we saw was lovely. She rang through the tests they were going to do, just like Summers I broke down were we going to lose Luna too? We had to leave her there and was rushed through to have a drip put in. They thought she had ingested something but were not really sure. The bill was going to be over eight hundred pounds. On our first visit to the vets for her injection we took up the free insurance for a month. This ends Friday 14th, so all we had to pay was one hundred pounds. The vet said they would ring us if any change or anything to tell us. No one rang us overnight so was this good news?


Paul phoned the vet mid-morning and she was alright. The vet said the blood tests and scans showed up nothing so she thought she had eaten something that made her ill. The vet said they would bring her back to the Lincoln vet so we could pick her up from there. This was very nice of them as the Market Rasen hospital is a half hour away. When we all went to pick her up the reception desk said oh not Luna they wanted to keep her as she is so lovely. When the nurse brought her out she was just about her usual self. How relieved were we? She just looked like she was yesterday morning eyes bright legs going all over the place and kisses all around. I was so happy and relieved. Once home she had a wee and a sleep. So good she was home I really did not think we would not be doing that. 


Happy Birthday, Lindsay, hope you have a good day see you tomorrow.

Luna is just about back to normal but tired. Just like the one I have on my left wrist, she's got a bandage on her left front leg from where her drip was inserted.


She seems to be recovering fine...

She loves to lay on her back when asleep.

My wrist hurts a lot today I think the support I have on is not good for it. I go on Friday for a check up so maybe they will put something else on. I am quite bored as not able to knit or crochet. I have tried but it hurts too much.


I was up early as Paul was at the hospital volunteering I had bean awake a lot. Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came round and Lindsay had her presents. They stayed for tea as usual. Jay-Jay came around as well he is having trouble with his motorbike. Later Luna did not settle well at bedtime. She might still feel unwell. 


Hospital today, about my wrist, the Doctor said we need to put it in plaster. I was able to choose my colour, I chose red, but after I thought of the Lincoln City football team colour. I do not support them but I think Paul was pleased as he does. After the plaster was on my arm hurt a lot. Not much sleep tonight either a lot of pain in both arms, RSD was having its fun with me.

Luna did not know what to make of the plaster and tried to chew it.


Around eight o clock I heard Paul talking to someone, it was Luna she had come upstairs to get us up. The little monkey Paul got up and took her down. I think the door must have come open and she sneaked up. Paul fixed it later so it did shut properly. Later Luna was sick not sure why but she did have a piece of bark and was chewing on it. We are all on full alert after Luna's hospital vet trip and scared but it's hard to watch her every minute. 

Don't be fooled by this little face.


I did not have to come down to Luna not really a long night as I went to bed at four-ish and Paul was up at around eight, so not a long night at all. Luna was sick again but fine after, a bit worrying though. When I take her out for a wee she is hard to see in the dark we have an outside light but there are loads of dark corners. Sometimes I lose her and she gives me the run around and wants me to chase her. Not a good game at three or four early morning. She nips upstairs if she gets the chance, I found her halfway up Andrew's stairs earlier today. Andrew is on the second flight so a long way for her to go. She is fine going up but comes down too fast so she can fall. I have said be for I do not want her going upstairs at all not safe for me.


Luna had a better night only five hours but better than I have bean having. She does not like beaning on her own.

Radio 1 the radio station I listen to, is doing a game/challenge where all of their presenters/DJ's are hiding and it's up to Greg, one of the main DJs to find them. They can be anywhere and they will post clues on the internet. Throughout the week two of the DJS were found in Spain, one was in an Anne Summer shop in the UK, and Greg went in to find her. Another two were found in Amsterdam. 

Lindsay got the keys to her house that the council have given her to rent. The place is not where she wanted to be but she has to take it. Paul has bean inside and said it will be a good house when decorated. There is a big garden so good for Suey dog who has bean carried up two flights of stairs to their flat for the last few months. On a good bus route and near a supermarket. 


