October 1st

Lliam my Nephew is doing ok. Lincoln hospital panicked a bit over his burns. There are bad but as bad they first thought.  As far as they can see he will not need skin graphs. He was very lucky that his friend pulled off his t-shirt and doused him with water. This could have bean so much worse. Lliam saved his face by turning the other way when he realised what was happening. All the best Lliam and recover fast. I know he will not like being off work one bit.


Nice walk on the common with Luna, we saw some of our friends and some new ones as well. Luna loves meting people, friends or not. Went on a bike ride today to see if my bike is ok. The puncture  has bean mended and every thing was good. All ready for Thursday and Pilates.  My wrist is painful and swollen with spasms and  pain, plus electric shocks. I am sure  RSD has stuck its nose in again as the other wrist I broke (2019) was like it. Not as painful though. I think there might be more to it. I am having a call from the Doctor ( November 1st) I saw last time when my plaster was taken off.  I am not able to do as much knitting as I would like, as my wrist spasms up all the time. Paul is cleaning the bathroom, something I spent two hours doing a few days ago, and hurt a lot after. Because he sanded the door down inside the house instead of outside, it messed it up again. Complete waste of my time and effort on my part.   


Luna was awake at six thirty scratching the door and crying. I thought she would sleep more as bean awake since nine PM last night. She did not settle when I left her last night. She had two walks as well yesterday.Nothing seems to tire her out, or maybe she gets too tired. I did get to Pilates though and enjoyed it very much.Preety much the same as before corvid. A lot of people who went to the last sessions were there and a few new faces. They were pleased to see me. My bike went well and I got up Canwick hill, with electric power and peddling. Rained a bit going but fine coming home. Its around ten mile plus round trip.


Last night I slept down stairs on the settee I am so fed up of coming up and down the stairs. Not getting hardly any sleep less then normal and that's not a lot. Luna slept well, I thought when I turned off the light she would jump up on the settee, no she did not and stayed in her basket all night. Being doing a bit more knitting made a bobble hat to go with a jacket I made sometime this year.  Took me three attempts to get a bobble that was good enough.

Bobble hat to go with the jacket I knitted for Meadow my Niece.


Went with Paul to get some cupboard doors, hinges, and  nobs that we are replacing. They doors are thick with varnish, this time they are going to be waxed instead, hopefully by me. Luna and I had a good long walk on the common, she is getting a very confident little pup. 


I have now finished off the baby set I am making for Willow; Lliam and Fiona's baby.

Hope she likes it.

Next are things for Christmas presents. I have quite a  bit to do but its whether my wrist will let me. The knitting I am doing now is on circle needles so I think its a bit kinder on my wrists. Still I can only do a bit at a time. 


Pilates today. It's damp and cold but at least I did not get caught in the rain I was home by then. I did well and managed some things like arms up and swings that I could not do be for covid. My arms were just too painful back then from the RSD. Paul was here when I got back, he was not needed at the hospital volunteering. Very tired for the rest of the day but a nice tired after doing something I like, Pilates. 


A rest day or so I thought. Went out in the garden and decided to do some of the pulling up the dead bits and just general garden tidy. Going well till it rained but I got a lot of it done. Saved seeds for next year as well. Came in and did a bit more knitting instead.


First frost of the year, when I was out side last night there was no sign of frost, so must have turned a lot colder later. Sunny later and warm in the sun but cold wind out of it. I know it was cold on the common. 


I have bean having trouble with one of my tablets for the last few weeks, 100MG  (TEGRETOL)  CARBAMAZEPINE - not being able to get them  being told the chemist they have got them, not got them not able to get them, being offered liquid instead then tablets again 200MG  I only had a few tablets left and need them for FACIAL NEURALGIA and these help very much.

Paul took  the old doors and other bits to the skip. I did a bit more in the garden so not much more to do now looks good as tidy now. Paul took all Lindsay's bits to her house that have bean in our shed. Also the Sylvanias that have bean here three years. 


I had a call from the chemist saying that I have bean prescribed 200 mg tablet of TEGRETOL CARBAMAZEPINE . I could have cried I thought it was all sorted out. I told her they are too small to be cutting them in half and the liquid was prescribed for me last week. She said she would sort it and ring me back later or tomorrow.


