August  1st

Andy, our neighbour's housefront is getting done today.  New coating and painted up.  Lee from next door is doing it for him. It was all booked to do last year but, he got let down. Andy paid the money then, but the person did not do the work. Currently going through the court.  All the old coating off and cleaned up, a lot of dust but at least he is not there. Andy is staying with his parents for a few weeks while his leg heals a bit. He is not able to put weight on his foot at all. Around two week's time, he will get a boot fitted so he can walk. 

I am feeding his cat Smudge he is missing Andy a lot. I give a few cuddles and attention but that's not the same as Andy's love. A lady who lives down the street is going around to give him cuddles. All he wants when I go around is his food. Also, Andy's parents are going around as well.


Today would have bean Summer's 13th Birthday. Andrew and I used to joke that when Summer got to being a teenager she would be a rebel as she has bean such a perfect dog. Very sadly we did not get the chance to see. 

Luna has not had a long night's sleep since the 24th/25th of last month.  The last few days have bean wet so, I have to wipe Luna's paws when she comes in, that is if she does not run off before I get to her she is very fast. At least she is house-trained now, so long as someone sees her go to the door. When it's open she will just go out herself. If only she would sleep at night. While I was at the front door she ran straight past me and got onto the street enjoying every minute. I shouted to Lee who is doing Andy's house and he got her for me. She can run very fast and loves you to chase her. Lee grabbed her and all was well Luna is now safe inside. When the doorbell went she was in the garden. I did not see her run up to me at the front door. 

Lack of sleep and pain a lot from my arm plus the RSD pain as well is getting to me and wearing me down. The wet weather is not good either as every time Luna comes in, I need to dry her. She thinks this is a game. Often I can not dry her much before she runs off. This is meant to be Summer as well. Last year it was so hot 40/41C, too hot for just about everyone. Things will get better but at the moment it is very hard. I think you forget how hard an active puppy can be. Summer was very laid back from an early age so much different from this little Lunatic. 


The last two nights have not bean good with Luna sleeping or should I say lack of sleep. I thought the CBD oil was helping but not too sure. She is definitely more relaxed with it and not so crazy. She is one of those dogs that do not need much sleep, as right from eight weeks old she did not sleep much, even during the day. 


I have decided to sleep on the settee in the front room for a few nights, so I can just reassure Luna through the door without having to go into the dining room where she sleeps. I know the vets can give her something, but it's a very last resort. I have been given a few different sleeping aids over the years. Some had bad side effects some just did nothing apart from extra pain and made me feel very groggery.   


I think my sleeping on the settee sort of worked she slept from 2:45 to 7am. with just a bit of talking too through the door. 

B12 today this hardly hurt a bit, not even the afterpain I usually get. I was pleased as I am going into town to get my Brother a Birthday present for the 10th this Thursday. The town was very busy and a lot of children were in town as they were off school for summer. I got David a summer jumper and a sweat-type top. A few other bits then home. Luna has some flea and worming stuff coming through the post plus a chew toy. 


Not too bad a night I was very tired when I went to bed. Luna was as well. I had to take her out for a wee early morning before it was light. She settled after again to sleep a bit more.  I was very pleased about this as we both got more rest. 

Later Lindsay, Jammie-Lee, and Tommy-Lee came around. I have seen Tommy-Lee for quite a long time. My friend Debbie came for a cup of coffee later. Jammie-Lee was not too happy as she was not getting the attention she wanted. I told her that she is bigger now, nearly eleven years old, and should be able to amuse herself for a while. She knew Debbie was coming round to see me. Later my friend John came to see Paul and me. Not seen John for quite a while. He is a busy chap. Always good to see him.


A fair night with Luna. Not sure if she knows I am just a few yards away from her or not. Tried a bit more knitting but it hurts too much. I am getting really bored now.  Not long till the plaster is off. Even then I will not be able to do much as my wrist will be sore and stiff. 


Happy Birthday David hope you have a good day, he is sixty-five today my youngest Brother. We are going tonight to see him and Bev. Bev has asked me to bring the cardigans I knitted last year. Her youngest son Lliam, and wife Fiona are just about due to have their first baby. I took all I had knitted so far, so she has a good choice. Bev gave her them later after we had gone. She loved them all Bev said when she phoned me the next day. On the way we stopped at Lindsay's new house. I had not bean there for today. It's a nice house and when done up will be even better. 