Up around ten late for me, my wrist was so painful in the night and I did not sleep much. I am so bored, I still can not knit or crochet yet as turning my wrist is so painful. I think it's better in the plaster but it feels tight and still quite painful. At night time after tiring Luna out I told her bedtime and she went in her basket. I did not hear her crying so she must have settled and gone to sleep. I think I must have settled quick as well so tired.  


Up early as Paul volunteering at the hospital again just be for eight am. Luna was very pleased to see me and pounced on me straight away. I sat with her for a while with a cup of tea. Squidgy and Andy came round later both for a cup of tea/coffee. I now can do a few things easier, washing up with one hand without getting the plaster wet, putting things in the oven, and drying up some things. My right hand is not the best and can drop things at times. I am going to do one of my many puzzles at some point. Someone will have to carry the board though for me. I keep it under the settle in the front room.


Only two of the DJS are still in hiding and have to be found by midday or Radio 1 goes off the air. Jordon North is one of the last two to be found in Spain. Now only Molly King to find. Apparently, she is in a boat somewhere close. At last, they have a positive lead on her, somewhere near the Isle of White where they are broadcasting from. Greg went to get on a boat with the harbour master Jenny, but red tape (regulations) and a ferry held him up.

Greg had to sign a paper for insurance purposes and had to wait for it. It also took him a surprisingly long time to put on a life jacket. Time was ticking by, and at last, they were off - only to be held up by a very large ferry, all they could was wait with the minutes ticking by. Charlie and Matt in the studio could see the boat. Greg and Jenny set off going the wrong way because that's the way boats had to go, a quick turn round further out, and they were off at a snail's pace because of restrictions near the harbour.

Further away from the harbour, they sped up but it was too late. Radio 1 went off the air for over five minutes, they had lost the game by around ten minutes. They were all gutted, after around five minutes the radio came back to life and they were back on, very deflated but they had Molly King (who used to be in the Saturday's pop group from 2207 to 2015). I think it was a good game and the DJS seemed to enjoy it, some more than others. 


Rain 15C temperature - not cold though, but not Summer weather either. The continent is roasting at very high temperatures. We have rain for the next week at least. Luna does not really like the rain and does not want to go out to the toilet. She will have to get used to it as we have a lot of rain, especially in the winter. 


Paul went out for his dinner today to try the restaurant where his group IA goes for their dinners on a regular basis. The restaurant has got new owners so they are trying it out to see if they still go there or somewhere else. This was going to be just me and Paul going then there were nine of us from IA. Just too many people and too much noise for me so I did not go. 

Luna if you do not watch her and leave the door open will go up the stairs at lightning speed. I was speaking to Andrew through the intercom and she heard him, door open, and shot up the stairs even giving me a look through the banisters. When I got up there she was on Andrews's stairs waiting for him to come down. Come on miss downstairs you go. She can get up but not down. I carry her and she sits to wait for Andrew. 


Paul is out today helping Lindsay move her things to her new house. The house is hers now not a temporary one like the one she just left. The house needs a lot of decorating but that will get done bit by bit however now at least she has a house more suited to her family.

I have tried again to crochet again, but, the pain when I turn my wrist is too just much. Knitting is also a no-no. Luna came in after being outside in the rain. While I towelled her dry she twisted around and took my plastered arm with her. This caused a lot of pain that lasted a long time.    

Luna is still not sleeping well at night, as soon as I leave her she barks and cries most nights. I have bean thinking about this a lot and decided to try CBD oil on her starting tonight. This will just relax her and hopefully, she will settle better. I am getting to the point where I will try anything as my sleep is getting less and less. Later I gave he a tiny bit of CDB oil, I dipped my fingers in the jar and let her lick them. She liked the taste, so I sat with her to see if there was any change. Yes, she was not as stressed and settled down and cuddled up next to me. I thought as soon as I leave her she will cry, No she did not and slept all night. Well from around three AM to about eight AM. This was a lot better than the last few weeks was it a fluke? She was very tired, wait and see, only time will tell. Paul usually gets up first to see her, Sometimes she wakes us up, and sometimes Paul wakes her up. 