Did two hours of ironing, sheets plus clothes. Very tired  today bean quite busy this last week. No phone call from Doctors or Chemist. 


I called the chemist to see what they had come up with and was told it was all in order, and she was stood there with the liquid in her hand. They had put a bit in a separate bottle for some reason instead of a bigger bottle she said. At least it was all sorted or was it? I hope so. I did not go to Pilates today not feeling the best very tired, when its getting close to my B12 injection (31st). I can feel very drained as if it has not quite the same affect or it it just me? Other people who have them have said the same thing. I think the hand pain is getting to me. I can knit, but not for long. I do not move my left hand when knitting, but still get a lot of spasms down it which are very painful and don't know when to stop. 


A lot of rain has fallen and the Sincil Bank is very high. I think it will go over some time soon. A lot of houses have bean flooded and people have had to move out. I know the under ground streams on the common are full and making mini rivers down the slopes and collecting in big puddles in a lot of places. Luna gets very wet and muddy. I need to get her a coat, she is so skinny so it will have to be a very slim one. We did not go out today as the rain hardly stopped. The trees are getting bare and the common is dieing off.  Soon it will look very bare and cold. I have bean told there are a lot of small deer on there and have bean seen by a lot of people.  I have not seen them as yet.


The river is very high and can be seen from our house. My friend Debbie lives on the river  bank and is around two feet away from the river at the moment. She is not too bother as it has happened before and has bean higher.


Doing things in the  garden very wet but things need doing and tiding up. Usually I would have put plants in the green house for winter. The greenhouse now is not mine so no do. Weather it can be used again we will have to wait and see, if they use it or I can again. I cut through the little lights that we put up for Summer. Obviously they did not work after that. I tried to mend them but could not. My hands were like I had on boxing gloves again. Also I have tried to get rid off the rust marks caused by the chairs on the patio. I tried lemon juice and bicarbonate soda this helped a bit and I think it will fade with time. 


Cleaning upstairs, a good clean, moving things and putting the winter quilts on as colder now. Went into town later to get a Birthday present for Tracy. I got her a very nice jumper and I think she will like it. Also a few more gifts for Christmas presents. I did quite well in a short time I was there.


Paul took me to Pilates as rain pouring down. A good session and I managed things that I could not  previously do. I did a load of squats and got down very low.  


Rest day as a bit tired today. Luna got very wet on the common as she was looking for Rory who kept wandering off. She needs a coat like I have already said. She stood there at the crossing shaking and was very wet. When we get home she gets dried off and we sit there with her wrapped in her soft towel. After a around an hour or so and a cup of tea later for me, a biscuit for Luna and she is raring to go again. I think I over did the squats at Pilates as muscles are tight in the top of my legs. 


Andrew and I went to "Pets at Home"  to get Luna a coat. We tried loads on but she is very skinny so not a lot fitted her. Luna walked most of the way and back only carried near a busy road called Tritton road. She was very tired when we got back and had a good sleep. She had already had a good walk in the morning. I think she probably walked around four miles in total maybe more. 


Luna wore her coat for the first time and got compliments from a few people who saw her. Debbie said she looked very cute, and she does. She likes it as well and does not try to get it off. The coat is very light and waterproof its a 3 peaks one so good quality. She felt nice and cosy when I took her coat off and a lot drier too.

She thinks she is cool.

I finished off the garden now and trimmed next doors roses like I used to do for Karol. The new people are hopping to move in next month. Bit more knitting later, the blanket, and two head bands, to keep ears warm instead of a hat. These are going be for Jamie-Lee, my  Granddaughter, and Emmie, who I used to look after two doors away be for they moved.


Had my B12 injection  this hurt but only for a little while an hour or so. I am hopping this will make me feel a lot better with more energy .

Andrew is wearing the hoodie that I knitted him, and it looks good I am pleased with it. Whether I would make another adult one I am not too sure, as it took a lot of doing. When you are used to making little baby ones its a big jump up in size.  

Andrew in his hoodie.

And a few bonus photos of Luna to end the blog:


Luna and Andrew. Taken in September

Another month gone and Winter is here and it's cold now. The common has changed a lot and will change more as the year comes to the end. It's bean a painful month and tiring too, that's not going to change at all.

All the very best to you all. Love Gill

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