David liked his presents and card. While there, all his other children called to see him so I got to see all my Nephews on the same day. Garry lives there and we saw him before he went to work. Ricky his oldest son, and of course, Lliam and his wife Fiona called in. Andrew was in charge of Luna or was it the other way round? 

Andy's cat is doing well but misses Andy of course. Andy gets a walking boot hopefully fitted on Tuesday so should be better for him as the crutches have not really worked for him.


Not the best of nights with Luna she woke many times. My wrist hurts a lot and feels very sore where the plaster has rubbed on each side. I have bean sorting my patterns to make some more baby cardigans for Fiona and Lliam when I am able to. With her liking the blue one I am going to make her another little one in a pale blue, this one is 4ply wool. Hopefully be able to knit properly soon.


The last few nights Luna has settled better so a bit more sleep for me. Keep it up Luna then things will be better all around.

Grantham Hospital today to take off the plaster. Going all the way there is around an hour of travelling when we have everything in Lincoln. Got the plaster off, quite red and sore where it has rubbed. The doctor who travels from Lincoln every day said it looked good. Quite swollen, he said that will calm down with exercise and use. I am to get some physio in Lincoln as well. Quite shocked about that.  I will need to wear a support for a while if I feel it helps, not all the time though, and to exercise it as well as from the sheet I have bean given. This support feels a lot better than the first one I had. I am having a bath later so will be able to put my arm in the water first time in four weeks. I had my first support on for two weeks then the plaster for four weeks. My wrist hurts a lot and is still swollen. I enjoyed my bath which was lovely. My wrist hurts a lot more on the other side not where it was broken. I still need help getting out of the bath.  


Was going to have a peaceful day but no, Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came around. Their dog Suey had her last journey and went to sleep for good. She was sixteen and was well-loved by all who knew her. Rest in peace Suey. 

Lindsay and Jamie-Lee stayed for tea as did Tracy who came around after work. Paul cooked it all, sausages plus tatties and veg, with beans from our garden. I got a phone call to say I have an appointment for physio on 30th August so that will be good. My wrist is quite painful today and hurts when I move it. 


Luna is a bit hit-and-miss with her sleeping more miss I think than hit. So not a lot of sleeping going on. my wrist is painful today which does not help.

Lindsay got a puppy for Jamie-Lee a collie type, quite cute, they have called her Bonnie. 

I got an appointment for my eyes at Pilgrim Hospital at Boston around an hour away. My optician was not happy with my last eye check-up What is wrong with Lincoln? Again as far as I know most things other hospitals have got Lincoln have too, obviously not the specialty ones of course like Nottingham for Newolgery. At least my physio is at Lincoln next week.


It would have bean my Brother's Birthday, and even though it's bean forty nine years I think about him a lot. What would he have done with his life where would he be if he had not had that accident on his bike when he was seventeen.

I cleaned up today I do the bathroom and kitchen, and Paul did the rest. My wrist hurts a lot and keeps going into spasms all the way up to the elbow. Not where it was broken, but the other side. At least I have physio next week so he will be able to tell me if this is normal or not. I have another bruise come up on my arm not sure how I got it though it's the size of a small marble. The big bruise I have on the same arm I hurt when it got trapped in the door handle is beginning to heal now so not as bad.


Andy came home to stay after three weeks away mostly with his parents plus a few days in hospital. He was most grateful to his Mum and Dad for all they had done for him. I was at his house feeding Smudge when he came in, eager to try the stairs. He went up and down with no problem. I said to him Don't fall as I will be squashed, he laughed he is not a little chap. Smudge was very pleased to see him purring like mad, as was Andy to see him. When he came across later Andrew heard him and brought out a tub of ice cream for him so he did not have to run for the van. He laughed and said he has had a lot of jokes like that even in the hospital. Pleased you are home Andy and a new house front as well. 


Eye appointment today at the Pilgrim Hospital Boston. Andrew is looking after Luna. Hopefully, she will be good for him. The appointment went well with various tests done on my eyes. All ok saw the Doctor who was called Doctor Guppa. I have seen him before probably when I damaged my eye after the seizures on holiday. He said they tested me or GLAUCOMA, all clear just very dry eyes which I knew about. I was pleased everything was fine. Andrew said Luna was good but very active. I thought she would sleep a bit as not much last night.


