April 1st

A bit boggy on the common as it rained in the night quite heavy. We saw a lot of mine and Luna's friends, Debbie and Purdie being two of them. Luna was running around playing and having fun. When we went our separate ways Luna ran after Debbie for a treat. With playing I think Luna had forgot she usually gets something. Mission accomplished she got her treat.  

Cleaned up all down stairs I was very tired after, so just knitting for the rest of day. I think the CRONIC FATIGE is giving me a hard time at the moment, as quite a lot of constant pain and so tired all the time.


Hair cut for Luna and she does sure need one. 

Be for hair cut. 

Her cut went very well this is only her second cut, plus one that was just a tidy up when she was a baby.

All this came off her, more than when I have a hair cut.

How sweet am I.

Resting after her cut she looks so much smaller now.

               So cute and she knows it.                             

Washed all the bedding and got them all dried and ironed too. Tired later but at least its done.


Started knitting some hats and mitts sets for Andy's Mum to send to the children in the war zones. She gave me the wool, some very old like the 60s/70s. Some had rotted but the rest was fine. 

No Pilates today, Jo has bean up most of the night with bad toothache. Angela came round to see us today. She is doing good. Andrew sorted something out for her on her phone. 


Debbie's Birthday- she is out all day so seeing her tonight. When I gave her the jumper and hat she was well pleased with them. She sent me another message later on the land line and said how delighted she was with the set. She knit's her self so knows how much work goes in to making bigger things. This is only the second jumper I have made in years, the last one being Andrews hoodie.

Did a bit more knitting later, of the hat sets, going well so far. Andrew and I took Luna for another walk. Very windy but warm 16C in the afternoon still 13C at midnight weird weather. 


Woke in a lot of pain early morning left arm and wrist and fingers being the worst, but pain just about every. Another lovely day very windy again though. Cleaning up again, just got finished when Lindsay and Jamie-Lee came in. Good to see them both. Lindsay has not bean too good with her bad headaches. Even Jamie-Lee was in a good mood not argumentative at all.


IA dinner ( Paul's Ileostomy lot) today the first one I have bean to in a long time, Went well food good and not too much noise. Still a head ache when I got back. Luna was good with Andrew but very pleased to see me. I took her for a walk on the common. So windy, weather report is for 31 mile an hour winds in many places. Bit more knitting later, just twelve inches of scarf to go thirty three inches in total. This should be enough as children.


Andrew having the lens done on his eye today so he is a bit apprehensive. This is being done at a private clinic as its urgent. The bill is being paid by the National Health plus any further treatment. When him and Paul got back Andrew had an eye  patch on covering his eye. He said it felt a bit sore but not too bad I told him that it will still be a bit numb yet so he could have more pain or not later. He has a lot of different drops to put in at various intervals. Going back for a check up in four weeks. 


I cleaned upstairs today, last time the computer room did not get done as Paul was in it. He did say he would do it but did not. So this time it really needed it. I felt quite dizzy and tired when done late afternoon. I  ache and have a pressure head ache. Paul out for his dinner as usual, as its Wednesday.   


Warm again and windy but a warm wind 16C at eleven pm. We were on the common early today be for eight am. On the way to Pilates my bike was stalling on Canwick hill. This is a steep hill and there is no way I can get up it with out electric peddle assist. I got off and walked up the brow of the hill then it seemed to be alright again. Not sure if it is actually charging up or the gauge is showing wrong on the battery. Its showing half full, easy enough to get me home. I charged it up a few days ago so should show full charge.  

On Pilates a good session but quite hard one Jo making up for last weeks missed one. Her tooth is alright now. Now to get home-- just got out Heighington village and the electrics fizzled out, oh no a long hard way home for me over five miles with out any peddle assist. Very windy too. I kept going I knew that it would be down hill soon. My knees kept saying NO but I kept going till I hit the hill and then I let it go but as I said going its steep. I am not very keen on going down hill fast. There is a lot of traffic too as usual. At last home but in pain every where and so hot. I dragged my bike in and almost collapse.  

I will test the charger later when I recover and hopefully its that. Later when I got Paul to test the charger, we found out it was faulty. It is not putting out full charge and needs replacing. I thought this would be around thirty pounds but no it was fifty nine pounds. Hopefully this will be it and I will be ok for next weeks Pilates. 


Not a good night hot cold awake most of it. Realised that I had not taken my tablets and had gone in to MORPHINE withdrawal. Took them and it soon settled down again but very tired. That is the hold that MORPHINE has got on me now and has bean for a while. BUT I can not cope with the pain with out it. 

Charger arrived today put it on to charge battery. Five hours later full charge showing up on gauge. Just as I thought and hoped it was just the charger.  Hopefully all good for next week's Pilates. I intend to go on my bike be-for next week  just to make sure the bike is fully charged up now. I  think it will be alright.