A dry day, washing out what I did last night. Paul puts the washing as I can not. I can get it in though. My arm is less painful after it got twisted yesterday while drying Luna's. My fingers and thumb are swollen. Luna had bean on the garden, came in with mucky feet, and before I could dry her she jumped up on my chair, that has a white blanket on it. Also, my t-shirt was covered in paw prints again a white one. She is very fluffy and her paws get coved in the muck and wet. Ok if I get to her at the door, and can dry her paws but we usually have the back door open most of the time when warm enough so she comes in and out as she wants. Night time did the same as last night with the CBD and she settled again. Hopefully, this is it and I can get a few hours of sleep. Most of you will know I do not sleep much as I have insomnia. It can be very hard up and down the stairs every few minutes so hopefully the CBD is the answer.


A rare day out today well, a few hours in the afternoon to Jenny's house. Today is her Birthday, Happy Birthday Jenny. Had a nice chat and even an eclair cake with our cup of tea. I have not bean to Jennys for a long time. After Summer passed away, I felt like I could not go anywhere outside the house even into town. I still feel a bit like that as well. The afternoon was lovely Jenny, thank you. She also liked your presents of chocolates and a dove shower set. 


Paul Volunteering at the hospital so an early start up at eight AM. Luna slept till Paul got up, around five hours, so not too bad. Very humid today 89%, my head feels like it's going to explode,  Andrew feels the same way. Not really that hot but oh so heavy and sticky.


Another humid day. Washing out only one load of whites today. Dried well and did not rain like the weatherman said. In fact, it was quite a nice day with a lot of sunshine. Luna had a good night, four to five hours, so we both feel refreshed. Looks like the CBD oil is working it has not affected her stomach either like giving her the runs. Paul bought me some flowers when he went shopping. Thank you very much.

Flowers from Paul.


My friend Angela came to see us, I have not seen her for quite a while, she bought me some roses, so kind of her. Thank you, Angela. Good to see her looking well. We did not eat till quite late but it did not matter at least to me anyway. A Chinese for me Paul and Andrew. Very nice it was too.

Roses are lovely. 


Wayne here today, my oldest son who lives in Halifax, and Kayleigh too his girlfriend. Today is Wayne's Birthday, hope you have a good day Wayne. He is here for a short visit. His Cat has not bean well so he does not want to leave him too long. They got here around one-ish. Paul did wraps for dinner, plus a few chips he just put everything on the table and everyone helped themselves. Lindsay and Jamie-Lee are here as well. 

The day went too fast and soon it was time for Wayne and Kayleigh to go home. Paul is taking them to the train station at Newark where he picked them up from earlier. Just as they were going out the door, Andy from across the road stood there. He had run for the ice cream van and he thinks he might have snapped a tendon in his lower leg. He wanted Paul to take him to the hospital. He said he would when he takes Lindsay and Jamie-Lee home as it's not far from her house. He would be back in about an hour plus. Andy sat in my chair with his leg up eating his ice cream. He said the man gave him a bigger one because he had hurt his leg. Paul got back and took Andy to the hospital, and Lindsay and Jamie-Lee home. Andy said he would keep us updated when he sees someone probably in for a long wait.


Andy has a partial tear of his Achilles heal and needs an operation today. I am looking after his cat smudge, feeding him, and a few cuddles too. All the best Andy hope it goes well. 

My month has got better as it went on apart from my arm that is. Luna I think will sleep now but not much she is so active. Still seems a bit strange with another dog here. She will not replace Summer but helps with the healing. She is so different to Summer as well. Summer was one in a million as the vet said. So a hard act to follow. 

All the very best to you where ever you are, very hot or not so hot in Uk. Love Gill. 

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