Not a good night again I am at a loss for what to do, she simply does not need much sleep at all night or day. CBD oil does not seem to work very much so do I keep trying with a different dose? I think I am going to ring the vet for advice as she is nearly five months old now so she should be more settled surely. Rang them but not much help.

Hair cut later I really need one as well. Luna next week good luck Maxine same groomer that cut Summer. She is looking forward to meeting Luna. Lliam and Fiona's baby girl has bean born. She is to be called Meadow, I like the name, both are doing well. 


Lindsay's pup Bonnie is doing well and likes the pen that Lindsay has borrowed from us. Unlike Luna who hated it and escaped on the first night. Lindsay does have Bonnie in her bedroom though. So I wonder if it would it be different if she was not with her all night. I am hoping to take Luna out later on the common. She loves it and can hardly believe that she has all this to play on. She walks very well on the lead and comes back when called, well mostly, she is still very young and at times unpredictable. 


Today would have bean my mum's Birthday, and even though it's been nineteen years I still miss her very much. Later on for tea/supper, Andrew, Paul, and I had an Indian takeaway. Andrew and I usually share a few veggie dishes. Though I'm not a vegetarian, I do not eat a lot of meat. My IBS likes it better that way.


Took Luna out on the common, and met a man with his two dogs that I have known since Summer was a pup as his are the same age. He looked at me strangely. He did not know about Summer at all, and I told him what happened. He was very sorry as he loved her as well as all who knew her did. He also said Luna was a lovely dog. When we got back from the common Luna had her breakfast and then a short sleep. Soon she was ready to go again. 


Mary and Rory dog came round to see us. Rory I think was more settled than the last visits. He had bean looking for Summer as he loved her very much. Both he and Luna had a sleep under the table. 

Later, Lindsay, Jay-Jay, Molly, Cory, and Jamie-Lee came around. Cory is three months old now and a big boy. 

Me and Cory.

Molly Jay-Jay and Cory.

Jay-Jay and Cory.

Paul and Cory.

Most of them had dinner here.  Tracy called in as well later. A busy day as the last of them did not go till around five or six pm. We were meant to be going to see Pam as it was her Birthday. I rang Malcolm (her husband) up and he said to come tomorrow instead. Pam has recently in hospital and was tired now so tomorrow it is.  


Took Luna out on the common again, Hopefully, this will be the everyday normal now. We saw Debbie with Bella and later with Kipling. She has three dogs and has three separate walks every day. Later we saw Pam and Malcum both well. Pam is looking well despite having SEPSIS. Malcolm said this was not really made very plain to him. Did she have it or not this depended on who you spoke to. They spent twenty-three hours in A.E. before they had a bed ready for her. Malcolm said the Doctors said it was SEPSIS so why did they not put her on a drip straight away. All around the department posters say SEPSIS KILLS. Lincoln Hospital is so bad; everywhere is now. Anyway, she is doing good now.


Luna's hair cut, she was very good, and somehow managed to get the neck cord around her belly twice. Maxine was very impressed with her. Luna did not like the clippers so Maxine did not use them, just scissors. I think she looks more younger puppy-like now and so sweet. Now you can see her eyes once more and she looks so cheeky. 

She is in need of a haircut- before Maxine cut her, very fluffy.

After Maxine transformed her you can see her face now.

Physio at Lincoln I was told everything that is happening to my wrist is ok. She thinks the RSD has got its evil claws into it and that's why there is so much pain. Exercise and using it should make it more normal. I do not have to go back at all. Anything I am worried about see my own Doctor. Paul dropped me off and I walked back doing a bit of shopping in town.  I got Luna a new lead. Andrew made her collar and I used an old lead because I thought she would chew it. Luna was good while I was away. I need to leave her completely on her own as part of her growing up.

Luna waiting in the passageway for me to come home.

Looking out the front room window to see if I am coming.

The end of September already - this year seems to be going very fast. Things are not too bad not too good either. I broke my wrist, still not as bad as the last time when I broke the other one. I had to have that pinned and spent three nights in hospital. Luna is getting better I think, just need to get her sleeping more at night. Everyday things fine and the weather is not too hot like last year. All in all not a bad month.    

All the best to everyone Love Gill. 

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