On the common early eight ish today. A warm west wind. My throat is raspy and I have a sharp head ache on one side. Hopefully not getting what  Andy has got, also Mary has as well I think I already have something as I feel not right. Not quite here feeling. Could also be the bike ride yesterday


Chilly wind on the common. Just going through the gate to go home and Mary and Rory came though. She said she was not feeling well. I said let me take Rory for you. She said no she would be alright. I walked around with her to make sure she was okso. After all she is nearly seventy. Luna had an extra walk. Did it tire her out NO not till later then she had a good sleep. Not feeling the best my self but carrying on


Very cold wind today more like winter that Spring. Cleaning again, then a bit more knitting for the War Children. Finished off a neck warmer not enough wool to do a scarf. Looks good When all the sets done, I will put up pictures. Lindsay and Jammie-Lee here, not for long though. I feel exhausted as its like a one man band for me.


In town today got three gnomes to go with the last three I got when in town, also some lights to replace the other garden lights which have stopped working apart from three. I know one lot I cut the wire so they do not work at all. The other set did work, then just did not come on one night. They are solar powered. Got an appointment for my B12 injection on Monday. Hopefully that will help with my tiredness and pain.

Gnomes my little garden friends.


I did not go to Pilates as not feeling too good hot/cold, head ache, and throat sore and raspy. I think I have the virus that is going round. Still did the ironing took hour and a half all Paul's stuff. 


Paul is away all weekend so just me, Andrew and Luna. Paul left around 9.30 heading to Slough near  Windsor. He will back Sunday afternoon. A windy rainy day. I was going to put the washing out as the sun was out. Went into the bathroom came out, chucking it down, April showers. Dad used to say April was a turning point between Winter and spring for the weather to make up its mind whether its still Winter or going to start Spring.


Cold this morning 4C first off did not raise too much either. Nice walk on common but very cold wind.

Not feeling the best today but still going to clean up down stairs. Then tomorrow I can rest and knit if I want to. Andrew cooked tea for both of us, Hassle-back potatoes, green bean casserole and crumbed cauliflower.  Very nice I was hungry as it was nearly nine when we ate. Still feeling a bit rough.


Luna jumped on the bed around seven thirty, I said to her lay down a bit and she did till eight thirty. We then got up. Cup of tea Luna brushed, then out for a walk. Another easy day as I feel so drained still. I have a very bad headache too the sort that feels like your head is going to explode, more so when I bend down. Paul is back today. Rested and a bit more knitting. Paul arrived home mid afternoon. He said he had a good time with plenty of food. 


B12 injection today The nurse was running about half an hour late as she had computer problems.The injection hurt till around six thirty then just tender. Some I have hurt for a long time a day or more. A wet cold day, rained most of the day. When Luna and I went for our walk it was raining then, but not as fast. When we got back it chucked it down so we were lucky.


Arm still feels quite sore but that's normal. My throat is very sore and raspy hot/ cold I ache every where and head ache straight from hell. I hoped to give Luna a bath, but my head ache did not let up at all so it will be another day soon, hopefully. I feel quite dizzy and have bean getting the head spins as well. Not the best of days for me. 


Chest not as tight but still not right yet, raspy voice and still head and body ache ache. Luna got her bath and sure needed it. There was a lot of sand and bits of vegetation in the bottom of the bath. She jumped out again too. She thinks its a game and I have to chase her to get her back in the bath. After she looked good, all dry and fluffed up with the hair dryer and smelt lovely too. She likes the dryer, I think its the warmth of it as she gets cold very quick a bit like me.


Another crippling headache, when I bend it feels like it's going to explode still. A lot of body pain too. Having RSD/CRPS the pain is made a lot worse Not sure how much is RSD or the virus I have got. Either way I wish it would back off a bit. Not too cold today but very damp with rain most of it. Cleaning up took most of the day. Paul did do tea so that was a help. Chilli with rice but not very chilli very mild but it was quite nice.

Andrew has now got the cough probably the virus too. There are a lot of people with it, quite a few on the common that I see. The virus most likely came from Andy, neighbour from across the road this time.


I was sat thinking while knitting, and where I get the most pain, is in places that have bean hurt in the past. Both wrist that have bean broke. my broken ankle. Both hips, OSTEOPOROSIS is quite bad there. My knee that had the tear in, that was operated on a few years ago. There are other places I get pain but not as bad. You would think the RSD would have a bit of passion but NO it does not. Out to make your life hell at times. (most times that is). 

Andy's Mum came round with a load more wool for the children's knitting. She was pleased with what I had done so far. Even more can be done now. The wool is lovely colours and will look good knitted up. I have a lot of work to do.


A nice walk on the common with Pat and Milo her little dog, good to have someone to talk to for a change, usually it just me and Luna all the time. Luna kept trying to play with Milo, but he was not interested. She still had a good time chasing lots of other things as usual.

Guess what? cleaning up down stairs again. Tired as usual but not as quite bad today. 

Having RSD makes it hard for you to rest and sleep. Hence the short nights. It will not let you rest for long at all and I am usually woken by pain some where. ( Luna as well wakes me which is a lot nicer so long as its not too early.) At the moment its my left wrist the one I  broke July 3rd last year. I wake with a numb arm with pins and needles going down it to the fingers. This has happened a few times now. I will get in touch with the clinic that dealt with my break. 

I think the virus is backing down a bit, its bean over two weeks, as started around the 10th,. Andrew is not good and he has a full cough, which he blames me for. Never mind he will recover as I did. Virus's come and go all the time. 

Well here goes April not too bad could have bean better though. Hope things are good for you where ever you are. All the very best love Gill.

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